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December 31, 2019


Shaw Mumford

Thank you for the explanation! I didn't know I appreciated your extra work until you clarified. And yes, I do appreciate it


The fact that you take such excellent, clear photos—and update them— is one of the key reasons SSYC is my go-to online shop for yarn. I know that whatever I order will be very close to what’s pictured, even with the usual variations in hand-dyed skeins. Even those pesky teals!


i have always appreciated the extra time you take to make sure photos of the yarn are accurate.

happy new year!


Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into making our shopping experience an excellent one. Happy New Year!!! ❤️


Thank you, thank you, thank you!! What you do makes a huge difference.


Your photos make me want to reach out and touch the yarn. I have ordered from other sites on line and the yarn was no way near what I thought I was ordering when received. Your photos and descriptions show the love you have in what you are doing. Thank you....

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