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March 20, 2020



Hi, Allison, yes, I, too am feeling the impact of this and today I'm getting slap-happy (my husband agrees). I woke up really early and considered "escaping" the house to make our grocery run as COVID is shooting up here in Virginia all of a sudden. So we are going for as much perishable food items as we possibly can stuff in our refrigerators so we can ride out the wave for a couple of weeks and not go to the store until the "wave" is on the decrease. To add to the dilemma here, I've been housebound since getting back from Indiana over Christmas in late December with pneumonia, and that's just adding to my misery. I have a serious illness that has to keep me housebound because I am now in the "high risk" category with age and underlying illness. I have lots of yarn, but am struggling to knit, finally set up my new phone, haven't had enough brain cells to set up a new iPad which is in the box as my old one get the picture. Today I hope to knit, may bake some cookies just for fun, paint my nails, and who knows what else. I set my goals for fun and work each morning, enjoy seeing what I've accomplished at the end of the day, and not worry about what didn't get done. I will still be here in the house tomorrow, so tomorrow is another day! A leisurely shower with nice smelling soaps and choosing bright colors each day to lift my mood have helped. I also bought some bright colored FIesta Ware and those few plates and bowls make my husband and I smile each day......not like I needed more dishes, but they are one of the best things I've spent money on lately (other than yarn and patterns)! I am enjoying listening to bird song in the morning as they get ready for spring courtship, watching the first spring bulbs pop out of the ground, the beginnings of little sprigs of spring green peeking out, etc. Talking to my kids who are out of state and other family members also long distances is rich in little things, and I'm really trying to hold on to those right now because I'm SO sick of COVID I could just throw things. But so far, I haven't indulged in that fantasy!!! Good thing, I like my few sets of new dishes far to much to harm them!!!! Hang in there, we'll all get through this and save many lives by being diligent. We're all in this together, no one is alone and I'm loving your blog so we can hear what each other is thinking even though we can't meet in real time for now.


Forgot to say that wearing bright colors each day is a mood lifter....and sometimes I carry the "color of the day" across the board - wearing a yellow shirt, yellow and white striped sweater, and using the yellow plate and bowl for meals.......just silly fun to break up the tedium of COVID.


We started the school hiatus with one young daughter with a fever, then both with a respiratory virus, now I have it. There's no way of knowing if it's THE virus, although we shouldn't have been in contact with anyone at risk for having it. None of us are in the high risk category and it's working its way through without much misery, but I guess it makes it easier to stay in anyway. We're pretty good at being homebodies, so no one is going crazy yet and being able to see friends over the internet really changes it compared to ice storms that kept us from everyone as kids. So far we're the only ones we know who are sick as part of this, even though it's probably not related. So there's a different version for you. 😉


Hi Allison and all that read this. DH and I are still fine. I normally do not watch the news but with this virus the TV is on every day now with the stats. So yesterday I was a fidgety mess. Best part of my day was having to TINK round 6, 5, 4 and part of 3 of a Brioche Cowl that I am working on. Oh I should add that it was in the second repeat set of 8 Rnds. It is very difficult to stay on task and to stay focused. We are doing our part by staying in. That is all we can do for now and hope for the best.
I want to thank you Allison and your crew for shipping yarn to me. I have plenty of yarn but I need that little extra right now for a boost.
Ok, now for some good stuff. Audible has offerer free book for kids. I will try and put the link in here. No login, no password, free. How nice.
To access the free titles, just visit from any web browser.
I must end this now. It is Very Difficult to type all of this on a smartphone.
Love and Hugs to all.


Can I tell you how nice it is to see responses already this morning? Thank you so much for sharing with me. You're making me feel more human.
I just went on an hour and a half walk with the kids. It's 64 degrees here in NE Indiana but it's about to get down in the low 40s later today. So we had to get out while we could.
I really like the idea of getting out some colorful nail polish tonight and doing my nails.
THANK YOU to those of you ordering yarn in the shop right now. It is so appreciated to feel needed and to be able to ship pretty things to make you smile.


The last few days in Northern Illinois it has been raining so I was unable to just go for a walk. I do have a few health issues so I am being careful. My husband today is the first day he will be working from home. He is fortunate to be able to do so.
We do need a few things so perhaps on his lunch hour we might go out. Thankful I am knitting and reading and cleaning (more than usual).
I am concerned about my mother who is in her upper 80's and has serious heart health issues and other. One of my brothers lives and helps her. but then he has a few health issues too.
I have siblings in other parts of the country and other parts of the world. It just seems so surreal that this is going on. I am paying attention to the news but I do not want anxiety to go too high. The best we can do is to take care of ourselves and our family first and then others. Best.

Joyce Correia

Hi Allison,
I made a list of friends that I haven't talked to or visited for awhile. I'm calling one or two a day. It brightens my day and maybe their day. These are friends from nearby or far away, some from grade school. It's fun to do.


Good morning Allison!
A fun, bright spot is the Mason Dixon Knitting (MDK) March Mayhem 2020. I am really enjoying exploring new patterns and designers from the 64 that were choosen for the bracket. My first new CO will be the "Whakairo Top" by Francoise Danoy from Aroha Knits. And there is a file folder full of gorgeous designs/patterns for sweaters, socks/slippers, cowls/shawls, and hats/mitts.
Have a great day!


My husband and I are doing well at sheltering in place here north of Seattle in Whatcom County. I have enough stash to last me several YEARS, but I surely pray this is over sooner rather than later. The biggest heartache is not knowing when we can see our beloved children and grandchildren again.


Yesterday, my husband and I began working in our vegetable garden. We had a little cleanup & weeding to do, and we planted a few cool-weather things. We will plant more in about a week.

