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December 19, 2019



I am in our office/guest room. We have a pull out couch bed in it. At the moment too we have the items that are usually located where the Christmas tree also located here. So for lack of better words it is t he room where we are "dumping" things. I am at the desk though looking out the window. While a bit chilly there presently is no snow on the ground.


Sitting in a waiting room waiting for labs. At least it’s Christmasy 🎄


I'm sitting in my quiet family room, enjoying the holiday decorations, thinking about all the things I have to do today. First load of laundry is in, and I'm enjoying a quiet moment before heading out into cold (25 degree) weather (sadly, no snow) to do some errands, like groceries and recycling. Nothing exotic, just real life.


I’m sitting on my couch in my living room! For the first time in four days the sun is out and there is frost covering our hill which borders the golf course! It’s cold (36 degrees) so no golfers!


I'm in my office, (work from home), curtains drawn, 9 degrees. snowed like heck yesterday, we get lake effect snow! No tree, just me and my laptop, wearing extra woolies. :)


I'm sitting in my office, looking out the window at the snow and knowing it's way too cold to go outside now. Hoping for a warm up today. At least it's sunny!

Kristi Petersen

I'm in my 5th floor office, and looking out, there's some snow -- enough to make the ground white, but not to make the roads bad. My favorite kind. :)

Anissa Miller

I'm in our office/school room where I can see out the window on this fridge day in upstate NY, got down to 2 degrees but has since warmed up to a balmy 7 degrees :-)! Beautiful sun shining on about 5-inches of snow making it glimmer and sparkle, so pretty!

Terri Brinegar

Sitting at my desk at work,lol. But it is cold outside and a little snow still around from Tuesday. In one day, I will home on winter break, so things are looking up!

Lisa L

Looking at a puzzle on my dining room table and the white show outside.

Sabrina Snyder Snyder

I am sitting in my bedroom with my curtains open and warm sunshine on my face.


I work from home, so I'm in my living room facing my ceramic Christmas tree with LEDs that I got at Aldi! My grandmother was a potter, but I didn't receive one of the trees she made over her active years.


In the den, for a quiet start to the day. My little tree is lit and I enjoy looking at it. Very snowy view, but beautiful. Temp is 15. It will be a dress warm day!


Looking out the window at the bright blue sky and bright sunshine thinking how it fools you into thinking warm when as soon as I step outside the frigid air will hit you in the face. LOL. Spring is coming and in 2 days the days will be getting longer.

Naomi J in OK

At my desk at work. 30 degrees outside and sunny at 8:27am. I have a window to see outside and my computer to enjoy SSYC when I need a break!


I’m sitting in the sun room, Enjoying a cup of coffee, and watching turkeys, squirrels and an occasional deer enjoying the food my wonderful neighbor puts out for them every morning.


View from my living room window: the remains of about 1 inch of snow from yesterday and sunny blue skies. At night I see my neighbors' Christmas lights - always pretty.


I'm at work, and thankful that our office is well-insulated since it's below zero out there with the wind chill!

Becky Creighton

I’m enjoying a cup of coffee and looking out my back window. There’s some snow on the ground. The birds have been eating at the bird feeder. I enjoy watching the cardinals.

Nicole S

I’m in my parents’ living room. It’s currently still too dark to see out the window (but I know there’s snow), and I can see the TV (currently off) and the tree (not decorated yet).


I'm sitting at the kitchen table, looking out at the cold and grey, and feeling very glad that for today, I can mostly stay inside!

Carol H.

I'm sitting at my desk with coffee,looking out the window to the yard. We don't have snow, but it's cold. No one is up and the house is quiet except for the hum of the furnace (a good thing).


I am in my home office, making a point of NOT looking out the window. The sun's shining and the sky is blue now, but last night we got another dose of lake effect snow, which will need to be moved off the driveway before I can go out and run the errands that need to be run today!


Looking outside from my office window. It is a beautiful day but very cold. Lots of snow on the ground but supposed to melt before Christmas.

