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December 18, 2019



It would be a Steven West knit blanket for my 3rd son.


My favorite knit this year is one I just started...a Celtic Myths shawl. I'm not very far, but it's coming out lovely and I can't wait to get to the border. I've never used a chart before!


My favorite project this year, was a pair of classic ribbed socks in MTTL, OOAK colorway Paisley. While I cast them on for myself, they ended up as a gift to a dear knit-worthy friend. Even though I remember taking a photo, my Ravelry page still shows the project as a wip.


I enjoyed knitting Harriet’s Hat, I haven’t done a lot of fair isle knitting so I thought it was going to be a challenge. But once I got started I realized it was fun seeing the design develop. And I appreciate the cause it supports.


I finally finished a Purl Soho pattern using some of your Poste yarn and vacation souvenir yarn from a family trip to Traverse City. I carried the two color brioche all the way up and had to modify the decreases. The hat was the perfect mix of mindless and challenge at times. I learned how to rip out and pick up brioche too. And now I have a fully reversible hat!


I just love to knit socks especially for my husband, who loves my socks. He has a drawer of 40 pairs of socks all knit with Opal yarn. Just beautiful.


I knit my 2 year old granddaughter a sweater set with bobbles! Adorable, if I do say so myself


I've been working on whittling down my stash this year. I knit a sock monkey from a kit that I've owned for (gulp) at least six years. It took a couple weeks to make, and I've wrapped it for a Christmas present!


I knit two of the three color cashmere cowls, for gifts. Did not use cashmere. They were fun to knit and I wanted to keep one. I did not put them on Ravelry. I want to do that consistently for 2020.


My favorite project this year (so much fun I did it twice) was Casapinka's Perfect Blend MKAL. It was fun and easy summertime knitting with great camaraderie on the Rav boards. Plus it looked great in every possible color combo


I knit a pair of socks with a color called "Hawaiian Hibiscus". I knit them with a simple vine pattern and it looked just like flowers flowing down a vine! I took them in to show at my LYS and they were crazy about them.


I really enjoyed knitting a pair of Coffee Talk Socks out of a Hedgehog Fibre Sock kit- they are the best fitting (and perhaps best colored too) socks that I have ever made!


I made a pair of socks as a gift this year for the first time. I have been knitting socks but was nervous about knitting them for someone else. So I finally did it and they were lovely. Modified a previous pattern used to personalize it for the giftee.


My favorite this year was Magical Thinking by Casapinka! It was a fun knit - the changes in the pattern kept interest and a beautiful shawl/cowl was the result! It is so nice and warm to wear now the Winter is here!

Terri Brinegar

I enjoy the simple things the most sometimes. I have really been into making a lot of hat, all types and patterns. They are fun and quick!


I knit a throw for a family member. They had been injured and this was for when they were relaxing.


My favorite is a pair of hand warmers and a simple hat. I just started knitting not quite a year ago, so I haven’t tackled anything too complex.


I've knit a sockhead cowl this year and really loved it - immediately cast on another. But my favorite was the Black Cable Sock:

Teresa McPherson

My son’s Christmas socks because he was so excited about them.


My favorite project is actually a set of them...I made a pair of socks every month. I love that I have a whole year's worth of new socks in my sock drawer now!

Wilma Stoy

Oh it has been baby blankets tjis year. No pictures sorry, but next year socks all the way. Love your yarn


I've been knitting socks - nothing fancy, just fun yarns. I also made a Taiga Hilliard baby dress that I like.


I have been knitting small things--fingerless mitts, cowls, hats, socks--and thoroughly enjoying the sense of accomplishment I feel when I finish each one.

Heather J

It seems small but I really enjoyed knitting these fingerless mitts for my aunt. I enjoyed the pattern a great deal but the best part was I learned to make a lateral braid. It was like turning a heel or crossing a cable for the first time a really cool trick. I discovered I am a new skill junkie.

Mary Schreiner

I made a slouchy hat for a girl that works the drive up window at our local McDonalds. I see her nearly everyday when I get my coffee and she’s always so cheery! However, I know that she and her family have very little so I decided a warm hat would be a good thank you for her everyday smiles. She cried and said she didn’t know how she could ever express what it meant to her. Made my whole Christmas!!

