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February 21, 2020



That almost neon green caught my eye in the photo you posted of your desk. I was thinking what I could make with it. I think a stripe of the Danger Will Robinson will look great. I didn’t do it with hats but my kids & I went to the Y for family swim at a Y that didn’t enforce the requirement that a parent be present. So it’d be a couple hundred kids in the pool. I always put my kids in neon colored swimsuits - mostly highlighter yellow, pink, or orange.
I’ve promised myself that I can buy more yarn ONLY after I finish the Aran onesie I’m knitting for a friend of one of my daughters. She was due the end of March but baby was born 6 weeks early.


A simple project like a hat is a great idea when you're in the thick of non-stop activity with the family. I applaud you and your husband for your active role with your kids in their extracurricular activities. This time of life is so precious, important, and goes by so fast that there is almost never a point where you can say "too much already" and drop out of their world. You are cementing your relationship with them in a way that will stand them in good stead when peer pressure reaches it's all time high as they get older.....and your presence, love and wisdom with stick with them through those times. So, enjoy your time with the boys, your husband, and all the interactions with other parents, etc. in the present moment. Soon enough you'll have more knitting time as they grow up and do more stuff independently; as much as I looked forward to that day, when it finally came, I had a lot of nostalgia for those busy times that were gone! And that's when I immersed myself in learning how to's all in the timing. I wax nostalgic, because I LOVED raising a family.

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