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March 05, 2020



3012 is the one I’d choose, but too bad they don’t have fun names for their colours.

Lisa Smith

They are all gorgeous but I think 3002 has all the colors I love right now

Marla ford

Beautiful yarn...if I win, I would pick #2003. Love the colors.


I've been wanting to make the butterfly cowl by Marin Melchior - I think I would choose colorway 3003


3017 is beautiful!!


This yarn looks like so much fun to knit. Colorway 3010 screams spring to me!


I'd love to knit one of Marin Melchior's patterns with colorway 3010.


Colorway 3005 would make my neck very happy!

Beverly J White

I'm liking #3004. I've knitted a couple of scarves with their cotton yarn and really like them.


How does one even choose?! 3008


Probably 3012!

Kate Greenwood

I think 3001!


I love the bright vivid colors of 3003.


Wow! They are beautiful. 3020 is my fave. :)


I like 3004 because it looks like a rainbow.


I like the sock Kit #64 and I like it so much that I am placing an order as soon as I post this comment.

Sarah D

I like 3012!


I’d choose color #3003. It just jumped off the screen & said BUY ME!


Color 51.


3002 (and kit 61) are the most appealing to me right now. When I saw this on your instagram I assumed it was alternating yarns!


I love them all but I would go with 3010!



And I just LOVE being able to see the knitted-up swatch. That extra effort by the yarn producer is so appreciated.

Kristi Petersen

3018 :)

Diane N

I'd make a beautiful pair of socks with 3005!

Cindy Carpenter

Any color!!! I have knitted this yarn into 7 pairs this past year!!! I love this yarn so much. This is potato chip knitting at it’s best. 4 or 5 rows and you’re in the next stripe. And did I mention how very nice feeling this yarn is? Uber great in the hands, washes beautifully in the machine and (heaven forbid) it does great in an ultra low dryer too.

Lorraine MacLennan

Hi there. Thanks for the chance to win. I’d love colour way 3012 if I win.

Carolyn B

Yes I'm in for knitting up the Sockhead Cowl! I'm loving #3019 and would really like to cast on with you!

Julie Olsen

I like 64.

Martha W

Ooh pretty!! I’d love to win 3005 or 3003. And I love the dock kit #64. Thanks!!

Kelli L

I love them all! I can’t pick!

Winifred Keeble

Color 51 for me!

BJ King

I love 3010. I love this yarn!!


What a beautiful array of yarns but the 3003 is what caught my eye.
Thank you.


They are all beautiful, but I’d go with 3012. I love a good purple-green combo.

Karen Mccleary

I like color 3005 best, but they are all yummy!

Theresa Burney

3019 please and thank you 💋🌸


Today 3012


3008 for me, please!

Betsy Heald

I would make a pair of socks from color 60.

Susan Kirkland

I love 3003 ❤️


Color 3010 looks like some very gorgeous colors.


I like them all, but I think 3008 is calling to me!


I think 54 is my looks like fun!


3002...can't imagine how it would knit up, but that the fun!

Leann Demeduk

Oh boy, 3003 has my name written all over it!! Such gorgeous colors!

Marie Saur

No. 64 it's blue of course.

Brenna Delosier

I love 61.


I think I’d like 3010. But it was hard to choose! Thanks for the contest!

Mary Terpstra

3004 is my favorite-I LOVE THE BRIGHT COLORS!!


Feeling a little about 3003? Although I really love them all!

Daphne McDonald

Color 57 for my husband!

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Lovely yarn. Like Urth Uneek Fingering 3003

Jody Laake

Color 3003 is so vibrant and beautiful! Love it!!

Sherri Hendricks

I’d choose color 51.


I would choose color 3001.


3006 would make a wonderful cowl!

June Schwierjohn

Too many good colors to choose just one but if I have to I like 3013 best. It reminds me of the colors I find in my flower garden in the summer.


3004, I love the rainbow!

DIane MacMillan

Love 3004.

Janet Miller

I would choose 3008 because I love the rich gold tones. But I love them all!

Frances Graff

I love the sock kit 60. I make me socks and the leftover yarn makes a pair of socks for my little granddaughter. We both love happy colors

Kate s

I love color 60!!!!


I like color 3012.


Color 3005 would be my pick. These are beautiful colorways, but I'm a pushover for reds, pinks, blues, and purples.


Such beautiful colors! I would love to use 3019 in a project.

Kim Witherow

Would love color 61 or 3020!


Color #3003 is my favorite. Love the sock kits, too!!


I LOVE color 60, the wilder the better, and it’s bright. I think I’m getting the kit, what fun...

Patsy Coats

Sock kit 64


I'd choose 3012 - great colours!


3010 for me! They are all gorgeous!

Diana Morris

I love colors in sock kit 64 -- and the colors fit my retired lifestyle. I like wearing "blue denim" socks with my jeans and I think this yarn will cover all the different shades of denim jeans I have. Won't have to check all the blue denim socks in my sock drawer! Beautiful

Dana Snyder

I love color 3003!!!

Laurie Bowman

I would choose 3003 for my cowl...gorgeous!


Well, that is no easy choice! I’d be happy with any of them. But you asked for a choice, so let’s say 3010.

I follow the temptress! 3018 but I’d be happy with any one.


I really like the sock # 3020...all of them are nice!!!!


So hard to choose but sock kit 61 keeps yelling at me. Thanks for the giveaway


Hard to choose between so many beautiful colorways. That said...#3019.


Sock kit 64, please!


3005 doesn't sound very sexy, but it's the one I like!


I think it would be Urth 3012. But all the colorways have such promise!


color 3009 is calling me!!!!

Babette Hindle

Love # 51, just ordered it,might need some more to make a scarf,just love the stripes and colors.


Ooh what fun, fabulous yarns. I think i would like to go with colour 3002!


3003 is lovely!


Beautiful yarn....I would choose 3006.

Sue Swartz Herr

I would choose 3005, but I’d take any!



Lisa Barrett

3018 is divine! Thanks for bringing your new line to our attention, it's a lot of fun :)


#3003 for sure.


I love 3010. The colors are amazing!

Lisa L

I love the colors in 3010!

Rachel R.

3004 looks like a straight up rainbow - my fave!

Kathleen Nichols

3010 is my favorite! I’m itching to try my first pair of socks!


My first pick would be 3017

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