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December 16, 2019


Lisa L

I've received interchangeable needle sets from my mother as gifts. I did tell her exactly what I wanted beforehand, though. And she is extremely knitworthy and has a drawerful of handknit scarves, socks, and this Christmas, a new sweater.

Anissa Miller

I send my hubby direct links for gift certificates to knitting places. Much easier for him and it's still a surprise to me as to which ones he picks.


A few years ago, my husband got me an LYS gift certificate for my birthday. I signed up for a class, went to the first of the two sessions. I was the only one in the class. For the second session, I became ill about two days before with influenza. I contacted them by phone, social media and email asking to reschedule at the teacher's convenience, not wanting to get her sick. I got no reply at all, and I sent a total of four messages through each method of communication. Guess where I don't shop anymore? :(


I received a gift of yarn in a flower pot from my best friend. She was sharing yarn that was given to her when her mother in law passed away. The flower pot was made in my home town and she got it for free near her home three hundred miles from my home town. I think getting unusually stitch markers are the best gift.

Kristi Petersen

my sister-in-law dyes yarn, so my husband secretly contacts her once in a while to dye something for me for special occasions. he also gave me a set of Knitter's Pride interchangeable needles one year, so that was awfully nice!!


I have specifically asked for yarn and accessories and also been surprised with them by both my husband and my mother. My husband surprised me for my 30th birthday with a beautiful pottery yarn bowl and that was special! This Christmas I did ask for a specific yarn gift bundle from my husband from a beloved indie dyer and I am patiently waiting to open it! Lately I do better with directing family to exactly what I want because I am 3/4 the way thru my second decade of knitting and I have much of what I need and want so it makes it hard for them to surprise me!


My daughter surprised me with a lovely ceramic yarn bowl from an artist whose works she really likes, then I got two more as gifts, so I am well stocked in yarn bowls. But my dear knitting friend gives me little things that are so very useful, like the latest gift, which was a magnetic needle holder, sold for sewing needles. I had just discovered that the Coco Knits stitch markers I have are not plastic, as I thought but are coated metal. They even have a magnetic bracelet to hold the markers and after I mentioned that I could have had one as a door prize but didn't realize the markers were metal, she brought me the needle holder, it is wonderful. I keep the markers (stuck to the holder) on the table next to my knitting chair and use it constantly. Best small gift ever!


This question made me realize that I rarely get anything knit-related as a gift. Two friends did buy me books ages ago but I confess I'm so used to buying what I want whenever that I never thought of asking for or being gifted these things.

Mindy ZW

I have received a gift of yarn, but the giver was with me. I think I would rather have a gift certificate.

Kim Kieffer

No I have not. None of my family are into yarn, so I think they just have no idea what to do.


My husband bought me a project bag. I helped steer him in the right direction. 😉

Stacy Sprengeler

As a new knitter, this would be awesome. I'm still in the "I don't know what I need" stage.


I've only received the Vogue Knitting book for Christmas, but I use it all the time! I love it!


I have received a couple of knitting books, and last year my husband gave me money to get an interchangeable needle set. I would love to be surprised by a gift of yarn - something unexpected that I didn’t pick out myself!

Starletta Schipp

I have received knitting supplies and books as gifts but only when I send a specific link to what I want to my family.


I've gotten many lovely gifts of yarn and other knitting supplies, from friends who knit and friends who don't knit. And they're all lovely gifts, given with thought!

Nicole Acuna

I did receive beautiful striped sock yarn from my bff as a birthday gift just when i started knitting. She also included hand written detailed instructions which did help me learn how to knit socks and now? I can’t stop lol.

Joyce Gravino

I don't seem to get yarny gifts for Christmas but I would love an interchangeable needle set or a gift certificate and I could go wild.


Several times I have received yarn as gifts. Totally unexpected. Once my son went to my LYS and described me (they knew me) and they suggested something that was perfect!


Yes! One of my sisters called my husband to purchase a gift certificate for me from a local store. Once my husband purchased a gift certificate from the same store for me. And my oldest sister once sent a box of baby yarn to me, 2 skeins of 5 colors - very nice!

I used to have ‘yarn for charity crafting’ on my Christmas wishlist.

