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March 27, 2020



A typical day consists of what seems like one Zoom meeting after another (I think people are just craving contact). Working from home is far 'busier' than working from the office. Happily, I can take a quick break here or there to start dinner or throw a load of laundry in the washer. I knit on my lunch break. Thank the heavens, my youngest is a senior in high school, so I don't need to help with online schooling!


I've discovered that with my introverted lifestyle and already working from home, little has changed in my day to day life! My church has started livestreaming services, so even though I can't be with them in person, there is still a bit of fellowship happening!

Donna Goldberg

Spending my days FaceTiming with my grandchildren, hoping soon we can return to in person hugs and kisses. In the meantime, getting through each day calming myself by knitting. I’ve been a knitter for a few years but just discovered the joy of knitting socks. I bought the book “52 Weeks of Socks” right before the quarantine which turned out to be a timely purchase.

Thank you for continuing to ship yarn. Your selection is divine. I am currently using a set I purchased from you from Flock Fiber Studio. Stunning!


A non-knitting friend told me last week she wants to see a stack of the projects I knit during the time of social distancing. I am working steadily to have lots of pretty items to show her.

Thanks for doing what you do to keep our spirits up.


Life is so chaotic! My husband passed away 6 weeks ago after a long battle with lung cancer. Grieving is intensified with having to isolate oneself due to the virus. My happy place is knitting and I find it so comforting to knit socks, or a shawl while drinking coffee from the mug (Charan Sachar) purchased from Simply Socks. There is joy to be found....

Kate Fuller

I have a retired husband at home and two adult sons who are now either out of work or working from home. I think I am working harder now than I have in many years! lol I am constantly cooking and can't seem to keep the fridge full...didn't realize just how much 3 grown men really ate! I have started a "honey-do list" and am putting them to work. You know - no workie, no eatie! Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway! Stay well!


Well, my commute has shorten quite a bit (I am currently working at a table in my bedroom :) and I am still working out how to do my job from home. Kids are home from college and my husband is working from home. So many things changing....


We are on Spring Break this week and hadn't made any plans. We start home school on Monday to a 7th grader. Not sure how it's going to work out. We have been knitting and coming up with other fun things to do when we start "school" again next week to go with our blended learning.

Brandy Schmidt

When the sock club was posted I debated on joining and felt a little guilty for spending the money (i'm trying to save for a house). But today I got your squishy mail and it brought a smile to my face! I live alone with two cats. While i'm able to work from home that keeps me occupied during the week it is quite lonely. Your mail made my week. Seriously.

The new yarn will have to wait as i'm working on OLD projects! I'm trying to conquer any works in progress when i'm not online for work. Turns out I have quite a few. haha. :D


Working from home and spending a lot of time on Zoom! Trying to squeeze in a bit of knitting time here and there, and looking forward to starting a new project this weekend in a pretty Spring green yarn.


I live in Toronto and we have been under a sheltering in place for almost two weeks now. My husband and are working from home; our daughter's freshman year at University of Pennsylvania was cut short, so she's schooling from home; and our son was laid off from his warehouse job. Crazy times. Watching the US news (I'm American, so I have to!) raises my anxiety level to the extreme. Knitting is my therapy.


I have worked from home for over 30 years, since just before my first daughter was born. I really thought I had the hang of it, but now that I have a daughter and husband here too, things are a bit different. So far so good, though. We are all doing better cleaning up our own clutter, being more patient with each other than usual (we'll see how long that lasts!), and trying hard to save some decent conversation for the dinner table.


I have so much more time now that I don't have to get ready for work and commute, but time seems to have lost all meaning. Trying to stay as positive as possible through all this. Stay safe!


Wow! What a very timely contest to perk us up and such an awesome, generous prize! I’m retired so other than not going to the grocery store every other day, not much has changed. I still manage to get out and walk in our neighborhood on these nice Spring days and other than that, you’ll usually find me in my favorite chair knitting away! I’m currently working on Maliha’s “Walk in the Woods” as well as mates to some socks I did last month! Please take care and praying that the precautions we’re taking helps us to avoid this virus. Best to all of you! And, thank you, Allison!

