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March 27, 2020



My day consists of working at the dining room table, which my husband and I have set up as a partners desk. After the work day, which is much shortened, I've been puttering around the house, knitting a sweater for my new granddaughter who is due in early July and sewing masks for the nurses at the Methodist home at the end of my street. We've also managed to fit in some walks and Pokemon time!


My husband who works about 6 miles from home has been told to work from home. We try to keep it as normal as possible because work hours are work hours. When he is at lunch we have run to the grocery store for items needed (milk was our latest). We both miss not being able to go out for a walk yesterday--we do keep the distance it was just raining.
I have an underlying health issue and then am deeply concerned for an elderly mother with heart health issues. I am thrilled that she is in her own condo with one of my siblings.
I am happy at the end of the day to sit down and watch tv (I try not to have too much on or read too much news during the day) and I knit or I will read.


Good Morning Allison,
The last time I left this house/property was Monday February 24, 2020. I went to Hobby Lobby to get beads for a shawl I wanted to make. I used Fibre Story Fave Sock Gradient Yarn Set (Emma) from your shop. The pattern I used was [Dangling Conversation by Mindy Ross]. The shawl is lovely. I never thought I would like adding little beads, one at a time to my knitting, but I do. The beads are all the same color but on the shawl they take on the color of the yarn and look darker with the darker yarn. Such an illusion. I love it.

Now I am learning Brioche and using Addi Turbo ‘Lace’ needles from your shop. These needles are great for manipulating Brioche stitches. Also I am using Madelinetosh Pashmina yarn (from your shop) for my Brioche project. My first time knitting with this yarn and I am loving it.
The pattern is Free [Lockdown by Robynn Weldon] and there is a KAL on Ravelry ‘Lockdown Brioche School’ for help with learning Brioche.
Let’s all learn a little Brioche, eh!
Stay Safe, Stay In. 🤗

Sandy Harwood

I love reading your blog...brings me happiness! Stay healthy.

Joyce Correia

I am knitting the "Easy" scarf by Martina for a friend. I am using the two colors she requested - black and grey. Boring!!! So I started a pair of mitts in bright multicolors. I alternate between the two when the boring black/grey gets to boring.

Diane N

I'm working remotely and knitting in between times. Truly amazed at the outreach in the knitting community.

Diane MacMillan

The last time I left the house for shopping was on March 19th. I'm not looking forward to going grocery shopping next week.
I keep busy by knitting instant gratification projects such as, A Whole Lotta Ribbin hat and the Paragon Toque,in yarn I ordered from SSY 2 weeks ago.
Going for walks and listening to the birds sing also helps me realize the entire world hasn't turned upside down, just some of mine.


I have just swatched for a Ranunculus with 3 different colors of Mohair. Now I am torn about which to use. I think it will lay on the table for a while so I can "live" with the colors. Our local hospital has asked for sewn masks to cover the N95 masks. So today I will take out all of my stash fabric, wash it and get sewing.


My days consist of working in a major retail grocery store. Things have been busy but I am in a stay at home state which translates to a busy store getting very quiet this week. The knitting element is very important to me and I guess with all that has gone on in our world its all the more important. Working on socks as well as scarves and for whatever reason have done a few colorful language dishcloths. I wish I didnt have to go to work. I am grateful I have a job but to me people seem not to take things seriously. I have seen people seem to be doing a hang at store instead of their hangout and I have seen entire families shopping which I dont think kids should be put in that kind of danger. I really want this all over with and looking forward to a boring day.

Anissa Miller

I walk our dog everyday because I know it's good for her (but I also need it!). I've been baking a lot more comfort foods (carbs), bagels and sweet rolls, good thing I'm walking the dog, huh?! :-)
I recently cast on the Bits & Bobs Blanket and call it my Coronavirus Comfort Blanket. Two easy stitches repeated over and over again!! Perfect knitting!!


