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December 21, 2019



I am a one project at a time knitter. It stresses me out to have more than one going 😁. I am working at stashing less since little kids have impacted my knitting time.


I shop for yarn & knit all the time. Since I do mostly small projects (socks/hats) it’s easy to pick up a skein or two just because 1) it’s too beautiful to leave or 2) terrific price! At our house we call my stash the “wall of yarn”, and my family knows that should I fail to knit it all, it must go to fellow knitters.


I have way more yarn then I could knit I'm my life time (mostly sock yarn and half of it is Tosh lol) I usually have a few projects on the needles at a time but will focus on 1 or 2 at a time. A blanket has been in time out for 2 years and a pair of socks gets maybe 1 row a month lol. I buy yarn if I see it and like it, sometimes I have a project in mind when I buy it but so far only a couple of those have stayed the same project by the end.


I am usually knitting or reading. I have quite a large stash right now so I usually buy yarn now when I have a project in mind and don't have the yarn or just want to match a new yarn to the project.


I always have multiple projects going, one of which is always a pair of socks. My stash is also pretty big. I buy yarn that I like and then look for a project for it, or I see a pattern that I want to make and go buy yarn for it. Both work for me!


I enjoy adding to my stash when I see yarn I like, especially yarn by indie dyers. I am a process knitter and usually have a number of projects on the needles at once. Right now it’s Christmas hats.

Terri W Brinegar

Knitting has been off again, on again for me during my life. Right now I have been knitting pretty consistently for about 10 years. I did alot of knitting watching baseball games while my boys were growing up and playing. I usually have 2-3 projects on needles, some are put away for another time, for various reasons.

Jody Laake

I am definitely a Stashaholic lol! I sometimes purchase yarn for a certain project, but usually I buy because the skein is beautiful and the colors speak to me. I always have more than one project on my needles.


I’ve always got more projects on my needles than I do fingers to count with. I’ve been doing my best to get yarn for specific projects in mind and to be intentional with my stashing but every so often I’ll pick up a random skein because it strikes a cord with me. I love my trips to you as my LYS but I’ve also enjoyed getting some unique yarns from thrifted knits lately too. I feel like your knitting habits are very similar to my own. Car knitting is the best. With two small kids, I love having uninterrupted knitting on our family drives to Michigan.

Susan Ipavec

I’m a stasher and I usually have quite a few projects going at the same time. I blame it on the Ravelry queue! But I have been known to just bang out a project especially if it’s a gift.

Linda Bazinet

I knit almost every day. My stash is large enough that I can be delighted by finding a skein that I had forgotten. Usually if I buy more than one skein, I have a plan but there are many single skeins of sock/lace yarn that don't have a specific destiny. I often actively work on three projects at a time (I don't know how many are actually in progress!)

Dana Snyder

I love yarn!! I love the colors and I love to imagine what it will be one day! I have a ridiculous amount of yarn. I usually buy It with something in mind but have some many of those in the line up. I’m a little crazy about casting on new projects. I probably have over 60 things on needles. I do finish things. I just get so excited to start something new. I am always having to buy new needles. I’ve been giving up casting on new projects for lent. I actually got a lot finished last year. I extended it till my birthday in June. I did have a mass cast on of new projects by Mardi Gras. And then another on my birthday. I knit every day. I often wake up early and will knit in bed till it’s time to get up. I knit when I’m watching tv and always have a project in my bag that goes with me. Usually a hat or socks is what I take. I have started ripping things out that I don’t think I’ll wear. I still have a couple of those things I might rip out. People think I’m crazy to have so many projects. They don’t know how I keep up with where I’m at. It’s easy! I keep a copy of the pattern with each project and have my place marked. Now for Christmas, I’m going away for a week and have packed mostly WIPs but I did sneak in my Humbug Christmas Eve sock yarn, more self striping and well now that I think of it ... about four new sock projects. Lol. I’ve been wanting to cast on the roller derby socks that came with the Casapinka pattern and some DK socks. I have last weeks club wound and ready too. Lol. I’ll have 70 WIPS if I keep this up. I gave up depriving myself. I love that sweater btw!!


Well, according to my daughter I am an insane yarn collector and a shawl knitter. This pretty much sums it up, although I also like making hats and cowls. I used to make a lot of sweaters, but I haven't done that for awhile, I am thinking about making one or two soon though. I try to mostly buy yarn when it's on sale, and I have ideas of what I can use it for, but not usually a specific project. I usually knit every day unless I'm really tired. Madelinetosh TML is one of my favorites!


I'm a single project knitter. I have a couple of totes full of yarn that I stash dive when I CO for a new project. I do feel like I tend to buy more than what I'm using up, but it still all fits into my craft room - so all is good!


Knitting is my life-blood. Sometimes I buy yarn impulsively, sometimes with a project in mind (although the yarn often becomes a part of another project). I try to knit every day and usually succeed. I find it very calming, and it forces me to be mindful when my life feels unfocused. I have a few projects going at the same time. One is usually a mindless one that I carry with me to work on whenever I can knit a few stitches. The more complex projects requiring thought and attention stay at home.