Diane Jespersen

I've been attracted to shawls this year. My 2 favorites, just finished, are Make Your Own Luck Shawl, and the Everyway Shawl. Both are in such luscious colors, I can't wait to be wrapped up in them the rest of the winter!


Lots and lots of hats for charity. I love combining yarns in simple patterns. Great mindless knits that all look different depending on the yarns.

Terri Kelly

I knit my first Monster Socks! Loved using my leftover Sock yarn.

Starletta Schipp

My very favorite project this year has been to learn to knit truly warm mittens. This is the pattern:

So far, I’ve finished three pair and have the fourth on my needles now.

Rose Birchall

No favorites this year.

Stacy Sprengeler

My favorite project this year has been the knee length merino socks I knit for my husband - speckled grey with red toes and cuffs


I finally found a knitted hat pattern that fits my head and looks good. Sp excited!


Number 2 pencil socks for my daughter who teaches kindergarten.

Lisa Viviano

A teddy bear for a friend.


My favorite is socks in Turtle Purl self-striping yarn. It's easy to get into a "just one more stripe" mode.


A throw I knit for my newlywed daughter and her husband.


I definitely love the Analog Cabin cowl I made.


The color is gorgeous on your cowl!

I knit fingerless gloves for a woman (rarely do I gift knits) who said she likes brown or green (neither of which is my favorite) and long on the arms.
It was my favorite knit because i thought she would be surprised and like them.


The Little Frankie hat I made from Casapinka was by far my favorite! I love colorwork :)


Socks, definitely, my first attempt at a fairly complicated cabled pattern.

Stephanie V

I had a bag full of beautiful light purple wool/viscose blend. A discontinued orphan yarn I found at the thrift store. What to make? I picked Maanel's Relax Shawl and just knit until the yarn ran out. It is a lovely big and cosy wrap now. And I am using it all the time. That makes it a favourite.

Joyce Correia

My biggest challenge/favorite knit this year was the Roiling Waters scarf. I made two of them and simplified the pattern the second time around (for my own sanity). I have a request to make a third one. Hmm, how crazy can I be? (Photos on Ravelry)

Karla Hartzell

I really enjoyed knitting shortie sportie tennis socks in hot neon colors for myself.


I made a beautiful cashmere blend hat in hot pink. Giving to my granddaughter for Christmas. She admired it while I was knitting it, & you know it’s not easy to impress a 16 year old!


My favorite project this year will carry on into next year. After knitting so many socks (with much of my yarn coming from YOU!) I finally decided to do something with all the leftovers. I am knitting a sock yarn blanket. I completed the first 90 squares without using any duplicates. Guess that tells you how many sock yarn projects I've done. 😃

Crystal Parker

I completed my Joji, Get it Together wrap! I'm still pretty new to knitting, so this made me very happy I was able to finish it!

Kate S

With little kids my knitting is now super basic. My favorite thing this yeart has been plain stockinette socks made with very colorful yarn. I am currently knitting a pair with noro (two at a time from opposite ends of the same skein) and am loving that they look nothing like each other.


My favorite project this year is my very first crochet project. I am so proud that i leaned how to crochet and was able to produce this shawl.
Virus shawl.

Kathy Davis

My favorite knit this year is the Novita Venla: Women's Knit Dress. Making it for a friend, can't wait for it to be finished.


My favorite project is the Pi Shawl which uses the Fibonacci formula in Math. I am a substitute teacher and have my knitting with me a lot. It was fun in math classes to have the kids tell me about fibonacci and show them the shawl. I wear the shawl a lot.

Lisa L

I'm enjoying the Onopordum socks ( I knit myself last winter now that it is cold out.


My favorite item knitted this years is the Halo Jacket. This is my first sweater and the pattern was on only ONE PAGE of instructions. It was really easy to make and fits nicely. Of course the yarn was purchased from SSYC and the pattern was free. Only myself and two others have made this Halo Jacket on Ravelry.


