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December 21, 2019



I love knitting but I can become a bit obsessive about finishing a project once it is on my needles. I always tell myself “just one more row”! I am a busy mom of four also, so knitting sometimes doesn’t get touched for a week or two.


I see projects through before starting a new one. Most of my knitting gets done on road trips or in small snatches in the evening.

Lisa L

I usually have multiple projects of varying complexity on the needles. I can do simple stitches like stockinette or rib while I read but save color work and lace for TV watching.

I'm a graduate student so I buy most of my yarn on sales, but I also try to get enough to complete a full project like a sweater quantity of yarn. Of course, this means I have a lot of skeins of sock yarn since I can always make more socks for myself and my friends and family!

Nicole Acuna

Knitting and stashing plus planning for patterns is totally me. I always have something on my needles :)

Candice Hope

Oh I have so many projects going. Always have a pair of socks going. And then at least one more complicated project. A safe estimate right now is more like 4 socks started, a sweater that has a mistake I can’t figure out and a Colorwork scarf that is working perfectly, and a shawl that is working too! I’m having a good couple months except for the sweater.


Life is easier when you have a project on the needles at all times. Knitting daily is my therapy and purchasing "great" yarn, especially fingering yarn, is also a "happy" place. I'm a one project at a time gal...


Knitting has been pretty constant over the last 20 years. However in the last 2 years I've lost my mojo. I try to keep no more than 2 projects on the needles at a time. My current projects have been waiting for a while...but I know I'll get back to them someday. Hopefully soon....
Trying to keep my stash reasonably under control....hahaha!


Usually I commit to one project from beginning to end. At present I have a hard project in the background and an easy one I knit. I have a large stash and many projects I want to knit so I try to match them. That doesn't seem to work as often as I'd like so then I buy more yarn. Some yarn was purchased for a specific project and some because I liked it. Also I buy more yarn when I see a good sale, trying to resist purchases for the stash. One consideration I have repeatedly ....I ponder knitting from the stash because once that yarn is knitted, it can't be used again, and often can't be repurchased, so do I really want to use that yarn for that project. Would it be better used in another project.

Anissa Miller

I've been knitting for about 12 years and have never lost my mojo. I am definitely addicted. My stash is mostly made up of sock yarn as I have four kids and a hubby to keep in socks!! I have, however, knit all types of projects from sweaters to scarves to hat, mittens and dishcloths.


I knit almost every day and usually have 2-3 items in progress. I generally don’t buy yarn without a specific project in mind, but I will impulsively buy a single skein that I can’t resist. Right now I’m trying to find a purpose for those half skeins left from knitting a sweater, or the little ball of yarn remaining from a sock project. I’ve been knitting lots of striped hats and cowls.


I am constantly knitting and stashing. I usually have 2 or 3 projects on the needles. I tend to knit smaller items like socks and mitts and shawls. I am scared of sweaters. About 1/2 of the time I see a beautiful yarn and then must find a pattern. And the other half I see a project/pattern on Ravelry or blog and must make it. I really like seeing how different patterns look in different colors and types of yarn. My gorgeous stash does make me a little anxious sometimes because I feel like I should be using all of it. If only there was more time to knit. Hopefully there will be more knit time when I retire in a few years.

Starletta Schipp

I knit every day and shop for yarn often. I try to by just for projects but if i find something I adore, I buy it too. Often, I have both knitting and crochet projects going at the same time.


For my knitting projects I have one at a time to completion before starting the next. However as with a lot of us I do other projects in addition to knitting so I would say I always have multiple projects going at once that include knitting and sewing. My stash is close to being out of control. I have a hard time resisting new sock yarn colors. Love squishy mail


Since I started knitting I like to have at least a couple of projects on needles at all times. I love knitting socks. I buy yarn when I see something I like. I also love to get free patterns with the yarn. I buy yarn that’s new to me to see if I like it. And I buy that is on sale or comes with free stitch markers.


