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December 17, 2019



I make these Shortbread Squares for my parents every year at Christmas. They are soooooo good!


I love peanut butter balls! I look forward to them all year.


When a friend gave me caramels as a gift, I was hooked. I like to make them at this time of year. Turns out that my husbands grandmother made them too.
I haven't knitted self striping socks for awhile so when I win LOL I will have to spend some time checking your inventory.

I haven't bought the Poste stripes but other Poste yarns have been wonderful to knit.


Iced sugar cookies and 7 layer cookies for me, and rum cake too.


We make pecan shirts every year! I love the knitterly things self striping

Joyce Chase

I make a candy called Sea Salt Slow Cooker Chocolate Candy. I melt 3 different types of chocolate in the slow cooker. Add nuts, cereal, dried fruit, or whatever your heart desires. I got this easy recipe a few years back in our local WE (Wisconsin Energies) Cookie Book.
They use peanuts, but I use other additions.

Renee Sawyer

I always make pumpkin bread. I love cookies but I leave those to my daughters. I guess I am a little lazy when it comes to baking. My family loves broccoli salad so I usually make that around the holidays.


My daughter's "go to" is Rachel Ray's "Christmas Pasta" After all the turkey and ham dinners, this is a welcome change come Christmas Day. This has become tradition. Recipe is on Pinterest and around. Love Sweater Weather is named so appropriately


I used to make a totally delish potato soup for Christmas Eve, a big enough pot for leftovers. Homemade rolls topped off the meal. I don't have a recipe. I used to use a basic (butter-filled) potato soup recipe and add any other vegetables I felt moved to. Like carrots, broccoli, and one year cauliflower. FYI: The cauliflower year was not a stand out one.


My favorite dessert this time of year is a Pecan Pie! I no longer make it but my children and grandchildren always make sure there is one for our Christmas Day buffet!

Charissa Lansing

For me it’s ginger snap cookies. These melt in my mouth because they are so delicious:

Oh that gorgeous striped yarn! I’d love to knit with Knitterly Things, Twinkle Lights.

Jody Laake

I am a better eater than baker but my family always enjoys my Oreo cheesecake. It’s a no bake very easy dessert. I leave all the delicious cookies to my daughter who is the real talent in the kitchen!

Sandy Harwood

Peanut butter’s a treat at this time of easy to make. it’s not my recipe but is online....I hope you enjoy!

Anissa Miller

My great-grandparents came from Norway so we make traditional recipes passed down from them such as Norwegian Pepper cookies. Yes, there is black pepper in the recipe but it's hardly noticeable next to the Cardamom that's also it there! YUM!
Allison, I, also, make Snickerdoodles this time of year but I switch them up and make them festive by rolling them in red or green sugar instead of the traditional cinnamon sugar.


Every year we make this pecan cobbler. It is super easy to make and so delicious!!


I love to make cranberry - strawberry relish- so simple...whole cranberries, frozen strawberries, water and honey. I cook it until it is almost jammy and then serve it on yogurt or oatmeal or with Mac and cheese or all on its own!
We also love to eat the fudge that my sister in law gifts us for Christmas- lots of flavors though a traditional chocolate is always my favorite.

Rose Birchall

Pizelles. Italian waffle cookies.

Lisa Smith

I love sugar cookies. My husband discovered Monster cookies last year and now he requests those.


Cookies! Every year it's a slightly different mix of cookies, but we always make chocolate chip cookies with M&Ms.

Terri Brinear

I always make sugar cookies to cut out and decorate. This year, my husband wanted to try new cookies, so we decided on Chewy Molasses cookies, Cake mix Crinkles, Macaroon blossoms, and Double chocolate Snowball cookies. All from the website Crazy for Crust. They have all been delicious!


Baklava, my family loves it and I only make it at Christmas. It's not difficult to make, just time consuming.


A recent dramatic change in diet (essential rather than by choice, but I do feel so much better) means I can no longer make my usual shortbread. I’m going to have to play around with substitute ingredients to see if I can get something vaguely similar.


Our favorites at Christmas time are snickerdoodles and Huckleberry cream pie.

Nicole S

For me it’s shortbread - a family recipe that I don’t have with me here at the airport.


My go to for the holidays are pizzelles. It's not Christmas without them! Last year my pizzelle iron died after 33 years and it was the end of the world. I was able to borrow one from an Italian friend and I've now got a new one...hopefully I'll have a successful baking session this weekend!