This past year was the year of knitting for myself with NO GUILT. I have two kids and lots of sisters, nieces, nephews, friends and neighbors who wear lovely hand knits from me - but I noticed that my sock drawer was looking thin. So I knit my favorites: socks socks socks and just for the sake of completeness: some more socks. My favorite was a pair of Cookie A's "Monkey" socks (knitty, 2006 I think) with Fleece Artist Hand Maiden Casbah in "moonstone" - much too nice for socks, but socks were made anyway. Yes, they will be fuzzy and not washed properly and probably felt and fall apart BUT - that just means I'll have to knit myself another pair!

Colleen D'Allura

Find your fade by andrea mowry. It took so long to finish but i did it!!

Lisa Smith

I really love my Love Notes sweater. A fun knit and I love the fit.


My favorite project this year was the Rizzo Blouse by Amy Appel. My first ever top with beautiful seed stitch v-neck panel and eyelets, a real treat to knit. I used HHF in Oracle and must say I wear it with pride every chance I get.


Mine is the Hometown Comfort shawl that I knit as part of a KAL using Destination Yarns from my hometown. It’s my favorite because I gifted it to someone who was very down right around the time I finished it.

Katherine Schmitt

My favorite thing I knit this year? I would say it is my felted fair isle tote. It was offered at a local yarn shop as a class, and each person picked their colors and patterns. Every one was unique!


My favorite project this year was a toss up between the Throwback and Plumpy shawl. I chose the Throwback because I love everything about it and it's so cozy and warm.

Hilda C.

My favorite knit this year was my first stranded colorwork project -- a cowl. I do need to work on my tension but I'm proud of myself for finally trying stranded colorwork. I'm planning to make it again changing the border. The pattern is Willow and Lark's Erin cowl.


My goto project for the year has been a vanilla knit toeup sock. Not alot to think about with it and the stripe yarns which has been my fav makes it fun when I can get the 2 socks to match up. As this yarn ends I am trying a different heel. The yarn it has been the gusset heel but now I am trying a toeup heel flap. Not good with short row heels.

Kim Holbrook

My favorite thing I knit this year was a Fair Isle cowl. It was a lot of fun to knit. I’m thinking about knitting a second one!

Geri Heagy

I made two baby sweaters for a set of twins for my daughter's co-worker and his wife. Not much time to knit for myself this year!


I think the project that stands out for me, is the “Sorceress Scarf”. It uses Malabrigo Rios in a herringbone stitch, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I found the pattern on Ravelry, and I’m just finishing my 3rd one (hopefully in time for Christmas).

Teresa F Ronk

Jean Greenhowe collection of Christmas toys


My favorite is Perfect Blend Shawl MKAL which was like eating potato chips and beautiful when finished.

Agatha gallion

Pure comfort cardigan...hands down


I think the ZickZack scarf I am working on now with my advent calendar!


A Christmas wreath...which I finished a few days ago!

Lugarda Cappetta

My favorite project this year was the Starflower shawl by Stephen West. Lately his things have been a little wild for me but i decided to take a chance and I’m glad I did.

I’ve really been eyeing the Barnevelder Rooster set.


I love the colours of their yarn. My fave project has been a sweater, the first for me in a long time. My goal is to knit more sweaters for me next year.

Jessica Kelley

My Favorite Project was some Montreal Sweaters for my boys!

Lisa M

My favorite sweater I knit this year is the Shoreline Cardigan by Marie Greene. I purchased her book and fell in love with this sweater. I adapted it to worsted yarn since it calls for DK and knit the collar double the length. I could just live in this sweater.


Oh! I love the chicken sets. It reminds me of when we used to have backyard hens.

My favorite project of the year has to be my Westknits Starflake! I usually don't do MKALs, but took a chance on this one, and I'm so happy I did.

Mindy ZW

I would really like to knit a vest or a sweater in 2020. Favorite for 2019 was slippers for my brother and nephew.


I really enjoyed my first MKAL this summer (a calming experience) which I started after my daughter's wedding out of state; it was Casapinka's Perfect Blend shawl, which was lots of fun. I also enjoyed my sit and knit group's KAL, Katie's shawl. But I am enjoying knitting a prayer shawl for a dear friend who lost her husband unexpectedly due to an unforeseen medical complication. Very sad. But the other 3 of us in our little group of four are going to do it together, and I have just started it. We are doing the pattern on Ravelry called "Skoosh", a shawl for her and it will be a surprise. Then she asked us to make a shawl in memory of her husband for the hospital's palliative care ward. Haven't started that one yet.