I usually have projects going - one that's more complicated/larger and one that's more portable, like socks, that i can take with me on the go. I bought a ton of yarn a couple years ago with i had a milestone birthday and received lots of giftcards, so i'm trying to work my way through that before doing more shopping (although i still pick up stuff here adn there and love to browse in person or on line). I could to the MD Sheep and Wool festival every year, and always get a couple things there.

Robin VanderRoest

I usually have multiple projects on the needles. I try to have one project that is easy to work on in the car or while out and about. As for my stash...! It’s pretty outrageous, really. I’ve been really trying to knit from my stash, but I still find myself buying beautiful yarn, for some future unknown project. This past year, on more than one occasion I passed that yarn on to someone else, which is also a good way to use one’s stash!

Shayla Callicutt

I love knitting and do something related to it everyday. I have tons of stash so I can be ready to cast on at a moment's notice.


Knitting, buying yarn and knitting retreats or girls weekends are a constant in my life. There are about 10 of us ladies that knit together and we all encourage each other to try new projects! I always have multiple projects on the needles.


I am a constant knitter and stasher. I always have a pair of socks on the needles for mindless knitting and I usually have something else more complicated going for when I can pay attention.


I’ve been knitting for about 15 years. I am a yarn hoarder... I have more yarn than I could ever knit. And I always have more than one project going at a time.

Joyce Correia

I stash first (both from online and yarn stores) and then find a pattern. I limit my stash to two drawers. I bring it home and toss it into the freezer for 24 hours - just in case there are any hitchhikers in the wool. If I'm working on small needles, I often start a small project on larger needles, just to give my hands a rest. I knit at night when I watch TV. Sometimes difficult when I'm watching something with subtitles. Stash grows really big after a trip to Stitches West.


I mostly knit socks on my Circular Sock Machine, and generally knit through a box of 30 skeins before ordering more, also using the scraps to make, what I call, Happy Scrappy socks. They sell like Hot Cakes! Personally,I like to have just one project on the needles.


I am a constant knitter but seasonal stasher. I may go a few days without knitting a stitch because other interests temporarily override it but it definitely ranks as a high priority for me to indulge my maker side daily! I had been stashing quite regularly and then I felt like I really wanted to see the beautiful skeins become FO so this year I spent most of my time knitting out of the stash and it felt so good that I will continue with that in to 2020 until an undetermined time/ feeling! When I did buy yarn this year it was very specific to a project and I got it on my needles quickly. I am mostly monogamous when it comes to projects unless I am working on something too complicated to travel with then I will get something easy like socks or a hat to go.


I usually have more than one project on my needles. Its mostly one long term (for me) project and a few smaller ones. I like to experiment with stitches and learn something new so I'll have instructions and a left over skein of yarn laying around. But I'm always planning my next 'big one.'


I'm part of a group that goes to the LYS once a week to sit and knit - guarantees that I'll at least get a little done each week. We all like to start projects, and as a result there are many on my needles (so many that on occasion I've had to buy more needles)! It is impossible to sit and look at yarn each week without buying some, so I definitely stash. Although my yarn stash is not as large as yours, I'm positive I could open a small, well-stock yarn shop and still have some left at home to knit with.


I always have a project on the needles or hooks, but I've definitely had to pace myself more of late. With a more constant job that causes severely dry hands, I can't sit and knit for hours as I used to (well, I CAN, but I really shouldn't :D), but I still always prefer to have something in progress that I can pick up whenever! I've also become more strict with my yarn diet, since I got on a roll tending to collect yarn without using it. I'm going to focus on using what I have, and buying stuff when a design strikes me rather than buying ALL THE YARN.


Knit all the time. I have so much yarn but I just cannot resist sock yarn in all its glory. I’ve started taking 3 balls that no longer delight me, hikding the strands together, and knitting hats, just to move it along!

Kim Holbrook

I try to limit what I have on needles to three or four projects. I sewed and quilted for a long time, but started using my rusty knitting skills just a few years ago. Knitting is portable and allows me to be with other people. I love it! Collecting yarn is a whole separate hobby, one I love also. I have quite a stash, bought mostly because I love the yarn, not because I have a project in mind. :)


I vary. I tend to always have at least one pair of socks actively on the go. There’s usually a blanket and one or two other things too. I knit most days, sometimes complicated (pay attention to the pattern) but most often vanilla/tv knitting. I try to know what I’m going to make with yarn before I buy it. I’m always reminding myself if it’s “sock yarn” and I could see myself using it for something other than socks to get 2 skeins!