I like to make cookies called “Santa’s Whiskers”
Dried(or candied) cherries and pecans in an icebox dough, rolled in coconut. When you slice the cookies they are ringed with coconut, which toasts nicely.

Elizabeth Kroll

Old Fashioned Spritz cookies are the best!


I absolutely love baking! A few favorites of the family are peanut butter fudge, candy buckeyes (I am an Ohio State University alumnus and have lived in Ohio for 17 years now) and cut-out sugar cookies, which I let my kids decorate.


Don't like to bake but love to make cinnamon sugar coated pecans.


I make The NY Times chocolate chip cookies every year! I just sent off a batch to my brother in CA. The recipe can be found here They are worth the wait I promise!!


We love this vegetable casserole for our holiday dinner, It's called Swiss Vegetable Medley, and here is the link to the recipe I use on the McCormick website: The only addition/change we make is to increase the amount of vegetables used because the amount of sauce is generous; our kids always requested it. The newest recipe we make now that my husband can't have dairy items is the traditional cold broccoli salad with mayo, vinegar, sugar, sunflower seeds, raisins or craisins, carrots/cauliflower (optional), diced Monterey Jack cheese (we leave it off my husband's dish). There are many versions on the Internet, we just choose one with our favorite ingredients. I like Twinkle Lights and the Poste yarn colors.


I always make a Scandinavian fruit soup, similar to this recipe, but tweaked over the years by my dad, and now me. My daughter loves it!


Completely decadent, Toffee Apple Dip is a holiday classic in our house:


Peanut Butter Snowballs!

1Cup crunchy peanut butter
1Tbsp. Butter
1Cup icing suger
1Cup Rice Krispies
1tsp. vanilla flavouring

Mix all ingredients together, adding Rice Krispies last. Roll into small balls, dip in water icing and then in fine coconut. Easy, Yum!!!

My favourite self striping wool out of what you suggested, would be Poste Stripe in Lake Baikal.

Renee Anne

I love my grandmother's pie recipe. It's nothing spectacular, just a custard/pudding type pie in a graham cracker crust, but it reminds me of Christmas.

Starletta Schipp

This time of year, I love all things with warming spices, like gingerbread. I also love self striping sock yarn - the turtlepurl looks very fun!


Latkes! While I don't make them myself, I'm always willing to eat some.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

The only time we want some peanut butter fudge is at Christmas time. So far I've resisted making any, but it is so easy to make and the will power is weakening as the 25th approaches.


I love anything that has crushed peppermint on it during the winter holiday season.

Geraldine Scott

Not really committed to a traditional set of recipes. I do like to try at least one new recipe during the holiday season...


Theres nothing in particular that we like to make, but I do tend to increase the frequency which we bake/make things this time of year! And of course its the time to use even more cinnamon and peppermint flavor than usual!


I love making corn soufflé for our holiday meals. Don’t know why we don’t ever have it at other times of the year! It’s not hard. Another frequently requested recipe is Tuxedo brownies. It’s a Pampered Chef recipe.

Jessica McConnell

Cinnamon Toffee Oatmeal Cookies!I love these cookies. I make them gluten free by using King Arthur Gluten free flour. The kids can’t tell the difference and I can eat them too.


Iced sugar cookies - the cookies are so thick it is almost like eating a tiny cake!


I love to bake fresh apple and pumpkin pies. Also, cookies. Everyone has a favorite from Raspberry ribbons, to candy canes and chocolate mint. Thankfully, lots of them go home with my kids. I also gift a lot...

Hilda C.

I make a dish with salted codfish and tomato sauce which my mom made every Christmas. It's definitely an acquired taste but means Christmas to me.


Red velvet cake from my grandmother's recipe!


I used to make fruitcakes around Thanksgiving so they would be ready for Christmas. I'd make one dark and one light with all the traditional candied fruits and nuts (but no green candied cherries - those are just scary). One year I found dried tropical fruits so I modified a light fruitcake recipe to make my own Tropical Fruitcake with mango, papaya, pineapple, coconut, macadamia nuts and probably something else that I'm forgetting.

I've made a variety of Christmas cookies over the years - too many favorites to make them all every year! Pizelles and chess pies are probably my absolute favorites.

Now I want to eat something sweet!


