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December 17, 2019



I think they are called Peanut Butter Blossoms, they are the cookie with the Hershey kiss in the middle. We had them at the work Christmas party yesterday but I don't think they were the peanut butter ones. I have to find the recipe I used the last time I make them so I can make them over the holiday break from work.


I usually make a batch of my mom’s Never Fail Fudge.

Barbara Dunbar

I love to make cookies and I make many kinds and give cookie trays and cookie boxes as gifts. Have tried a few new ones this year, my favorite so far are Gingerbread Crinkles, recipe on Pinterest.


I make panettone - it's lighter than traditional Christmas cake which works well with it being summer. I also make rum balls and fruit mince pies using homemade rhubarb and cranberry fruit mince.

I really like Sknitches 80/20 Battleship and Knitterly Things Vesper Misty Mountain Rainbow.

Deb Monnin

We like to make buckeyes and pecan tarts amongst other things, and I think my favorite striping yarn is anything by Lorna’s Laces! Thanks so much

Patty McDonald

My kids want copious amounts of dressing, so I make that times over, a meat-potato pie, Death By Chocolate trifle and a strata (usually an egg, sausage and green chili one) for breakfast Christmas morning. Make it a day before and pop in the oven in the morning and with juice and coffee breakfast is done! Use a foil pan and paper plates and so are the dishes!

I really like BMFA's Holiday Inn for stripes!


I always make a few kinds of cookies. This browned-butter jam-filled sandwich cookie isn't a family recipe; it came straight out of Gourmet 15 years ago. It's not difficult, but it is a bit of a process. I always send some to my oldest DD, who lives 1000 miles away.


My grandmother's eggnog (made with bourbon) and oyster stuffing are always on the menu at my mother's house in south GA


The kids love deviled eggs and expect a bunch of them when they come home, so we make a lot of those. Then we decorate cut-out cookies together. Gotta love that Fireside Hearth Song yarn for the joyful use of color!!


Latkes and shortbread!

Candice Hope

I love Christmas cookies but I must have variety. Therefore, I always make at least 5 kinds that all hit different notes. Chewy Oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips and dried blueberries (they’re great for breakfast! 😳), chocolate chocolate shortbread (search for World Peace Cookies), peanut butter blossoms, St Nicholas cookies are super thin and crisp spice cookies. And I finally found my mom’s recipe for these yum cookies that have ground oats, ground raisins and pecans. But I just definitely didn’t grind them enough. So, maybe next year I’ll have it right.

Jan C.

We call them ‘Swedish heirloom cookies’. They are sort of like Mexican wedding cakes but so much better. Don’t know where we got the recipe from, it’s been handed down. They are delish!


Fish chowder for Christmas Eve and cranberry scones for Christmas morning!

Lorraine Chan

I love bourbon pecan pie during this time of year. We also bake it up in May for the KY derby.


As the kids have gotten older and married, we now have lots of dietary allergies and preferences to consider. The only thing that has remained constant is our Christmas morning brunch with Monkey Bread!

Kate s

I always make coffee cake for Christmas morning. The recipe is similar to this one:


We've taken to making orange sugar cookies half dipped in dark chocolate. They make great gifts for teachers and coworkers. I always get effusive thank you notes, especially if my girls hand them to the teachers by the office coffee pot.

Dora Nelson

I like to make and eat Pumpkin Roll especially at Thanksgiving. This year I made it gluten free and it was every bit as good as in previous years.

sharon o'donnell

I love Christmas cookies!! I especially love it when I have a variety to choose from. I used to make snowballs, ginger snaps, and rolled sugar cookies, but I haven’t for years bc I can’t stop eating them!!!! I need to make some and immediately give most away!!!! I love the colorful striping yarn. I think it’s twinkle lights.

Sandra Almgren

Christmas means fudge! Mom made Mamie Eisenhower's Million dollar fudge.
Turtlepurl Yarn, "We Aim to Misbehave" looks like fun knitting and has a great name!