You are so generous to have a contest! In CA we are well into trouble so I stay home alone. Work is slow with the closures so I do a little from home.
I haven't knit for about a month which is unusual for me. I've been reading.
If I win, that Frugal Fingering might inspire me to get back to knitting, I also have two projects in progress. Stat safe.


Thank you for the contest. It is always fun to dream of new knitting projects. I'm working from home. Knitting and audio books are my way to escape for awhile. Long walks and working in the yard are welcomed activities on these early Spring days.


The Kroger I usually go to confirmed a case in a worker. They cleaned and sanitized everything. I hadn't grocery shopped in 8 days. I went there at 8am. Other than no TP or paper towels, they had what I needed for me, my husband and our three school age kids. Hardly anyone was there!

Stacey Barrington

Hi! How’s Ft Wayne? I moved from Ft Wayne (not far from your location) to Texas not long before you opened, darn it! I know I would have loved your shop.

Julie Vance

Right now, home improvements are the name of the game. Painting, purging, rearranging furniture,and buying all matching hardware. Also the bounce house in the garage for some energy burn for my girls (3 & 4 yrs).

Geraldine Scott

Hubby is retired, so our schedule hasn't changed radically. BUT, the dog and I both run to the door to ride 'shot gun' when hubby goes out to run errands. Not quite sure if that's funny or sad....


I've been doing needlework and reading. Also, taking socially distancing walks and doing housework. Stay safe everyone.


Thank you for the wonderful contest! I've been working from home for a few days with my husband and two preschool boys. It's been a little crazy with all the rain.


Your shop is beautiful, and I wish I lived close enough to visit. I retired a couple of years ago so am somewhat used to staying in place at home and therefore, am getting a lot of knitting done. Thanks for the contest - stay safe.

Terri Brinegar

I am working from home, knitting, reading, exercising. Trying to get outside when the weather is good, it has been raining alot recently. Trying to keep busy. And talking to my parents and kids. We use video when we can. Thank you for the contest!


I'm checking in with family and friends more, which is a good thing. I wouldn't mind fewer Zoom meetings during my remote workday, but am glad to still be working when that's not an option for so many. Knitting and reading is slow going, and I miss volleyball (and my teammates) more than I can easily explain. But new flowers emerge on each walk around the neighborhood and the peas in my community garden plot are growing noticeably now.


I have worked part-time from home for many years, so that hasn't changed at all. The LYS where I have knit on Wednesday mornings is closing its doors forever this Saturday, which is leaving us all feeling terribly lost. Next Wednesday we are going to try a group Face Time!

Lisa Smith

Hello and thank you for blogging everyday. My husband and I are home with our dog. A yummy recipe I have been making is this one


What a time to start a new business venture. I recently got into hand dyeing yarn by overdyeing a bunch of reclaimed yarn I unraveled from thrift store sweaters (great way to get into cashmere and other luxury fibers cheaply). I caught the dyeing bug and really enjoyed the whole creating process. Of course I launched this new part of my business right when other businesses started shutting down so I wasn't expecting a lot of sales. I've managed a couple so that's lifted my spirits so far. Check out my shop IG @trnchd for all the details, including my recently released new color at a special price.

Otherwise it's been business as usual around here since I work from home. I was already stocked up prior to the shelter-in-place order. I'll have to make my weekly grocery trip tomorrow and I'm hoping the store has some essentials like bread, eggs and such because last week they were wiped out.

I hope everyone is doing ok and staying safe out there.


Long walks, knitting and reading at the same time, watching movies and checking in with friends.

Jane Compeau

I went out this morning to work in our food pantry. We call it "Pat's Gym" because Pat is our fearless leader, and she keeps us moving. (We love to tease her.) We went to senior shopping yesterday, and it was crowded. Other than that, we have been sitting in our living room, knitting a Harry Potter scarf for my daughter, and reading a lot.

Kate C

I am knitting Flotini, in two rather luxury yarns, that were resting in my stash. I think social distancing should mean use the good stuff.


