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February 11, 2020



There is the Charlotte's Web Shawl that can be knit up using different colors and sock yarns.

Joyce Correia

I also have a large stash of fingering yarn. Sometimes I knit hats using a DK-required yarn pattern but use two fingering yarns together. Works just fine. I use up small amounts of yarn by knitting Xmas ornaments in a sock pattern. It is fun to stuff them with money to gift the grandkids.


My favourite is the “Jessica Jones” Wardrobe Basics Cowl, you can find it here on Ravelry. It uses a linen stitch, which is both easy and beautiful. The pattern has both a single wrap version (100g sock yarn) and a double wrap version (200g sock yarn). I actually prefer using the double wrap version, but using just 100g.

Enjoy retirement! I too thought I would start using up my stash, but I seem to keep adding to it. I blame SSYC.


Here is a Free pattern that uses 1 skein of sock/fingering weight yarn.

I am also interested in patterns that require only one skein of fingering weight yarn for a project.
Happy Knitting


My stash is quite similar!

I love the Sockhead hat and cowl patterns, which are free on Ravelry and use 100 grams of sock yarn (or less if you make a smaller size).

There are many projects in which you could combine two or more contrasting or complementary colors of your yarn. The dotty cowl is one.

There are also some nice patterns that show off speckled yarns... Grain by Tin Can Knits is a simple shawl. Hitchhiker is a paid pattern for one 100 gram skein of yarn.

You could also hold the yarn double in order to achieve DK/worsted weight.

Kate C

Just finished the Pembroke Scarf, a free pattern on Ravelry. Just knit until your yarn is nearly gone, then cast off. I used a variegated hand dyed. Looks great.

Cindy Carpentet

Sock yarn works great for socks! I knit what I like then later decide who the lucky person will be.


I love Martina Behm’s Hitchhiker (you can find it in Ravelry). It only takes one skein of sock yarn and looks great in variegated yarns.

Stephanie Page Bardwell

I like knitting shawls and hats. Cozy up knits in Canada have a podcast and several great patterns. Also casapinka also innRI has some great patterns.
Sounds like you’re going to have a lot of fun.
Ravelry is a great resource. You can do a search with needle size specific yarn and save the search.
I moved from Ct to the south several years so but go to Ct to visit family. Are there any special yarn stores in RI?

Sandra Harwood

Casapinka....One and Done shawl
Lisa Mutch....Zilver Shawl
Helen Stewart (Curious Handmade).....A Peace of Wild Things shawl

I have knit all of the above at least once or twice and used them as gifts. They can each be completed with one skein and are designs that show off any yarn very well.


Coffee date shawl by C C Almon is a fun knit that will use 3 skeins. I plan to knit another. Also fingerless mitts. There’s a great pattern on this blogsite.

Heather J

So many great one skein projects, I love Tincan Knits Barley hat, Maize mitts. I do small shawls like Reyna which is adaptable or a cowl is always popular.


Hi - I feel your pain! I just retired from my real job (I am a nurse, secondary to back issues). I took two days and went through all my yarn, and there must be something wrong with me. I have so much yarn, I almost had an anxiety attack. I decided to knit socks, Sockhead hats, one skein of sock yarn shawls, and putting two skeins of yarn that compliment each other for a larger shawl. I really have to knit the yarn for sure! I have been a black composition book with each item I knit, and have a start, finish date, the yarn I used with a little sample of the yarn, and a picture. Makes me feel like I am making progress!


Casapinka One and Done
Simply Notable Super Stretchy Baby Hat (And can be made larger with simple math)


I have been growing my retirement stash too! Never too early to start saving:). Faves that I have made lots of:

Cowls: Bad Blood Cowl is free and you could choose lots of 2 skein options. I also love Sockhead Cowl and That Nice Stitch cowl. All look great with variegated or solid

Hats: Sockhead of course. Mini Roni is super stretchy so a good gift to fit if you don't know who it is for.

Fingerless Mitts: Mitt Envy and Long Striped Handwarmers and Align Mitts

Close to You Shawl just needs one skein and looks great with variegated and tonal


I knit Interlude by Janina Kallio out of one of my first SSYC purchases, a skein of Malabrigo Sock. It used up most of the skein, but a knitter could easily continue knitting until running out of yardage. It's the scarf/shawl I wear most, and it gets lots of compliments. Simple but effective.

Coby Hanna-Butler

Here's a couple patterns for scraps and single skeins! Happy retirement!!

Elizabeth Ann

Well first I will be obvious , socks. Knit socks from your stash and wrap them up! I love to knit cowls with my beautiful one skein wonders! I also think gloves and mittens are great gifts!
You can make beautiful “scrappy “ blankets , socks, sweaters , scarfs etc!
All those beautiful skiers you have will make wonderful gifts!
Congratulations on your retirement!

Joyce Correia

I have plenty of yarn in my stash. Stitches West is coming nearby this weekend. Don't go to Stitches! Don't go to Stitches! (I will go to Stitches. Can't stay away.)

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