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March 27, 2020



I was at the grocery store on Tuesday because I was unable to do a pickup order. I am not planning on going out again unless it so for the pharmacy or to do a pickup order of groceries.


Hi, I look forward to your blog every day! Never thought I'd miss working like I do. I work in a library after too many years of working/owning a yarn shop. (it was all good) Spend the time knitting shawls and trying to learn to cook, again. I haven't cooked dinner in years! My husband, who is retired, loves the time together, us and the cat. I really need to save my sanity and order some yarn for a sweater! You'll hear from me soon! Hope all is well with you!

Jennifer Keating

I just learned to knit about a year ago and am now working on my first pair of socks. Challenging, but really enjoying it. Found reference to your site in the latest Madeline Tosh newsletter. Excited to expand my stash. Your selection is AMAZING!


Love that you keep us up to date with your blogs. Hopeful that soon everything will return to a new normal and everyone can return to work! In the meantime, it's one breath at a time; one day at a time....


I'm still able to go into work a couple days a week, so I'm not quite as stir crazy as I could be. However, I just scrubbed my bathrooms and kitchen sink, which is really unusual behavior. Clearly, I'm a little stir crazy regardless of working.


The only good thing about all this time indoors is the extra time I can spend knitting t


I'm finally taking the time off work to finish up a couple projects that have been on the needles wayyy too long. As a reward, I'm starting a pair of slip stripe socks that I've been wanting to start for months.

Mel Westphal

I have found that the best way to handle teaching my 7 year old at home is to knit at the same time. It keeps my stress down, and it helps her try longer before giving up and asking for help. It's a all around great solution for both of us!


Lots of baking here and having kids help in the kitchen - they've helped knead and crank pasta, made brownies from scratch, glazed homemade baked sour cream donuts, and we're on our third batch of no-knead bread. Now we need less rainy, gloomy weather so we can work off some of these baked goods! ;)

Linda Marlatt

We all appreciate your efforts to keep us connected. May God bless you all with continued good health. ❤


Knitting is keeping me sane.

Rhonda Atkinson

I am single with a dog. Thank goodness he is so good because he is ready to walk whenever I am. He is a perfect companion at all times. I am working from home and have been out once to get groceries in 9 days. I'm praying this is over soon but afraid it will not be. Everyone please be careful and follow all precautions.


Thanks for blogging every day. I look forward to seeing what someone else is up to. Although I have done some very basic crochet (knitting is what I prefer) I decided to make a granny stripe blanket with all the left overs and learn more about crochet. This pattern is VERY addictive! I think I'll always prefer knitting but this is a fun break.


I'm the only working out of the house. I work at the local Police Department so we are considered essential services (I'm not an officer). Husband is working at home. I have teenage daughters at home now. I'm glad the college one is home and not at the dorms. I only wish I had more knitting time and that things were back to normal!

Alison M.

Thanks for the contest. Here's a recipe I enjoy (I skip the anchovies):


I'm working from home which is a little challenging as I really don't have a work from home set up. I am knitting more it seems but it may be because I'm not out shopping. I am trying to also read more though I'm finding it harder to get into a book. I did read a really good one last week that drew me in and kept my mind occupied.


Life for us right now is home. We are both working from home, I in the office and he in my craft room. I couldn't be in there as I'd be too distracted by knitting, vinyl signs, painting, sewing, etc.
I'm trying to stay in a routine of regular working hours, getting out for a walk then knitting.

Donna Tritz

My partner & I are both retired. Both over 60 with other medical issues that could be lethal if we caught COVID19. Staying home isn’t hard for me but he gets antsy. I’m thankful to his siblings who gave him a nice Schwinn recumbent exercise bike for his combination Christmas/birthday gift about 10 years ago. We keep it in the dining room & try to do an hour a day on it. I keep meaning to do upper body exercises with the multiple dumb bells I own. But they’re not out where I see them so I forget. I’m finishing up the Aran Baby Onesie I’m knitting. It’s a really well designed pattern & I’ve really enjoyed knitting it. I’m using the recommended Knitpicks yarn which is an undyed DK yarn. I like the idea of knitting a baby garment in an in dyed yarn. I’m almost finished so I have to find the little Tom Bihn project bag I use for socks. I have one pair almost finished.
For those who say they’re baking bread & other baked goods: you’re not alone. I read there are now shortages of yeast & flour because so many people are baking bread.


I have been cleaning my house and organizing it. I have made 2 pairs of socks and started a sweater. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


I'm a med student towards the end of 4th year, which is typically pretty light and relaxed, so my time hasn't changed a whole lot. I'm doing telemedicine phone calls a few times a week instead of afternoon clinic, but otherwise I'm getting a lot of knitting done and using this time to find quick, easy dinner recipes in preparation for starting residency in July.


My husband has been working from home full-time since last fall, and I’m a realtor who can work from anywhere, so really no big change for our day-to-day. Remarkably, my real estate business has actually picked up in the last few weeks; buyers and sellers are still out there! Technology has made that so much easier.

I’ve been spending a lot of time video chatting with family and friends. Again, yay for technology! I’ve actually enjoyed the addition time cooking and baking, getting creative with what’s in the pantry. And I’m finally watching Netflix shows that have been in my queue for far too long.

Overall, while this has been challenging, I choose to view this life pause from a place of gratitude. We will make it through and be stronger on the other side.