Husband and I are retired. We are considered "elderly" on paper, though I don't agree. Always tried to be a " Rule Followerer" so when told to isolate that's what we've done. Haven't been to grocery in three weeks. When found eggs and bread on my front porch Sunday I felt like I had won the lottery! Some meals I feel like I'm on a "Chopped" show. Grew up very poor so feel like I know how to do this. Received a small order of yarn last week which made my day. By the way, the Shawl Cuffs are beautiful!! If you haven't got yours you need at least one. Been in a knitting slump, need to get out as I know would truly help. Young people like you Allison by abiding by current rules are teaching our children an important lesson. Bless you...


I really appreciate your posts, especially their increased frequency in the current circumstances. It’s lovely to have an island of normalcy amidst everything.

The biggest challenge for me right now is staying connected with others. I love interacting with people, but I need my own space to recharge, so I live alone. It’s been tougher than I expected over the last couple weeks to not feel lonely. Of course I’ve been Facetiming friends and family, texting, calling, and I’ve started a virtual knitting group with some coworkers.

I do a lot of hiking and usually that helps, but unfortunately where I live people aren’t following social distancing and so the vast majority of the trails and state parks are shut down now. I understand the need to get outside, but this is also out west, where it’s not exactly difficult to find wide open spaces and keep 6’ apart.

I am also valiantly resisting baking, as I cannot share it with anyone and I don’t want to come out of this 30 pounds heavier. But man do I want to make some homemade hand pies (read: fancy Pop Tarts) and scarf them down in between knitting my socks and shawl and blanket!


Just ordered a bunch of Mad Tosh DK from you and could not be more thrilled with your lovely selection! Knitting is keeping me sane while I am shelter in place in MN. Currently working on so many projects- including many outfits for our baby due in Sept! Otherwise spending my days working from home,taking long walks, eating snacks :) and also working on sewing masks for healthcare workers. Thinking of your shop and thank you for keeping ya all busy in this time- appreciate your work!

robin zalob

Been completing all my WIP’s and working on my stashdown. Which means, on my next visit to my daughters house in FW, I’ll need to load up once again. Tosh is my absolute favorite but when I enter your shop, I’m like a kid in a candy store. Best sweet tooth ever!!

Stay healthy.


Still working outside the home at our cancer center. Knitting to destress as much as I can.

Nicole Acuna

A typical day for me now Is home schooling 3 kids (2 are special needs). My husband works in the medical field and I’ve been terrified he’s going to bring it home :( on the bright side I’m going to start knitting more this weekend.

Dana Snyder

Hello! I’m getting used to working from home and having Zoom meetings. Never heard of it till last week. We’re trying to get a plan to teach these kids at home. I think we’re starting new materials after spring break so that gives everyone time to get ready for online learning/teaching. We’re out the rest of the semester. I’ve been running three miles a day which is normal for me. I went out early and had the whole place to myself so no fears there! I’m making shrimp scampi tonight so we’ll see how it goes. Friday is our margarita Mexican night so we’re going to attempt to make them at home. My dogs are getting lots of walks and snacks! They have it made! So with all this time, I’ve been putting yarn together for projects. The latest is the Brick slip West KAL. I’m putting pinks together and I have my eye on a couple of the new HH colors in your shop to make it complete! Hope you are well and safe! Thank you so much for keeping your shop open and providing us with so many beautiful yarns!!


I’m splitting time between chasing a toddler and trying to deep clean the house. My husband is a great partner and is splitting childcare and cooking so that we both get a little bit of time to ourselves as well. This morning I did a virtual play date with a friend while he worked out, and as I type this he is wrangling nap time so I can get some exercise too. After 12 years of marriage, there is no one I would rather hunker down with.


Thanks for being willing to keep working during this stressful time. I'm so excited waiting for my 2 most recent orders. Wish customs would speed up their processing. Wool is definitely an essential item at this time. Take care and stay healthy.