Shirley Plummer

Last year for Christmas, my daughter gave me the gift of our own yarn crawl. She researched all the yarn stores, made a list and chauffeured me to as many as we could manage. She also gave me cash so I could buy whichever yarn I wanted. It was a wonderful day and a wonderful gift!


Gift certificates are always appreciated. Shopping for yarn is half the fun! The only yar my gifts I’ve received have been gifts from stash. I may have given some of those myself.


I have received interchangeable needles and a yarn club from my husband in the past.

Heather J

I have received gifts of yarn or notions even pins on occasion. One time I did receive a gift certificate that was awesome. I was free to purchase a sweaters amount of yarn and not feel guilt.

Heather A

I’ve received knitting-related gifts in a few occasions. One year, my husband (he’s a good listener) surprised me with a ball winder and swift. Another year he got me a gift certificate to my favorite LYS. Last summer he surprised me with a subscription to a sock yarn club from a dyer I like.

At Thanksgiving, my mom said she wanted to knit socks. She knows that I’m picking up needles for her, and she already bought some yarn, but she has no ideas I’ll be bringing her a knitting toolkit too.

Pat W

Ive gotten a gift certificate for yarn, which is always appreciated. These days, yarn is usually a gift "from me" "to me". I have to say that sock ruler is probably the most ingenious knitting tool ive seen in years!

Lugarda Cappetta

II received a skein of yarn last year that I used to make a cowl. I have received gift certificates several times so that I could have the pleasure of shopping and selecting just the right yarn; that is my favorite gift.


Yarn related gifts are the best. I have received gift cards for birthdays and mother's day but the most thoughtful heartfelt gift was from my son-in-law. My family was spending a vacation in Gatlinburg. We were visiting one of our favorite pottery shops and my daughter and I both eyed this yarn bowl (only one left) I insisted she go ahead and get it for herself, reluctantly she did. The next morning my son-in-law said he had an errand to run......I thought it was probably a "donut run".....he had called the pottery shop the night before and had a yarn bowl special made for me in my favorite colors!
Tears come to my eyes yet when I think about it...He's a "keeper" (This was his idea by the way and he had to drive a distance to pick it up)

Shelley McClellan

Yes, I have received yarn and a needle set as well as a ball winder and a swift. I have on several occasions had to give exact information, however, my LYS also helps out. My family is good about keeping me updated on the knitting goodies!!!


Other than freebies in yarn purchases I’ve received 2 yarn-related gifts in the past: a gift card from my LYS from my husband (the ladies made him feel so welcome 😊) and a lovely project bag ( black with a huge sunflower painted on) from two old friends. No hints given for either. This year I’m considering asking my husband for a yarn club membership as he says he can’t figure out what to get for me this year. But holding off as it’s spendy. We’ll see how the budget looks after all the other presents are under the tree...

Rose Birchall

My daughters have bought me yarn for different occasions. Somehow, it’s gifted back to them all knitted up.


My son gives me a gift certificate to a LYS for my birthday. Usually I buy yarn, but this year thinking about registering for a sweater class to get me started in my resolution to make a sweater. Seeing “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” & the beautiful hand knit sweaters Mr. Rogers wore really inspired me to try.


I usually receive a gift card to my LYS and purchase something for myself. Or, give good instructions to the gift buyer.

Nicole S

I've received yarn a couple of times (although I didn't ask for it specifically. Both times it was alpaca from a local market, which I don't use as often as sock yarn but which is definitely nice yarn.

Kathy Strand

My daughter bought yarn for me when she visited England a few years ago. Love it but still looking for the right pattern! I've had my eye on this sock ruler for a long time!


Yes, one year I received a 3 mo subscription of yarn for Christmas from a site I hadn’t known about. That was fun! But I would probably be happiest with a gift certificate, and it is easier for the gift giver, as they are unfamiliar with my knitting world! Ha! And, I was gifted a skein of yarn from a knitting buddy! She knows what I like!!


No...But if asked I would suggest a LARGE gift certificate. I would buy cash, merino,silk blends...and a load of minis (I don't own any), and project bags that I would love to get, with stitch markers, maybe a club subscription. WOW!!