Susan James

my favorite knit this year were Monster Socks, knit with a bunch of leftover sock yarn bits, all in Christmas colors!


The Shift has been my favorite knit this year. It’s easy to wear and fun to knit.

Patty McDonald

Since my very first great-grandbaby will be born in April I have knitted a baby blanket for a girl and am finishing one for a boy now.


Can it be a crochet project instead of knit? I made my kids Baby Yodas. They were speechless! My favorite reaction to a project ever.:)


My favorite project this year was a "Holiday Throw" using some yarn that was in my (I didn't like what I started) stash. You never know.


My favorite project of the year is called The Pivot Cowl a free pattern from Purl Soho. A simple mindless knitting pattern with beautiful results. Coming in second are socks using a top down vanilla sock pattern.

Sabrina Snyder Snyder

My favorite project this is a pair of socks for my daughter. No pictures are on display, yet, as it is a Christmas gift.


Although I'm pleased with my finished sweater, I tried brioche for the first time. Just a simple scarf but so pretty and love the 2 sides!


I am enjoying knitting fingerless mitts to gift to friends.

Jody Laake

My favorite project so far has been socks for my sister-in-law - she’s very appreciative of them and reminds me every holiday that she could really use more socks lol! Her favorite pair so far this year was made from Poste Yarn in Nightmare on Elm Street. She was crazy about the colors.

Audra L

I was gifted some lovely handspun in greens and yellows, with a tish of blue popping up occassionally. Knit up a log cabin couch blanket with it. Very relaxing knit.

Michelle Carter

My favorite was the zickzack scarf 😍 I just used two self striping dk yarns and it turned out so beautiful.


My favorite was a so faded sweater (Andrea Mowry) with madeline tosh plus copper sock yarn. It was just one color but the pattern is great for sock yarn sweaters.


My favorite project is the pair of socks I knitted for my son in graduate school at Iowa State. I used the Simple Skyp pattern on Ravelry and the Poste yarn from Simply Socks in Wizard Bravery with charcoal heels and toes.

Naomi J in OK

My favorite project was the Reyna shawl. I used Manos del Uruguay Fino in the Delft colorway. Soft, squishy and beautiful blue!

Kim Kieffer

My favorite project this year has been the dozens of socks I have made on my Circular Sock Knitting Machine. I am really getting the hang of it and look forward to more!


Reversible cable knit scarves using self striping yarn

D. L.

My Rhinebeck sweater, Joji Locatelli'sAall of the Lights cardigan. And I also love my Suska socks from Andrea Mowry, so apparently the most complicated thing I knit all year and one of the easiest...

Lisa Loback

I knit my first Color Affection and I am in love with it!! I cast another one on right away. I am also a fan of the Sockhead Cowl and Mirra’s Cowl. They are my go to for mindless knitting.


I completed Crown Wool using Miss Babbs Yummy 2 ply. Lots of knitting but love the finished shwal.

Sarah D.

My favorite project was finishing up the Fading Point Shawl by Joji Locatelli. I love Joji's patterns and this shawl is amazing!


My favorite project was a pair of toe up socks knit with a fleegle heel. I had not done socks before and from my experience with crocheting I knew I would not want to make 1 sock and then another. I love knitting socks. It's my favorite thing to knit

Beverly J White

I made a couple of cowls using Marble Chunky. They were fast and easy projects. I love those enormous balls of yarn.


I am far from an experienced knitter and sometimes I have to admit I feel intimidated when walking into a yarn shop. When I see what some have accomplished I am amazed. A couple of years ago at a fiber show I purchased this kit for the Wingspan" shawl It sat in my yarn drawer all this time. One evening I got this out and said "one row at a time".....this was so much fun, I was disappointed when I ran out of yarn. It wasn't at all difficult as I imagined and it is "stunning"....sorry to say, I don't recall what the yarn was. ( I try to staple or tape a piece of yarn to the label for future reference)

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