We make a family cookie recipe that we call German Christmas cookies. It is a thin cut out cookie with anise seeds and decorated with colored sugar. It has fallen to me to make them this year, my mom is sick - so I made the dough with my sister and brought it to my house to roll it out. I’ll do it tomorrow.

Sabrina Snyder Snyder

I can not cook to save my life. I have a disability that causes balance issues. My family has decided that me falling into the oven is not a good idea. (Haha) I love to eat my sister-in-law's sweet potato casserole. It is absolutely incredible!

I love Knitterly yarn in Absolute Rainbow and Vesper Misty Mountain Rainbow. Both are beautiful!


I look forward to making and eating Special K bars.

Ellen Bruns

I am always asked for my recipe for my sugar cookies although it is just from the Betty Crocker Cookie cookbook. I think it may have something to do with making them every holiday for the last 40 years. Woukdnt be Christmas without tgem


Pecan pie. Recipe is from the 1983 edition of The Joy of Cooking. This online recipe for the filling looks close, though not exact:

Stacey D

I make tons of cookies - sugar cookies, gingerbread people, mocha and lemon spritz cookies, m&m chocolate chip cookies, and biscotti. Most recipes are handed from my grandmother, but I use the King Arthur flour recipes for biscotti - they always come out great.


I make a lot of food items this time of year. I make a lot of items that include eggnog. But the one item I get asked to make again and again is Sticky Toffee Pudding Bundt cake. It isn't hard it is just a bit time consuming. Other than that I make eggnog cheesecake bars, and eggnog bread and eggnog cookies --the theme is that my husband loves eggnog.

Marjorie M

Martha Stewart's "Torie's Cherry Chocolate Chunk" cookies are always a hit at my house. They are a tasty oatmeal cookie with chocolate chunks, dried cherries, and toffee bits.
As for the striping yarn, I've always wanted to try some Turtlepurl."What Did You Call Me?" looks gorgeous, and also "Rainbow Brite."

Lois Pennick

My grandmother’s lease recipe. It’s never as good as their lease - but - I keep on trying😍

Heather A

My husband and I always make sugar cookies to take to family gatherings. But I also love to make favorites like Earl Grey shortbread cookies, or a festive holiday pie. In previous years I’ve made a cranberry cheesecake pie, but this year I think I’m going to try a new one: a cranberry lime pie with a ginger snap cookie crust and freshly whipped cream to garnish.🎄


I make caramels from scratch every year for gifts. My co-workers look forward to them!


My all time favorite cookies are butter horns, but I usually only make them this time of year. It’s probably because my grandma only made them at Christmas. This recipe is the closest to my grandma’s: is similar to my grandma’s . The only differences are my grandma added chopped dates to the filling, most importantly, the dough needs to be rolled out on a surface that’s sprinkled with powered sugar. You can’t just sprinkle powered sugar on the cookies afterward. They won’t take right.


My mom and I make Spritz cookies at both Thanksgiving (so I can take them home for my Christmas party) and again at Christmas for them to have.

Robin VanderRoest

My favorite cookies are peanut butter blossoms. This recipe is closest to the one I use:

I use 2 T milk instead of 1, and margarine instead of butter. I don’t grease the pan at all. I bake them approx 7.5 minutes. I do NOT put them back in the oven after pressing the kiss into the cookie - that seems crazy! I remove them to a rack to cool. I often will move them to a tray and put in the freezer for about 15 minutes, so that the chocolate hardens again. My recipe makes about 4 dozen cookies. They don’t last long!


For my husband the ex-New Yorker, I make Black and White cookies, for a taste of the big Apple! Beat recipe ice found to date is at King Arthur Flourks site.


Oh! That Twinkle Lights is beautiful.
One of my fave recipes is my stuffing. If I have time, I’ll use stale bread, but if not I’ll use a box of Stove Top and add chopped celery, chopped onions, chopped apples and some crumbled sausage. Also, crumbled corn bread.


I would love the Knitterly twinkle lights sock. My family has to have boiled custard every year for Christmas. It’s delicious either warm or cold. I like it better than egg. Og.


Homemade chicken pot pie. No link, but I could email you how I make it.