I always make Popovers for Christmas dinner and the cookie of choice for the holidays is Madeleines dipped in chocolate and dusted with sugar.


Our family loves to make caramels every year. They are soft, buttery perfection. I LOVE the Knitterly Things self-striping Vesper Joyful Noise. It's perfectly Christmas while still a stripe mix that can be worn at any time of the year!


I have always loved the colors of the Knitterly Things and TurtlePurl self-striping yarns! Two holiday traditions we have adopted from my husband's family are that he HAS to have a Collin Street Bakery fruitcake under the tree, and we often make his mother's cinnamon cake recipe for Christmas morning. I won't share the recipe since I don't want to be responsible for anyone's health - that tiny cake has so much butter and sugar!!

Tami H.

Lefsa! Butter, brown sugar and roll it up! Yummy. Or use jam, nutella, peanut butter, etc. It's a tradition!

Diane N

I love to make my grandmother's peanut butter fudge. Sometimes chocolate, too, but always peanut butter!

Kate C

Gumdrop Cake!


I love green bean casserole. Just the normal recipe, but cream of celery soup not mushroom and cheesy onions bits


Snickerdoodles are on my “to do” list as are Buckeyes (peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate), gingersnaps & fudge.


At Christmas for me it is cookies, cookies and more cookies. I give them as gifts to everyone so at this time of year my freezer has no food in it, only cookies.
I love the Knitterly Things Vesper striping yarns you have currently on the website especially the Christmas colors. Just what I need ....more Christmas sock yarn. LOL.

Beverly J White

I love Russian Tea Cakes, but only make them at Christmas. They are also called Mexican Wedding Cakes or Snow Balls. The recipe is decades old.


Swedish Drommar are my favorite thing. Now that I have a source for baking ammonia I can make them at home!

Susan Ipavec

I love to make casseroles this time of the year---I make a really good ravioli casserole, as well as the holiday standard, green bean casserole. My favorite thing to make, however, is oven-baked blueberry french toast, using brioche bread instead of french bread.


I like to make rum balls! I use dark rum! Yum...


Oh, I love self-stripping yarn! In fact I'm currently wearing a pair of socks I knit in Poste Yarn Christmas colors - I think it's called Jingle Bells. As for food, I love Brussels Sprouts and collect recipes and have too many favorites to pick just one.


Latkes! Cut out cookies! Doughnuts!

Sarah D

I love to make candy - caramels, toffee, marshmallows, etc. So delicious!


Sweet potato casserole with pecan praline topping...sorry I don’t have recipe to share. I just wing it!!


My mother’s nutbread. My husband claims it is dry but my sisters and brother and I find it to be the greatest ever.


(Whew, Knitterly Things in Twinkle Lights is gorgeous.) We make little pecan tea cookies. The recipe is from Rosalyn's Bakery, an Indiana bakery that released a cookbook after it closed its doors.

M Reedstrom

Cookies of all kinds.


I love eggnog, but I try to stay away from it. It goes right to my muffintop.


Starting in October (this is my son's birthday "cake") I make Sweet Potato Pie using my mother-in-law's recipe. (I'm at work (shh) so I can't include it). I make it again at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Occassionally very special friends will get one as a gift.

Cindy Carpenter

Christmas cookies!!! The bigger the choice the better!


I made this cranberry jalapeño dip for the first time at thanksgiving and requests were made while we were still eating that I make it at Christmas too

Dana Snyder

I love to make French Onion soup. I teach French so I’m always looking for good French recipes. The onions are what makes the soup delicious! I just made this a couple weeks ago. I think I could eat it every day!

Julie Vance

My Grandma's veggie pizza. It's not Christmas Eve without it, even as an adult.

Lisa L

I bake a bourbon chocolate pecan pie every Thanksgiving. It is the one thing on the menu I will never skip.

Patsy Coats

I love fruit cake and crockpot candy.

Lorie Konopka

Christmas time always meant home made candies. Mom would make them and store them in 5 gallon tin cans. Peanut brittle was my favorite. I'm going to try to make some this week. I just can't find my cookbook. But if I don't find it, I'll Google it and see what happens!

Kim Kieffer

We have a tradition of having fondue on Christmas. Broth/wine, cheese and chocolate of some sort. Its set up in the kitchen and we nibble on it all day.


I like to make frosted cutout cookies. My family says they are the best. It's a simple recipe that uses buttermilk.


