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April 01, 2020


Chris Neef

Toad Hollow


Very Pink Knits
We Crochet
Knit Picks

Diane Burrows

Fruity knitting
Roxanne Richardson
(Both are on YouTube)

Kate C

The Very Serious Crafts Podcast
Not just knitting.

Kate Greenwood

Tanis fiber arts on YouTube. :-)

Christina Smith

Joji journal
Crazy sock lady
Grocery girls
Knit girllls
Dramatic knits fibernymph dyeworks
Arne and Carlos

Knit more girls
Downcellar studios
Curious handmade


A lovely yarn


Craft House Magic

Julie Vance

Fiber For The People (YouTube)
Her quarantine vlog is great!

Dana Snyder

Arne and Carlos are in their third week of daily podcasts. Each day you get a pattern to make a color work patch for free. It was a mystery but have now found out what it will be. I’ve been enjoying listening to them! They started it because they were in quarantine because they had traveled. They’ve now extended it till next Friday. Patterns are in their blog and the videos are on YouTube.


Here’s a list:

The first one, Knitting Pipeline is, by far, my favorite. I also like Knitmore Girls. When I was working out at a health club, I used to listen to knitting podcasts or listen to books.


2 Knit Lit Chicks
Craft Cook Read Repeat
Knitmore Girls
Down Cellar Studio
Just One More Row

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