Cindy Carpenter

I knit socks constantly. I always have a pair with me for that moment I can get in a stitch or 2. I also hoard sock yarn and covet that which I do not yet have in my stash. Occasionally I will knit a hat and biannually I will complete a pullover for DH.

Nicole S

Knitting is a constant. I usually have at least two projects on the needles (an easier one and something that takes a bit more concentration). Stashing is a bit less constant because it’s income-dependent, but I do like to have yarn on hand.


My eyes are bigger than my stomach! I buy yarn whenever I see something that I love, usually fingering or DK. Mostly I don't feel guilty. I have about 5 projects going at any given time. I change plans for yarn many times before I commit to a project.


I have project bags that I have probably about 5 projects pending. When it comes to purchasing yarn I try to have an idea for what I want to do. But sometimes I buy yarn just because it is beautiful. I try to keep the stash down to a dull roar because I do not have a lot of space.

Hilda C.

For me knitting is a constant. I knit every day if only for a few minutes. It hasn't always been that way but in the last 10 years I find myself using it more and more to find my inner peace. Having one project at a time seems to work best for me. I have a yarn stash which I'm trying to use up but I can't resist beautiful sock yarn.


I definitely have more yarn than I'll ever knit but it's just so tempting. Just one more skein of sock yarn. I have tried to limit the heavier, sweater yarn to just three or four purchases a year. I buy and then find projects and I always have two to three projects. One simple for tv watching, socks because they're portable and something more complicated to do when I can concentrate.


I’m pretty much a one project at a time person, unless one takes a lot of concentration. Then, I’ll have an easier one as well.

I’m always looking for a good sale on yarn, so I’ll pick it up as I see it, and only occasionally buy yarn for a specific project.

Katherine Schmitt

I have a big stash of yarn, but I'm constantly working on something.


I knit a lot of socks and scarves in fingering yarn, so I always buy fingering yarn that catches my eye with no plan in mind. For other project, I make a plan and then buy. I usually have more than one project going at once, and many more things waiting in the wings for when I have time.


I don’t feel happy unless I have two or three projects worth on the closet, lined up for me to knit. And I do buy yarn that appeals even though I haven’t figured out how I will knit it up. But, that sweater looks fabulous, I may have to get some of the Madelinetosh....


Knitting is a joy for me. I have been focused on completing one project at a time before starting another. More recently, I am learning to enjoy having one and sometimes two other projects going on my needles, especially if one is complicated and especially challenging for me.
I love to share from my stash when I can. I’ve tried to target yarn purchases around specific projects but when I see a skein that is difficult to resist it somehow finds its way into my stash :)


This is kind of an embarrassing question for me. I have this personality (probably a name for it) that won't let me do but one thing at a time. I can't make myself make a simple washcloth if I have something else going!!!! Now about my yarn stash....I'm going to have to live to be 100 to use up what I have. I think I'm going to write a note and put it with my stash addressed to my children for when I'm gone not to roll their eyes, I could have had worse habits. Maybe blame it on my new obsession called "Simply Socks" website. (Confession time, sometimes I just open my cabinet and look and touch it...awww)


I take the Fifth! Truthfully I like knitting socks one sock at a time.


unfortunate for my husband, i have a large stash...always looking for more..I have at least 2 or 3 or so things going at a time, always thinking about the next project!!!

Debra Cohen

I have a good size stash... but some of it was from before I knew what “good” yarn was. I like to finish things before I start new projects, but I do have a constantly changing que. My limited income encourages me to control too many splurge purchases... but sometimes you just “need” what you see!!


I tend to buy yarn with a specific project in mind so stash usually only grows when I change my mind. Although there are rare occasions when I buy some yarn just because.

There is always a cotton dish cloth on the needles for waiting room knitting and sometimes a more complicated project gets carried along also. Right now there are probably three projects on needles, at least one in time-out and several that just need some minor finishing. Some days I'll knit for hours and some days I'm too busy to even look at the knitting but it's always handy!


