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December 19, 2019


Joyce Gravino

I work at home but I'm in my office looking out the window at dreary rainy day in South Florida. But I have my window open and getting some nice fresh air in the house.


I am at my 32 week doctor appt for my sweet little miracle rainbow baby after 8 losses. Everything has been going great and we can't wait to meet him! Thanks so much for this opportunity, I'd love to be able to make him a few sweaters :) Happy holidays!


I am in my classroom waiting to give final exams.


It's 20˚ outside. No snow. Leaves have been raked and the yard is naked, cold and brown. Guess I'd better do some decorating.


From my 30 floor office, I can see that it is snowing pretty heavily. We're under a cold weather warning in Toronto...with the wind chill it's -20C.


Lol! My current view is not interesting at all - I am at work and looking at a blue wall :/ But, I did enjoy a sunny, but cold walk this morning with a friend along the river, which was much more scenic!

Geraldine Scott

Sitting at my desk looking out the front window...definitely snowy out there, and cold! Think we’ll get a new coating of snow on Christmas Day!


I’m in my knitting chair after vacuuming and before making some lunch. Thankfully there’s only a trace of snow and it should be melted by today.


I am looking at a Chevy car lot and traffic on US-6, while taking a break from my Winter Trails hat. Most of the snow is gone here. I will be home in a couple hours knitting near one of my Christmas trees and the dairy farm will be out the window. Back to knitting.


I’m currently looking out the window and it looks fair but with the windchill it feels like 21F. I’m just about to start working on my baby blanket I’m knitting. It’s a great day to stay inside.

Monica Wesley

Sitting in my home office, looking out at the Wyoming snow and thankful that I don't have to go out in it because I work from home. And because my knitting is never far from view ;)


Current view is my lunch during my break at work, complete with lots of holiday treats from clients.

Terri Kelly

I am looking at my Christmas Tree


Treating myself to lunch at Culver’s with a pretty Christmas tree a few feet away. 🎄

Jody Manning

I'm in the office today. Normally i work from home on Thursdays, but my office has "adopted" a couple of local families who could use a little help this year, so i came in to help wrap all the donations.

Mindy ZW

This morning I was sitting and knitting and wishing I could hug my parents. Now, catching up on housework, answering emails and listening to Christmas music.
And the sun is shining brightly in SC even though it is chilly outside. Maybe I should make a cup of hot cocoa and go knit again....hummmm


Sadly my work environment exists of my sitting in a hallway with no windows, no natural light from anywhere. I'm faced with a long wall with solid, closed office doors. It's a rather depressing environment.


I am sitting at my desk, waiting for class to begin. It is sunny right now, but we are expecting windy conditions to begin tomorrow. Yuck.

Sadie Spencer

In my office with a lovely view of the generator they installed right outside of my window! But if you lean slightly to the left, you can still see a sliver of the mountains - I do a lot of leaning. It's snowy and cold MINUS 9 here in Colorado today!


Right now, I am at work, just finished eating my lunch.


I'm sitting at my kitchen desk looking out my sliding glass door and window to my snow covered back yard. It's warm and cozy but I know it is cold outside because I just returned from my yoga class at the Y. I just finished my gift knitting and am wrapping up my menu planning for next week.

Sandy Harwood

I’m on the east coast of Florida and it’s sun/cloud mix with the temps about 60F. I’m overlooking the pond and it’s wildlife....lovely day to sit and knit!

Jody Laake

I’m looking out over the parking lot at work from our break room window. It’s sunny outside and not terribly cold. The room is filled with poinsettias today - they’re a special order for a local church. I keep checking my watch - I’m counting the minutes down until quitting time so I can go home and get back to my knitting!


I’m sitting at my kitchen table, looking out at a stand of Eucalyptus.
It is cool (50ish) and clear.


Out my window, neighbor's garage roof dusted with snow, and the ugly brick monstrosity of an apartment building. If I were to step out my back door and walk about 50 feet down the alley, I'd see your back door and loading dock.

Kate S

I am sitting at my desk at work. Outside it is a cool and sunny 41.