Brenna Delosier

I’m using sock yarn tripled and a size 17 needle and making an Afghan. Great way to use up stash.


My husband and I are, thankfully, both working from home right now. I'm hoping to get lots of knitting done this weekend. I'm also hoping to watch the Craftsy class I bought ages ago, to learn how to crochet!


Hi Allison! I hope you are doing well with your kiddos and all the craziness.

I always love your blog posts and I really appreciate the amazing photos you provide for the online shopper.

Enjoy your weekend (ha ha is it any different than the rest of the week right now?) and please pick me for the gift card!


I enjoy reading your blog every day! Thanks for chatting us up! My husband and I are staying home. He is the one who grocery shops, and that has been curtailed a lot. Today we tried out our first Instacart grocery order. He wanted to see how it worked. He ordered on Wednesday, and it came on Friday. Now we know we can get perishables this way if we absolutely cannot go out.

I am knitting my usual amount. I find it a little harder to concentrate, though. I recently finished some Opal socks for my husband, and the yarn came from SSYC. Now I am making a cowl. It is Across the Waters, and it is a nice, relaxing knit. The pattern is here:

It uses one skein of fingering and one skein of DK weight yarn. It is a very nice diversion right now.

We are awaiting the birth of our first grandchild any day now, up in Seattle. I have no idea when we will ever be able to visit and see the baby. This breaks my heart. I made a baby blanket with Opal Uni (also from SSYC), but now I am waiting on more baby knitting, to know if it is boy or a girl. My son and his wife decided to not find out ahead of time.

My daughter in California was exposed to the Coronavirus at work, but so far she is OK, and more than 2 weeks have gone by. They are working from home now.

I am so thankful for electronic communication! We are texting, emailing, and using Face Time. Stay safe, everyone!


Family is all home now. Husband had been working from home two days a week , and for now it’s full time. Son is doing college from home as well. I am cooking more. Hopefully that doesn’t mean we will weigh more when this is over. I am knitting more. Been working on socks since Valentines Day. Hope to finish up the sixth pair sometime today or tomorrow. I hope when this is all over, we will all be nicer to one another.

Staci Lockman

Hi! I am in education and working from home. I am not the lead teacher in the rooms so I’m just trying to connect with my students and keep them on task. In my off time, I am spinning and knitting, knitting and spinning. So ready to go back to work!


Cows are good. Life was quiet and calm. Then grandson in Chicago was quarantined and long story his family moved here so I can provide child care. So glad to help but not finding any knitting time. Such is life! Everyone stay home and stay healthy! 😁


This is the first day I'm looking for something new to do. I've finished Moonwake and a Vernall Bangal. I've started a little bunny. I took a walk in the rain. Perhaps I'll sew a little or declutter a little. I love looking at all the yarn you have. So many choices!! It's hard to choose.


Thank-you for your daily posts. It is great to read all the comments. Knitting and reading are my stress busters. I try and walk the dogs and myself, at least twice a day. It feels good! Our local grocer is switching to a Schnucks, April 1st. The inventory is not being updated. That's a stinker, but we have stores 10 miles away, for grocery runs.
I never thought anything like this would really happen! Of course, the science is there and I knew it was possible. Thanks again for your blog!

Renee Anne

This "new normal" needs to DIAF. I cannot teach both my children very different curriculums with their very different needs, work, and run a household. I'm so over it. And we're only at the end of our second week. We have at least five more like this, thanks to an extension. ::sigh::

I just want to curl up with my boys, watch good movies, and knit. And that's it. No work. No teaching. No, nada, nothing else!

