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January 27, 2020



I tend to sit in one comfy chair in my living room all the time. That is where I mostly knit as well, usually while watching TV. (Knitting keeps me awake since I tend to doze when the TV is on.) I try to knit an hour or so each evening. I also carry a simple knit in my tote for whenever I can get in some stitches while waiting for whatever.

Kim Bierly

I knit while riding in the car, the latter part of my lunch hour and sometimes at home in the evening if I'm not to tired. This will be changing ... I'm retiring in May!

Karen Kinsey

I knit in my favorite chair in the living room - perfect for knitting. Also knit while on conference calls (I work from home). My favorite place to knit is on the front porch during nice weather. Usually have a project with me when out and about so I can knit anywhere!


I usually have a project bag or two with me most places I go. If I knit when I am there is another story. I knit when I am waiting for an appt. I knit in the car (yes as a passenger). At home I knit in the guest room (where my yarn is located) also in the family room. I have even in the past (a number of yrs ago) knit at a bridal party and then at a rehearsal dinner (I was way in the back both events).


I knit in my craft room watching Netflix, with my chihuahua, Abbey at one side and a glass of Pinot Grigio at the other. Life is good especially in the evenings!

Cindy Lewis

Love to knit in the car or RV road trip. The natural light is perfect for darker yarns.

Lorie Konopka

I got a new recliner for Christmas, it's my knitting chair!!! But I keep simple knitting in my purse so that I can knit whenever I have extra time. Dr appointments, riding along with my sweetheart, heading to town, which is a good 20 minutes away.


Looks good!
I knit at times I can’t do anything else... Dr office, visiting elderly parents, as a passenger.... and with friends.....


I knit at square dancing. I can usually get a row in once in a while. I also knit or crochet at guild meetings (3/month) and charity crafting (every Saturday). And at home in the chair, generally after dinner.

Robin M Freiman

The question should be: Where DON'T you knit? I knit in the car, waiting for appointments, in Starbucks, Panera, and other venues like that, in meetings, in my friends' homes, on trains and planes, and at home!

Susan Eberhardt

Passenger in a car, while reading or watching webinars and sitting in my "knitting nest" at home, at school at the end of the day, on vacation, gosh, I feel like this is a Dr. Seuss book! I knit everywhere, whenever I can!


I knit in the morning with my coffee, (I am old and retired), I knit while dinner is cooking, at the dentist and doctors appointments. I knit during hockey games, and I knit when I am not doing something else. I knit a lot because knitting makes me happy.

Dana Snyder

I knit everywhere I can. My favorite place is outside on my deck but that’s not an option now. I always have something in my bag and I’ve been knitting at school during lunch. Gives me a little break. Now, I’ll have to settle for the couch. I also love to knit in bed. A little ar night and a little in the morning.


I really love to knit first thing in the morning with my two cups of coffee before I get out and about the business of the day, whatever that may be. I also get some rows in when I make a dinner that has to bake for an hour in the oven and I have everything else in order. I also take knitting to a doctor appt or other appointments where I may have to wait. A friend and I go to the library early on "Movies for Grownups" nights and knit while we wait for the auditorium to open and we can go in and choose our seats.And then we knit while we wait for the movie to start. And of course, at my weekly sit and knit at one of our LYSs.


I have knit in the hospital, the pool, the couch and the porch. I never go anywhere without my knitting.

Ruth Dilling

At this time of year, I mostly knit in my recliner. I love knitting outdoors when the weather is nice. I like to knit in the car; but there isn’t much daylight when we are on the road these days. Next month I will be staying with my grandsons for a week while their parents are on a trip. They will be in school all day so I can see a lot of knitting that week. BUT there is a yarn crawl going on in that area while I am there, so I may be building some stash for my Retirement which starts in April,😊


I knit at church, Dr appointments, watching TV, movie theaters, I never leave my sock knitting home. Last month I was on a see the grandkids in California trip and knitted in the redwoods and at Natural Bridges beach near Santa Cruz

Danette Laucks

I knit sitting in my comfy chair in the living room while my hubby watches TV. I have often knitted while in a waiting room or airport (or on a plane). A moment ago I was surprised to see the picture accompanying this blog; I am working with the very same yarn, making a sock. I love this yarn!!! It is such fun to see what patterns will emerge as I go.


I thought I’d have so much time to knit when I retired. But I wasn’t taking into account my fibromyalgia which limits my knitting time. And right now we are planning a trip to Ireland for the whole extended family - my partner & I, my 2 daughters, son in law, & 3 grands. Did you know that Hedgehog Fibres has a LYS in Cork city? My knitting daughter & I will be hitting that!!!! I’ll probably take my largest suitcase half full with clothes, half empty for yarn & souvenirs. Anyway planning a trip for 8 people is complicated. We’re staying in 2 hotels close to each other in Cork city & found a large house in Dublin. Now we’re trying to decide on a house somewhere in SW Ireland. It’s fun but time consuming.


I knit after work sitting on the comfy couch and watch tv. It’s better on the weekend when I can get some knitting during daylight and see outside and seasons change. I am a cube dweller at work with not a lot of access to daylight. So knitting on weekend is a double treat!


Usually, I knit, sitting next to my son, on my bed. We can watch Netflix, catch up on our day and just relax. He plays video games, on his computer, with his friends. This is when I knit. The big tv is in my bedroom. I have rheumatoid arthritis and it helps my joints to sit on my bed, after a long day at work. It gets very uncomfortable sitting in a chair, after a short while. This is just the perfect way to end my day


I knit on the couch, at work during my lunch break (it saves my sanity!), in public (places like Panera/Starbucks/bagel place), yarn store, my car....pretty much anywhere I can without feeling too obvious!

Sandy Rice

I knit on breaks at work, doctors appointments and after work. Knitting helped me through cancer and open heart surgery.

tobey s.

Mostly I knit in my office, my sunroom, living room, sometimes in the car if my husband is driving.....we own a bed and breakfast so I am home almost all the time....hence why I mostly knit at home.....


I knit every evening watching tv or listening music. I knit on plane too. I travel every month to Paris for my job. And I have a project bag for waiting rooms !!


I walk and knit! I am serious. I can do this on a circular or straight needles. I've tried with dpns but it's too tricky. I walk for exercise because I'm a klutz (gave myself two shoulder problems doing a jump rope workout last year, etc). But I can walk and knit or crochet. A simple pattern, like 2x2 ribbing and stockinette sections of socks and hats. It has to be a small project. I aim for a two mile walk outdoors every day plus I walk to and from my kids' bus stop, about 1/3 mile each way. I live in Columbus OH, so similar weather to Fort Wayne. I also walk and knit indoors at home (just in laps around my split level house) and at their swimming practice, if I'm not talking to another mom. I sit and knit in the evening when I'm working on a more complicated project or when I'm crocheting something huge, like the blanket I just finished last night. I also knit or crochet as a passenger, so when my husband drives the family to swimming class or where ever.

I am kind of jealous of the lady above who goes to Paris every month for her job. WOW!! I studied French for five years a lot of years ago and think I forgot most of it. But our neighbors are from Benin, and their kids go to school with my kids, and I think I can almost converse with their two year old in French LOL


At the barn office, in the corner of a field, riding in anything, car or farm related. I had my knitting in the ambulance once. Decided not to knit there, but knit in ICU. I knit on the couch, on walks, floating in the pool and in the tub. I used to knit on bleachers for sports and carpool lines till the kids grew up. I agree with others. Where don't we knit!

Donna M Norris

I mostly knit at home most evenings. Also take knitting to work - occasionally knit over the lunch hour.

Sherry Walker

On the couch or riding in the car.

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