My stash is pretty much just sock yarn. I love knitting socks because they are so portable. I've always got one big project, one pair of socks and my car knitting bag which will have socks or a dish cloth. I'm not a picky just love to knit.

Deb Monnin

I have multiple projects going at once, and enjoy them all. Some are worked every week and others are in waiting. I buy pretty yarn when I see it and almost always buy yarn when on vacation or in a new place. It’s my souvenir and when I knit with it I remember the fun we had when we were there, so my stash is pretty large! Thanks for all you do, these questions are fun to answer!

Susan James

I'm always knitting, and always have knitting with me when I leave the house. I'm always knitting at least 2 or 3 pairs of socks........if not more. I have 20 something projects in time out, because SQUIRREL!!! I have starteritis. Socks seem to be the only thing I stick to. I eventually get the other projects finished. Years later!! LOL! Sock yarn and fingering weight yarns are my BIG weakness!!

Mindy ZW

I have at least 3-4 projects on needles all the time. I am trying to finish 2 before Christmas. Not as gifts. I prefer knitting with fingering weight yarn. And mostly wool, silk, cashmere, alpaca, etc...and yes, I have a stash that I go thru periodically. But, I am always looking for and buying new yarn. I stop at any yarn store I see and yarn comes home with me. As long as I can see, I will be knitting.😜👍

Marie Saur

I love multicolored yarn but I'm trying to add to my stash. I have various projects on the go as I have migraines so depending on the day makes the decision as to which project I can work on.

Joyce Chase

I mix knitting with sewing. Both are constants in my life. Stash collecting is done for both. And projects: one being worked on, and way to many being planned out.


For a time I did pretty well with only having one knit project on the go. Not anymore. Right now there are at least seven knitting wips on the needles. We won't talk about how many wips in other crafts there are...Anything sock yarn is likely to be added to my stash. It doesn't matter if it self striping, speckled, tonal, variegated, or solid. There is room for it all.


Knitting and stashing yarn is a constant in my life. I tell myself I am going to only use stash yarn but then I see some yarn and must have it! And sometimes when I go to knit a new project, the yarn I have is the wrong color or the wrong size. So of course I have to buy new yarn, lol. I always have more than one project on the needles. I currently have 6 pairs of socks in need of a mate, 4 shawls in various stages of knitting, and a blanket square on needles.
Mostly I purchase yarn with a project in mind but sometimes a yarn will catch my eye and it is in my shopping cart along with the project yarn.

Heather A

I’m a constant sock-and-accessory knitter, and when I travel I often purchase yarn as a souvenir. I typically only stash fingering weight yarn because it’s what I tend to use most, it’s versatile, and 1-2 skeins can be enough for a project. If I’m knitting a sweater or a project that requires DK or worsted weight yarn, I buy yarn specifically for that project.

Kim Kieffer

Oh I collect way more than I can ever use !


I tend to buy yarn for a specific project and I have tons of projects in the wings!!! I have multiple projects on the needles because SQUIRREL, I just have to start that new pattern. I adore sock yarn/patterns and have many, many but have yet to knit an actual pair of socks. I’m afraid that I won’t be able to and then what will I do with all the yarn I’ve purchased for that purpose!! Lately, I’ve started buying yarn because I see a pretty skein on IG and I just have to have it! I, too, could open a yarn store with my stash!!! I love knitting and can’t get enough of it! Planning to retire in June so I’m hoping that I will have more time to finish all the things I’ve started.


Knitting is the one hobby I seem to have stuck with.... when I was working, I wore hand knit sweaters most days. Retirement really threw me a curve ball... thank goodness for sock yarn! Socks & shawls and other smaller projects! And it’s so easy to collect a skein here and there... though I am trying to stick to specific projects.....


I am such a project knitter, I only buy yarn for specific patterns. I do stash sock yarn, though so I always have some to start a pair.