Janet Miller

I’m kind of liking this stay at home life. Since our kids are grown and live in other states, it’s just us two old farts. We get up when we feel like it, go to bed when we can’t stay awake any longer, eat meals whenever we get hungry, and work on our hobbies. To stay physically active, we walk around our neighborhood, 2 miles every day. Thank you for featuring Fleece Artist merino in today’s blog. I have quite a bit stashed, and feel the need to order a couple more colors. I haven’t knitted with it in a while, and as a result of your blog, I went to my stash to fondle and remember how much I love it! I believe a pair will be cast on very soon.


Went to the grocery store yesterday in hopes that we are all stocked up for at least the next 10 days. Thankfully the store had been replenished and I found a lot of things I hadn't previous visits. Thankful for those in the medical field and all those keeping the groceries stocked!!


So glad I found your website. I love shopping with you. I am a postal worker so I am still going to work. But still knitting as much as I can. Thank you for keeping us in yarn!


Trying to stay sane by doing Zumba in my garage (with door closed so neighbors don't see!) trying to walk everyday, continuing to knit and crochet. Also finding little things to be grateful for everyday. Stay safe and well!

Lynn Mozzoni

I miss seeing my grandchildren so the other day they went for a walk in their neighborhood and I went for a walk in my neighborhood at the same time and we FaceTimed so it felt like we were walking together. I’m trying to stay as upbeat as possible in this very difficult time. And my heart goes out to everyone.


It’s sad to say but my life really hasn’t changed since this mess all started. Other than meeting with some knitting friends on Saturday mornings, I’m almost always home. I don’t have any kids and my dh works out of state and he’s staying there for now. A few events and festivals we had planned on going to were canceled (like hundreds have been everywhere) so I’ve made a few online purchases from vendors to try and help out.

Pam Bacci

What a crazy time! I work in a middle school and am home for now. Lucky though, now I’m available to take care of my two family members who fall into the target group - My mom is turning 80 and my daughter is currently pregnant with her first child. Glad I’m available to shop (with all the crazy people out there) and cook meals to take to them. I am, however, letting some knitting time in - lots of baby items!! 🥰

Lori V

Dealing day to day as best we can - I must say that when I take my Tuck out to do his business (long haired mini dachshund) I actually quite enjoy listening to the birds and even the bugs “singing” as the other noises that usually drown that out, aren’t much in evidence now - that aspect of all of this is really quite nice.

Candice Hope

I am trying to work from home (I do transaction coordination, customer service and marketing for a realtor) from 9-noon. My kids are 5 and 8 and can barely stand those 3 hours. I kinda love working from home and I really think that when we come out on the other side of this... the world will truly be different. We will be more appreciative of our freedoms and I really think we will come to like this free time and not want to go back to 40-60 hour work weeks! I sure don't want to! Anyway... I have had Breathing Space on my Ravelry list forever and if I won a gift card I would finally choose some sock yarn to make it! I mean... I only have about 10 in process socks and 2 sweaters and a shawl on the needles. why not start something completely different!?


Alternating between working from home, cleaning my office/craft room and knitting. The socks I have going have really been handy for all these additional conference calls!


I just got some six seven yarn in from you...but could honestly get more. My 7 year old won't give it back lol. I'm currently working at home but also out doing grocery delivery on the weekend for those that can't. These are crazy times we are living in. I would honestly like to take this time to teach my son how to knit. But not sure if he has the patience. Hoping to entice him with something squishy from my stash that doesn't have a plan.

Sara Berry

I love the variegated colours so much!!
How can anyone decide on just one brand
or one colour way!
Love your shop I can’t wait to buy a big stash of colour

Julie Olsen

Thanks for your blog entries. I look forward to reading them. I am preparing to start teaching online next week and it is quite daunting. I have over 30 years in the classroom, but have had to learn years worth of technology in a week. I try to knit every day and am working on my second prayer shawl this week. I also have a pair of socks on the back burner.

Dari Trout

I love your curated kits! I have been lucky enough to snag a couple. You have such lovely yarns! I've really enjoyed the skeins of the Poste yarn I've used from you.