Michayla Moody

I always have two or three projects going, and I usually work on them very sporadically.. I wish I had more time for knitting, but I’m just in a busy season of life right now, so I’ll have to be content with watching my stash grow as pretty skeins catch my eye :)

Lydia Scott Sweatt

I knit every day. It is my meditation and key to peace and presence. My stash is, um, a lot. I recently hung it on the walls of my living room and I’m already overflowing. I LOVE yarn. I’m trying to be on a purchase moratorium but, then the next amazing skein comes along! I always have two active projects, one simple and one beyond my skill set. Ease and growth together!

Teresa C

I gather yarn i like, and buy projects for someday. I have multiple WIPs on the gao, with one worked heavily and the others just hanging about, waiting.

Sandy Harwood

I like to knit on 4-6 different projects at once. I try to buy yarn with a project in mind and then put the yarn in a project bag, photograph both yarn and bag and then load as a project in Ravelry so I can find later.


Knitting is my lifestyle. I try to knit everyday, but sometimes life gets busy. When I’m not knitting, I’m thinking about knitting, patterns I want to make and colors and yarns I want to use. I always have multiple projects on the needles. I consider my stash my private yarn store to choose from. 😉


I now tell people that my real interest/hobby is buying yarn not actually knitting it! Just want to make sure people understand why I have all that yarn taking up a whole room. It's all beautiful and I love every bit of it. I usually have three things on the go at a time, and always socks on the needles. Life is good.


I try to knit every day, even if just for a few minutes. But sometimes for a couple hours if I'm lucky. I have lots of projects going all the time and all over the place and in my car because you never know when you'll get some knitting time ;) And I have bought yarn both for specific projects and just because they were pretty!

Lisa M Barrett

I'm generally knitting whenever possible but sometimes get in a bit of a funk and take a break. I'm a process knitter and usually don't mind tinking and frogging because I'm simply happy to be knitting but occasionally I get grumpy and take a timeout.

As for my stash its not very big. I usually pick a pattern and then find yarn that speaks to me but sometimes I'll see a skein I simply MUST have and pick a pattern that complements the yarn.


Since I retired (16 years ago), I started knitting again! Today, I focus on usually a Cowl or Shawl pattern - ordering yarn for that specific project. I also love wearing and knitting socks so usually have a pair on my needles. For awhile I maintained a stash consisting of mostly fingerling weight yarn but this past year, I’ve tried to limit adding to it!

Stacey D

I like to have a few projects going at once - that way I don’t get bored and can find something at the proper stage for travel or when I can’t pay attention. And I pick up and put down my knitting depending on how I feel - sometime I just want to get lost in books, others I want to knit. I’ve been trying to knit more from stash - mine is bigger than I want it to be. Mostly because I have a weakness for unique colors, esp in sock yarn, then have a harder time pairing pattern and yarn. Or feel like the yarn is too precious to use. I’ve started knitting 1-2 items from stash (usually a sweater and accessory) for each item I buy yarn for. It’s helping, but man, it’s slow.


Right now I have two projects on the needles. Love making socks so if I see pretty sock yarn I’ll buy it. I recently retired so I just used yarn from my stash to make socks for my 4 grandchildren.


I tend to buy yarn as holiday souvenirs which eventually turn into socks. I only buy yarn in bulk if I've got a project and the quantity I need is known. I try to knit from my stash and I try to knit the skeins in the order I bought them (weird, I know).
I usually have 2-3 things underway - always a pair of socks, and at the moment also a baby cardigan and a swatch for a cardigan for myself.
Then there's the quilt that needs backing, the project bags that need sewing, the cross stitch that needs stitching.... :)

Brenda Michalsen

I am a constant knitter, but very slow. I don't have as many knitting hours as I would like... I do have a huge stash and have a hard time using it because they're all so pretty. I like being able to give support to the dyerd for their art and business owners(you're the best) who are enthusiastic about their products and really try to connect with their customers. THANK-YOU! My children have told me "it's OK because it's useful and beautiful" so my "addiction is somewhat healthy"! I have lots of WIPs.


I’m a magpie of a knitter— when I’m drawn to a yarn or a project I go for it. I usually have at least half a dozen projects going at any one moment, so whatever my mood (or concentration level), I have just the right thing to knit. And my stash is full of beautiful yarn but probably doesn’t need to be added to for at least a couple years ;)

I keep it relatively under control by waiting to buy yarn til I have a specific pattern or project in mind for it. Unfortunately I like knitting socks so it’s all too easy to succumb to beautiful sock yarn skeins!

Rose Birchall

I try to knit every day. I have multiple projects going, upstairs, downstairs, traveling, mindless. I buy yarn for projects and just because.


I am a sock knitter; I collect sock weight yarns. I am also a new spinner with a growing collection of fiber. Storing 4 ounces of fiber takes up more space than 4 ounces of sock yarn.