Oh yes! Sometimes it has been books or supplies. Sometimes with direction and other times a surprise. Some of the best gifts? I have a sister who is a master fiber artist and sends some of her hand-spun alpaca yarns to me for Christmas gifts (or just-because gifts)! Receiving a gift of hand-spun yarns is fabulous and wonderful to knit!

Tracey MacGregor

I received one of the best knit gifts recently when my sister gave me hand spun wool from an Arran Island farm she visited while on vacation. Generally I don’t get knit-related gifts! I’m the sole knitter in our family, and everyone is a bit shy in venturing into the yarn-world. Upside is that they sure are appreciative of knitty gifts 😊


My kids got me a set of Chiagoo red lade needles one year. Yes, I told them what I wanted. I don't mind, though, I'd rather be direct and get what I need/want.
I get gifted yarn and other knitting things all the time, but those needles are still the best knotty gift I've ever gotten!


I often get knitting related gifts from my family. I give specifics if yarn is involved. Otherwise its usually a gift certificate. I have received some surprises from my daughter like a yarn bowl and stitch markers. Books too!

Judi Pennington

I’ve received interchangeable needles and a ball winder from my husband. I send links to items I have on my wish list through email. He gets the hint.😄


My sisters both knit so it's easy for they to pick stuff out for me and my mom has been around it enough that she knows as well. My boyfriend needed a couple lessons and a list of some specific yarn I wanted but he figured it out quite quickly .

janet y daum

one of my knitting students always brings stash yarn (very nice but she is not going to use it) for the whole class to pick from on her birthday!


I received a knit shop gift certificate from a good friend. Most thoughtful gift ever! Bought sock yarn.


Sort of. My DH and DD always ask me what I want for Xmas, and I usually say yarn, so my DH says, "Go buy yourself some yarn!" So one way or another, I always get the perfect yarn for Xmas!

Mary Schreiner

I have knitting things on my list every year but have yet to receive any. I think non-knitters are intimidated by the unknown, lol! Fingers crossed for this year!

Shirley N

I have received knitting gifts in the past, but I’ve had to be very specific about what it is I want since I’m the only knitter in my family. I have also received gifts from friends and family who have picked up yarn while traveling. Most of those are still in my stash because I haven’t yet found a way to use them. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts.

Kate S

I have received knitting gifts in the past. Mostly yarn but a few pattern books as well. Since I mostly knit socks and the above have been sock related, they have been well received!


I have received knitting gifts in the past - I simply order what I want and give it to hubby to give me as a gift!

Terri Brinear

I have received yarn for a gift. I always enjoy new yarn! Last year I made two hats and gave them back to the person who gifted me the yarn, for her and her daughter to wear.


YES! Books, yarn, gift certificates, labels. I usually tell people what I want. It’s really not hard to buy for me. 😊

Patsy Coats

I gotten yarn and notions as gifts from my sister. She’s a knitter, too, so she knows what I want.


My favorite gift was a gift certificate! I love small stitch markers, scissors, tape measure. Even a small pouch for markers.... or a small one-project bag! If you don’t know the person very well, play it safe...

Marilyn Ross

My favorite knitting gift was Cat Bordi’s wonderful book, Knitting Socks on Two Circular Needles. That book got me started on my sock knitting obsession many years ago and I’ve been at it ever since.


I received a skein of Malabrigo sock in deep purple for driving on the Yarn Crawl last year. I'm saving it for a shawl, probably will to the Reyna pattern.

Sandee Wireback

Yes, not always from someone you would expect to get yarn from. Once it was a coworker who drew my name in a gift exchange, went into a yarn store and bought me much appreciated yarn. Another coworker gifts me with Lion Brand superbulky, she is a crafter and sees me knitting on fine yarn; not so appreciated. Yet another (very knitworthy) gifts me with fingering weight wool or alpaca. My husband tells me to shop for myself.


My daughter’s favorite Christmas gift to me is a skein of beautiful yarn along with a matching project bag that she made! Of course, I usually gift her a gift certificate or skein of yarn too! It is fun knitting our projects together! By the way, I received those darling stitch markers in my order last week - thank you so much!