Lucy Kesler

Can't wait to come buy yarn again. My rule is i can't buy more until i use what i have and i have just a few inches on my latest stock.


I'm loving the increased knitting time- finished a pair of socks in less than a week!

Suzanne Malone

My husband and I are both retired. we we’re used to getting up in the morning and heading out for the gym (me) or the doughnut shop(him) after breakfast. Life has certainly slowed down! I have three knitting projects going, as well as several quilting ones. I have finally figured out how to get audio books from the library on my phone, so I am loving being able to listen to a book while I knit.

susan Marie konczal

Love your blog and website. Im a retired 75 year old mother of 5 and 11 grandchildren. My spare time is spent making sweaters, shawks, socks or whatever Ithink they could use. Just recieved my artistic sick yarn from the club and am anxious to start making something. Haven't decided yet what to make. Looking firward to the next 2 deliveries

Alison Walsh

Have been spending my days preparing donated sheets for use in future quilts to be donated to the Salvation Army for distribution to those in need of bedding. Stay safe...😊🧶👘

Beth D.

My day to day life hasn't really changed that much. I work in a grocery store, so I still have to go to work. They've let us have overtime if we wanted it and have given us a bit of a raise for the next month, which means more yarn money!


Here in New Zealand we are in lockdown. We're only allowed to leave our homes to go to the supermarket or to work if we're essential services workers, or for exercise around the block. We're also in autumn so the weather is sometimes good for staying inside but sometimes it's a nice day and you just want to go to the beach and make the most of it before winter sets in - and unfortunately I do not live by the beach. I make do with walking up the hills and looking at the sea.
Thankfully I'm an essential worker so I do get to go to work. While at home I've made a list of all those craft projects that are started and those in the planning stage. Finishing things will be a really positive feeling these days and it's something I can control, unlike so much that's happening right now.

Sharon Kempher

I am spending my time making a blanket for my newly expected great grandchild otherwise I knit socks shawls and I’ve just decided to go back and make a sweater again after years I love Madeleine twist light and thinks that the TKO new posted today on Instagram. We are an elderly couple I have rheumatoid arthritis and my husband has Parkinson’s therefore we are very cautious about this pandemic we haven’t left the house in three weeks and probably won’t get it for the next three weeks which gives me nothing to do but Knit knit knit which I love anyhow


I am a substitute teacher and am very thankful that unemployment has been approved. In Feb. I had a heart attack and was only briefly back at school before it closed. I am now staying at home with hubby and recovering from the broken ribs. Knitting has been peaceful and soothing amid all the worrying.

Donna M Norris

Never enough yarn! Fortunate to live near Simply Socks, can't wait to shop in person again. Currently on my needles is Outline Scrappy Shawl. Found on Ravelry. Yarn is Colossal Sock yarn dyed for Simply Socks by Dream in Color. Thank goodness for the love of knitting right now!


Staying cozy at home and trying to help my loved ones stay sane and well-fed. And knitting, of course.

Cindy  Turner

Hello, well my days are being spent knitting, reading and quilting since everything else has been put on hold. I am enjoying the downtime. The dogs are getting their daily walk and since we’ve had no rain for 3 days I’m working on my flowerbeds. Knitting a pair of socks and a shawl from yarn I bought from you last year.


My day consists of knitting socks! And I just started a sockhead cowl. I’m really enjoying all the time available for knitting.


MN teacher here. The last two weeks have been spent developing distance learning curriculum for our students. I am so grateful to and amazed by my colleagues! So much creative problem solving!! When I get home my husband and I go for a walk with our black lab and then connect to our grown children to make sure all is okay with them. And then I settle down to knit. I am so grateful for this skill that keeps my hands busy. I love that you always have the latest Opal yarns for sale!


We are faring well. Just found out I'm furloughed for next week, a week at a time. A few projects that I've wanted to do for a while might just get done. Stay safe!


