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February 19, 2020


Anissa Miller

I'd like you to feature the color red. I really like red and I think it's hard to find a really good red, not to much pink in it, etc.


With spring just around the corner, I'd love to see either pinks or purples of all shades, like the colors of the early crocuses, tulips, azaleas, weeping cherry trees, all those lovely colorful early spring blooms. The yellow that you featured today has me thinking of the winter jasmine that's blooming now and the forsythia to come. Love those spring blooms!!


Shades of blue with a tinge of other Spring colors would represent calm & provide hope....


Not a big fan of yellow but you may have changed my mind with all that pretty yarn.

I'm all for purple for the March colour. Reminds me of the tiny purple flowers that peek out of the snow in my garden in March.


Green! For Spring, but also because I really want to knit a green shawl, and I still haven't found the perfect color of green. So I'd love to see what you come up with.


Green for St Patrick's Day, obvs!


I think March is the perfect month for some green. Also kind of cliche. I honestly just find myself drawn to green yarn. I've been very drawn to the yellows too lately. I can always find something to do with a good green yarn tho.


Greys, beyond the 50 shades. There’s so much depth and complexity to the color ranging from French greys to each very subtle color shade variation like Tosh Calligraphy.

Judy L

How about rainbow colors? There are a lot of rainbows to admire looking outside lately!

Terri Kelly

Red Orange! My favorite color and never gets enough attention.

Jane Piotraschke

Pink get my vote!


I do think March requires a green feature, but I’d like to see something on reds


I would have suggested yellow, but you're ahead of me there. So how about green since it's been months since we've had the scent of freshly mown grass?

Kathleen Hooker

Purples which makes me think of crocus and violets bringing the promise if spring.


Has to be "green" my fave because March 17 is my wedding anniversary, my first born, husband and sister have March birthdsys.....and my favorite aunt came to the U.S. From Ireland. So many greens out is spring and so lush!


Denim Blues. They go with everything. Several of the examples could be put together to make a gorgeous fade......


Please feature green....followed by pink....

Mary Chick

Greens of spring.....☘️


I'd love to see green featured! It's my favorite color and it has so many different tones


I was surprised how much I enjoyed that since I don't wear yellow.
So cheery.
Now purple, there's a color.

Brittney Danielson

I would love to see vibrant blues! It's a color that cheers me up in these cold winter months.


Greens are my favorite! Not bright green, but sage green, Hunter green, and tonals. Love tonals!


I love green in march as it reminds me that soon the earth will be green again. I love brights and muted greens...


I, too, would like you to feature green. It's my favorite color yet I seem to not knit it enough.

T Craven

LOVE the happy mood that comes with wearing yellow. For March, my all-time favorite color of green would be a great choice. Green is the unofficial color of March with Luck of the Irish Saint Patrick's day!


Yellow is my favorite! Thank you for the inspiration!!!

Diana Foust

Red is nice. Mixed with white is is "summery;" blue it is patriotic; with orange or yellow, it says fall; and red and green are for Christmas.

Kate S

I vote for GREEN! It is the best color :)


Oh can we have purple please?!? I think it’s hard to find just the right shade of purple and would love to see your thoughts on the purples like you did with yellow!

Susan James

we need GREEN for March! St Patricks Day GREEN!!


I’m another red fan. I find a lot of dyers have reds that lean towards pink. I wonder if it’s just a difficult color to get right.


Would love to see Blues, my fav. It soothes my soul!

Linda L in WI

I'm a big fan of blue... but better wait until August to feature such a cool color!


I would like to see a blog on shades of blues. Living near the Great Lake it is always nice to reflect the colors of the waters around me.


I love this! I’m normally not much of a yellow person, but I have a sunny yellow project on the needles and it is very cheerful. I put my vote in for teal or turquoisey-blues.


Different blues


I'd love to see purple in March. It's the colour that comes to mind when I think of spring.


I love yellow, but sadly can't wear it. I would love to see some rich colors, like deep teal or fuchsia.


Red! Nothing better than a deep, rich RED!


