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December 16, 2019



I love getting knitting things as gifts. My best friend knits also so we always exchange some type of knitting item. Otherwise I have to ask for certain things then draw a picture LOL. I have received gift certificates to yarn stores which is nice. My daughter purchased me a beautiful yarn bowl one year. It has always been dear to me.

Lisa Viviano

Gift certificate.

Lisa M

I've received some knitting and crochet books from my family, but I think I should drop some more specific hints!


I have received yarn before but I really love to get gift certificates!

MIchelle McCrillis

My husband often gives me a substantial gift certificate or the current year’s holiday set of Knitters Pride needles. This year I think he’s taken the hint, and our daughters Amazon account, for some additions to my knitting library.


I usually tell the person who is buying me knitting related things to give me a gift card, usually works best. I can order what I want. My husband will ask me to order the yarn plus accessories, and when they arrive I give them to him, so he can give them to me. He had the SS Christmas kit this year for me. He has good taste !!!


My brother just brought me a gift of possum yarn when he returned from Australia. It was a total surprise and it is a great denim blue color. I have also received project bags friends have chosen for me.


I have received an interchangeable needle set from my husband which I asked for and provided him the link to because otherwise he would have no idea. I have received several knitting related things from my knitting buddies like handmade stitch markers that I use all the time and yarn cozies that I love! I think these types of things are loved by all knitters so you can’t go wrong when gifting!


My sister gifts me beautiful yarn every year and in turn the following year I gift her a handmade object. She loves being surprised by what I do with the yarn and it is fun for her to pick out the yarn as it is normally not what I would pick.

Carol H.

I've never received yarn, gift certificate or knitting supplies for a gift. I've gifted others with knitted socks and mittens. On my list this year is a pair of sock blockers. I hope Santa is listening and reading this year!

Beverly J White

I have NEVER received a knitting related gift. The family always says that they just don't know what to get me - it's so hard. There are knitting projects all around the house as well as knitting books and gadgets. What are they looking at?

Jody Laake

Sadly I have never received yarn or knit related accessories as gifts. 😢 I am the only one in my family who’s totally in love with yarn and all the goodies that go with it. Even though I have asked and hinted year after year, it never works.


My friend has a friend who has just started up a farm, where she makes her own yarn from a type of Icelandic sheep. My friend visited her friend, and bought me two lovely skeins of this hand-made yarn. Very nice!

Karol S

I was given a set of Lykke needles by my son’s girlfriend for Christmas. I had it on my list but didn’t expect to get them. I was floored. She has been the recipient of many knitted items since then.


Last year, my husband gave me two gift certificates to two different yarn shops; one was my for my LYS, and the other was for a yarn shop we visit when we go to the mountains. This year a friend made me a yarn advent calendar. So far I've gotten a yarn cozy and a hand-felted progress keeper besides the wonderful mini skeins. For me, I think any knitting related gift is a thoughtful gift!!


I have gift certificates for three different yarn stores (including SSYC, of course) on my wishlist. One of my knitting friends and I exchange yarn at the holidays, trying to send one another local yarn. I love it!

Susan James

my son is really good about finding lovely yarns for me, for Christmas, birthdays and Mother's Day. I also have a few knitting friends that will give me project bags or yarn as gifts. They KNOW that sock yarn is my #1 favorite all time gift! and that's usually what I get from them. One friend is very generous, giving me several skeins of Must Stash Yarn.......her colors are as pretty as Knitterly Things!
I don't tell people what I want..........but SOCK YARN! is my favorite gift to receive!!

Sarah D.

My husband travels for work and will occasionally pick up yarn for me for a gift if he's near a yarn store. It's so sweet of him! He will let me know what he's found that he thinks I might like, and ask for my input :-)
My mother-in-law has given me a ball winder and a swift for a gift. So awesome.

Kati B

When I was 18, my mom gave me orange yarn and a sweater pattern for my birthday!


My mom has been wonderful at gifting me yarn and knitting accessories. I have gotten yarn (most of it sock yarn) and some interchangable sets. My mom is so knitworthy.

Sabrina Snyder Snyder

I have received yarn as a gift. I usually make something special for the person who gave it to me. Then give them the finished item as a gift.

Nathanne Verner

My daughter lives in Vienna, Austria, and she can get Addi products for less than half off what we pay for them here. She has been sending me the latest Addi interchangeable needle sets for Christmas. She also gives me a yearly membership in Martina Behm's Strickmich knitting club. It's a lot of fun getting the packages from Germany every 3 months with the new patterns and yarn for shawls and cowls. It's such a treat.


I’ve been in the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin’ Sock Club since the second year. For the past few, I’ve requested a gift certificate for it as either a Christmas or early birthday gift from my dad, which he has provided.

