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February 19, 2020


Patsy Coats

Grays or whites

G. K. Green

I would like you to feature the color blue next. Actually, what I originally thought was that I would like you to feature whatever color the sky is or perhaps the ocean, but then it occurred to me that blue covered most of the territory ... not to mention its repeatedly being judged the most popular color amongst humans by self-report.


Love the yellow’s you chose. fav, luck of the Irish and springtime.

Gail Fairman

I would like to see blues featured in March, my birthday month. blues like my birthstone, aquamarine. Blues from the tones of the sky as March comes in stormy and leaves gently.


March always feels like light green and pink to me. Flowering trees with baby leaves.


red-- there is so much beautiful red! Thanks for the yellow- that is my favorite color and my suggestion last time!! woot woot

Cathy S

Would love to see some rich, deep shades if blue!


I would love to see a mint green colorway with other greens to compliment. My favorite color is "green".

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Thank you for highlighting the color yellow. Often hard to find and under-rated. Artfil's Sunflower is very tempting.

One of my favorite books is ODE TO COLOR by Lori Weitzner. It is both inspiring and soothing, but I digress.

The comments trend to the color green but I suggest pink. Although not my favorite it is also an under-rated color with a wide range. Plus it reminds me of spring and my Grandmother's peonies.

Colleen D'Allura

Blue!! It is the color i reach gor the most!!


Oh please do pink! I love pink, it is cheerful and fun.


I absolutely LOVE Artfil’s Sunflower! Gorgeous!

I’d like you to feature red. Red that does not lean into the pink or purple side.

Thank you for the contest!

Fran Hartman

Eye popping greens! All shades of greens to brighten, energize, excite, and wow any other color you work with it or use alone.

Laurie Bowman

Green would be perfect for March!


I vote for grey - neutrals can be exciting!

Sarah S

I vote for teal! It’s such a rich and pleasant color. I’m always looking for teal colored yarn, especially with slight tonal variations.


pinky reds (not orangy reds)

The dark ones (cherry, burgundy, wine)- leave the pinks for another day.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Coby Hanna-Butler

I have a hard time with reds, so I'd love a post about reds and how to pair them with other colors. Reds can just be tricky. : )

Samantha Arten

As a new sock knitter, I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of white bases with brightly colored speckles, but I haven't jumped the gun to actually order a skein yet. I'd love to see a roundup of all your cheerful speckles! (Does white+colored speckles count as a color?)

Heather Lawrenz

Blues and Teals are 100% my favorites. But I have been intrigued lately with neony bits. Chartruesey shades have me looking!

Donna Gerber

I love green and think it would be the perfect color for March. Spring starts in March, and I love to see all the green things starting to appear in the flower beds and gardens. It's also the month for St. Patrick's Day, so green would be very appropriate. Besides that it's my favorite color!

Nancy Hughes

I am all about greens as spring approaches. There are so many marvelous shades of green!


I was very tempted to suggest gray, because there's so much variety, and it can be so classic. But instead, I'll go with orange, because I think it can be a really difficult color to approach with confidence. And because it would continue with the sunny and warm theme.


Turquoise and Aqua are wonderful colors that look fantastic on everyone. I have a hard time going yarn shopping and not coming out without one of those colors blended into the yarn.

Diane M

A new leaf, light green would be the perfect color for March.

Judy Luce

Pale shell pink, Peach, coral, watermelon... would make a lovely fade for summer shawl to wear at the beach!

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