Blues, but not only bright blues


I'm obsessed with all things pink at the moment! I have a beautiful granddaughter and have just learned that granddaughter #2 is due in July, so I'm knitting all the pink things!




Another vote for green, perfect for the budding trees and all the new growth. Plus I just love green 🙂


I love the blues! Any and all shades and types of blue. But after reading the other suggestions, I might agree that the colour for March should be green. But you could include a blue/green blend!


How about peach or coral? Always an eye catcher, a fun alternative to pink.

M Reedstrom



I love to see how individual dyers interpret Patina in their dyeing. I have multiple skeins in my stash with the same name from different dyers and they are all so unique!


I agree with green. Although it is a "go to" color for me. If you want to convince me to try a color. Convince me of pink.


I'd love to see you feature orange. When I was in school, I had the opportunity to choose the wallpaper and carpet for my bedroom. So of course I chose orange sculpted carpet, orange + yellow plaid wallpaper (one wall had daisies on top), and bright yellow curtains. Does that qualify me as an orange lover? I say it does.

Deborah A

Green! I love how lush and green everything is in the springtime.

Terri Brinegar

I would love to see green for March - makes me hopeful for spring coming soon.


I think a really interesting “color” to feature would be gray. There are so many different shades of gray, though it may not be very “March-y” :)

Elizabeth Casciano

I would love to see greens - signs of spring and new life!

Julie Vance

Orange! I've read that browns, yellows, and oranges are the hardest colors to sell. They offer such great pops of color or undertones to our knitting,glad to see them hi-lighted.

Marie Saur

Blue! You can never have too much blue and you can stretch it towards green or purple. Blue is always the color I gravitate towards particularly if a sample is knitted in a blue motorway, my eyes just seem to go there first.


I have to jump in the bandwagon for GREEN in March! Who can resist St. Patrick’s Day?


I’d love you to feature green. Perfect for spring and St. Patrick’s Day!

Nicole Acuna

I love greens! I think they really embody spring and just look gorgeous. My fav shade is kelly green :)


I would love to see a post on your pink yarns, especially the softer shades. They seem perfect for the coming Spring and lately I am just loving pink!!


I never knit with yellow but that chamomile sweater is gorgeous! I may have to scoop up some yellows!
I love greens. My vote would be green for March.

Beverly J White

I do like most shades of yellow. It's such a happy color. Over the years (I have been around for a long time) I've noticed that people are much friendlier when I wear yellow.

Elaine B

I love to see greens for spring.

Sue Boisvert

Green, because it's in between - blue and yellow, opposite purple-hard to make a garden without it. Green looks good on everyone - even cats. I love green... don't you?


Crocus colored!

Karla Hartzell

I'd love to see some Jade love shared!!!
Thanks you for the yellow post- its my favorite color!!

Lisa Smith

Purple is my absolute favorite but I am drawn to green in March


I love unique teal colorways. Or a highlight on grey yarns that have over/undertones of other colors.


With spring in the air in March, why not focus on a color combination— purple and green? You’ve got so many beautiful options like Stitch Together’s Witches’ Garden or Yarn Love’s Bouquet.


March has to be greens.🍀


I found a Spanish red wine I really like on sale recently, so how about the color of red wine?

Jennifer Carabio

March must be green for St Paddys Day! ☘️ Also, it’s personally one of my favorite colors, yet so many great shades and then some not so great, so it’s sometimes hard choosing the correct green! 😊

Audrey Hodel

March is definitely about green things but I would love a feature on soft pink colors.


I am newly fascinated with lighter blues- robin’s egg, for example. I have lots of deep lapis blues and teals in my stash but little or no lighter blues. I think it is fresh for spring.

Cindy Carpenter

Orange you glad I answered it this way ;)

Joan Brown

I love purple!


I would love to see what CORALS you suggest. (Kind of like the next step towards red from yellow.) I love the colorway Chrysalis from LITLG. Have been trying for a long time to figure out what to do with it! I always seem to want a little yellow at this time of year, too.