About 7 years ago, he saw a spinning wheel for sale on an internal corporate message board. He knew I spun with drop spindles and had taken an intro wheel spinning class, and he decided I needed a wheel. He offered to buy me one, so I’ve had my lovely Ashford Joy since then!

My best friend once gifted me with a skein of her own handspun yarn.

Those are the only knitting related gifts I’ve received so far.

Sarah Peschell

I have received yarn and some sock pattern books. The books i specifically requested, but the yarn was chosen by my brother and was Sweet Georgia sock yarn, a great choice!


I have not received a knitting related gift although I have hinted at yarn...a gift certificate would be ideal.

Lynn Dash

Several years ago my husband went to my LYS and they helped him select a lovely bag full of yarn and goodies for a Christmas gift. But, I prefer to do my own gifting to myself and I’m trying to reduce my stash! So I discourage yarn gifts these days.


One year my husband filled my stocking with all sorts of fun knitting goodies. What sticks out the most was the knit kit. I don't know if they even make it anymore. It had a row counter, a tape measure, folding scissors, a small crochet hook and a little storage area all in a handy tool about the size of the palm of my hand. It is very useful and was a total surprise.

Cindy Carpenter

For the most part my husband has is spot on buying for me. He listens carefully and picks up on cues that I am not even aware of.

BJ King

I receive yarn as gifts from my husband and my mom and my sister. I usually have to tell them exactly what I want. But my sister is really good at picking thing out, because she is also a knitter.


My husband got my daughter’s help o e Christmas. He signed me up for a yarn of the month club my daughter has given me gift cards to a yarn shop and I really like those so I can pick out what I want.


I was fortunate to have a friend who was also a knitter. We exchanged gifts over the years so whatever she got me was a surprise--yarn, knitting bag and accessories. It was also fun to shop for her; sometimes I bought one for her and one for me. Sadly, she's no longer here but I have the yarn and supplies as memories.


Yes I have received yarn, knitting items as gifts. Some I have asked for others were just gifted to me because they knew I knitted. My son gets me gift cert at the LYS and my daughter has given me yarn clubs. My sister in law sent me a yarn bowl for no reason. My husband gets me yarny gifts too but he always checks first. I am truly blessed.

Emily Schofield

I typically ask for gift certificates to yarn shops for Christmas or my birthday. It’s easier for the gift-giver, and then I get to pick what I want!

Beth Williams

I get all kinds of gifts yarn, stitch markers, patterns, kits from various shops, classes from my LYS. It is fun to see what is coming next and the spontaneity is always a pleasure. I knit and crochet, so there is a lot out there. I never return these gifts.

Cynthia Saar

I have not received a Christmas yarn gift. But if I did, I'd be specific about what I want, otherwise, I would ask for a gift certificate. The only thing I'm particularly interested in is buying a yarn bowl, but I want one with character.


My daughters give me knitting gifts- yarn, bags, books, finished handknits... many gifts!
My daughter recently gave me a sweater and she made one for her sister.

A friend has given me knitting bags and yarn, gift certificates.

I also buy yarn and bags for gifts.

And birthdays, and mother’s day also are good events for knitting gifts


My DH buys me yarn for gifts all the time. He knows I’m a sock knitter and exactly what colors I like and don’t like. He hasn’t given me any yarn that I haven’t liked.


I live in a town without a yarn store. I have received yarn gifts which were purchased at Wal-Mart (loud sigh). This is why mail order is so important.


I have never received a fiber gift. My ultimate fiber gift would be a trip to your shop!!


I studied sculpture during college, and while I used a variety of materials to make the sculptures, there was always some element that was made of fiber. After awhile my friends and teachers started gifting me boxes of yarn and fabric. Some of it went to my sculptures, but a lot of it went to knitting. By the end of college I had a well established yarn stash that I still pull from today.

Kim Holbrook

I have not received any yarn related gifts, a situation that needs to be rectified! I would love a skein of hand-dyed yarn, picked out because the giver just knew I would love the color. Interchangeable needles would be lovely, too.


My best friend (also a knitter) has given me yarn as gifts. She has a better eye for color than I do and also loves to find pattern ideas to share with me, often for the yarn she has given me. I have never requested anything in particular.


My Mom and my husband have both bought me knitting related gifts...yarn, nice books and even a t-shirt. They have a hard time coming up with ideas so I’m usually fairly specific about what I request. I would love a gift certificate to a local yarn store or a nice online shop like Simply Sock Yarn. That would be a big treat.

Geri Heagy

Yes! I have received yarn as a gift. My husband surprised me one year at Christmas with yarn. I asked him how he knew what to buy and he said “I just listened to you talk about it!”

