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March 02, 2020



Thank you for these tips. I put my handknit socks in a lingerie bag in the washer, but I have often felt that some are tighter and thicker (like a little bit felted) afterwards. Then this article says that you need lots of water to allow it to "swish". Does the lingerie bag inhibit the swishing aspect?


Good tips. I have had too many hats get unwearable after washing. Now, if the hat fits I just wear it when done. When I need to wash it. I still handwash in mild soap, and then squish it in a towel that I step on... then I do the dryer on low until it is almost dry. Then lay it flat, no blocking until completely dry.

It is trial and error for me. The first time I did the dryer think I was stressed out... but no worry, it works with superwash.


i do my socks in the same manner with handwashing in mild soap, squishing in a towel but I NEVER put them in the the dryer! I just hang them on a towel rack after making sure they are flat and nice looking.. they just dry that way. They just don't seem to stretch ... I just use superwash sock yarn with nylon.. they are not heavy feeling like a wet hat. they dry so much nicer than DK or worsted weight or bulky (heaviest and stretches the most) Hope this is not too much information for people that all know this ....

amy g

Good to know! Thank you for posting this!


What about hard water or bleeding of dye and how to deal with that? Any tips? Some hand dyed yarns and certain colors are notorious for bleeding. Even when they're dry- sometimes I get the dye on my hands when I knit or crochet!

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