This is so sweet! Two weeks in today. Both my husband and I got laid off last week. The bright side is, we are home and safe. My son had bacterial pneumonia last week but is recovering and playing again with his sister. Stress knitting. And running out of yarn. Life is crazy.

Kendra Morris

Hi! I’m newish to Simply Socks; I’ve been in twice and fell in LOVE! I’m a crocheter learning how to knit. I’ve knit three hats so far - I like making hats because they are quick projects and it’s helping me learn the basics. I’m excited to start my first knit hat project with the Malabrigo yarn I bought at your store a couple weeks ago but I don’t want to mess it up too badly!!! I’m also crocheting a sweater with some other Malabrigo yarn that I bought my first time in. I’m the kinda gal who has about 13 WIPs so being at home now is giving me a chance to catch up on that. Thank you so much for your wonderful shop - it’s such a happy place :)

Sarah S

I've been cooking more and rediscovering that it can be fun, especially when I get to try new recipes that I've put on the back burner for a while. I'm also determined to start a new knitting project and am browsing through different patterns now. I'm enjoying your blog and appreciate your daily posts!

Christine Newman-Aumiller

Haven’t left the house since President’s day other than to go to medical appointments. Fortunately I have a caring son who brings groceries and runs errands for me. I love your comments and blog. Though I’m not fond of it as a whole, Facebook has become a necessity for me in these times of isolation. I try to knit as much as possible but my dog thinks I should be petting her instead! Miss my Monday night knitting buddies. Hope to see you all soon.


Right now I’m finishing a pair of Vanilla Latte socks with Knitterly Things yarn I bought from you❤️💗❤️ . Love your selection of gorgeous yarn and your excellent customer service. I always mention you when people ask where to get exceptional yarn! 💗💗💗💗💗

Gretchen B

As a front-line healthcare worker, I am trying to keep my sanity when I'm home by knitting and crocheting. Helps me relax and calms my mind. Love seeing your posts and drooling over the beautiful yarn!

Laura B

I’ve been making a lot of homemade bread. My family likes a specific bread from the grocery that we can’t get right now, but we all agree on homemade bread. I also am working on a sourdough starter, but who knows if that will live or die. Wish me luck!

Georganne Oldenburg

Thanks for all that you do. I appreciate your continued support of “makers”.

Cindy Carpenter

Hubs and I are still working. Prisons are like that, they need their people at work. Took a sick day today because I felt horrible this AM. Things got better so we are cleaning out our shed so I can make it into my she-shed in the future. Weather is nice and we are on a no-news status today so we can just work in the moment for now. Our kid’s school is starting up Google classroom so we have been swamped with texts and instructions from teachers. Other than that we could almost pretend life was normal for a minute or two. Thanks for the daily blogging. I think the anxiety about what is next is probably our greatest threat. Hearing from you helps a lot. Stay well and safe everyone.

Janell Stufflebeam

I love seeing your pictures on instagram. Sometimes I feel like I could reach in to the picture and touch or squeeze the yarn! I’m retired and my husband is a truck driver who hauls food items, so I’m spending quite a bit of time alone. Being able to get out for short walks the past few days has been wonderful! For knitting, I’m currently working on a cowl and a wrap; both for me!

Marilyn Robinson

I am actually enjoying this self isolation. I have kept my 8 yr old great grand son because both of his parents are essential healthcare workers. We have always been close because I have babysat since he was 22 months. He asked me to teach him to crochet this week and we have been practicing that. He has caught on easily working into double crochets. Each day we work on learning one new thing so it becomes habit. I listen to all the news on tv about the virus but my knitting has kept me calm. This is no need to worry over something you can’t control. You work through it. Just relax and enjoy the time to knit.

Linda Huson

We are having a really nice warmish day. Just seeing the sun, after a rainy week - improves the mood immensely!


