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January 20, 2020



I would recommend Clover DPN’s. Personally I try to stay away from my DPN’s. I always end up feeling like I have been handling a hedgehog after using them.

Linda Furtaw

I love DPN and wooden needles. I recommend Clover. I find them easy on my hands. I tried Addi and found them to be hard on my hands. If you like Clover stick with them. Everyone has different taste.


I really like knitters pride wooden cubic needles. They are light and the stitches stay on the needles better for me.


Stick with the Crystal Palace—I think they’re superb (and hard to find!)

Renee Anne

DPNs are not my jam. However, I have accepted that there are times I need to use them. With that said, I can't do wood/bamboo needles in smaller sizes as I apparently snap them (as evidenced by those DPN sets that have missing DPNs). I have the full set of Signature DPNs (both sizes) and they work for me but they're metal. For wood/bamboo, I would go with Clover but that's my personal choice. Almost all my non-Signature DPNs are Clover. I tried the Kollage Square DPNs and hated them. They hurt my hands. I've also got the Addi FlexiFlips in a couple sizes (I'm not sold on them yet).

Christina Smith

Knitters pride karbonz might be a good option


I much prefer wooden needles— most of mine are Brittany birch needles, Lykke, and some Knit Picks. I use circulars more than DPNs but I know Brittany makes wood DPNs in a wide range of sizes and lengths. They have. 5 year warranty as well, though I’ve yet to break any of mine.

If you have a good LYS near you, ask if they’ll let you “test drive” some needles by knitting a small swatch in store. That way you could see if you like the feel of the Addis, Flexflips, or any other options.

Lisa Smith

Wooden DPN's are by far my most favorite way to knit socks. I like the Knitter's Pride Cubics. I have tried others and always go back to these.


Knitters's Pride Cubics are my choice.

Cathy S

Knitters pride mar on eventually snag


I would highly recommend the Crystal Palace Bamboo DPNs. The have the slight drag of wood but are slightly more flexible which makes them not only kinder to your wrists & forearms but also less likely to break. I think they’re slightly lighter weight than wood. Clover Takumi bamboo DPNs are a less expensive, more widely available alternative to Crystal Palace. Joann’s carries them & has 25% off sales several times a year. (Bamboo DPNs are my favorites.)


Since a couple of people have mentioned the Addition Flexi-Flips, I’ll add my 2¢. I bought some a couple of years ago & then just put them aside & never used them until this summer. I took them along on a train trip to visit my daughter. At first I absolutely hated them. Using them felt like wrestling an eel. But after awhile, as I grew more adept at using them, I began to really like them. I think I still prefer bamboo DPNs especially since the FlexiFlips are ridiculously expensive (~$25 for the metal & $32 for bamboo vs $9-15 for Clover Takumi bamboo DPNs). But I think the construction of the metal DPNs with the short cable makes their affect in your wrists & firearms similar to bamboo.


I like cubic dpns. I have an unusual situation: about four years ago, I had numbness and tingling in my pinky and ring fingers of my dominant hand. It got worse, to the point where I was sent to a neurologist and found to have severe ulnar nerve compression. I had surgery to reroute my ulnar nerve, and part of my ulna was removed. I have recovered as much as I will be able to (did not recover full range of motion or strength in my hand). I find the cubics easier to hold onto. However, in small sizes such as for sock knitting, the metal cubics are more durable. The wood/bamboo products break more easily in sizes 0-4.


I am a long time fan of short dpn. Starting with random ones I found probably 10 plus years ago. (Suzanne's if I recall correctly sold for fingers.) I also found Darned Pretty Needles/DyakCraft. I liked the colors and the points and 4" length then in all sizes. I have found I warp a lot of the other brands in the smaller sizes. But I don't find that makes a difference in my comfort. I do find I wear down wooden points. So I prefer my needles start with nice points. (4-5 length when ever possible) I do not like the ones with a pointy end and a more blunt one. I spend more time trying to remember which way to hold it when switching hands than it is worth. Also, avoid using them as a tool to open something (especially on a road trip). I might rather break a nail, than break off another dpn point.


I like cubic DPN but I also love Signature DPN's. They are expensive which is a drawback but so sharp and slick for good movement of the yarn.


My preference for socks is 9" circs. Otherwise I like sharp points, whether I am using metal or wood. Never cared much for plastic.

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