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December 16, 2019


Suzy Kennedy

I have been knitting for 50 years but I have never received a knitting related gift. I think it's about time I do!


I have received some great knitting gifts, all from friends and family who knit: a yarn bowl, fun project bags and handmade stitch markers. You can't have too many project bags and stitch markers!

Suzann Ellis

I've been knitting for many years and have often received knitting tools. The first was gifted when I was a beginner. I'd knitted a hat for my nephew and the following Christmas, he gifted me a small transparent pouch filled with many useful tools: row counter, needle tips, measuring tape . . . so sweet!

Cindy Smith

I don't think I have received knitting supplies for a gift. A gift certificate would be very welcome!

Kristen McLaren

My mom always stalks my Instagram and tries to get me a book or tool I’ve posted about. Any yarn I’ve gotten as a gift is usually way nicer than something I would by for myself and I’m nervous to waste it.


I am very fortunate in that I have received yarn, stitch markers, project bags and all sorts of knitting related items from my sister who knits, and knitting friends and from my sister in law who knows nothing about yarn or knitting. I have used all the accessories and tools and I am still working on using the gift yarn (I have a large stash). The best tho is when any of those people travel and bring me back an indie dyed yarn from the place they've visited. What a great souvenir for me!


I have receive a few, mostly books and needles

Nancy Duff

I had to be shopping with my husband and state if you want to buy me something I want this yarn bundle. Most of the time I tell people to give me money and I purchased what I want

M Reedstrom

A yarn bowl in previous year. This year I put a swift on my wish list.

Melissa G

This year I am getting a gift certificate from SSYC! (It got emailed to me early by accident). I’m looking forward to visiting the shop and petting all the pretties while I choose what to buy with my gift!


I have received some amazing knitting-related gifts from my family. One of my daughters sometimes even checks the things I "like" on Instagram to get gift ideas and has gotten me some beautiful yarn and a great project bag. In fact, a few years ago she introduced me to Simply Socks Yarn Co. by getting me a gift certificate!

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Friends and family have gifted me with yarn and they have occasionally been gifted back to them as handmade gifts of socks. When they gift more yarn I am beginning to think it is a hint. LOL.


My grandma made me two yarn bags and set me up with my first hooks and needles when I was little. I still have both 30+ years later. I can't remember if they had skeins of yarn in them or if she just let me raid her stash. I know I mostly wanted her leftover balls so I had lots of options.

My husband has given me specific items I have asked for; an interchangeable needle set and skeins of yarn. He has also told me to go ahead and order what I want for different occasions.


I enjoy getting knitting notions for gifts. When I first tried to get back into knitting my friend sent me a see through ruler/gauge measuring thing which also had needle sizing holes along one edge. It was the perfect gift for a number of reasons. I like to choose my own yarns, but there are so many handy items that would make a knitter's life much more enjoyable!

Sandra Jeffers

I have received one yarn related gift and it was a gift certificate to our LYS. A very good friend gave it to me for my birthday. I was so excited because I had been eyeballing a particular yarn in the shop but had been procrastinating buying. That certificate burned a hole right through my pocket as I zoomed to the display and snapped up enough yarn to make a beautiful top. My favorite birthday gift by far!

Wendy Chase

I've received a few knitting books as gifts, that I asked for specifically. I did get a t-shirt from my daughter as a surprise. It says, "Knit faster, Die Warm." I love it!

Cathy B

I've received knitting and crochet tools and books as gifts but had to be very specific including sending a link of what I wanted. Never received yarn, though. My family knows I'm pretty picky about that.

Linda Chambers

One year for my birthday, I received a set of Knitter's Pride interchangeable needles from my mom. I told her specifically what I wanted. She's also most recently gifted me with needle cables, Addi needles and needle protectors.