I am working from home. And I am able to knit while working-so exciting!! Knitting keeps me calm in this crazy time. I have socks on the needles, as well as baby blankets for charity and I am starting a hat for a coworker who has been bugging for a long time to knit him a hat. Be safe everyone!!


Other than working from home, my days haven’t changed too much, WFH does give me an additional 4-5 free hours a week though.

Jayme Putzier

I got to video call with my knitting friends last night. It was really great just to be able to see them.

Coby Hanna -Butler

I wish I was able to Netflix and knit all day but work and little kids seem to get in the way. Your staff helped me choose colors for a starting point shawl, and I’m plodding away when I can! (Big thank you for the help with colors - not my strong suit)


I'm a Canadian living in the US. It's hard to be away from my family right now. My husband is military so he's still working to protect both United States and Canada (Norad). I try to stay busy as much as I can so that means a lot of time for crafting (knitting, cross stitching, etc). Everything is gonna be alright. Sending hugs!!


We are doing okay and finding plenty to keep us busy. Started on spring cleaning. I work from home and we are busy there as well. Also trying to be super practical cooking good healthy meals. All of this is reducing my knitting time, though. Currently working on socks with yarn I purchased on a visit to your shop. Enjoying all the pictures even if we can’t be there in person right now.

Social distancing is definitely having an impact so despite the isolation and constant worry about some very vulnerable people, it’s the right thing to do. That said, I miss my knitting group and other friends and hope we can get through this quickly. Our world will be forever changed from this experience.


I’m home for three weeks. This is the end of week one and I’ve accomplished nothing, just so exhausted from over consuming news and weight of it all.


Spending lots of time knitting and snuggling my cat! These are strange times, so I'm trying to be grateful for what I have right now.


Love your store and your uplifting blog. I’m am itching to make the new sliding tiles blanket by Canadutch.

Kim Holbrook

My husband and I have been self-isolating for 15 days, which seems like a long time. I miss being out and about! I am reading, knitting and missing my grandkids. Our newest grandson, who we have not seen, is being sent home from the NICU today. That is such happy news! I am determined to stay positive, this too shall pass!


Earlier this week, I just had to get out of the house. Sunny and warm. There is a row of bushes between me and the neighbor. It has two rogue scrub trees. I cut them down with my trusty bow saw! Yay for me! Back to my regularly scheduled sock knitting. Tho I do have a hat to finish the crown on

Margaret Fayden

Retail therapy is very important during this time of social distancing. I get very excited about picking a new, to me, yarn. Then I anxiously follow the tracking info everyday until my new yarn arrives. Thank you for staying open! Because I don’t have chickens, I’m thinking of ordering another skein of The Backyard Chicken Collection. 😂. Stay healthy and safe.

Andy Berisford

I love Simply Socks Yarn Co. It's always one of the first websites I recommend to friends. I love your selection. And I deeply appreciate your generosity to the knitting community.

Colleen Dallura

Simply sock yarn introduced me to opal yarn and i love it. Now all i need to do is knit faster so that i can use all the colors!


Finding it hard to stay focused on any one thing... I have the urge to clean all the closets, repaint all the rooms, weed all the flower beds, cast on all the projects... Any yet between trying to work (inefficiently) and provide home-school activities (also inefficiently), I have time to do none of them!

Alene Sternlieb

Stay well and keep knitting!

Deidra Mathena

Things heard in the grocery store: I didn't know chicken legs were a necessity to survive the Apocalypse, who on earth is buying all the powdered milk when you could use canned instead, and what is this weird looking veggie that's all that's left? (It was one lonely rutabaga).
Also spotted: various people standing in front of the flour display wondering aloud exactly what you need to make bread. I may have shown them the boxes of Bisquick instead.