Right now, I'm on break/planning (until the end of the day) waiting for my final meeting of 2019 to arrive. I'm a middle school special education teacher, and I *so* need this time off!!! (I'm sure the kids do too!) To say this has been an extremely stressful year is an understatement!!!
Only one more day, then 2 weeks off to knit, cook,spend time with my family, hike, and watch Hallmark movies!!!!! <3


Sitting in my bedroom looking out the windows at the rapidly melting snow. It’s supposed to be in the high 40’s today. Dare I say I am hoping for a little more snow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but I don’t think we’re going to get it. I plan on finishing up on a cowl I’m knitting sometime today so I can get it blocked.

Jenn Hen

below zero. still a few feet of snow. homeschooling kids by the woodstove!


I’m looking at my suitcase & double checking to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything vital.

Susan Snyder

I work from home and was supposed to be on vacation today. I just finished my lunch and am getting ready to knit@


I'm on my lunch break at work, so I get to look at vending machines and lockers.


I just came home, wrapped myself in a shawl, turned the thermostat up, made coffee, and am trying to thaw out. We were joking at lunch that we're hoping the temp reaches 32°. It's a beautiful sunny day but very cold. I will be knitting when my fingers can move again.

Wendy Chase

In my kitchen, waiting on the water to boil for breakfast, looking out the window and the perfect winter landscape, snow covered trees, dim gray light. Might be depressing but the Christmas sure pop against a background like that. The thermometer on the deck currently reads zero degrees and that's a good thing! It's supposed to drop to -28 tonight. (That's Fahrenheit).


My view today is an interesting one! If I look straight ahead from my desk, I see my usual bookshelves with some pretty trinkets arranged for a pleasant view. But if I turn my head to the right I see ice everywhere. I live in New England, so it's not at all unusual to have snow on the ground in late December, but yesterday and the day before we had so much ice and sleet. There are icicles everywhere (pretty, but dangerous for the trees) and huge chunks of ice all over my porch and yard and car. We have to be careful not to get hit as they fall from the roof and trees! The sun is out, so it will probably all be gone tomorrow.

Dana Snyder

My view is not very exciting. I’m looking at an empty classroom. I guess that is exciting. My exam was yesterday so all the students are finished. I might have some next class cause my 8th graders might come. If I get up and look out the window, I have a view of the Blue Ridge Mountains! That is very beautiful! I have the same view from my house! There’s actually a picture of it on my Perfect Blend project page I posted yesterday. No snow here but it’s pretty cold. Snow never sticks around long here.


I'm watching my two toddlers play with Rudolph toys and listening to Christmas music in the background!

Teresa C

I am finally ableto sit in te living room, recovering from a cold. Dog by my side watching vlogmas.

Sarah Peschell

At this moment i am sitting on my bed nursing my baby. I'm looking at one of my paintings of a tree and an owl in natural browns on a wood panel. Beside the painting is our bedroom window and I'm more listening than looking right now as our window faces the blank side of our neighbour's house, but i can hear the gentle patter of a good Pacific northwest winter rain.

Lois Pennick

In my craft room - finishing sewing, knitting and crocheting projects. Outside it’s rainy, cold and grey. Many areas are expecting some flooding 😢. Soon I will go downstairs, turn the tree lights on and have a cup of coffee and a cookie😊

Kim Kieffer

I work from home, and my work desk is in front of a double window that looks out into my snowy front yard, with a bird feeder and cherry tree.


Shivering in my family room watching baking shows and knitting (of course) the dragonflight baktus scarf.


Sitting at my computer on the 2nd floor of my house. We don't get snow here, but it's been raining a lot. Today is cloudy but no rain. I just finished baking cookies for a cookie exchange party.


Sitting at my table next to a sunny window. Finally sunny and bright even though its below 30 outside. So happy to see the sun, pine trees and maples, no snow or ice!

Sarah S

I'm in my living room. There's snow on the ground outside from a few days ago, and it is quite cold and windy. Glad to be indoors!

Adriene Cerani

Chilling out after a long day at work, couch, feet up, tv on... checking out IG and ready to knoit!

Cindy Carpenter

Sunny, bright blue sky 60 degrees outside, wonderful December weather in Florida.


I'm waiting in school pick up line! We do have snow on the ground. Luckily it's warmed up a bit today. And it's wonderfully sunny!