Teri Persing

My husband bought a knitting machine for me many years ago. I used it a bunch when my son was young, but other than playing with it a bit last spring, haven't knit with it in more than 25 years. I had to Google how to set it up for my play sessions last spring!


Yes, my mom located a skein of yarn that I needed to finish a first scarf. Thanks mom! Now, my favorite gift is to receive a knit by mom.


Last year was my first time receiving yarn as a Christmas gift! My partner gave me 4 skeins of malabrigo in various bases


I have received gift certificates from my husband, and both my sister and my daughter brought me wool from their trips to Scotland and Peru. Since it’s hard for others to know what I might need or want, I have purchased little knitting accessories and tucked them in my own stocking at Christmas.

By the way, I would be interested to know what pattern and wool was used for the earth toned socks in your blog post today. Thanks!


Yes, needles , bags and gift certificates are on my list!

Lois Pennick

My husband surprised me with a very nice set of interchangeable knitting needles. A dear friend told him that it would be a lovely gift and it was😊. I was completely surprised. Thank since socks are my favorite thing to knit this would be wonderful to win.


My knit pals gave me a swift for my birthday years ago. I was so touched and happy. Yes, very wanted! My hubby and family stay away from fiber related gifts...they seem to think I have enough, ha!

Erin Santiago

No ☹️I have never received yarn as a Christmas gift, but would love too. Yarn or a gift card to Simply Sock Yarn would be so great! (Too bad my husband probably won't see this! Lol)

Megan Bessey

I usually receive a gift card because I have most of the gadgets etc that I need. Also, that way I can use the gift card when I need yarn to finish a project or start a new one....or want to hit up a good sale and feel like I’m getting a real deal


I have received yarn as a gift many times and is always and surprise and always something I would have selected myself. Love squishy presents!


I have never been gifted anything to do with yarn and;or hooks;needles. I’m the crafty one in the family and would rather be present and know what I’m getting than have to return something,


I love getting yarn, it's usually an adventure in something that I would never pick myself.

Rachel Swanson

My husband always chooses from my list so it is something I have specifically picked, or a gift card. One year he got me a swift, ball winder and a knitting book. Score!!


My husband got me a swift and ball winder for Christmas one year. I may have suggested a few options but he researched them and made the final decision - probably better quality than I would have purchased!

Generally I'm pretty picky about my tools and yarn so a gift certificate is usually the best choice.

Lorie Konopka

I've been gifted with yarn, fiber for spinning, tools like needles, patterns, and books. My kids always ask... 😊 My sweetheart gives me money for yarn. I'm truly grateful. The sock ruler is on my list this year. 😊

Karli Cheesebrew

No I haven't received yarn or knitting supplies as a gift before, but if I was to receive such a gift, I'd probably prefer a gift card so I could purchase what I wanted or needed as my family doesn't know exactly what I would want/need to add to my crafting hoard lol Yes I can tend to hoard yarn, needles and hooks, notions, fabric, crafting tools and the like! I do Love my collection!


I have gotten a yarn store gift card, which is always appreciated! I would love to be given a pair of sock the snowflake ones that you show in your post!


Yes, I've gotten quite a few yarn and knitting related gifts over the years. Most of the time my husband chooses items from my wish list. Some of my knitting friends have also surprised me with sock yarn and stitch markers. Those are the best gifts!

Dana Snyder

I got a gift certificate from my LYS one year from my brother who lives in Pittsburgh. I couldn’t believe it!! I was so excited! I’ve gotten a gift cart from a friend for Miss Babs. My boyfriend was wondering what he could get me so I told him to get some CamelCityDyeWorks yarn from our trunk show we had. We’ll see how he does!!! :)

Adriene Cerani

Yes, I've gotten lots of accessories! Just this year, in our local knitting group yarn swap, I got a handmade organizer for knitting supplies, and a project bag.


I love getting any sort of machine washable sock yarn and all my knitting buddies know this.


Over the years I've received both yarn and accessories from my husband and daughters who are both knitters. Some of the gifts were items I specifically requested and other times I've been surprised. I have a knitting book on my Amazon wish list I'm hoping to received this year.