Kim Holbrook

I’m sitting at my daughter’s house, looking out at their yard and the field beyond. There’s just a dusting of snow. I’m by myself, it is wonderfully quiet and I am knitting!


I’m admiring the view to San José city in Costa Rica, it’s sunny and windy but still tropically hot! Hopping to knit a bit today...

Lisa Loback

Currently in an MRI waiting room, anxiously awaiting the results from my daughter’s MRI.


I’m at work in the cube farm day dreaming of knitting all Christmas break!!


In front of computer in office with sun shining brightly outside. Very cold outside!

Tricia F

Well, my view right now is a stack of scholarship applications that I have the pleasure to review. If I turn my head a bit, though, I have a nice sunny day outside (even if it is only 25 degrees out)


I am quite jealous of the East coast snow, as it's cold, but still hasn't properly snowed where I am!


It's cold and snow covered outside today. I've filled the wood burning stove with wood, fed the chickens and dogs and now off to work.

Jessica Kelley

I am looking at my Christmas tree, the weather here was nice and sunny today.


Sitting at my desk at work daydreaming of a long weekend


Home sick today and knitting quietly. Love the mornings I’m able to do this!


I'm in my windowless office... which is actually an improvement over earlier this week, when I was home waiting for a furnace repairman.


No snow yet! I can see snow on the nearby mountains but it's been very dry here in Utah.


Finishing my coffee next to a warm rad and big window in my kitchen, looking out at a snow covered deck and backyard. Gearing up to go out and do errands.

Starletta Schipp

Everything outside is snowy and very cold-8 degrees- in Indiana but I am warm and by the fireplace recovering from a knee replacement surgery two weeks ago.


I'm looking at palm trees with Christmas lights! Visiting my daughter in California :)


I’m seeing a beautiful high desert sunrise with relatively cold temperatures. I can hear my cat chasing a pencil around the tile floor behind me.


I am looking out my kitchen window at a very wet, dark Pacific Northwest winterscape. No snow, just lots of very green moss. Rain expected for the foreseeable future!


I sitting at my desk at work drinking coffee and enjoying snacks from our office goodie day.

Kathy Strand

It's early morning here and we had a dust of snow last night with more on the way today. I'm looking out over our pretty valley and watching the twinkling lights of town in the distance out our living room sliding glass doors.

Teresa McPherson

The sun is shining on the freshly fallen snow today -so pretty!

Shirley Plummer

I’m in my living room, looking at the tree and the fireplace with the stockings I knitted this year. The snow is almost gone here. I’m drinking my coffee and trying to muster the courage to get up off the couch and make peanut butter balls.


Wearing flannel pj’s, wrapped in a sheet blanket, sitting in my favorite pub chair, feet in hand made knitted socks, feet propped on the ottoman, my hands knitting the last clue on a KAL cowl. And best of all the sun is shining on this very cold Michigan morning.

Lorrie Gray

Looking out my window through the trees our horses are eating hay and the sun is shining. I'm at home today, getting ready to continue to knit my first sock on 10" needles; about ready to tackle the heel on my top down sock!
It may be in the 50's today, so later calls for being outdoors! Merry, merry🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄


Sitting in my living room admiring my tree and watching Honda and Jenna. Also, making a grocery list for all the Christmas goodies I need to make.


I am standing in my kitchen waiting on some steeping tea and munching on Christmas cookies. I’m looking out a big picture window on a snowy backyard.

Katie Porter

It's grey and drizzly outside, I'm looking out my window at the neighbor's pretty Christmas lights. I'm in Northern California, so it's chilly, but not really cold. My mother in law passed away Tuesday evening, so I'm home today trying to process and be helpful to my husband and sister in law. I'm thankful for my knitting - it always comforts me.


Sitting in my office and looking out at the sun on the dome of the Indiana Statehouse.


Currently sitting in my office looking at Pinterest/Ravelry/miscellaneous online sites because all of my patients cancelled this morning. Also eyeing a giant iced coffee because you know, new house renovations.


