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December 18, 2019



I think my favorite project this year was the Bays Edge Shawl. I had a gradient set in fuschias that I had wanted to knit up and decided this was the project for it, so I got a lovely gray for the contrasting color and cast on.


A hat and sweater I knit for my Granddaughter. She loves them SO much.

Shirley Plummer

I think my favorites were the Courage Shawl and Tree Farm socks. Both very fun and turned out really pretty.


My favorite project this year is a Hitchhiker scarf in Madelinetosh Pashmina. The color was Dr Zhivago sky - a beautiful semi solid color. I love semi solids for that pattern. The yarn was a dream with some cashmere and silk. The knitting was just the pace that I needed. Bliss. I had my daughter pick a color in Pashmina from you so I could use it again for a Honey Cowl.


I made a baby blanket for a co-worker that I am quite proud of (Next in Line by Bonnie Sennott). She loved it!!!


I loved knitting Rainbow Warrior by Cassapinka.


I've wanted to make the Burberry Inspired Cowl for several years and finally did it this fall. I've been wearing it most every day!


Those Folsom Blues ate beautiful.
My favourite project this year would have to be my second pair of Hermione's socks. I really stretched myself because I did them tie-up, with a wrap turn yarn over toe and German short row heel and taught myself Continental style ☺


It was a cowl where I learned the technique of swing knitting. Fun!

Thanks for the contest!


My favorite this year is a Fern & Feather Sweater I knit for myself.

Cindy Carpenter

It was a super simple hat in a super chunky self striping yarn. I was so enchanted with it!


Favorite gift was a Nougat Cowl by Susanna IC using Sojourn by Miss Babs in Terra colorway for a new friend that kept me sane through a traumatic experience. She lives in the PNW and it's been keeping her warm every day!

For myself I knit a Tulpan Shawl by Tanja Luescher using Phi colorway of Gauge Dye Works - need to get that blocked so I can use it - winter has arrived in Alabama!

Samantha T

An intarsia blanket😁


I haven’t finished many projects this year as the result of medical problems. But I’ve been planning some in my head & buying yarn for them. My favorite is breathing space.


I made a really fun slipper as part of a KAL. The pattern isn't available yet. I liked it because the construction was new to me which made it challenging and enjoyable.


My best project this year was a simple pair of self-striping socks. Just happy to get something done!


I have knit a lot of socks this year and they were all special because I gave them away to special people.


It’s hard to pick a favorite this year— I’ve made a lot of “firsts” projects and really enjoyed them. I’m very bad about putting them all on Ravelry but one standout was the Bramen Cowl which taught me how to do tuck stitches (and made brioche super easy when I tried it next):

I’m also on the second-to-last section of Birds of a Feather shawl with some absolutely stunning Amores yarn. It’s my first project with any lace in it, and I just know I’m going to wear this all the time:


My favorite, although not quite done, is a blanket I am making my granddaughter. She is in junior high this year so it is in school colors. She is going to be so excited!


So I made a 5 color fade from a Hedgehog set and the colors are so beautiful!!! It was a epic knit for me and then piece is huge but I do love it. Its probably not a make again one but it definitely makes me smile.


It’s hard to pick my favorite projects of the year, some were challenging, others deceptively easy...but I consistently adore Kirsten Kapur’s mystery sock KAL (“through the loops” on Ravelry) which usually starts in February.

Sorry I’m bad at linking...


Here it is:


My favorite project this year was the one that got me back into knitting after a long hiatus -- a pair of toe-up two-at-a-time worsted weight socks for my son's girlfriend.


My favorite knit this year is my Slumber Shawl by West Knits. I had the incredible experience of meeting Stephen and taking his class in January, and he helped me pick out my colors. I'm very fortunate that he's coming back to the same yarn shop, and I got into another class of his. I'm SO excited to show him the FO!!!

Julie Vance

Cardigans for my girls. Started and finished in about six weeks right after my brother (31yrs) suddenly died. I'm amazed that I knit them in that time frame and they fit, grief is tricky to you that way.


I’m currently working on the cascade squares for 2019-2020 and really enjoying learning all the techniques.

Deb Monnin

My favorite was the oil paint cowl:

Because it replaced a cowl I gave away to a better home, and it used up some of my leftover yarns!


