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March 29, 2020



Good Morning Allison, the Tosh colors are wonderful. I am getting my order ready for tomorrow.
Stay Safe, Stay In.


That was an amazing post and makes me want to go stash digging even though I have projects to finish. I have only 1/2 of a second sock to do so... I may pick that project to finish and let me start another. I also want to start the Uneek yarn I bought last week... sigh..


Thank you, Allison, for this great blog post--and for that tote. I tell myself I have more than enough yarn and then you go and get more stuff that I want (note I did not say "need" :-) ) so here I go filling up the cart again. Take care and stay well! We're all counting on you more than you can imagine. xoxo


Susan, I hope you're doing well staying in!
Martha, thank you for that! It's a tough time for everyone and it's so nice to know that we are needed and fill a niche. And YOU are much needed too. You have been such a support over the years in the shop and blog and it warms my heart.
Natalie, thanks for the kind words on the post! it's one that took me a few days to get together b/c I really wanted to show off the colors and put together great combos. I hope you're well!

Kathleen Nichols

It is a VERY good thing that your shop is so far away from me! This post has me drooling. I tried to scroll through quickly but Seawash and Cathedral had me backing up. And then I ran into Mala before hitting the wonderful color combinations you put together. Being far away is a very, very good thing. But I may have to see about an order this week...

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