Lorie Konopka

I buy yarn when I see something I like, but I've also learned to buy enough to do something with it. But that's why I love sock or lace weight yarns, I can buy a little and do a project! I have tubs of projects upstairs, but the deadline ones surround my favorite chair. 😊 I have made sweaters out of sock yarn, and LOVE them. Need to do another one.

Kate C

I knit some every day. Sometimes lots, and sometimes a little. Something's take months or even years to finish and some are done in a flash.
I have a lovely stash full f yarns I love. Most of it s uncommitted, until I find a pattern I want to knit. Then I look for a yarn that will work.


In the past few years, as I've gotten seriously into knitting, I've learned never to be without at least one project OTN, and definitely cast on another before the first set of needles is empty. At the same time, I've learned to build up a healthy stash so that I've always got something fun around that I want to knit with. And yes, buy desirable stash yarn when you see it, even though you have no idea what you want to do with it or when--it'll be waiting for later whenever you want it.


Hi! My name is Susan, and I’m a Knitaholic.

I have almost two dozen started projects, but to be fair I‘ve completed just as many this year. My wool stash will outlive me as well, but knitting makes me happy and so does finding and purchasing that irresistible wool (whether I have a project in mind or not).

I enjoyed reading many of the other posts, and I see a recurring theme. I feel I am among friends. So until our next meeting. Thanks for listening.

Patty McDonald

I am a yarn addict and a yarn snob! I see something I like and I buy it, although I have slowed down a bit in my later years. I have at least 17 (quick and dirty count) items on needles and I go back and forth from new to old. I love everything about yarn, but color is what influences me the most I think. I am hoping to see more tonals and solids in the coming year, or at least more patterns using them and the multicolored yarns together.

Beverly J White

At present I have only 3 projects going, but I have had as many as 12. When I want to start a new project I really have a hard time waiting until something is finished. Yes, I have a good sized stash. Do I feel guilty? No! I have a granddaughter who crochets and has recently learned to knit. The stash can simply be passed on.

Renee Sawyer

I am a true yarn addict. I constantly have multiple projects on my needles and my brain is always looking for more! I have so much yarn in my stash I know it is crazy but I also get attracted by pretty colors :)

Sarah D.

I always have more than one thing on the needles. I don't like finishing one thing, and then not being able to jump right into something else that's already going. It takes me a while to start a project, so if I finish one thing and then have to get up the momentum to start something else, sometimes that will put me into a knitting slump where I won't start for a while. I cast on and get started while I have the energy for it, and then after I finish another project, I can pick up where I left off.
With that said, I am definitely a process knitter. I enjoy the process of knitting and don't really care if a project takes me a long time. But most projects have a point where I just want to finish the thing and be done with it!


I get bored easily, so I make sure to have 5 or more projects going on at once. That being said, I tend to stock up on yarn and then use what I’ve gotten. When I get low on yarn, I shop again. I think I’m addicted to great yarn.


I also always have more than one thing on the needles as I like to have more than one type of project available - something simple I can knit when I only have a few minutes or if visiting with others and at least one thing that requires a little more attention. I will buy sock yarn if I see something I love even if I don't have a plan for it! But for bigger projects, I try not to buy yarn unless I have a plan.

Mary Schreiner

I pretty much try to stick with one project at a time though I have been know to stray a bit. I buy yarn for particular projects and also buy yarn I love to stash. I’m pretty much all over the board.


Some would probably describe my yarn stash as "sinful" but it is really my only guilty pleasure. I currently have two crochet projects and two knitting projects going, which is typical of me.

Becky Creighton

I am trying to be judicious and only purchase yarn when I have a project in mind. That is out the window on vacation because I like to make a purchase at every shop I visit. I have 4-5 projects on needles and yarn for about that many more.

Lisa S

Knitting and especially stashing are a constant. Stash exceeds my knitting abilities and I don’t often buy for any particular project, so I’m often mixing and matching. The trend of “fading” is ingenious for stashes like mine!