It has been business as usual as I work for a group of orthopedic surgeons. Most of their surgeries have been curtailed, but there are plenty of office visits to take care of. Sure wish I could stay home and knit!!

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Thank you for your daily posts. It is a bit of welcome good news these days.

As a strong introvert I have less problems with being home alone but I have great sympathy for the families with children.

Can't decide on what to knit. Have been reading instead but the urge to cast on is growing.

Take care.


Knitting is keeping me sane in the shelter in place.


Being patient, calling to check on friends unable to get out for necessities and knitting for "mental health"


Thanks for spreading cheer during this difficult time! Here's a quick meal I've been turning to quite often while we shelter in place, It involves opening a couple of cans and a couple of minutes on the stovetop, but feels very fancy:

Kathie Frazier

Allison...working with some of your yarn right now. Hope I can start to relax so that I can tackle more during this time.

Laurie Hays

Please send yarn! Need yarn therapy 😁 Working the front lines, grateful to serve ❤️


Went to the grocery store by myself last night and it was exhausting! Usually my job is to push the cart when we shop, because I have tendency to buy really dumb stuff if I shop alone. Stuff like lemon frosting but no cake mix, cereal but no milk, and more marshmallows and taco seasoning packets than we could eat in a lifetime. But I followed my list and only went of script twice. Not gonna lie, pretty proud of myself!

Lorraine Chan

My office has enacted the essential people only for being onsite. That means I'm working from home for the next few weeks. I have to say it's nice getting a little extra sleep every day and working in comfy lounge wear. My manager is remote anyways and she had to warn us about the 17 stay-at-home. Without warning, 17 lbs creeps up on you with all the nicer breakfast and lunches and less physical activity. LOL

Hoping this horrid crud gets beat soon. Until then, be well.


Thanks for blogging everyday. Love reading all of the comments.

Michelle Holcombe

I love seeing your posts every day on Facebook!!!

Christina Mejer

I love seeing your family pictures! Your boys are the same age as my 2 grandsons . Say hello to your mom for me from Alaska!


I’ve been working from home writing software for home theater systems for six months now. I was just getting used to it. Now I have to share my home office with my husband and younger daughter. We now have a consumer electronics division, an aerospace division, and an actuarial division. To survive we hired an imaginary coworker, Cheryl, to blame everything on. Cheryl never takes out the garbage or loads the dishwasher.


I am grateful that so far my husband and I are alright, and that after 46 years of marriage we still enjoy each other's company.


I’ve only been off work for 2 days. Shops is closing until 4-20. I want to learn to make socks

Donna G.

I've been working at home for the last two weeks, only going into the office for an hour or two about twice a week. I love being home, and my dog loves having me here. We can take walks in the middle of the day when I'm taking my lunch break. I'm more relaxed and have been enjoying my knitting. Am looking forward to receiving the yarn I ordered from you. It's supposed to arrive tomorrow, and I can't wait. Might just spend part of this weekend looking through patterns and deciding what to make with it. I just couldn't resist the pretty colors and had to get more than one skein. I end up having an extra hour every day because I'm not commuting so that gives me more time to knit!


I am a nurse in NYC and so happy we finally got gloves, masks and gownes. It is just absolute chaos, and so very scary. My job is to take care of people who are sick, and that is what I am doing, as best as I can. I have never seen anything like this. Knitting is what keeps me together. What made me so happy today is receiving my Sock Yarn Club from Allison today. It is the most beautiful two skeins of yarn. These socks are not being knit for my husband, but for me!


Thanks for the chance to win! I’m WFH with a toddler so my days are full. I’m so grateful for a knitting project—the Shift cowl—for my me time.


I’m WFH with a toddler so my days are full. I’m grateful for a project—the Shift cowl—for my evenings.