Geraldine Scott

No, to a non-knitter, yarn is I don't trust asking for yarn. I always give a list of various shops and ask for gift cards...the only way to go!

Susan Dobrowney

I have received many knitting related gifts from my children. My favourite is the photos of them wearing the items that i have made for them.

Diane Jespersen

A gift certificate to my local LYS is my favorite gift for Christmas and birthdays. My mom and husband have figured this out! Lucky me!


I normally have to go pick out the yarn and tell hubby that he’s off the hook for a present. I love making and giving knitted gifts.


Oh yes! Usually a GC from SSYC. They try and wrap it so it's disguised, but it's my favorite gift!


We have a group of ladies that have knitted together for years. We have been doing a knitting gift exchange for 2 years now. Since we knit together, we also shop together. I have received yarn as a gift and the gifts I have gotten were because the giver knew what kinds of yarn I like and what independent dyers.


I got sock blockers last year! And yes, I had to be very specific about what I wanted.

Jessica McConnell

I have received yarn by well meaning gift givers which I have knit up but I always prefer LYS gift cards so I can have the pleasure of picking out the yarn- that's at least 1/2 the fun of knitting!

Deb Monnin

I received a blocking mat from my in laws and an interchangeable needle set from my mother. I specifically had them on my list. My daughter surprised me last year and gave me hand spun hand dyed yarn that she made. It was wonderful!

Kathleen Hooker

I received a set of bamboo straights as a gift from my on and daughter in law.
I didn't have to give any info as my daughter in law is a knitter.

Patti Gwara

Yes! About 10 years ago at Thanksgiving, our middle-school-aged granddaughter said she’d learned to knit in school. I mentioned that I had never tried knitting and her mother suggested she teach me. We sat down on the couch and she proceeded to show me how to make a knit stitch, and was very patient as I translated that for my left-handedness. That Christmas, she gifted me a skein of yarn and a set of needles. That first scarf project took me a long time to finish, but sparked a such passion that knitting has become part of my daily routine. It’s safe to say that without that gift, I never would have discovered the fiber arts world!


I would love knitting gifts. I did get a special skein from my bestie last year. A yarn bowl would be on my list this year for sure

Sandy Harwood

I received gifts of yarn from my husband but he is basically standing beside me when I find the yarn and he pays for it. I’m good with that!

Lisa M Barrett

I have not. I think the husband feels it's too easy to give me a gift card while at the same time he knows I'm very particular about my knitting and what I want/don't want so I make all my yarny purchases myself. Were he to ask, I would definitely tell him a gift certificate to your store!


My daughter gave me a set of interchangeable needles for sock knitting. I actually ordered them to be sure they were right. My younger one often brings me a pattern book if she finds a lye while traveling.


I have gotten a few pattern books (that I mentioned by name on my wish list). I think my family is afraid that they will buy the wrong kind of knitting things so they just don’t.


My daughter made me a holder for all my double pointed needles. I still use it!


I love the sheepy stitch markers I got in my stocking last year. Total surprise.


I’ve received subscriptions to different yarn clubs before, and also gift certificates to SSYC!

Susan Eberhardt

When we had a LYS, the owner let us make a wish list which she kept for friends and family to use. My husband loved Christmas shopping for me then. He called it my ”needs some assembly” gifts!

Kim Erickson

My daughter knows what I like, so, she usually buys me knitting supplies that I normally wouldn't buy myself. One year it was a gorgeous wooden yarn bowl. Another year, it was an interchangable needle set. And always, sock yarn!😀 Lucky me!


I’ve received all kinds of stuff as knitting-related gifts from family and knitting pals. A knitter always needs sock yarn, stitch markers, project bags and a new pattern book.

Katherine Schmitt

A few years ago for Christmas, my husband bought me 6 Furls crochet hooks. That was a big surprise and unsolicited. But no yarn. He says I have to choose that on my own!


Oh the stories I could share answering this one. My husband's family has given me the 'cheaper' yarns and they all ended up donated to the local Senior Center along with a plastic knitting bag.
On the other hand, my husband has purchased me yarn from my various wish lists and it has been some of the best gifts!


Yes, from my knitting friend, our tastes are similar so it is easy to buy for one another.

Lisa Loback

My aunt and I always exchange knitting gifts. When we are traveling apart from each other, we always bring back a skein or two from the local yarn shops we visit. I was recently gifted a skein from Ireland from her! It is a tradition now and we love it!!


My DIL gives me a gift certificate for christmas, and one for mothers day to my local bookstore that is also my LYS. I am able to take my time and shop all year.