It's icy cold and sunny outside, but I'm in my office at work, which I never had time to decorate this year. I do have some Christmas cards hanging on my office door, which bring a little festivity into the dull, drab space!


At home looking at knitting and room that needs tidied and Christmas deco's that need finished (we all know which will win.) Chilly day with a few specks of snow left for cheer!

Wilma Stoy

Where I am it is sunny and cold 30 degrees. I am warm. Love knitting and dreaming. May all be well.


On break at work, looking out the window at snow and cold sunny skies, and looking at pretty yarn on my computer!


I’m currently reading this on my iPad while lying down in bed because I just woke up. It’s cold so the desire to get out of bed is almost nonexistent and I much rather stay under the covers and go back to sleep for another hour or so.


Outside my window is a chilly and snow-covered landscape. Today should be sunny and warm enough for it to begin melting. Tomorrow we travel back home for the funeral of a 14-year-old who died in a tragic snow-related accident earlier this week. I’ve spent the week grieving for and praying for her mother, who lost her only child.

Dana Stein

sitting at my dining room table, looking into my living room where my two cats are wrestling! cold and sunny outside


I'm working from home today so sitting at the computer with a view out my bedroom window garage and a section of fence. 20 degrees, "severe clear," a few smidgens of snow left over from small piles. I should fill the suet feeders and hang them on the fence so I can watch the woodpeckers.


I'm at my desk at work. It's snowy but sunny outside (I'm in Indy), and I have my light therapy box shining brightly as well. It's not a tropical island, but it'll do.


Sitting in my office/craft room. Trying to decide on a frame for a picture I just finished.


Sitting at my kids' piano lessons while they practice Christmas songs for tomorrow's recital. Their piano teacher's house is so pretty and festive with a big tree in the living room :)


I live in Michigan. I am at work in a "garden level" office looking at a rare event; sunshine!!!!
I have a few things to do here before I leave a little early.


Looking at my tree which has lights & tinsel ropes, but nothing else yet. Hope to get it all done a little at a time today between baking dinner roils & cookies, some gift wrapping & of course, walking the dog.


Looking out a second-floor window. Bright sun, no snow, and it looks cold.


I'm in my knitting chair, looking out a cold (15 degrees) snowy day, knitting a Christmas gift hat. Just one more hat to go and I hope to cast on this afternoon!

Patsy Coats

It’s sunny and cold here in North Alabama. My stocking is hung and my Christmas cards are on display.


I'm in southwest Florida, looking at blue skies. It's a chilly temperature (for Florida) of 50 degrees!!


I'm at my work desk, and the sun is actually outside today in WI! (Everything is still brown outside other than that) I'm eagerly awaiting my day to be over so I can go home and pack to leave for warm sunny Las Vegas for Christmas, and have some blissful un-interrupted knitting time!


Sitting at my job, talking with a co-worker as an attempt to pretend I don't need to study for my upcoming board exam in the next 10 days. Not christmas-y, just a very hot and humid pool.


It’s bright outside but cold! I think I may retire to Phoenix.

Ann Neef

I am drinking coffee at my home in New Mexico, sitting in front of the fireplace, scrolling through my emails and dreaming of what I could buy with $50!


I’m sitting on my couch recovering from back surgery. It is cold here in Virginia, but no snow.


Looking at my cubicle walls, which are filled with photos of my kids and drawings the kids made me, plus some mini quilts I've made.


I'm fighting a head cold so I'm sitting in my recliner looking out my favorite window at the tops of the pine trees moving in the wind. It's cold out but the sky is bright blue and there are a few little winter birds flying around. I love this view, thanks for asking.

Angela Shadel

I’m sitting in my “knitting” chair where I can see out our big picture window and today everything is white. The flakes are dusting down rapidly, and so silently! Merry Christmas SSY !

Barbara Dubois

I am currently sitting in my living room near the picture window. There is a beautifully bright Winter sun (I know it is technically Autumn but tell that to the sun.) There are remnants of ice on the trees and a light snow on the ground.

It is a beautifully soothing place to be while doing a little knitting before heading to work for the afternoon.