Blues, hands down. Blue is my favorite color and specifically a navy or royal are my absolute best colors. My prom dress was a blue iridescent swath of gorgeousness I will never forget. The incomparable ocean and sky blues never cease to bring me joy. Lastly, my eyes are blue which I inherited from my Father’s side of the family. My grandfather, father, brother, brother’s sons, and myself are all blessed with lovely blue eyes. Thank you for this bit about colors. I look forward to more color exploration as I tend to gravitate to greys, blues, and greens for my wardrobe.


Shades of blue are my favorite colors. Thanks for sharing the beautiful yellows to brighten the winter day.

Dana Snyder

Teal!! It reminds me of the color of the Gulf of Mexico! I’m dreaming about it because I’ll be there in April for break but it such a long time away. It reminds me of the beach and that I’d love to be knitting there in the sun!!

Sandy Harwood

When I started reading your post I was going to say, blue for my favorite Color and that’s probably still true but then I saw Qing in Biscuit....on my, that is a lovely Color!

Sarah D.

Orange! It’s a color that doesn’t get much love, but it can be both spring-y in a coral or pastel shade or fall-like in a darker shade. I love orange!


I absolutely love the idea of featuring yellow. I'm always looking for different and fun ways to make items for my family featuring Purdue colors and love to venture out from the regular shades of gold and black.


I would like to see a nice light Spring Green!

Georganne Oldenburg

I'm getting ready to paint my interior rooms so let's explore GRAY, everything from gray gray to glorious greige. It's a hard worker always filling in as a neutral and still able to take the center stage no matter the project. Composed of all color and no color, it's hints of blue, green, brown, pink and the rest of the rainbow hide under the surface. It can present as a deep, rich color or quietly sneak in a appearance like the mouse that came in through your dryer vent.


Much as I try to move outside my usual color pallet I'll still pick purple for your color feature. You did such a wonderful job with the yellows and purple and yellow go quite well together.


I agree with you about preferring the Saffron over the Lemon Candy (or is it candied lemon?). I think you have to feature green for March. St Patrick’s Day! And if you want to continue pink especially pale tones would be good for April. Another thing you could do (maybe next year?) is feature the color of the months birthstone. Diamond is for April so that’d be white I suppose.


Pink. I seem to have quite a lot of it in my stash both tonal and variegated but I have trouble pairing it up with another colour. What other colour besides purple is great with pinks?
Look forward to the comments and suggestions of others.


Pink! Because all the pinks, lol.

Dana Nellums

Blue, since it is the color of the year.

Margie Farley

Periwinkle - it makes you think of spring. Goes with so many other colors but is often so hard to find. One of my all time favorites

Rebecca Lovell

I love yellow! But please feature pink next! My favorite!

Rose Birchall

Green for St. Patrick’s Day. Green for Spring. Green because my favorite color is green.

Debra Cohen

I agree with you on the saffron yellow over the lemon yellow. I think of yellows with the group of Fall colors like orange and brown. Spring is a season I think of blues, greens and purples. Lilacs, blue skies, and grass greens are my idea of Spring colors. All that being said I’d like to see an exploration of Black...


A springy yellow is a happy color, but, unfortunately, it may work better as socks than as a garment. A golden yellow is a more versatile shade. Either way yellow is a mood lifter.


A springy yellow is a happy color, but, unfortunately, it may work better as socks than as a garment. A golden yellow is a more versatile shade. Either way yellow is a mood lifter.

Dian moore

Love reds and golds together.

Teresa Knittingdancer

Green for St Patrick’s Day and new grass and leaves in spring

Nicole S

Although blue is normally my favourite colour, I think I have to go with the majority and say green because it's perfect for spring.


I need more yellow in my life although I have to be careful wearing it as it often makes me look sick 🤒
I vote for a nice Emerald Green for March


I love yellow so much! Can't we just do yellow again?? ;)

I would love to see which skeins you'd pull for purple, my other favorite color! Grey is also high on my list, but I don't think everyone would find that as thrilling as I would.

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