Knitterly Things, Twinkle lights; Knitterly Things, Joyful Noise

Lisa M Barrett

Every year since I was a child we made cookie cutter cookies using Everyday Cookie Dough from my grandma's recipe (but I found the same one online -,1810,156182-254199,00.html?) w/ Butter Icing. There isn't an exact match online unfortunately. High on my Wish List is Knitterly Things in Joyful Noise. It's been on there a loooong time and I'd REALLY enjoy a skein :)


Gingerbread cookies are my must-have!


I make this every year. Warning it should be called Caramel Crack. So easy to make,too.


Always sugar cookies with red and green M&M’s added in. The Poste Stripes are always the best colors!!


I make eggnog bread pudding! Brioche bread, 12 eggs, 3 cups heavy cream, 1 cup whole milk,1/2 cup sugar, freshly grated nutmeg, 1/2 cup brandy- so not for small children. More for the adults!

Lisa M

My step mom makes these small loaf pan size fresh apple cakes only at Christmas. She hasn’t yet shared the recipe but I sure make sure to visit every Christmas to get my stash!

Teresa C

We have a Cherry Coconut Bar that we only make at this time of year. I have absolutely no idea where mom got the recipe, and we lost all her cookbooks to a fire. Save all your favorites to the cloud!

Lisa S

We go to the in-laws in Texas, so there’s a lot of Tex-Mex, especially queso. Queso on everything!!

Melissa G

I make Springerle and Pfeffernuesse cookies, marshmallow fudge for my husband, and rib roast for me!
I need to stop by the shop to see if you have any more of the Buckeye shade of your Poste Yarn.


I make a few different things to give to neighbors and friends which include: pumpkin bread, peanut butter cookies with a kiss on top, jelly butterballs, chocolate chip as well as a gluten for Chex mix.

Hard to choose my favorite stripe yarn but will drool as I check out your store.

Karen G.

You should try Snickerdoodle Blondies from Sally's Baking Addiction. Sooooo good! They've become a staple in my Christmas baking the past few years.

I also loooooove Texas Sheet Cake, but it's not Christmas-y for us.
Our family tradition is making red and white candy cane cookies each Christmas eve, though everyone makes random stuff (teacups, cats, snowmen, etc) with the dough, rarely candy canes! Merry Christmas!


Mostly favorite family Christmas cookies - snowballs, pecan tartlets, Incredibles (peanut butter Graham cracker bars topped with melted chocolate)

Kat Gatzke

I’m with you - I like the Christmas cookies. Growing up we always made sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies and the classic Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies. But I haven’t made them myself in quite a while. I also like the good old traditional dinner foods we had when I was a kid - turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, ham and warm rolls.


I make Nanaimo Bars & butter tarts every Christmas.


Always love Poste Yarn! Opal is a close second.

Lugarda Cappetta

I like potato candy pinwheels. Take a SMALL piece of boiled potato (about the size of a cherry tomato). Mash it with a fork and then start mixing/mashing powdered sugar into it (it will take quite a bit; that’s why you start with a small piece of potato). When it gets to a consistency that it is not runny and can be rolled out, roll it into a flat, fairly thin sheet. Spread it with peanut butter and roll it up like a jelly roll. Cut into slices and lay them out to dry out a bit. Enjoy.

I like any type of striping sock yarn; not big on any with large amounts of orange.


Good old Toll House chocolate chips cookies are always the favorite!


New tradition this year: Tapas Party! We went to Spain this summer and loved the casual dining with friends, eating delicious small plates of seafood, veggies, breads, nuts, and more. Can’t wait!!


We always make Swedish meatballs for Christmas, and several different Christmas cookies. Our favorite cookies are Chocolate Mints and Cardamom Pinwheels (sorry, no online links).


I love making treats! Each year we have English toffee, homemade chex mix, and sugar cookies with butter cream frosting instead of the traditional royal icing (not as crisp to look at but so much tastier!). Savory roasted nuts are a big hit and make great gifts since they keep so well.