I’ve been using my time to practice my knitting. I’m a brand new Knitter, although an experienced Crocheter, and all the patterns and online help, instagram lives and virtual knit nights are a fantastic opportunity for me and the community! It’s bring us even closer together and allowing us to interact with people all over the world! Thank You for the inspiration and helping to keep me sane. Without my crafts I’d go nuts! Take care of yourself

Susan James

I live alone, in a small Texas town, and social distancing has been the norm for me. I drive 60 miles to a city to meet friends to sit and knit once a week.........but now, of course, the county has ordered a shelter in no knitting group. We're all missing our get together!! I've got a bunch of projects.....2 shawls, a scarf and FOUR pairs of socks. I knit on something different each day, to break up the boredom of HAVING to stay home. The dogs are loving it, however!!! LOL!

Jody Nitz

I love looking at all the great stuff you have. Knitting has gotten me through these crazy days! I'm lucky that I get to work from home. My commute time is more knitting time!

Becky Holloway

I love looking at all the nice pretties and trying to stay healthy and I still have to work because I work in a health care, kitchen. I cook for all the residents.


Wow, thank goodness for knitting! i have never minded staying home, I always have something to do. I am still working, kind of wish I was laid off for a while to get a jump on next fall's knitting!


Thanks for this giveaway! Like many of us, I’m figuring out how to cope with all of the changes and unknowns. A June wedding may not happen as planned and our summer vacation is up in the air too. I just had to put my 20 year old cat to sleep yesterday and, while not totally unexpected, it still felt too soon. I’m very grateful I’ve got my knitting and spinning to keep my hands and mind busy. I keep reminding myself that *everyone* is navigating a very strange life right now and everyone needs some slack.

M. Arana

My grandchildren live in Ireland, and I miss them so much, especially now. My oldest grandson loves the socks I knit him, mostly with yarn from your shop, and wears a pair every day. Knitting for my grandchildren not only keeps me busy and calm when times are difficult, but makes me feel closer to them.


Your "color bombs" make these difficult days a little brighter, thank you. Although can't complain about having more time to needle well and healthy.


Love your blog. I am currently working from home and since I now only have a 30 second commute to and from work, I have been able to to spend some time working on my loom knit socks.

Tracy Craven

Last year, I bought the otter sock yarn in polar vortex and made socks for my quilting buds. It was a great memory from when we met in Shipshewana during the polar vortex.
Will there be any corona vortex yarn?
I'm knitting with wine.....alcohol kills viruses! Right!


Ive been working 10+hr days for almost three weeks because of the covid19. But I still manage to spend a few minutes each evening knitting socks with a new to me short row heel that has made me not despise short row heels anymore. It's Broken Rib Hybrid heel on ravelry stebo79.

Sandra Sprouse

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win something and bring happiness during these trying times!

Susan Ipavec

I live with my son and my 69 year old dad (who has COPD and asthma). I am working from home 3 days a week and going into our offices for 2 days. I work as an administrative person for a real estate company and am really hoping I don't get laid off (there have been conversations at management level regarding layoffs).

My son has been out of school for 2 going on 3 weeks already, with his 8th grade graduation ceremony probably cancelled and his class trip to Washington DC definitely cancelled. But he is doing ok with that. The distance learning thing has been an adjustment, probably because his teachers had 2 days to prepare.
My dad is a social person and hates being house-bound----he is happy to get outside and take a walk when the weather is nice.

I keep hoping that this passes soon and we can all come out in the open again, but in the meantime, I'm dealing with everything by knitting, reading, watching some tv, and having fun activities like Family Game Night (which we have been doing every Friday night).

Char Taylor

I usually use fingering weight yarn, but I’m in love with Mineville Wool Project’s dk! I think it’s scrumptious and just can’t stop buying it!


I typed a long comment and somehow managed to lose it. So I will now just simply say that I am isolating in place, communicating via fb, messenger, texts, and emails. There are times when I savor the isolation, other times a little less. I am focusing on keeping calm and knitting through this troubling time. Thank you, Allison and your crew, for making this possible and for the giveaway.