Cecilia David

Thank you for sending the emails. I hope that you are doing ok during this time. I have been shopping with you since the beginning and have never been disappointed.
So stay safe and thank you.
Cecilia David

Teresa Knittingdancer

I went to the grocery store and Walmart on Tuesday. I been knitting, reading, and working jigsaw puzzles.


Hello. Working from home at the desktop computer tucked away in the corner of the dining room by a big sliding glass window is working good. Hoping we will all have jobs to go back to. It nice to have more time with my husband. Knitting wise I am super addicted to the Point Edward Mitt pattern and addicted to Mineville yarn to go with it. Knitting is my happy place.

Renee Huffman

So glad you're able to keep the shop going!! I would love some yarny happiness to help me get through these next few months of trying to be my kids teacher!!knitting helps my sanity!


I've been knitting a lot and kitty cuddling. When the temps get above 70, I try to get out into the yard to work a little on my garden.


I'm in my late 70s so I self-isolated 3 weeks ago. I'm knitting a Weekender for myself and another pair of Fetching mitts for my daughter and looking forward to knitting up that gorgeous yarn from the Spring kit. Probably my usual socks. That yarn is awesome! I live in a small house attached to the back of my daughter and SIL's house so have company without going anywhere. I walk several times a day without going beyond a house of two of us on the sidewalk. I Skype knit with a friend in Illinois nearly every day. Also reading a lot of new ebooks from the library via Overdrive. I live in LA so am close to a lot of Covid 19 illness, and having some 'underlying issues' myself I'm determined not to put myself in harm's way. The groceries have 'seniors only' shopping first thing in the morning for an hour, sometimes two hours, and my daughter took me last Monday to replenish the pantry. This is one of the most worrisome periods I've ever experienced, and until 5 years ago I was living just outside Washington, DC and working downtown for many years. This is so much more anxiety producing since one does not know who around you might have the virus and not know it. The most important thing for me is to stay positive and have a laugh or two or more every day! I'm not one to mind being isolated, even though I don't feel like that just now. I've never been bored in my life and keeping safe is the most important thing to do just now. Wishing everyone stays safe!

Marjorie Millner

I just finished a pair of Urth matching socks (love the colors!) and have started a pair using the Vesper yarn "Songbird" from the Spring Knit Kit. It's been 9 days since my last grocery run (I'm trying to hold out until next Tues or Thurs) and I go nowhere else. I've basically been self-quarantining since March 7 but somehow I haven't gotten around to doing any (much-needed) housework yet...


Have surveyed my friends to find out what they were craving during our lock-down and empty shelves. One wants to bake but can't find yeast, sugar or baking powder. One is sewing masks but having trouble sourcing elastic. One admitted she ordered five containers of ice cream by mail. For myself, although I never eat sweets, I'm craving cake with buttercream frosting. Comfort food? And sock yarn. Thank you for your beautiful and tempting and positive posts.


I'm thoroughly enjoying the small patch of unseasonably warm weather this weekend. I'm also beyond relieved that family members made it safely home from overseas when they did. Don't worry, there's plenty of stressful stuff I'm doing my best to ignore :D


The best part of my week has been tromping around the yard with my three year old picking daffodils, jumping in puddles (her not me) and generally soaking up spring. We homeschool our kids so our routine hasn’t changed much, except for missing our extracurricular activities and friends. Our oldest two came home from college and are finishing the semester online, so we are trying to give each other some more elbow room—literally put that extra leaf in the table to save your sanity. We are filling the now open spots in the day with nature documentaries (hurray for streaming) and my younger kids latest obsession—videos about street food around the world. I can knit to that!

Sarah D

I’ve been busy with my 4 kids and not had much knitting time. When I do have time I’ve been working on a pair of socks. I should probably pick up the knitting more often and put down my phone - ha!