I have been gifted yarny-related stuff in the past, but only ever based off an Amazon wishlist. I'd love a gift certificate to shop Signature Needles, they're on my wishlist. And I'd always take an SSYC gift certificate, but honestly, I need to knit more and buy less :)

Jeni N

I have only received knitting magazines before. I would love a gift certificate to pick out what I want!


My long distance friend often surprises me with yarn gifts and yarn. I like that sometimes it’s a colour I would never pick myself, and sometimes it’s exactly what I want! Both are great!


I received yarn one time as a gift. My manager was taking a family trip to Iceland, so I mentioned that there's some great yarn in Iceland. He brought home a bag of 10 balls of turquoise Lopi for me. I had to order some other colors to make a yoke sweater, but I knit the whole thing on my lunch hours at work. I rarely wear it though because it causes me to itch incessantly, even with a turtleneck underneath. The yarn was a very nice gift though. I was very grateful.


I received an entire set of wooden DPN for my birthday last year. It was a sweet surprise from my husband. I would love to have anything knitting related, since I’m still fairly new. I have only been knitting since February.


Does buying something for yourself and having your S.O. say 'Happy Birthday' count? Asking for a friend ;)


My family and friends have given me many beautiful skeins of yarn. Sometimes I name a brand and ask them to pick out a color for me. Others have been total surprises.

Sharon Miles

Alas, I have not been given knitting gifts...
I have a few suggestions though.
A gift certificate to SSYS for yarn, and
speaking of yarn, any of the wonderful colorways of Vrinda Pada sock yarn or
Oh and a 3 skein Fade Set would be wonderful.
I have been wanting to cast on a Fade shawl.


I do my own shopping, but sometimes i've gotten gift cards (including to SSY!). but mostly i go shopping and then show my husband what he bought me for my birthday.

Heather Roland

When my parents went on a cruise to Alaska, I asked them to bring my back some quiviut yarn or fiber. To my shock, they gave me a skein of yarn that was 20% quiviut and 80% superwash merino. I still have it stored in my freezer because I can’t ever decide what to knit with it.

Julie knitting related gifts, but that's ok. I like to gift myself, so I always receive yarn! ;)

Diane N

My brother will give me a gift certificate to one of my favorite online shops.

Effie Stell

My daughter in law gave me yarn as a gift for several Christmases. I never told her I wanted yarn. I have some very nice scarves as a result of these gifts. Always appreciate yarn anytime.


Each year my in-laws give me a gift certificate at a yarn store which I use to purchase yarn to knit socks for them. It's nice to be able to shop for free!


I gave gotten yarn, tools, knitting books. I have sent my husband links to things I have my eye on over the years. We are both happy that way!

Teresa Olson

I have received lots of knitting gifts over the years. Some have come from my Pinterest wish list. One that makes me smile was from my sister and brother-in-law. They live 2 blocks from a yarn shop! My brother-in-law got some yarn for me that he thought he saw me eye. It’s pretty, but not really my jam. I did knit a cute hat with it, that my daughter loves, but I have two more balls of it in my stash. 😀

Gretchen Paul

Having just had my 82nd birthday and knitting since I was 12 when a neighbor taught me how, yes I have received a variety of things over the years all of which I had told my husband just what I wanted and where to buy it! In some cases I'd order it and give it to him to wrap. I am left handed but knit right handed because that was the way I learned. I find that I "think" left handed when working some patterns which makes it more difficult.

Kathie A Frazier

Once in a while I have received knitting gifts, but the majority of my yarn is a gift to me from me! Love all of my exciting finds.

Luanne Garcia

My husband is so good about supporting my yarn habit! He’s already given me my Christmas wish for this year...Biscotte Yarns card shawl game!! The rest of the family either gives me patterns they want me to make for them, or gift cards for yarn(which I usually knit up for them)!!!

Richelle Chambers Krotts

The best fiber gift I ever received was a complete surprise from my hubby for Valentine's Day. I had mentioned a couple months before that my swift had seen better days, but was just venting and not hinting. Turns out he was listening and, out of the blue, I found a brand new, beautiful wooden swift when I woke up Valentine's morning. While I really needed the swift, the most romantic and wonderful part is that he heard me, remembered it for several months, and sought out help to get just the right thing. <3 <3 <3

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