I think I want to make the coffee socks for my coffee loving/sock loving daughter.


My family isn't so great at picking out yarny gifts, so a knitting friend and I swap advent packages of minis and little notions with a full skein for Christmas. It's so much more personal and fun than store-bought advents!


My daughter teaches in Africa occasionally, and the last time she brought me back some yarn from a women's collective.

Sonja C Sokol

I have received many knitting bags, accessories, needles and yarn through the years from family and friends. Most them knit and have the best ideas!


Over the past 20 years or so, I’ve received so many knitting related gifts. My daughters have gotten me skeins of yarn as Christmas gifts & souvenirs of their travels. One of my grandsons got me the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible for Christmas. And last year my partner got me 2 ChiaoGoo sets of interchangeable needles.


Yes, I have received yarn or knitting books or knitting tools and even gift certificates.
When my daughters ask what I want, I always tell them knitting stuff especially gift certificates. Last year friend asked me for some ideas and I sent her links to some knitting tools. My husband supports my habit too! One year he got me a wooden yarn bowl!


This was the first year a friend gave me an early, spur of the moment gift of yarn! I've gotten money to buy yarn but never real yarn. I love it!

Janet D.

A friend of mine gifted me a print and a gift card for no special occasion. The perfect gift! She is also a knitter and needed no hints.

Debra Dahler

My daughter gave me a sterling silver needle gauges sizer in the shape of a nautilus shell. It makes a beautiful necklace and a very handy tool. I love it.


My husband is really good about getting knitting gifts for me. I give him a very specific request and where to purchase it. At my LYS he’s known as Becky’s husband. Interchangeable needles, swift and winded or books and kits.


My boyfriend has given me some knitting related gifts. Some stitch markers, a few skeins of yarn and a yarn swift. And absolutely I told him exactly what to get.

Jackie Trembley

I’ve received knitting needles for a gift, but I specifically asked for them.


Some, but mostly only if I ask for something since it's very hard for someone else to pick out for me. Some pattern books, a gift certificate to simply socks has happened before!

Renee Sawyer

My family has no clue what I want so I have to tell them specifically. Gift certificates are wonderful as well as yarn and books and tools. If I get anything yarn related I am thrilled!


One year I received a swift and ball winder from my husband. Yes, I had to tell him exactly what to get.

Carmie Anderson

I have been lucky enough to receive gifts of yarn needles and books many times from friends!


My sister is also a knitter so she knows whatks good. Gift certificates are always welcome.


Those penguin stitch markers are adorable! Last year I got a new ball winder which was awesome! Earlier today I was thinking about finally knitting some warm mitts with the lovely alpaca my hubby gave me for my birthday.


My mother and sisters knit, and my brother in law crochets. We usually gift several hand made things, and also supplies. They have a pretty good idea what I like, so I don’t have to be too specific with what I like. I've gotten interchangeable sets that I love, notions I want to try, project bags my sister makes, and fabulous yarn. I think there's a fade set that I found at our local yarn crawl under the tree this year...

Lisa S

Sadly, no one close to me knows enough to pick out yarn or tools for me. However, one friend did get me the Stitch n Bitch book at the beginning of my knitting journey about 15 years ago.

Lilie W

I just got stitch markers with knitting symbols from a co-worker today. it was a total surprise and I LOVE them


I’ve received some wonderful little surprise gifts from fellow knitters: owl stitch markers, mini storage box for accessories, head lamp to knit in poor light, Kitchener key chain, and skeins of yarn. Knitters are so kind, thoughtful and generous people. Thank you!

Kelli L

It’s a tradition that I pick a project/yarn and send to my mother in law every Christmas. Best part is that the projects are for me!


I’ve put links for specific tools in a folder for hubby and always encourage gift certificates for my LYS from family


I've been fortunate enough to receive yarn, which I had carried round a shop for an hour before deciding I couldn't justify buying it. Well done boyfriend! My dad had a friend make me a beautiful wooden yarn bowl and my uncle is keen to try making me a wool winder.


I have gotten yarn and knitting accessories as gifts. When the gift has been from a friend who also knits, those gifts have been surprises but with non-knitting family members, I usually give some suggestions :)

Debra Cohen

Every year my son gives me a birthday gift certificate for yarn...but my husband supports my yarn habit all year long!


My son was kind enough to let me choose the sock yarn from your shop. It was my birthday present. Now I have some wonder and varied new yarn.

Jody Manning

I have received a gift certificate to a local independent dyer, a gift certificate to an online source which i used to purchase a set of interchangeable needles, and my husband recently brought back 2 skeins of sock yarn for me from a shop in Maine when he was there visiting family. Loved each and every one of these gifts!

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