Mike Kottkamp

Hi I work at a Credit Union and still have to go in each day. The lobby is closed, but we still have the drive thru open and help select members inside for special requests. Other than that I stay home and knit. Right now I'm working on several pairs of socks. The last time I was at the store was for milk and bread a couple of days ago.


We’ve been enjoying a week of breakfast for dinner. Everyone in my family loves breakfast foods, but none of us are able to each much in the mornings.


I decided during this unprecedented time to finish a bunch of sweaters that I knit about 30 years ago, but never did the finishing. The good thing is I’m better at stitching the pieces together than I was back then. I’m actually finishing a number of little projects that I started and for some reason never finished (really what are you going to do with just one baby bootie). But it was very uplifting to receive my order of Colossal Sock, now I’m excited to start something new. Squirrel!!!

Vicki Maynes

I appreciate seeing your knitting and hearing about your family. Stay well and safe during this craziest of times.

Kathleen Nichols

Hello from south Louisiana! My husband and I are both retired and live in the country so our days are filled with what we normally do from day to day. We are, however, missing our grandchildren terribly! I have been crocheting for years but I am fairly new to knitting. I was so happy to find your shop when I decided to find better yarn for my 4th knitted project, which was a shawl for my mom. Simply Socks had exactly what I was searching for and the project turned out lovely. But now I have a growing "itch" to try my hand at making socks. I got a jump start on finding patterns from your blog the other day, asking for free patterns. Thank you!
Please continue to keep you and your precious family safe!


I have been doing a lot of needlework and knitting. I’m working from home so there are a lot of weekly zoom meetings. It’s been nice to spend so much time with my family.


Thanks for the chance to win! I’m so grateful to have knitting after a day of WFH with a toddler. I’m working on The Shift cowl right now.


Hi Allison,
I look at your blog every day, even before this crisis, and would be disappointed on the days you didn't have an entry. So thank you for blogging every day during this stay at home time. I recently finished a really fun project, Magical Thinking by Casapinka. 3 skeins of fingering yarn - i bet you could have fun picking out colors. I go out every day to either take a walk or ride my bike, if I go with a friend we are very careful about social distance. Stay well and happy.

Deb Ellis

Hello! I live in central Illinois and I haven’t left my home since March 13. We have went 13 days before we needed groceries. My husband is still working so he has done the grocery shopping on his way home from work. (I kind of enjoy handing him the list!) We don’t live in an area where grocery delivery or pickup is an option. The closest Walmart to us doesn’t offer that either. Our daughter is 19 and lives about 4 hours from us. She was a CNA in high school and moved out last August to go to school to become an RN. She works 12 hour shifts and they have asked her to pick up some shorter shifts on her days off. She’s exhausted. Our son is about to turn 16 and is hoping things will be open to get his license. Luckily - we live in the country and have about an acre before fields surround us so we can be isolated while being outside. We have taken full advantage of the last few beautiful and warm days to be outside doing things. When it’s not pretty - knitting is my happy place. I am finding myself trying more things and using yarn that has sat for a while. I’m a self taught knitter and I have purchased yarn with no idea about what to make with it. Now I’m finding some joy in taking what I have and finding a purpose for it. My goal is to finish a project before I begin a new one! (My second goal is to NOT gain 20 pounds while I’m home cooking more!) Sending well wishes for health and safety to all!


Starting my third week of working from home. Just me and my cat for company. I video chat with some fellow knitters at work showing each other what we are working on. Since I can't get out, I am getting lots of knitting done and am reading a lot. Just trying to stay positive and looking forward to the day we can get back to normal.


I love the Fly Away blanket pattern by Tin Can Knits and just started two more. The ability to come up with creative color combinations makes me happy in these crazy times. And I love all the creative takes on the pattern, from the Star to Pinwheel.


I am knitting my first cardigan. I interact with people from my knitting shop by video conferencing and we share what we are working on.


Only 3 days for us. DH did a restock of fresh things, aside from that the pantry and freezer could keep up going for weeks. We have a toddler home for the indefinite future, and while I don't want the stress of e-learning (gosh, it sounds like an awful hassle with the littler ones.) I would have appreciated some information on curriculum, etc, because we can work on letters and numbers and days of the week at home, but a little guidance to make sure we'll be on track for kindergarten would have been nice.


I'm going through my photos on my iPad that cover the last 8 years or so. Pictures of trips to Europe, road trips, visits with family, friends, our beloved dog, garden shots, summer activities. They all give me joy. It's good to be reminded of what we had and what we'll have again. Just hang in there!


I'm an ortho PA, so not quite the front line, but close enough to know the horrors and fears. I still am going to work, but with most of what I do considered elective, my days are shorter while I await being reassigned to another department or the inevitable rush of patients in need once we are able to do surgery again. In the mean time, I am doing what I can to try to stay calm and safe...including lots of knitting! :)


I hope we are wiser in the future, and an unknown virus never puts lives and livelihoods in jeopardy again.

Thank you for providing an avenue for crafters to share their stories.

Teri Persing

I'm at home all day every day, so stay at home is not really much of a change for me. Although I do get the urge to bake more often, and have been spending much more time at the sewing machine. My brother (who also sews) and I recently split a package of supplies from Parkview and made a load of face masks. He went to return them and pick up another pack of supplies, but due to overwhelming response, they are temporarily out of supplies.

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