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March 21, 2020



Hi Allison and All, it’s me again. I guess I need to identify myself and yet remain anonymous. Let’s say I am the Crabby o lady Hermit with the 80 yr old DH.
Ok, I can only see the 2 funnies you posted here. Not gonna get insta face. To much social media for me. Better I spend my time knitting. So my pick of the two is the second one, I love both of them.
Next, I can NOT log into my SSYC account. I wanted to add some Malabrigo Mechita to my wish list. Is anyone else have this problem??
Gotta go. My kids are calling on this phone.
Crabby Hermit Gal.


Hi Susan,
You don't have to have an Instagram account to see my posts on there. If you want to see them you just click the link and then scroll through to see (either swipe on a phone or click the arrow on a desktop).
I'm happy to help you navigate the issue you are experiencing with your shop account if you want to e-mail me at [email protected] All seems to be working fine from what I can see. Or go here to reset your password
You can always check out as a Guest too. Thanks for trying! Each order we send out makes us happy!

Carole Williams

I like 4 and 6, but I am much older than your typical follower. I spend much of my time cooking for a husband of 59 years who requests many foods from long ago. We are self isolating due to our age and his immune system. I also have been trying to complete many UFO’s in my sewing room. I quilt mainly, but do basic knitting and crocheting when I am upstairs in front of the TV. Learn to allow time for yourself if you are to survive this change in your life.


Thanks Allison, still trying to login. Will reboot phone and WiFi and try a reset. Thanks for explaining how to see your other posts. Also I sent you email this morning. Will send another.
I really like having my wish list full goodies just in case I need to place an order.
Gonna bake bread (rolls) today. And I am spending my day winding the order I got from you on Thursday. I love yarn from you. Smile, because we can.


Allison, I reset my password and it worked. I’m in and loading my wish list with Malabrigo Mechita. BIG Hugs and Much Love Your Way. 😇🥰😘😜

Dana Snyder

I’ve been getting out for a run every day. I feel so much better after that. Then a little house work, walking my dogs and knitting. I did get a book out to start reading. I have a bunch cause my mom always gives them to me after she reads them. I’ve been knitting and not reading so maybe I should switch it up and read a little. I’m also doing the quarantine MKAL with Arne and Carlos. That’s been entertaining. I’m trying to weave in some ends and block as well. I have a huge pile of things to block and another huge pile of things that need the ends wove in and blocked. So far so good! Working from home but we can’t give grades and now we can only post things in our content area folder. My kids are doing their work though. Makes me happy to know they like my class enough to do my assignments! I teach French.


Yarn and flavored coffee. I can't have added sugar, so those work. Trying to get out for walks, but Ohio's weather hasn't been cooperative lately!!

Kate C

Give yourself a manicure, using some wild colour. Knitting fingers work so much harder when they look pretty, and all that handwashing is hard on your nails. I am painting mine Kermit Green!

Linda Marlatt

I am enjoying this blog so much. I'm not usually on the internet much, but with this requested social distancing in Ohio and now much of the US, I was searching knitting and crochet sites and found you. Thank you for sharing part of your day with me.


My favorites were # 3,4,5,6. I cracked up at several of them. Thanks so much for posting them. I did manage to get a walk in around a couple small lakes this evening. The sunset was beautiful. The birds and frogs were quite noisy on this spring evening in N.C.


Linda, thank you, that means a lot. I need this and am enjoying it too.

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