This gave me some sense of normalcy, in the face of all the Coronavirus news. I am staying home, but my husband insists on shopping every few days, as if nothing is altered. I am trying to get through to him that we CAN go without something for a little while. Use what we have for now. PLEASE.

I am 68 and have asthma so I am worried about catching the virus. I worry about the hospitals being overwhelmed. If I need a ventilator, they may have to decide it goes to a younger person instead. I had a dream where somebody was trying to kill me.

I am trying to knit some socks, but it is hard to focus, so I don’t stick with it for as long as I usually do.

Thanks for listening.

Ann Denney

Please keep I prayer our friend and fellow knitter Stephanie Pearl-McPhee who has suffered the loss of her newborn granddaughter


So sorry to hear about Stephan Pearl McPhee’s grandbaby. That is truly heartbreaking. Meg must be distraught.
I’m at high risk because of age & medical issues. So I’ve gone out only once in almost 2 weeks - to get my B12 shot. I have severe pernicious anemia so that’s essential. I tend to be a homebody anyway - my partner has suggested I’m agoraphobic but I’m not. I just don’t go out unless I have a reason to. And now is not the time to go out just to get out of the house. My partner on the other hand seems to feel a day spent entirely at home is missing something. I tend to sleep a lot in odd chunks throughout the day - probably because of my fibromyalgia. So I’ve been reading, watching videos, & knitting a little when I feel up to it. My partner had been going to the store every couple of days. But he’s actually started ordering online. My life hasn’t been changed much by this pandemic although I fear we will not be able to take our trip to Ireland - I had planned to visit Hedgehog Fibres! & the town where my grandfather (whom I never met since he died 10 years before my birth) was born & raised. Hopefully our travel insurance will reimburse me for the several thousand $ already spent on plane tickets & accommodations & we’ll be able to reached for next year.


Hi! I’m teaching a usually face to face college class in-line which is a stretch for me. I read about all those with more knitting time and sigh. I am grateful for my job ($$) but also for the students. It’s even harder for them. Their career goals are being jeopardized. I’m trying to practice Acts of Kindness and connection.


Hi Allison - first I would like to thank you for extending yourself to your customers and how you feel and we all feel the same. I also want to thank you for offering the Spring Kit early. Of course I ordered one for me and one for my MIL, who is really upset with everything going on now. She is 92 and I have told her to keep knitting. I will send her kit to her as soon as it arrives to lift her spirits. As a Registered Nurse in NYC and I have no words to describe just how scared I am going to work. We have no masks, gloves are in very short supply, and gowns. How am I supposed to care for people and not change my mask. We knew about this virus in November when it was discussed in an email from the Dept of Health. How come the people in charge didn't know. They are not doing my job, and they really don't care about us or most our patients. When I get home from work, II take my uniform and shoes off on the back porch, put everything in a bag to wash get in the shower and put on sweats. I don't want to bring anything into my house. I have been a nurse for a long time and I have never seen anything like this. I am trying to think of the happy things like we went to Home Depot yesterday and bought 30 rolls of toilet paper and paper towels. Never thought it would ever come to this. I am so grateful that I have knitting to do and keep my mind off this nightmare. Thanks for letting me vent.


You are not the only one. So uneasy with such uncertain times but also so grateful for all I have. Working from home is going okay. And will try zoom or FaceTime to celebrate grand kid birthdays. So lucky loved ones are good so far

Cindy Carpenter

My husband and I work in a prison. We are teachers and over 60. My Mom lives with us; she’s 81 with COPD. I feel like our administrators are playing with our lives because we are still working, being called essential personnel. How a prison teacher is essential to running a prison is a mystery to me. We have no hand sanitizer anywhere except some next to the time clock. We have to push call buttons at every gate. We handle ID cards to get all equipment, keys use a biometric reader. You get the idea. Crazy days. I almost envy being told to stay home.


Do you ever take time to meander around your wonderful store when it’s just you and it’s quiet and peaceful - to merely look and take in all the colors and textures of the yarn and reflect and smell the goodness? I hope you occasionally do. And I mean time not thinking about sales, Inventory, payables, to-do lists, the endless tasks that take up so much time.

In January I was run over by another snowboarder on a mountain in Colorado. I sustained 5 fractures in my pelvis. Life took a total time out for recovery, and now Covid-19 is extending that. The upside for my husband and I is that we got back to eating healthier at home. Very little fast food, lots of fruits, vegetables and milk for bone rebuilding. With nothing to do but eat healthy and rest, life has gotten simpler for a while, and I have so much time for knitting.
Hang in there - you know you can do this.


Oh, and thanks for sharing the recipes!


B Walt - are you also taking vitamin D? I think it’s good for helping build bone.
Denise - that is do scary. I wish there was something I could do to help. If you can think of anything I can help provide, feel free to email me at [email protected].

Linda Marlatt

My family is doing OK here in Ohio. We are thankful that our Governor DeWine has been very proactive on this issue.
My daughter-in-law figured out how to do Facebook Chat yesterday so our mixed iPhone/Android family could "see" and talk together. My husband and I have 3 adult children, their 3 spouses, and 11 grandchildren who all live within 10 minutes of each other. We are used to seeing each other almost daily, so this recommended "stay at home" life has been tough. Our kids are adamant that we not visit as we are both in late 60's. We have no health problems, though, so we consider ourselves blessed. We are super thankful for technology that allows us to see our family and that 6 of the oldest grandchildren have smart phones and text us often.
I hope many of you are praying for our country and the world as we all do our best to get ahead of this virus.
May "God bless us, everyone."

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