Elizabeth Oswalt

I'm sitting in my recliner in my living room with 3 dogs in my lap, a husband in his beside me playing video games while watching football on my TV. Wanting to go to the store for a cola but our truck is a ting up.


I am in my cubicle at working looking at my two large computer screens and taking a short break to look at this site while load data. I can't see the window, but I can see that it's letting some nice sunshine into our office area. It's very cold but sunny here in WI today.

Rose Birchall

sitting in my chair, enjoying the sun. There is snow on the ground and it has been cold.

Hilda C.

I'm sitting in our office/junk room looking out the window. It's around 65 degrees and sunny (Arizona, USA).


It’s cold, but the little snow we have is melting, and with upcoming temps in the 40’s, it’s looking like a green Christmas this year. 🎄🎄🎄


Sitting in a cold doctor’s waiting room while a kid sees her counselor. It’s super cold outside and not much better in here. Wishing I had brought my knitting.

Beverly J White

I'm facing the wall behind my computer screen. There are a couple of framed cute kitty prints, a Warren Kimble cat clock and three photos of my youngest son with his family. There is also a priceless photo of Dave sitting on the couch with his 3 day old daughter. His 180 pound pup is standing behind him looking at the new addition to his family.


I am tucked up in bed with a migraine, I'm afraid.


Here I am in a big comfy chair taking a break to read the recent postings. The sun is shinning and the snowscape is so pretty as seen from my cozy chair. I plan to take a few minutes to just put my feet up and focus on feelings of gratitude.


Sitting in my living room, wrapping gifts and looking out at the warm, sunny backyard and loaded citrus trees.


I’m looking at the Christmas tree in my living room.

Kate C

I'm sitting at my kitchen table, enjoying a cup of tea, and catching up on the internet.


I'm on a break at work, but I have a 360 degree view so it's not a bad office! I can see the forecast stormy weather moving up towards me and watch the cloud formations change. Soon I'll be finished work and able to work on my Pippie Ripple sock.

Mary Schreiner

I’m looking at my Christmas tree and watching Hallmark Christmas movies while stitching and recovering from pneumonia. 😷. Very relaxing!

Rosanna Wallace

I am currently at work & can see the highway outside the window. 😊


Snow, snow, snow! Very Christmasy!

Renee Sawyer

Sun is shining and you don't even need a coat outside. Beautiful day is Southern California. It is suppose to be cold and rainy next week.


I love our Christmas tree and sitting in front of the tree. With my knitting of course...the weather is warming up but has been cold

Diane Jespersen

Just got home from working at my LYS. Sitting in my knitting chair, looking at Christmas tree, while getting head butts from the cat. It's chilly outside, but no snow here in Iowa for the moment.


Straight ahead I have our fireplace going, as the weatherman is currently telling us it was in the negative temps today with the wind chill! To my left is my Christmas tree. At my feet are the Christmas presents I have left to wrap.
Out the window is a little snow, more ice though with the temps.
Perfect knitting weather!


Sitting in my recliner in the living room, tree is lit and knitting at my side. No snow in southeast Wisconsin and no chance of a white Christmas this year. That’s okay with me.if I want to see snow, I’ll head up north!


Watching the evening news in the family room with my mom. Just sent the westie out for a bathroom break in the (fenced) yard. He’s wearing his little black and white buffalo check Lands’ End Squall jacket, because it’s about freezing and quite windy here now. We’ve had a dusting of snow so far this winter, not even an inch, and nearly all burned off with the sun by 10 am that day. I really want some! Instead, I’m crocheting white cotton thread snowflakes.


This afternoon, I was sitting at my home office, watching our snowy and frigid New England woods in the back of the house. Except for the wind, it was very quiet. Even the birds were huddled somewhere keeping warm.

Erin Santiago

Sitting in my bedroom with my 3 Chihuahuas watching the news. It was bitterly cold here today. A little bit of snow and ice from last night still on the ground.


I'm sitting in our den, watching TV with the computer on my lap. It's about 23 degrees out and hopefully warming into the 30's tomorrow. We had a lot of ice on Tuesday and it's still on the trees and yard.