I have been working on socks and getting better with picking up stitches at the gusset


I had a big dip in my knitting mojo starting in July. Fortunately I had 3 baby hats to knit at the beginning of the year, one which was my favorite hat pattern, using leftover yarn from the same pattern made for my daughter. (Mrs. Crosby Carpet Bag) The hat was for a baby shower for one of her good friends. The pattern is Squish Me Cap by Anne Hanson. This was the largest of the three hats I knit, and I recently saw a photo of the boy in his hat, so new mom had a year's worth of hats in one gift. Very satisfying knit. I recommend using a merino with silk yarn for this pattern. Squishy, drapey, and lots of stretch.


My favorite project this year is my Soldotna Crop adapted to be knit in sock yarn. It was a lot of fun to pick out colors and fun to knit.

Dana Snyder

I love everything I knit. lol. I’d have to say, my favorite thing I made this year was my gnome. The pattern is Oh gnome you didn’t and I did it as a mystery.

I also love the chevron hat I got from SS. I finished it the other night but still have to weave in the ends and put my pom pom on. My goal was to have it for my trip to PA for Christmas! Currently, I’m loving my 24 stripe advent socks!! I have so many self striping skeins and they are so mindless to knit I think I’m going to try to keep some going at all times! I can hide them in my bag and sneak them at work!!

Dana Snyder

Oh my goodness, how could I have forgotten my Foxtrot sweater by Marie Greene and my Perfect Blend by Casapina! I don’t have a project page for the sweater. I’m not good at making those.

Amy (Waunaknit)

My favorite was the Alinda wrap. It seemed like it took forever to knit, but it was well worth it.


I just finished knitting a hat in stranded color work using Tin Can Knits Anthology pattern. I’m super excited about how it turned out since I used their graph paper to come up with my own fair isle design. It’s my favorite for the year because I was able to work through all the steps myself with their excellent coaching.

Renee Anne

Admittedly, I haven't finished a lot of projects this year for various reasons...but I think my favorite is probably my Age of Brass & Steam shawl, which I finished early in the year. It definitely gets the most wear (aside from socks).

Erin Santiago

I made the Sockhead cowl after seeing yours posted. I made it for my Mom for Christmas. I had enough of the yarn to make a matching hat, fingerless gloves, and socks! Hope she likes it!


One of my favorite knits this year was the Millie sweater which was a sample knit for Knothouse Yarns. It was fun and turned out so well!


It seems each shawl I start is my fav. But I have to say Starflake really was great!


My favorite this year is a Shift shawl:

Leann Demeduk

I’ve gotten into knitting socks this year. I love the colors of this pair,
It reminds me of the year I spent on the Oregon coast.

Pam Hunter

My favorite is a large cowl made of neutral colors I made for my daughter. I liked it so much I made one for myself.

Suzann Ellis

My favorite has to be a hat I've knit for my sister for Christmas. It was a more simple design than I usually select, but I love how the hat turned out.


My kosekofte cardigan was my favorite this year. It taught me how to steek and to follow suggested ease. I made mine to fit and not positive 10” ease. I will probably make another one that is actually the larger size to be more coat like.


I’d have to say my Canyon Road sweater (previously named Acoma) is my favorite knit of the year. I knit a few other sweaters this year but this one fits just right and the yarn I used is a mcn blend so it feels great against the skin.


It’s still in progress but it has to be my Opal sock yarn blanket

Candice Hope

The only thing I’ve finished this this year was a pair of Dream in Color Smooshy socks. Just plain 2by2 rib. My favorite project though is Lillemore from Bristol Ivy. It’s going pretty well, really an easy knit. Just that it’s big and I have kids and a job. 🤷🏼‍♀️


My favorite has to be the Elizabeth Zimmerman baby sweater for my new nephew! Following by the sockhead slouch hat.

Meghan Jackson

That would definitely be my Copenhagen Calling cowl! It was such a fun knit! My husband also knits and made one at the same time. It was my first big (bigger than socks anyway) project since I switched over to continental knitting.


I knit a 2nd Avenue wrap using leftovers from other projects. I loved how it turned out.