I have a huge stash. I always have more than one project on my needles or hook. Unless it's a commissioned order, those get priority, until they are done. I also always have a project in my car. As for purchasing...always on the hunt. With absolutely NO GUILT. I usually treat myself to fancy stuff for Christmas. Some of your yarn is under my studio tree as I type! :D


I knit or do knit related activities every day. I have several projects on needles all the time which I alternate between and then I’ll go to knit group and get side tracked again!
I have a pretty big stash with mostly sock yarn (lots from SSYC) so I can cast on something new when the mood strikes. It’s also just fun to go in and look at it sometimes. I usually have no guilt but sometimes envious when I see my friends wearing their knit sweaters and mine is still on the needles!


I was a steady knitter and stasher until this year when I decided to sell a house I owned for many decades. Since it was a rental for some years I knew it would need work to get it into shape for sale. So 2019 was a yarn diet year until I had the tenants out, the house ready, and fortunately a nearly instant sale and closing. The past couple of months I am moving back into my old ways. If I see it and love it I buy it. Am also getting back my knitting mojo as have less stress in my life. I finished the knitting on a big project for my daughter and will be blocking the pieces this weekend. Some seaming required, but that's ok. We're coming into the rainy season so having lots of yarn and lots of patterns in house makes me glad for fewer distractions and more knitting!


I'm definitely a project-oriented yarn buyer. I love browsing yarn stores looking for inspiration, but I do most of my buying when I have a specific project in mind. I do have many projects on the needles at once though - I feel kind of lost on the rare occasions when I finish up all my WIPs!


The bottom line about knitting (and crochet) is the comfort it provides me. I love to dream about yarn, thinking about what I might make with a certain yarn and color even before I purchase it. I also buy yarn that I can afford at a time when I think it could go away and I’ll regret not buying it later. I love LYS as well as online shopping, mainly if there are sales. Consequently I have a SABLE which I also like to dream about. I’m starting to get it inventoried so I know what I have. Even tho I am semi-retired I don’t always have time to knit every day. I have multiple projects on needles: some are easy and good for riding in the car. Others are challenging, maybe requiring quiet to get right. I find comfort in the sheer process of creating. I love that I can take knitting with me as I cannot take my needlepoint. I love that I can use my skills for functional items which are artistic or mundane, for myself or for others. I love that there is always a new challenge. I also take a great deal of comfort from KALs and MKALs, mainly for the social involvement, since I have few opportunities for social involvement in my life at this time. Knitting (and crochet at times) fits the bill for maintaining my comfort in so many ways.

natalie mclaughlin

knitting is a constant for me. There are times when my life gets a little busy and I don't knit so much and then it picks up again. Also a constant is also buying yarn. I hardly ever buy yarn for a project. I buy yarn and then look for a project.

Teresa Knittingdancer

Knitting is a big part of my life. I knit every day and go to 2 different knit groups every week.
I like to stash a lot of yarn especially a limited edition colorway or a special colorway for that yarn show or market.


Knitting is constant for me! I usually have a larger project (a sweater) that I work on at home only, then a couple of smaller projects. A pair of socks always for on the go knitting. I have built up some stash and it's nice to have it for instant cast ons. But I'd like to get back to buying yarn for specific projects!

Sarah Peschell

Hmm,this has changed a bit for me over the last couple years. I used to collect beautiful yarn when i saw it, but i have been limiting it to project specific, even knit from stash for right now. I have also decided to try and just knit for the enjoyment of it, so no deadlines (Christmas seems an exception), and i am loosely trying to keep my projects to one big and one small on the go. I still like to actually finish things


It sounds like I we are the same, constant yet sporadic. I might be the world’s worst finisher though. I have bought needles to start a new project while I leave the same size in an unfinished object.😳 I purchase yarn both when I see and love it and for specific projects. I think the unplanned purchases tend to get used up at a higher rate though...because those are generally used for hats.


I usually have 2 or 3 projects on the needles at a time -- one easy "TV knitting" project like socks and one that requires more attention, like a sweater or shawl. Sometimes I buy yarn for specific projects, and sometimes I see pretty yarn and I love it and just add it to stash to await the perfect pattern.

Sabrina Snyder Snyder

I am definitely constant in both my knitting and stashing yarn. The stashing is limited to funds being available. Knitting is the way I relax and show my creative side.