Cynthia Nicholson

Hi! I've been working from home and working on my knitting. I've been enjoying the birds that are visiting my feeder. Two bluebirds ( a male and female) have decided that they love my car. No matter where I move it, (I have moved it 3 times in 3 days) they enjoy sitting on both mirrors and the windshield wipers. Needless to say my car is a little worse for the wear, and all it took was one day. I see lots of car washing in my future. At least my car is getting some use. :)

Catherine Kay

I’ve spent my time cooking, cleaning, walking, and working on my wips. Stay well!


We adopted a hard-to-place dog just before all but the essential stores closed here. She is our 12th. She is deaf, pretty toothless and very interested in whatever is across the street. Her claim to fame so far is that she takes off like a shot whenever the front gate is opened, with me in hot pursuit, as she pays no attention to anything I say. So during this social isolation we are having, I am keeping up with my workouts.


I am a cook for a small restaurant. We shut down for an unknown amount of time so I am unemployed. I havent had this much time off in years! It is nice to catch up on projects and cleaning but I am running out of things to do. I have finished 2 pairs of ankle socks and have listened to 3 audiobooks. I got outside yesterday and got my first sunburn of the year. Hoping to find a new project for the 4 rainy days that are forecast this week. Maybe a shawl for the cruise I may or may not be going on in May if this lasts that long.


I'm taking SO many walks with my munchkin in his stroller! I've met so many of my neighbors and I hope to keep these connections even after this is over.


I’ve made a batch of the best soup ever two weeks in a row and today will be the third: Greek Lentil Soup with Lemon

So grateful for knitting to provide the calm within the storm.


We’re retired and hubby is immunosuppressed so we’ve been close to home for weeks. All normal social interactions cancelled, so instead of a lot of square dancing we’re doing more walking. I miss my crafting groups — I get more done there than at home. Trying to work on WIPs. It hit me hard on Thursday when we wanted to get takeout from a local restaurant but found it completely closed. Thanks for daily blogging, beautiful pictures, and this contest!


Last year on April 1st, my grandson was born on my birthday! I had made plans to take the day off and have a Nonna and Teddy day to celebrate our birthdays... Now it doesn't seem so likely... but in the long run.. it will be fine... I am blessed in so many ways... love reading your blog everyday. Take Care

Nancy Connellly

Thanks so much for doing this blog and keeping us all knitting happy.

Jane C.

We're on Day15 of staying at home. My husband and I both work from home anyway, but now we get the joy of 2 teenage boys in the mix ;-). Lots of baking and knitting to get us through. We are very thankful to be snug and warm here in our house. Thank you for continuing to stay open - wishing you all the best!

April Fromm

Hi - hope you’re all doing well. I was already at home recovering following radiation and chemo so I’m just knitting, reading and Netflixing. I love yarn so I’ve placed a couple of orders since I’ve been sick. Receiving new yarn makes me happy. It’s really important to support small businesses like yours. Thanks for still filling orders for us!
April Fromm

Jill Zarestky

We’re trying to cook more - I made a double batch of this for dinner last night. It smelled great and tasted even better!


Enjoy this blog and the positivity of comments. Roberta, I laughed out loud about adventures with hard to place dog! Working outside, as an essential job. It is scary! I have been taught to knit by my mom, but it did not take. However, I love the hats and cowls that she knits for me. Thanks for a chance in this wonderful contest and if I win, it goes to mom!

Martha pomilio

It’s Groundhog Day here.....

*Wake up, knit, watch knitting podcasts, go to bed*
Repeat daily


So nice to read everyone’s comments and feel connected. We are ordered to stay home here in Washington state, and as we live in a rural area, it is quite an isolated feeling. We don’t see anyone other than the birds and the foxes! But it has been opportunity to do lots off baking and knitting. As older retirees, and high risk, we are grateful that we don’t have to go out to work, and we hope all those who do stay safe and well!

Nicole S

I'm at 8 days now since I've been to a grocery store - I'll have to consider it soon, because I'm almost out of eggs and milk.

Wilma Stoy

One day I want to visit the store!! Eith you from nearly the beginning. May you continue to thrive.

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