Adriene Cerani

I mostly knit socks, so I stash without a project in mind. When it comes to scraves or shawl I may stash without a project in mind, but for sure for anything more complicated like a sweater, I do try to have the project it mind before buying yarn. I try... but it's taken years of stash management to realize this! You'd be breaking my rules by giving me 3 MT Merino Light skiens without telling me what to do with them... lol


I always have several projects on the go - at least one pair of socks and one sweater. For a few years now my main resolution has been to finish projects started in previous years! Because I knit a lot of one-skein projects, I tend to buy sock yarn when I see it. There will always be a project that fits!! For sweaters I've learned to buy yarn only when I have a definite plan.


I'm knitting all the time... I'm constantly trying to WIP-down *and* stash-down, but then I impulse-cast on and not-quite-impulse-buy... but I've moved recently and with my new storage system, I've decided that as long as I stay within the limits of the storage, everything's good. Figuring out a reasonable WIP-management system (especially with other crafts also taking up time) has been more of a problem :P


I'm a constant knitter and stasher! I also love to roam the internet for patterns, so I guess you could say I was a pattern-idea-stasher too! And if I find a yarn I really love, than chances are I have a much larger stash of that than I'll ever admit to!

I really, really, REALLY do my best work when I'm a monogamous knitter. I'm always altering things to tweak the gauge here, or the fit there, so it's safer to stick with one project so I don't confuse myself later. I try to take careful notes but it's best not to tempt fate!

Penny Mosher

I knit daily and have more stash than I can ever knit. I’m in sweater and cowl mode. I feel fingerless mitts coming on, though! Love your store and staff Allison and have yarn from you under me tree- from me to me. Merry Christmas.

Patsy Coats

I always have at least 2 projects, one mindless and one complicated. I’m trying to be more mindful on my yarn purchases and knit from stash whenever possible.


I collect yarn, needles, patterns, hooks and works in progress (insert eye roll)


I definitely buy faster than I knit. Maybe it’s a retirement plan?


I usually have multiple projects going, but can go days without knitting. I try to limit yarn purchases, but that's easier said than done, lo.


I like to have a healthy stash but usually I buy for specific projects. Sometimes I see something beautiful and save it for the right project to come along. I knit nearly every day waiting on my kids at karate or baseball, and usually 2 projects going just to keep things interesting!


I seem to buy yarn in spurts. Sometimes I will go a long time without buying any, and then I suddenly buy several skeins. A sale is often a big motivator for me. I will buy sock yarn just because I like it, with no project in mind. For heavier weights, I usually need to have a project in mind.

I usually have two or three projects on my needles, but I tend to mostly work on one thing most of the time. Often, I will have a project for knitting at home, and something else that is in a good stage for knitting in public.


My stash is taking over my house. I knit every day, but I can buy faster than I can knit! I usually have several projects on the needles, for variety. I find I knit more if I have a couple of projects to keep me interested.


it's all about the yarn. I just fall in love with it and have to have it and figure out all find a pattern for it eventually. And yes I have enough yarn for the rest of my life already.


I'm knitting less than I used to, and therefore am trying to stash less than I used to, as well. But present me with self-striping yarn (or a contest), and I'm all over it as if I were churning out an FO a week.

Marilyn Schreiber

I'm a one project at a time knitter.I have a considerable stash filled with yarn I can't resist and yarn as gifts. I tend to knit with multiple colors and design my own patterns which are based on something I have seen in a book,Ravelry or a magazine. I knit year round for family, baby gifts and also stimulates my imagination and settles me down figuratively and literally as well.Socks,hats,cowls,shawls, wedding blankets,vests, sweaters it runs the gamut.


I have about half a dozen projects otn at a time. And I currently have four gossamer weight projects lined up. That should last me about five years. 😁

Carolyn Roper-Fowlkes

I buy yarn, frequently, because I discover something beautiful when I’m travelling, or when I have a specific project in mind. I knit in spurts. Over the summer I knit a kite shawl because I wanted one to wear on a trip to Ireland. I also knit in phases of object types. Currently I’m in to shawls. Before that it was cowls.


I buy lots of yarn and hope I get to use it all. I usually buy sock yarn because I love to make socks. I do have lots of projects going at least 6 right now.


I'm always knitting and quilting but not as much as I want. I live with chronic pain and after a full day of work, sometimes even showering is too much and I just come home and crash. When I feel well enough, I knit, crochet orquilt!

Cheryl Clark

Knitting and a nice sized yarn stash are a way of life for me. I have 8 to 14 WIPs at all times. I buy yarn both ways, when I see it and as I need it. There is NEVER enough yarn in the stash. 😁

Karen G

I used to be a constant knitter, but it's been tough lately to focus on a good project. I try not to overdo yarn purchases without having time to knit it all, but I occasionally need to treat myself to some special yarn!


I'm a multiproject knitter, had a hiatus after my wrist surgeries but otherwise constant, with a stash that seems to expand on its own!

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