I've been in a slump and haven't knit much this year, but I knit my first pair of socks with contrast heels, toes, and cuffs. It's about the only thing I finished all year


I think it would be the Painted Windows Shawl by Casapinka, it was a fun knit. Other favorites were hats for my great niece as she wears them all.


My favorite project was the fractal danger scarf done in Christmas colors. I made 3 of them and two of those were for gifts. I used yarn from Nlue Moon Finer Arts.

Susan Eberhardt

Long, crazy year with work. I knit a bunch of plain old socks for therapy! One pair went into a fundraiser drawing at a local school, so I did manage to make a contribution with my knitting!


The ROCAS shawl this is a great pattern but not many people have made it I used Baja yarns


I did some baby things this year for the first time ever. The Baby Vertebrae done in bright striped sock yarn was so cute and well received. Also make matching booties.


I have lost over 100 pounds (a good thing for me!), so I’m having to knit all new sweaters for myself. That’s great, though I’m sad about the too-big ones that really can’t be repurposed. Oh, well, I enjoyed them at the time. One of my new favorites is my Sugar Maple made from a Hazel Knits gradient mini skein set. It fits perfectly, looks great, and is a joy to wear. I have plans for at least one more (from a multi-shade mini skein kit bought at the same time as the gradient) plus at least one of its sister sweater Poison Oak.

I also love my Carbeth Cardigan and my Keane Wonder tank top, which is the first racer back tank I’ve made.


I really got into making hats this year. One of my favorites was one where I used up some scraps using the helical technique.

The Gridiron hat for my husband. He's allergic to wool, so finding good yarn for him is always a challenge. I did it in cotton, so it has less stretch, but he wears it all the time-what could make a knitter prouder?!


I don't think I have a favorite that I have knitted this year but I have completed several socks - all of which I love!

Beth W

I finally got up the courage to knit some Wee socks and mittens out of sock yarn to hang on my Christmas tree. I’m having so much fun, it gives me a break from cookie baking and holiday errands.


I've only made two projects this year, both were shawls, but I love them both. My favorite was the one I made doing the Carolina Waves MKAL because I love the color of the yarn so much.

Wendy Chase

I was going to say a toy I knit for a friend's daughter but that was in 2018 I discovered as I scrolled through photos. I think my favorite thing this year was mending some knitted toys I'd made in the past for grandchildren when I visited that have been much loved!

Heather A

My favorite project from the past year is my Under the Willow Shawl, made with some lovely MCN yarn from Orange Flower Yarns. I wear it so often, but this semester has been so busy that I haven’t stopped to photograph I’ll share a link to the pattern page on ravelry:


This was the year of socks. Vanilla latte, sock club yarns, and stripes. Next year will be my magical thinking shawl —already have some beautiful yarn from SSYC!


This was the year of socks. Vanilla latte, sock club yarns, and stripes. Next year will be my magical thinking shawl —already have some beautiful yarn from SSYC!

Sarah Peschell

I think it would have to be my stones on a beach hat from thrifted yarn in a soft grey.

Stacey D

I made my first colorwork yoke sweater this year - Silver Forest by Jennifer Steingass. It turned out wonderful - so much so that I have been wearing it for the past month and a half without having woven in the ends, or blocking it. Eventually I’ll get around to both.


I made myself a zip-up vest out of bulky purple yarn. It’s marvelously warm, with a collar that zips up over my chin, and did I mention that it’s purple!

Sandy Harwood

I’m not sure I can pick one favorite but the Ziggy Shawl by Joji Locatelli using Leo & Roxy yarn called Electic Lemonade is high on my list. It is big, delicate, and beautiful all in one.

Kat Gatzke

Sadlly I’ve been in a knitting slump all year and I don’t think I’ve actually finished anything of note. But I’m determined to get started on a throw over Christmas week.


My gradient Clara! I never thought I would knit a fingering weight sweater for myself but it flew off the needles!

Teresa C

I can’t think of a favorite project. Maybe my Oz socks?

Jan Johnson

My favorite 2019 project was the Shift Cowl. I used some precious handspun I scored at a rummage sale along with Spincycle yarn and another yarn, and it turned out great!

Lois Pennick

Christmas stockings for my 3 grandchildren. Made sure one of the designs was personal to that child (ie: dump truck). They turned out great and I felt accomplished. 😊. 4th grandchild due 6/20 so I will be knitting another one.