I have a great view from where I sit....a plateful of hot blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and a room filled with the chatter and laughter of all seven of my kids (2-22) plus one very nice girlfriend. It’s very dark outside but the light is reflecting off of the pinecones and white sparkly snowflakes decorating the table. Very cheerful!

Robin Landwer

There's snow, but it's dark out. I've got a giant sleeping dog in front of me, but I am enjoying the Christmas tree while with a fleece throw (and laptop, lol) keeping me warm and cozy.

janet y daum

my view from here
a white tree with white lights
amazon has just delivered a new minion ornament and I am starting a new knitting project.
Pretty sweet!

Deb Monnin

I’m sitting in the living room with my family and looking at the tree and mantle and we are either reading or working on projects. It’s a rare, quiet evening!


I just got home from work, watching TV with the husband and the cat, counting the minutes until I can go up and watch what I want to on TV and knit. It's dark and COLD out tonight in upstate NY.

Amy (Waunaknit)

I am on the couch reading blogs and cuddling up with the dogs while we wait for hubby to come home with supper. Thankfully we have double digit temperature today.

Laura Smith

Sitting in my sewing room, working on a secret quilt Christmas gift project for the hubby guy, while looking at my sewing themed Christmas tree and the neighborhood Christmas lights through the window behind the tree.


I’m home from work, sitting under a blanket watching my tree. It’s been cold the last two day so grateful for a warm home and blanket.

Susan Eberhardt

Home in my "knitting nest," my rocking chair with my knitting supplies on the end table next to me. Wish I were knitting, should be wrapping the piles of stuff in front of me, and am actually heading off to write my December report for work.

Crystal Parker

Sitting at my kitchen table watching Jeopardy.


As I look to the left, a crackling fire; as I look to the right blustery waves and snow capped mountains. In my lap, a hat in progress.


I am sitting on a comfy couch in a warm house looking out at the snow out the window and a big fluffy golden doodle at the other end of the couch. I am knitting a Sockhead cowl and half watching a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Suzann Ellis

Currently I’m watching a black and white movie, “Topper Returns” at the home of my youngest sister who I am visiting for the holidays. Christmas with family . . . you can’t beat it!


I am sitting on the couch in my living room enjoying the fireplace and our Christmas tree!

Julie Vance

St. Louis - snow everywhere from earlier this week. Thankfully it was above freezing today, so the roads are clear!


In the living room with only the Christmas tree and garland lights on. We have snow that started to melt, but then froze. All the yards look like frozen ponds.


Checking out whats up at SSYC on my iPad. Thinking about presents to wrap.


I'm in the corner of my office, waiting for dinner to finish cooking. No view out the window, unless I turn around, where it's dark and damp out.

Fran Neilson

I'm at home in Adelaide South Australia, on vacation, it's 43°C here at the moment. We have a cool change due this afternoon after 4 days well over 40. It's a bit cloudy, or maybe it's a dust storm, it's very windy too. The air conditioning is keeping the house nice and cool, I'm staying inside knitting and not going outside unless I have to


At the computer in our home office. Out the window it's very dark with blowing snow. Don't have a lot of accumulation but we're under a winter storm warning for a few days. It's definitely December.

Lorraine Chan

I'm sitting at my dining room table with my old TV tuned to a cooking show and the back door facing my backyard. After a hard day at work, it's nice to center yourself at your happy place.


I’m in the break room at work. I just had some yogurt, but I was still hungry so I’m eating part of my lunch now!!! It’s almost 9 a.m. it’s nice and quiet in here.
Finally able to enter this!!! Now I’m making dinner. So I see a kitchen mess!! I’m making chicken piccata and miso soup. Crazy combo!!!


Sitting on my couch, watching Miracle on 34th St <3


Sitting on my recliner (my knitting, reading, journaling chair) next to the tree watching a Hallmark movie. Knitting Little Long John pattern by Susan B Anderson.


Sitting in the family room by the Christmas tree watching Project Runway!

Lois Conway

55 degrees.......looking out at Lake of the Ozarks. Beautiful.

Rita Goshorn

i'm sitting at my 'puter by a window that looks out at the neighbor's trees in their back yard. it's 6:30 and has been pitch dark for a couple of hours, so I see myself reflected on the pane. my white hair highlighted. gleams. and looks a little long! I need a hair cut!

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