Yesterday I canned what I refer to as jars of sunshine which were jars of Clementine oranges. When I can get them on sale I buy a bunch, keep some in the refrig and can the rest for when they are not available.
Also currently knitting a pair of socks using Oosl Glitter yarn that I bought from you last fall and loving the yarn.



I'm retired and must confess that I am enjoying this guilt-free isolation. I am always telling myself I should go out more, socialize more, exercise more, you get the idea. Now I can't and don't have to come up with reasons why I don't. I'm living very simply, eating simply (especially since I'm not doing much to burn off excess calories), knitting a lot, reading books I've been meaning to read, etc. I go out on Wednesdays to pick up a share of fruit and produce from a local farmer. The farmer also has a farm store so for the duration of this isolation has added some staples (milk, beans, rice, etc.) that we can add to our shares so basic food is not an issue. I also subscribe to Hungry Harvest and can have a box of produce and pantry and bakery items delivered as needed. Was fortunate to buy tp and cat supplies prior to panic buying setting in so hopefully will not worried about that. I accept that life will go on but may be different and hopefully better in the future. So many things we take for granted are not available now. Perhaps we will re-think our priorities.


Stay safe everybody. I'm enjoying every minute of being holed up at home, instead of miserable at work.

Julie T

I’m finishing a pair of vanilla socks and trying to decide what to make next. Probably a prayer shawl. I’ve been considering starting one as my daughter is a nurse at Mayo and she’s constantly on my mind. I think making shawls to donate would make me feel more connected to her and her patients in a small way.


We may not be able to erect the ham radio antenna tower sitting in the yard until we can hire help but we're working on the small bedroom that will house all the radios and other equipment. A year after moving into this house we're finally painting - walls in that room are done now. I'll be working on the trim today so we can put the furniture back and start arranging all the computer and radio equipment.

Thanks for the opportunity - stay safe!


I'm on day 10 of working from home. My kitchen table may never be the same. But at least I have more time to knit and shop yarn online.. as if my stash wasn't big enough already. thanks for all you do


We just got a stay in place order for 21 days. We were pretty much doing this anyway before the governor ordered it for the last few weeks.
I received my Malabrigo yarn from you a couple of days ago and have swatched for a top called the Lounge Top by Joji Locatelli. A person in our knit group set up a virtual meeting for us and several of us are doing our on KAL using this pattern.
I need to stop reading and listening to the news! It is stressful and scary but I seem to be addicted to reading about it every day. So one of my goals is to stop that habit!
Going to pick up a grocery order today but mostly everything I ordered is out of stock. At least I got cat food!
Knit on fellow knitters!

Chris Abbe

We live in Los Angeles County in Redondo Beach. I grew up in Fort Wayne and enjoy your posts on Instagram. We've been working and schooling at home. We do go out occasionally for groceries,with precautions in place. Have enjoyed 2 online purchases of Colossal Yarn, haven't cast on yet!


I posted this on the wrong blog post, but wanted it in the correct place. I wanted to send you a positive gratitude note in hopes of brightening your day the way your yarns have always brightened mine. ❤️

Hello! I just want to say what a difference your yarn shop has made for me. In the past, I struggled to stay engaged in my knitting & crocheting hobbies because I hated the yarn from Michael’s. I fell in love with hand dyed yarn. You are one of the only shops that has kept the amount of dye lot stock in store for me to be able to make projects I truly love. Litlg & Hedgehog are two of my favorites. I am working on a sweater out of the DK LITLG forest bathing. I covet my cardigan out of LITLG amethyst. I made my first ever wearable with my first purchase ever from your store: LITLG Treebark. You have become my go to shop because what I couldn’t find in my local yarn shops, you always have in stock while also taking the time & care to photograph & quantify the different dye lots so people from anywhere can know exactly what they are getting with the gorgeous yarns you carry. This care & attention not only makes hand dyed yarn accessible to people who might not be able to get it otherwise but it gives your shoppers a TRUE, genuine local yarn shop experience online. It’s really special. It’s made you my go to yarn shop for years now. Thank you for what you do. You made my corner of the fiber arts world a much better place. ❤️


Work is done for the week. Elearning is done for the week. I’ve got some Dream in Color Colossal wound up and getting ready to cast on a sweater!