My mom makes the traditional family recipe nut roll every year, which we have for breakfast as we are opening presents. So yummy!


I usually bake a big batch of sugar cookies from s recipe I've had for years.


My favourite all time cookie (and there's nothing Christmassy about it) is Martha Stewart's Cowboy cookie. Made with oatmeal and just feels healthier than so many other recipes! Although once Christmas and the cold weather approaches, I make Butter's Famous Marshmallows for myself and to give to others. People wonder why you would make home made marshmallows but once you's tasted these, the question becomes ridiculous !

Diane Jespersen

Since marrying my husband 30 years ago, I have embraced Danish traditions. We make pebernodder! It's so much fun to make these little "nuts" that taste a little like a ginger snap. It's a family affair and sometimes a learning experience for friends who are invited to join the fun!


We always make a simple cookie flavored with anise seeds, frosted with buttercream, and decorated with sprinkles. A recipe passed down from my great-grandmother.


I love making Oreo truffles and Martha Stewart’s cranberry shortbread.

Suzann Ellis

I became gluten-free five years ago, and I had to abandon all my traditional holiday favorites. I've been trying to recreate traditions with new recipes. A gluten-free gingerbread cookie recipe has become a new annual favorite.


I make a lot of toffee. Cookies vary but my favorite are the traditional chocolate crinkle cookies or chocolate cookies with rolos in them. My son's favorites are peanut butter mice cookies.

I would be thrilled with any self striping yarn.


I love a good iced sugar cookie and peanut butter balls.

Sarah Peschell

Oh so many cookies, but also i feel the need for traditional spinach dip in the sourdough bowl this time of year. Oh and Butter tarts!


We always made the rich roll cookies from the Pope School cookbook. And we’d also make the Sugar cookies from the same cookbook because, while the rich roll cookies are delicious - almost like shortbread, they’re very hard to roll out & cut. The high butter content means that they get too soft & sticky to roll out in the warmth of a small kitchen with the oven on.
It’s hard to say which striping yarn I’d choose; there are so many nice ones. But I think the Poste yarns are nicer than all of them. I’ve been hoping you’d bring back Heartbreak Hotel. Every time someone has noticed them, they want a pair. If a sock knitter, they want to know where to get the yarn. .

Kim Holbrook

I like to make Peppermint Bark—one 16 oz bag of white confectionery coating, melted, with one half bag of red and green peppermint candy crunch (both from Country Kitchen here in Ft. Wayne) stirred in. Spread it onto wax paper, cool, and break into pieces. Easy and yummy!


We now have a lot of dietary restrictions in our family so some of our holiday traditions have been abandoned. Our new traditional Christmas dinner includes salmon as the entree and our baked goods now come from our very good local gluten free bakery. Some of the Knitterly Things colorways are definitely calling my name - Holiday Celebrate, Jingle All The Way, Joyful Noise, and The Holly and the Ivy.


I added peanut butter to my standard oatmeal raisin cookie this summer and replaced the raisins with extra large chocolate chips. A new family favorite - my nephew requested them on baking day on Saturday.
I would love Poste yarn. I have made socks out of it before and I love them.

Effie Stell

I like to make toffee brownies. So easy. They use a box of brownie mix and 4 four oz. Hershey Smymphony bars. Make brownie mix according to box directions. Place half in 9by13 pan. Layer Symphony bars over first half of mix. Placr second half brownie mix over candy layer. Bake according to directions for 9by13 pan. So rich and soo good.


Cookies cookies cookies!

Adriene Cerani

I love making oodles of appetizers for Christmas eve! We have a full meal afterwards which no one can finish after all the appetizers, but we love them! Veggies & drip, small hot dogs in blanket, and always experiment with a few others! I love the informality of appetizers over the formality of the sit-down dinner...


‘Tis the season to fry latkes!


It's the sweets! Cinnamon and spearmint gum drops. And Royal Dansk Butter cookies. Both are a must have for us during the holidays.


Lots. Peanut brittle, Russian teacakes, meltaways...


I'm a sweet tooth kind of person, so I make this treat called Reindeer Crack. Melt white chocolate into a mix of Fritos, Bugles, Chex cereal, pretzels, M&M's stir it up really good, then lay it out on wax paper.

As for what stripes, Vesper! Although to chose is hard...maybe Holiday Celebrate or Radiance or :-)

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