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March 28, 2020


Lisa Smith

So many pretty socks!


That's exactly what I need to do. Great idea.

Linda Marlatt

We were supposed to be coming back from a vacation week away, so I understand your disappointment. We know it was a necessary step, but still hard to accept when we had looked forward to it for months. I feel really bad for high school and college seniors that won't have graduation ceremonies and brides whose receptions have to be postponed. There is much to be thankful for, though, and I choose to be thankful. ❤😊


I spent my Friday evening learning two-color flat brioche.
Stay Safe, Stat In.

Cindy Carpenter

We’ve been cleaning the sheds and I have found several pairs of started socks in various knitting bags during the process. Why these orphans were abandoned by me is not remembered (probably a case of Look a new bunny!!! ) These have been apologized to and placed in order of ‘doneness’ so I can get back in the groove and complete them. If nothing else it’s given me a jump on Christmas gifts. We’re both still working everyday (prison staff). Just strange and sad and anxious.


Oh thank goodness! Now I can prove to my family that it’s perfectly normal to have a pile of socks waiting for closure lol! Thank you again for reaching out to all of us every day!


I currently have 4 projects going right now and I am not in love with any of them and thinking of starting another!! It is my funky mood right now..


Way to go, Allison!! To everything there is a (handknit) season! ;) :)

Patricia Richardson

I Kitchenered three pairs worth of socks on Saturday and will be casting on at least two new pairs this evening while watching The Voice and Manifest. I'm thankful for a hobby that relaxes me and allows me knit up some previous kits I've purchased from you during this time of "physical distancing" as I prefer to call it.

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