And then I love to try a few new things too. This year I'm trying a new cheese ball, and making one or two types of snowball recipes probably from this list: There's usually a bigger list of experiments by now but I'm off to a late start this season. Oooh, and I wonder if I have time to make fudge...


My Grandma & Mom have passed along a recipe for Escalloped Corn!! It’s in the Betty Crocker cookbook. It’s a staple for holiday dinners!!!


Growing up, my family ate traditional English Christmas treats - mince pies, shortbread, fruitcake; my husband grew up eating traditional German Christmas treats - stollen, pfeffernussen, and gingersnaps. As a couple we've made a new tradition for ourselves - a decadent stuffing for the turkey that's based on gingerbread, with bacon, apples and onions for extra flavour. It's amazing and incredibly tasty!

I just ordered some Poste Yarn - might have to look at getting a few more skeins. Such lovely colours!

Andrea Agre

We always make Beef fondue on Christmas eve. You can make it easy by buying beef brooth or home make beef stock. We usually make 3 sauces, horseradish with sour cream, bernaise, curry (we use NY Times International cookbook recipe) and filet mignon cut in large chunks. It helps to have a good fondue pot!


I get addicted to sweets and can’t stop. As a result i have been enjoying dark chocolate covered almonds.
I love pretty xmas cookies with lots of buttery flavor..

I would rather knit socks than bake!


Last week I made a Scandinavian Almond Cake to take to a party. We loved it and I will make it again. And Cranberry Nut Bread.

Sharon A. Rocha

Usually i make cookies &cream fudge but this year I'm gonna make a derby pie & chocolate & caramel dipped pretzel rods for snacking on at's ina garten's recipe @ food network. Sounds easy.any of the yarns would be lovely,they are all so beautiful!

Laurie Bowman

My new favorite thing to make this time of year is butter rum moist and delicious...and calorific!


Growing up we always made fudge and gave it as gifts to teachers and the other people that touched our lives during the year. I still like to make candy this time of year, usually peppermint bark and peanut butter balls. (My Michigan family refuses to refer to them by their other name associated with a certain tree and their rival to the south.)


Baked potato soup, I'm all about warm comfort foods in the cold weather!

Amy G

For the family tradition, we have caramel pecan rolls on Christmas Morning - no icing and one small pan without pecans for the picky kids.

I am a Christmas cookie fanatic - when I'm baking, I have a great Gingerbread Cookie recipe from Rosies All Butter, Fresh Cream, Sugar Packed cookbook.

It is also not Christmas without Traditional Chex Mix - double the dry ingredients, triple the seasonings. Made in the oven - it's the only way to go.

I love self striping yarns! I have just realized that my sock collection is beginning to show some wear so I better get cracking on more socks!


I make the cookies my grandmother made, pizzelles,chocolate balls and Italian fig cookies, in addition to gingerbread, cutouts etc. Its a cookie extravaganza!

Debra Cohen

Being Jewish and celebrating Chanukah the good I love this time of year is latkes. Latkes are crispy potato pancakes fried in oil and crispy. Served with applesauce they are delish!


We make Christmas Crinkles every year-- an easy and delicious cookie that looks more complicated than it is. It's always a hit at the cookie swap!

Teresa F Ronk

We aim to misbehave is awesome. I like to make Pecan Tassie from an old recipe I cut out of a newspaper years ago.


Poppy seed roll is a Polish classic. It was my Dad’s favorite but I like the almond roll. You need one of these for it to be Christmas.


My goal is to finish a a pair of socks I started two years ago! At least the first sock is done. And knit a hat for my niece's birthday.

Karla Hartzell

I love self striping yarns and especially ones that have 12-20 stripes... like Mind the Gap from Trailing clouds on Etsy. This yarn has all the colors of the London Tube lines and if you have ever ridden the subway in the UK you know that the safety announcement urges you to Mind The Gap when entering or exiting the train!!

Katherine S.

I love holiday cookies. My favorites are candy cane cookies. They are labor intensive, but worth it!


Not much of a cook but when CHristmas comes around having Italian cookies is what I like the most. Plus the holiday m&ms. Gotta have my cookies and candy

Mindy ZW

Twinkle lights. Love it.

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