Knitting and yarn is a constant in my life. I almost always have a big project and a small project (a pair of socks or two) going. I usually just buy yarn I like when I see it, I like having a nice stash to pick from.

Michelle Lange

Knitting is a constant for me - I have 3 projects on the needles and 2 patterns in the wings. I love hand dyed so am constantly on the look out for yarns I love. plus I spin. Do I have alot of yarn? Yes. Do I have enough NO!


Knitting is my R&R, so it is constant. I try to take it one project, at a time. Sometimes, I have socks on the side. I do try to finish a project, before buying more yarn. Does not always work.


You sound very much like me (except for the coaching) I’ve been a knitter for over 55 years. There've been times when I knit (& crocheted) hours a day - mostly when my girls were little & I wanted to finish what I was making before they outgrew it. Then, when I returned to work when they were 3 & 6, I had less time to knit but still did occasionally- mostly gifts - a long sweater vest for my mom, a baby blanket for a coworker’s baby shower, etc. There was a period when I did not knit at all - for several years when I had to work as much overtime as possible because my ex paid child support when he felt like it & later to help pay for college. I thought I would spend hours a day once I retired & occasionally I do but my fibromyalgia limits how much knitting I can do - especially in the winter. I buy yarn whenever I feel like it, only occasionally with a project in mind - I did buy yarn to knit Brathinv Spacd for myself - my birthday present to me. About 20 years ago someone was selling a tee shirt that was perfect for me. It said Part Time Knitter Full Time Yarn Collector.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Knitting regularly during the week is a good indicator of general health (just like exercise). When I stop for long periods that is an indicator that my stress level is too high.

Yes, there is usually more than one (umm...) WIP of various complexity level suitable for mood and time available.

Yarns generally purchased without a specific project in mind, but that is slowly changing.


Once upon a time I was a monogamous knitter, but then I found myself stopping for periods because I was sick of that project. I now always have multiple going and I love. If I get tired of a project, or need a timeout, I move on to something else.

Shirley Plummer

I try to finish one project before starting another. My daughter and I love going to yarn festivals so we always come home with too much yarn. There are so many wonderful dyers here in Wisconsin and the colors are hard to resist. I still buy quite a bit of yarn online. I’m trying to have projects in mind when I buy, but sometimes the colors are just too pretty and I buy with no idea what I’ll use the yarn for.

Geraldine Scott

I mostly work on one project at a time. BUT, if you take a peek in my closet, there are knitting bags filled with other projects! I tend to treat yarn shopping sort of like souvenir shopping...if we go somewhere, I will look up a local yarn shop and buy a skein or two to remember the trip...yeah, I have a tub full of souvenirs!

Audra L

I used to be a spontaneous, buy what calls to me, kind of stasher. I would knit about half of it and stash the rest. Then my knitting slowed down a bit over the last two years and I am making an effort to go back to my treasures and use them. I do still enjoy knitting (I made my first sweater for myself this year!) but I am a little sad to not be knitting as fervently as I used to.


I'm a constant knitter, with crochet thrown in for good measure. I usually buy yarn with some future project in mind, but I also buy yarn for specific classes offered by my LYS. I have several projects going on at once.


I am a constant knitter. I always have a pair of socks on the needles. I might work on something else at the same time so I don't get bored but I always have socks going.


I mix knitting with embroidery but always have multiple WIPs in both. Then there’s all the stash for both and the new shiny yarn I just bought at the SSYC open house and the kits from those two embroidery classes I took this year, and, and.


I like to knit way too much, so I try to limit myself to just one hour per day. Yet, at that rate, I fear I'll never use up my stash!

Sandi Aichele

I buy and stash yarn. I have multiple projects going at once and I have been trying to practice project monogamy without much success!

Lorraine Chan

I'm a slow knitter but avid stasher. My approach has been 1 skein is used and 20 more can be added. It goes without saying that I'm close to SABLE (stash acquired beyond life expectancy).


I am almost ashamed to say I love to knit and have more stash than I will ever use! I buy yarn because it is pretty. Hardly ever because I have a project in mind. I always have multiple projects on needles. Knitting is my therapy 🧶

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