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April 09, 2020



Thank you for adding “and humanity”. We atheists/agnostics are so often overlooked or, worse yet, treated as evil. Theists often forget they don’t have a lock on goodness & kindness. The term we often use to describe ourselves - ethical humanists - has human right in the description.
It must be exhausting to own a small business now. We have 3 very good restaurants around the corner - independently owned - & we fear that they & many other family owned restaurants in the area will be put out of business. We’ve ordered from 2 of them & will try to do so again.
I fear many yarn shops will find themselves in the same predicament. Some economists think it’ll be as bad or maybe even worse than the Great Depression.
We are in better shape financially than the vast majority of people with our reliable retirement income & our paid off mortgage. But I worry about my children & even more my grandchildren. As teenagers, they’ll be looking for jobs within the next few years. The oldest should graduate from high school in June but who knows what’ll happen with that.
All I can do now is try to spend as much of my disposable income at small businesses that have an internet presence. Hopefully I’ll also be able to make & donate masks & those little belts that can be used by medical personnel to keep the elastic on their masks from irritating the area behind their ears.
To all those celebrating Easter or Passover: I hope your faith brings you comfort & helps you cope with this crisis.

Lisa Smith

Happy Easter! Enjoy your Easter ( dinner sounds lovely) and your family.


It will be just my husband and me this year for Easter. First time in 30 years... we were going to make a turkey and we decided to just go ahead and make it with dressing and gravy. We may be eating it for the next week but we want to celebrate in some way.

Hope this weekend is very restful for you and your family. Happy Easter


Hi Allison and a shout out to Donna, I hear ya, I agree. So here I am , I know someone that Died of the Virus. Southeast Michigan, let’s make it clearer, Wayne County, ya the county where Detroit is. I live in a community that boarders on Detroit. The nurse that died lived 2 streets away from my street. Now that is some scary s#it. I am old, I am doing my part and staying in. Holiday? What Holiday? Be thankful to still be ALIVE. Considering the alternative, why not try and do your part like some of us out here and STAY IN. We can celebrate double next year if we can make it to next year.
Scared and going NUTS near Detroit.


Thank you Allison and all your staff for being there and doing your work with very difficult circumstances.
Thank you too for your daily posts, a bright spot for everyone.
Wishing all a calm and peaceful weekend!


Thank you for all you are doing, especially worrying about your employees must be so mentally and emotionally draining. I do hope you get/take time this weekend to recharge and enjoy your family. I appreciate (although my pocketbook might not) everything that is going up on the site and since my financial situation is pretty stable (knock on wood) I am trying to use some of that privilege to support local and independent businesses that I certainly make it through to the other side. Thanks again and have a beautiful weekend!


I had a terrible day today. A thoughtless fool triggered my PTSD from the assault I experienced at age 14.

My friend with COVID-19 has gotten worse, she is 4 weeks into her illness.

I'm a 1099er. It's very hard right now.

I can't pick up my yarn today. Maybe tomorrow.


Happy Easter, Allison!

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