The gnome de plume mkal - it was fun and even though it was intended to be a decoration my youngest daughter loves snuggling with it and sometimes sleeping with it. Anything I knit for her might be my favorite since she loves it.


My favorite project is my most recent! When I visited my 90 yr old Mom at Thanksgiving, she was using a bath towel to keep her legs warm.... so I made her a blanket the size of a bath towel! Based on a pattern called “Fort Tryon”, I knit a 4” by 28” strip, then picked up stitches on 4 sides and knitted around to desired width. I used yarn left over from a previous project made to match her furniture, so it was a big hit! She loves the it!

Lorraine Chan

I knit my second pair of socks this year. It was the Couplet pattern with a blue and magenta variegated yarn.


My favorite was finishing a boxy sweater in a wonderful silk cashmere blend.

Jenn Hen

I knit a huge faded linen stitch test knit shawl for wolf and faun and it might just be my favorite thing ever!


This has not been a very productive knitting year. I did finish some socks. I hope to be more productive and adventurous next year with my knitting.


This year I finally finished my first yoke sweater, Midnight Choir. It was a mashup of other patterns, and had to be restarted 3 times to work it out.


I did not knit any big projects this year, mostly socks for me, hats and cowls for gifts. (Had big plans for a sweater and shawls though)

Lorie Konopka

My favorite project is a scarf made out of lace weight yarn, it's taking forever, but it's comfort knitting. I have the pattern memorized, can pick it up and just relax.

Patsy Coats

My Papillon Shawl.

Joyce Chase

My favorite knitting project this year was a pair of PI scrappy socks. They used yarn scraps and followed the numbers of PI.
It is a fun knit.


I love making socks. My go to pattern is Toe up Socks with a Difference by Wendy D Johnson. The gusset is on the bottom and it makes knitting toe up socks very easy. I have made my own variation for heels and legs.


All I seemed to want to knit most of this year was socks! So I finally got around to doing something that's been on my "someday" list for a long time -- making myself a pair in merino/cashmere. That's probably my favorite knit this year!

Loved that pattern I used too. If anybody's looking for an easy sock that's got just a hint of pizzazz to keep it from getting boring (and that looks cute in multis), I'd recommend Diagon Ally Socks.


I dyed some wool then spun my own sock yarn for the first time, and used it to knit a squishy pair of socks that I love!

amy g

My favorite project was the Rose of Inverness Mystery KAL from Luise O'Neill of Impeccable Knits. This was a fun 6-month project and Luise is a wonderful MKAL organizer and pattern writer. I have been using it during these cold nights as I knit on my one Christmas gift and it is wonderful!


I’ve been knitting mittens for my 2 1/2 year old grandson, which he loves, because “they have a thumb!”


My favorite project to make and to wear is the Zweig sweater by Caitlin Hunter. It was never boring to work on with lace and colorwork and it fits so well and looks great on.

Wendy Friend

My favorite project is always the one I’m working on at the moment because I try to get better and better each time. Right now I am excited by my red moon sweater and my Sirona sweater in progress!

Nicole S

My favourite is the Monkey Puzzle Tree socks that I designed.


My favorite project this year was the Honey Bop Cardigan by Amy Appel. It’s so easy to wear and suuuper light weight.


I have a few favorites, but one of them is
ZigZag Redux Socks by Arenda Holladay. I really like the pattern.

Patsy Coats

I’m at home and it’s sunny and cold here in North Alabama. My stocking is hung and my Christmas cards are on display.


It is sunny outside my classroom window


I had a lot of fun making gnomes using imagined landscapes patterns. They’re addictive, and a great use of leftover yarn.

Lisa M Barrett

Okay, this is going to sound macabre but for me, it's an act of love.

For each of our cats, for when they pass, I knit a rectangular bag with an intarsia heart and their names. I make I-cords as ties to close it so when they're taken for cremation, the last hands that touch them are hands that love them deeply. Knowing that they're wrapped in something I knit w/ love brings me peace.

So while it sounds rather grim, they're my favorite things to knit because our cats are so very important to us.


My favorite project this year is a shawl knit from the point up. My upcoming project is matching sox for my husband and me.

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