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March 22, 2020



Good Morning Allison, I love hearing about your family and life. You become part of our extended family. The sun is shining here in SE Michigan and I am drinking my coffee. It has been very difficult to stay focused on any knitting project. I knit but a little here and a little there, not for long periods as I normally have in the past. Went outside yesterday and sat on the patio in the sun for a little while. Was bitterly cold but lovely sunshine. Today I will dust up the furniture and vacuum the floors.
Have a Blessed Day.
Stay Safe, Stay In.


The lack of routine is frustrating all of us, too! I have had insomnia and didn't sleep a wink overnight. I did finish a huge crochet blanket for my 9 year old son. However, the tooth fairy must have been quarantined because she forgot to come last night! Yikes!


You’re getting a taste of what retirement is like.
I agree with Susan. Love hearing about your family. And Henry is lucky that he’s too young to understand exactly why he doesn’t have to go to school. My partner said someone (a governor of a state I think) said that schools may not reopen before next CALENDAR year. My oldest grand is supposed to graduate from high school this June. Who knows what’ll happen with the class of 2020 grads? Will they not graduate until school resumes? Will they be able to complete all of their courses in time to graduate timely? What about college students?

Renee Anne

I take it you're not in a "Shelter in Place" location (yet). We've basically been stuck at home for the last week. I've gone to the grocery store twice in the last 10 days and I think Husband went once. We're basically not allowed to congregate anywhere. Restaurants are closed except for take-out, all the gyms and salons and such are closed, we can basically go to the grocery store, the hardware store, the clinics/hospitals, and the pharmacy...and the post offices, I think. Other than that, nope. Not allowed...but you're also allowed to go for walks and bike rides and such. I'm still not sure how it all works, honestly. It's fine, though. As long as I can knit, talk to people via some sort of video conference, and we have food, all is well.

Karen machado

Hi from Connecticut! Can relate to all of your comments. I have a senior in high school. I feel for him, because he may miss out on so much, for the end of his final yr. of H.S.. Also, here, we are also basically to stay at home, except for medical reasons and food. I am trying to be like Henry! I am trying to feel that I may finally get a Zweig sweater knitted! Yeah! So, I want to try and stay positive. I have been sick all winter, with viruses, so being at home 24/7 in a state of quarantine seems to be my new normal. At least I can knit , now. Was too sick, to do that, for awhile! I love your family pics and Henry has the correct clothing selection- jammies! Be well, everyone, bless you all and keep knitting!


I think routine is very important but maybe trying so hard to have routine is a chore in itself. I try and think of all that I am grateful for and let that be my focus. I have started looking at my yarn stash and making some hard decisions as I do not have room for all the yarn I own... I do not have any little ones at home and so my goals/routines are different and probably not as important. My one routine is reading your blog daily- thank you for that.

J. Kelley

Those pancakes are the BEST! I've made them with blueberries and they are soooo good!

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