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December 19, 2019



My view right this minute is of my Christmas tree. It is a smaller tree this year only 6 ft and not quite as wide but the granddaughter had fun decorating it.
I love watching the twinkling lights and listening to Christmas music.

Lisa S

Not much of a view for me. We don’t put up holiday decorations since the month goes so fast, and then we’re gone. So it’s the tv, my knitting, and some Great American Baking show. In a day or two though, I’ll be looking at a tree and holiday movies!

Lisa Loritz-Kieffer

I'm sitting on the couch. My husband is sleeping beside me. I am watching Christmas movies and checking my e-mail. It is chilly but tolerable outside. The three cats are within 5 feet of us. Just a quiet night together. All the family in one room. Bliss!

Stacey D

On my couch, catching up on blogs, with the Christmas tree lights on. Today was the “crap - tomorrow’s the last day of school and teacher gifts aren’t ready” madness, so it’s nice to relax a bit


I am sitting in my living room with a fire in the fireplace, next to the Christmas tree, seeing my neighbor’s outside lights. It is cold and clear outside and warm and cozy in the house.

Karen G.

It's dark, I'm in bed after a very long day of shopping and hours of Christmas baking! :)


Cup of tea, doing a puzzle at the dinning room table, Christmas tree sparkling.


I’m sitting in my living room, with a view of the Las Vegas strip in the distance and the mountains behind. When it doesn’t feel like Christmas (palm trees and 50 degrees still), I just look at the snowy mountains :)


The house is quiet; the Christmas tree is dark; everyone, but me, is asleep!


In my cozy parlor in front of the fire. Cold but no snow. A baby visited this afternoon so there are small toys strewn on the floor and sticky handprints on the tables. But rather than cleaning it all up, I'm knitting the first pair of hand knit socks for my almost middle-aged son. After all these years, he finally requested a pair. Oh joy!

Catherine Kay

Lying in bed deciding when to start my day!

Ashley W

Looking out into my backyard, which is full of bare trees at the moment, but so lovely and peaceful anyway.


I'm at my desk, with my cat sleeping next to my mousepad. Outside the window, it's a wet, dreary day, though still better than the ridiculous winds and torrential rain we had overnight.


Sitting on my couch wrapped in a fuzzy blanket. I can see my tragic attempt at a "crafty" tree made out of ribbon on my wall, but it has a gnome star and that makes me happy. It's been cold and rainy here in GA and it makes it feel weird at Christmas time since I'm used to at least a little snow and below freezing temps growing up in SD


Sitting at home in front of the TV and Christmas tree, wishing I was able to knit... the fan is helping but waiting on the cool change to cool the state from one of our hottest days ever!

Candice Hope

SE Michigan has only a dusting of snow and it’s sure to melt soon, with temps heading into the mid-40 all next week. I’d love a very white xmas, but the 40’s are much better for all the driving we do during the whole week of Xmas.

amy g

I am at the office, but I have the benefit of looking out over a lake so I get a great nature view. This week in MN it is mostly sunny and warming up. We may or may not end up with a white Christmas.

I love reading these entries - its a great way to start the day.


On my couch, looking out the window at the holiday lights on our fence, waiting for my doggies to finish eating and wishing I could stay home and cuddle them.


Sitting by my computer with a view of the backyard full of snow and birds at the bird feeders next to a fire place and my Christmas tree.

Debra Cohen

I actually slept in this morning...a rare occurrence. I am behind on my holiday decorating so I should probably get that done today. I decorate my mantle with snowmen and candles so I leave it up all winter.⛄️

Marie Saur

Sitting in my cube at work - taking a break for a couple of minutes to read some blogs.
Outside it's cold and windy so I'm happy to be in sitting by my heater, nice and toasty.

Colleen Dallura

I am sitting at our kitchen table drinking coffee. Looking out on our living room. My younger children are running around racing cars on a floor covered in train tracks. My husband looks forward to breaking out his trains every christmas. This year the trains run around the tree and circle the couch, run in front of the fire place where another smaller tree sits, my youngest really loves christmas trees and wanted her own. The fire place holds our family stockings. I am proud to say i made them. It took me longer than i want to admit but i love how they came out. The kids are loud and happy. It is home.


I am looking at a class full of kids on the last day before Winter break!


I'm at home in cold but not very snowy Michigan. Sitting in my living room with my Christmas tree on, reading knitting blogs and enjoying a cupp of coffee.

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