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March 23, 2020



Hello Allison and All that read this. Here in SE Michigan my husband and I are doing our part. We have not left this property for at least a dozen days. Now Michigan is on LOCKDOWN. Okay what do I want to say? Well I would love to have a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and cold milk, but that is not going to happen. We ran out of milk in the jug and no Cheerios. I have lots of Farina or better known as Crean of Wheat and I have a case of can milk that I bought at Costco in February. So a healthy bowl of hot porridge with can milk. I call that cottage style, a memory from my childhood. We will not starve here. It might not be what I would like to have but I am sure it is more than some folks have. I am grateful for the little things, a warm house, running water, hot running water, music to listen to and people like Allison and you out in my cyber world. Let’s all try and smile a little, knit a lot and do our part the best we can.
Stay In, Stay Safe.
Hugs and Love πŸ’—


Instagram stories require a login even on public accounts. I don't have/want an account (same for their owner, Facebook) and have never been able to see stories. I think Instagram is making it harder to see public photos without an account too, as sometimes I get the login prompt when clicking a photo.

Linda Marlatt

Got my Spring Knit Kit today!! I love all the goodies. Thank you so much for brightening this rainy, gloomy day in Stay At Home Ohio.😘❀😘❀


I am so glad you shared this. I have the Anne of Green Gables sampler and the pattern. I have to finish two almost done projects and that is going on the needles. Once I find it of course in my stash!!

It is great to read your blog everyday!!
Take care

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