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December 18, 2019



The Edna Jean sweater by Briana Thompson.


My favorite project this year is the Adventuring Wrap I am currently making because the yarn is beautiful, the knitting is easy and relaxing, I get to change colors every 8 rows, and there is going to be fringe so I can hide my ends with no weaving! Current progress:

Elizabeth Oswalt

I finished my Color Affection!

Danielle Gatlin

I made the Christmas Tree sweater. It was a knit along that started last Christmas but I started late and finally finished it over the summer. It was my first sweater and really my first actual finished object. I’m so proud of it! I’ve also made several beanies that I love!

Rosanna Wallace

I made a baby blanket for a baby boy & matching beanie.

Kelli L

I have a love hate relationship with find my fade shawl. I can’t wait to start my night shift...coming up next!

Debby sellers

Lace bandaids using cascade yarn. It turned out really nice.

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