Robin Geller

We go out for groceries mostly. And I do a walk around the block. Not getting as much knitting done as I thought I would.


Thank you for posting every day and for this wonderful contest! My typical day has probably not changed as much as most. I work for Krogers and we have remained open so people can still get food and other necessities. The craze for toilet paper is very real - I see it everyday lol! If anything I am actually working more hours weekly. My daughter is a full time nursing student and she also works as a server at Skyline. Her world has changed completely and I am helping her get through it all. Please keep up the posts and thank you again!

Donele Monte

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Somerset, MA. We are all well and staying home and practicing social distancing on my daily walk. I was out early this morning so I would see fewer walkers, got my 3.5 miles in. I worked in the flower garden a bit once I returned home. Made lunch for the family and now I will read for a bit. Tonight is when I will get to knit as we watch something on television together tonight. Stay well
And keep posting your beautiful, colorful yarns!

Kate G

I live in Central Idaho where we are on a statewide lockdown order, no suggestion here. Our rural hospitals cannot handle an outbreak and our lake and mountainside communities are trying to keep the tourists away. I’m doing my part by only going to the grocery store and to the gas pump. My husband is the only one in his office as he sent everyone home for remote work. I’m knitting- recently cast on a Forest Grove wrap and I’m in love with the pattern. I’m thankful that I already have an at home yoga practice (thank you Youtube!) and that I can run from my house to some quiet dirt roads.
I’m happy for the weekend and to keep my husband close by!
Thank you for the daily posts :-)

Elizabeth Casciano

Hello Simply Socks and Fellow Knitters,

I'm retired so staying home is not as disruptive as its been to some people. I'm knitting the Exordium shawl and drooling over the City Lights sweater pattern. I'm challenging myself with reading through the BIble (what a blessing) and playing the piano. Praying you all stay healthy and have moments of joy in each day!

Stacey D

My husband and I are both teleworking, along with trying to keep our 3 kids (4, 8, and 11) from driving us mad, killing each other, or forgetting what they’ve learned at school. I swear there are now simultaneously more and fewer hours in a day.

Lori L Certalic

This is fun....! I am so happy to hear that you are keeping busy in your online shop. I stay busy and try to make the most of this down time. Did we ever imagine we would/could have so much time to do what we really love to do? There is always a silver lining right? I am trying to perfect the sourdough loaf, knitting, reading and watching some really good shows on Netflix. I'm also working on a baby blanket for soon to be grandchild (July) I've been searching for yarn to knit a shawl to wear to a casual wedding in June (my son's wedding at the lake) Fingers crossed that life has returned to normal by then. If not, we will adjust. Life is good. I often think of all the people knitting at the same time I am knitting. It warms my heart to think of it. Best wishes to you and your sweet family. xoxo


I’m knitting Shell Cottage socks and I’m loving them! The pattern is wonderful and I’m looking forward to starting Cliff Walk socks. I’m using my stash to crochet the Primrose throw. Also, I’ve been baking my own bread. All to find a refuge. I hope to return to my old life with a new appreciation.


Planning on making a trip to your store after this craziness is all over. All that yarn in one place to touch and fondle, Nirvana. Looking forward to meeting you in person,


Homeschooling is so hard! The school has provided big packages to take home the first 3 weeks, plus online materials, plus zoom meetings… Having a hard time making it through all that, the little one is fairly self-motivated and doesn't have too much work, but the 5th grader is a different story. The crushing weight of being responsible for their academic education… Husband is supposedly working from home but is also providing tech support and teaching help. We can't wait for the weekend and then spring break… On the plus side, we are reading Percy Jackson, and kids are really getting into Greek mythology. And I love a good fantasy series at any time, perfect escape!

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