Sitting with my knitting buddy in a cafe/used book store for our weekly knitting session and gab fest. Snow on the ground but the roads are bare which is great. Temperature? Are you ready for this. Windchill is minus 31 celsius but the actual temperature is minus 17 celsius. Sky is white. Ahhh, winter. 😂🤨


To my left the view is a clear blue and sunny sky. To my right is a dozen or more star quilt blocks on a design wall. The view directly in front is a haphazard collection of wips, project bags, and stacks of books. My craft room could stand a bit of tidying.

Joyce Chase

I am sitting on a loveseat in my kitchen. I just came back from therapy to recover from rotator cuff surgery. It is sunny outside and there is Christmas music playing. We have a subscription to Sirius XM Radio.

Lisa Smith

Sunny with clear skies today in California. Rain predicted for the weekend and Christmas. My dog is asleep next to me while I sip a cup of tea.


I'm sitting at my desk at Notre Dame, but I've got a nice, big window so that I look out at the buildings across the way and see the students walking to their next final exam. One more day to go and I'll be sitting at home with my knitting in front of the fireplace.


Drizzly here in Ca but looking forward to rain on Christmas.


I'm getting a slow start on my day off. Southern CA is colder than usual, not complaining though, and of course no snow..


Looking at my tree and Nativity set while knitting a sample for a local Dyer. It’s FREEZING here in Toronto today.


In my living room with the pellet stove pumping heat out to my back and snow falling outside the windows. It is supposed to snow all day!


I'm inside with a partial view of my Christmas tree and windows that are showing me a dusting of snow outside!


It's cold in NE Alabama but sunny as I look out our large living room window. Looks like the neighbor's cattle are staying somewhere warm - they're not in the field between us and the highway.

Leann Demeduk

I’m babysitting my 7 month old grandson, who’s sleeping - so I am surfing the Web before he wakes up from his nap. It’s going to be a perfect day here in Texas in the upper 50s! YAY!


Just arrived home after medical tests, put on my joggers, having my FIRST cup of coffee (had to fast)....sitting in my chair, Ice looks so pretty on the trees and shrubs from my family room window, laundry is going in and knitting is on the agenda this afternoon! Life is good!

Susan James

I'm sitting at my computer desk, looking outside at a beautiful sunny day. It doesn't look at all like winter (Texas) but it sure is cold today! brrrr


I’m sitting in A power recliner that my daughter rented for me while I recover from Heart surgery. That is how I spent Thanksgiving week ! In the hospital.
My daughter s put up our tree and decorated .
My 7 year old granddaughter came with them and helped so much! I am getting stronger everyday and have finished 3 WIPs including A second sock syndrome from 2 years ago!

Stephanie V

Sitting on my couch with my newest sock on the needles beside me, I can see the magnolia tree with its spring buds which will grow all winter. No snow for is raining here.


Sitting on the sofa drinking my favorite flavored coffee drink. I’m on a vacation day from work so I can finish my gift knitting!! I have our Christmas tree on the right and the tv with Hallmark Christmas movies going on my left. Happy kitty snoozing next to me! This is my kind of day off!!! Outside is a crisp, cool, sunshiny day with no wind, so it is nearly perfect!!!


I am home in my recliner, looking out my front window where there is snow on the ground. I am surrounded by my Christmas decorations and by the way, I did make my daughter and her boyfriend’s stockings. The weather here in Alberta, Canada where I live is in the midst of a chinook. If your unfamiliar, that’s where we get extremely windy and go from cold to warm in a short amount of time. Here in southern Alberta, it’s a regular occurrence. But we will be getting cold again in time for Christmas Day.


I'm in my office at work in NM. I can look out the window and see the beautiful Sandia mountains covered in snow.

Geri Heagy

I'm at my desk in my office - no window. However...the Christmas music is playing, Christmas lights are on, and my heater is running. It's warm and cozy!


At the office, in my cubicle. But my second monitor is displaying a snowy mountain, so I'm pretending it's a window.

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