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December 09, 2019



I definitely agree with a yellow toe but would go with a more orangey yellow like the top 2 on the side, in the top picture. If you really what to liven the toes, how about a teal or aqua toe?


I like the coral. I used to make my socks match perfectly but now start the second wherever the yarn ended for the first. I doubt that I would ever knit different colored heels or toes because I hate to weave in ends and doing that would result in more ends. I do, however, fantasize about knitting two different sock patterns in the same yarn to make a pair. Knitting that second sock can sometimes be very boring.


I like the coral.


I like the third or fourth one down (in the orange range)


I love contrasting colored toes and heels; however I rarely attempt them because I'm not exactly sure where is the best place to change the colors back and forth. :/
I think my favorite color combination with the colors you posted would be the very last orangey/coral color in the last picture, but I *really* like Penny's idea about a teal or aqua toe!!


I love the magenta heel, and I agree, the idea of teal toes wows me..... Or the gold/yellow as a contrast to the magenta. I think if I was making them I'd do 2 magenta heels, and one teal toe and one gold toe....just for fun.

Julie Davidson

I would go for orange because it is my favorite color! These are gorgeous.


I’d go with teal or turquoise for the toe if you have any. Otherwise, out of those 4 colors, I’d choose the top one.

Sally Goodman

Love your socks with that color of Qing Fiber! I just received my skein of Qing Fiber for the Humburg Socks and will join the group on Christmas Eve. It will be my first time using Qing Fiber and iI think it will definitely become a favorite (I’ll keep watch for you to get more Hippienista)! Also thank you for the adorable stitch markers - a nice plus to the kit!

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