Jennifer Miller

My bf’s stepmom knits, weaves, etc. and gave me a wine bag full of cotton yarns (that I used to make dishcloths) for Christmas two years ago. She made a good guess at what I would like!
My mom gives me yarn and tools and patterns, sometimes we shop together and she buys, other times she does it on her own. She taught me so she has a good idea of what I can do.


A friend gave me yarn as a birthday gift a few years back. She had seen me fondling the skeins in a shop, so she picked them up for me when I wasn't looking.


The only knitting related gift I received was a set of interchangeable needles that I really wanted. But to get it, I didn't just tell my husband what I wanted, I sent him the online link! It worked out perfectly - I got what I wanted and he didn't have to stress out worrying what to get me.


I have received yarn as gifts a few times. Mostly I buy my own "yarn gifts". To me, a yarn shop gift card would be a great treat.

Joyce Chase

Yes! I received the Sock Ruler from my hubby. I still love that gift!


I've been lucky enough to receive yarn from both my parents and my partner before. They both have excellent taste, so while it's always a surprise, it's always lovely. One of the two yarns in my 2-color shawl is from last Christmas, in fact.


I received knitting supplies in a beautiful knitting bag from my co-workers when I retired. The gift was very thoughtful and much appreciated.

Terri Kelly

Sock Yarn and Knitting Pattern Books

Robin VanderRoest

My husband is really good at choosing knitted-related gifts for me. Sometimes we listen to knitting podcasts while traveling and he’ll later surprise me with a light or a book that he heard reviewed. Sometimes he picks up things I’ve mentioned, whether yarn or blocking wires or some notion. And sometimes he just picks out yarn that he thinks I’ll like. He is a good soul.

Rosanna Wallace

Yes, many things. A few favorites are handmade project bags, hand spun yarn, & the Kitchener stitch on a tag with a mini crotchet hook!

I also shower myself with yarn purchases from Simply Sock.

Agatha Gallion

Last year I asked for the small set of Chaigoo needles for Christmas. I sent them a link and they responded with a gift card from amazon to make the purchase.


My brother bought me yarn when he went to Ireland last year. Can’t believe he went in a yarn shop. I promptly made him a hat.

Amy G

I have been fortunate enough to receive yarn as gifts. The best was from my sister-in-law and niece who had been to Germany. They stopped at a shop and asked for enough yarn to make sock. They ended up with three balls of yarn similar to Opal in size and design. It was very thoughtful and I now have socks with a matching scarf - still deciding on how to use the third!

Barbara Dunbar

Last year when I retired I received a bag containing Berrocco yarn, a scarf pattern and needles from a friend. It was a total surprise. I did make a scarf, not with that pattern but I bought more of the same and made a hat also. A great unexpected surprise from a no Knitter.

Michele Koppelman

Last year for my birthday I received 3 gift certificates to LYSs. It was the best! I’m still using up the last one. I also received yarn, but had a challenge to figure out what to do with it. Gift certificates are the best!

Marie Saur

Yes, I got a gift certificate one year to a local store and then I got a yarn bowl - both from my then boss. I really felt like they had listened to me when I talked about knitting, etc.

Susan Mercy

I enjoy receiving knitting related items for gifts. Usually, I have a specific request and that is what I receive. It may be yarn, or needles, or accessories. Gift certificates are wonderful also.


Gift card for yarns and a pattern, was a fabulous gift. (I periodically drop hints for a skein of quiviut wool...but that is out of everyone's price range!)

sharon o'donnell

I like receiving gift cards and then I can choose what I need! For my 50th bday I used a gift card to buy a knitting bag so the bag reminds me of that day!!!


I received a ball winder and swift from my sons a couple years ago. I love to get it out and think of them as I wind away.

Lisa M

The best gift came from a fellow knitter and was some awesome sock yarn.

Renee Anne

A few years ago, Husband bought me an interchangeable set (Knit Picks, rosewood tips) and one year my BIL's wife bought me a knitting book. Those were all I've received as gifts, aside from Fairy Hoarmother stuff like patterns.

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