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December 15, 2019



I knit Westknits’ MKAL every year. This year was a real joy. I chose a lime green and charcoal for my two colors using fiber optics yarn. The colors played so well together!


I haven't, although I have yarn and patterns kitted up to make two. Can you please find me an extra two hours every day, so I have time?


My go-to shawl is the Baktus. I use 2 colors. It is very simple and I love the look of alternating colors in simple garter stitch. Next on my list is Shift. I love to play with color for knitting.


I knitted Magic Thinking! Loved the pattern by Casapinka! Her patterns are always so well written!


I have not knit a three color yet but have plans to make my mom a Baubles shawl (Andrea Mowry pattern) for her bday and also plan to use Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles! Going to need some help choosing colors that work well together!


I have not knit any shawls recently. Most recent work has been on cowls (each single color), and crocheting mini-stockings for charity. Do love the multicolor shawls and cowls, though. Thanks for the contest!


I haven't been brave enough to try multiple colors yet, thank goodness for stripping yarns! I can't wait to dive into multiple colors in the new year!

Nicole S

I haven't, because I'm still thoroughly hooked on knitting socks (and also because I tend to wear my smaller shawls the most).


I'm almost done with a Boneyard shawl - multi-colored main color with solid garter stripes. I also have yarn for a two-tone crocheted shawl. I have two possible patterns and have to decide which one to make.

Teri E Persing

Recently completed the HiraHira by Christy Furlan. It's not written as a two-color, but I used two for mine. You can see it here:

Deb Holbrook

I haven’t because I have two tiny great nephews who love the tiny socks, mittens, hats, etc. that their doting great auntie makes for them and right now, I’m all about those sweet boys ❤️❤️


I haven't!!! I haven't taken on any projects that large lately. I've needed some immediate satisfaction and I've been on a real sock binge lately!


I have not knit one however I crocheted one last year as a first time shawl. I have been thinking of trying a knit one and possibly as a 2020 goal. Suggestions for a first time beginners pattern are always welcome.

Susan Ipavec

I'm currently working on my first multi-color shawl--I'm making Grain by TinCanKnits and I'm using 3 colors of Dream in Color Smooshy in grey, purple and aqua colors. I'm really liking the way it is turning out, even though it seems like it will take forever--using 1 entire skein per color segment.


I branched out into color this year making Casapinka's Perfect Blend shawl, jumped into a KAL with my weekly "sit and knit" group to make Katie's shawl from Cozy Up Knits, and I took a class to do the Simple 3-color Hat by Lake Mills Wool Company, a good learning experience. I haven't kept up with my project pages yet.....need to get caught up with that!

Peggy Pennell

I have only knit one shawl years ago and I still have it but seldom wear it. I am short and a little round - I always look like I've got a blanket wrapped around me no matter how I wrap it, tie it or pin it. Decided a long time ago to stick to what works ... socks of course!

Robin Jamerson

I have not yet really want to. I have been knitting for years but haven’t done a lot of multiple colors. It is something I would like to tackle this coming year.

Lisa L

I tend to do complicated stitchwork more than multiple colors, but I have recently enjoyed working two of Lucy Hague's Celtic knot work shawls.

Sandy Harwood

I’ve knit the Free Dive shawl by Laura Dobratz:

Three Philosophers shawl by Laura Dobratz:

Beach Days shawl by Tracie Millar:

Magical Thinking by Casapinka:

Shift shawl by Lisa Mutch:

Golden Hour by Andrea Mowry:


With 2 colors I’m finishing Westknit Starflake MKAL. With multiples I’ve finished Perfect Blend Shawl MKAL and last year’s Texture Time MKAL. Not a shawl but in my 2020 project list is Espenson using 2 colors of Berocco Linsey, one solid and one stripe. I also have a couple of 2 color shawls planned for 2020. Thanks for the fun contest!


Sorry to say I haven’t knit shawls for a long time. I made 9 for the bridesmaids in my daughter’s wedding. Burnout perhaps?


Wow! I'm "lovin" this. Have not branched out using multiple colors. I always think "what if it doesn't work"...well, I should follow my advice to my children..."what if it does work". I don't have a LYS in my small town or knitting groups, but this may be even be better. I will be sad when 12 days are over! Thank you Allison and all my new "yarny"friends!


I started a Thalia by Kirsten Kapur in two colors several years ago but haven't quite finished it.

Lately I've been knitting lace shawls in one color or using Gauge Dye Works shawl stripes for more substantial shawls.


It doesn’t really count but I did put a black bind off on the Hopes and Dreams I did this year. I’m hesitant choosing colors other than solids to work together. Maybe 2020 is the year to branch out!

Lisa Smith

Hello! Yes, I love to knit 3 color shawls. Over the last 2 years, I knit the Purlbreak, Maytham, and Vertices unite shawls. I like the flexibility of knitting and wearing shawls.

Julie S

I have not, at least not this year. So many beautiful options. This will be a goal for 2020!


Cally Monster's 4-Ever in Blue Jeans. I have had three rows to go for the past three months (when I got a new job that sucks up all my energy) but need to get it off the needles for the end of the year.


I am working on a two tone shawl/wrap in a colorful self-striping yarn (Lion Brand Ferris Wheel) and heathered black from a Red Heart pattern called Brighten My Day. It's my first attempt at this type of project and seems to be going well so far 🤞😄.

Kim Kieffer

No, no 2 or 3 color shales. , I am right now learning to do my first lace shawl. It’s the Waterspout Shawl but has just one color.

Anissa Miller

I have switched from knitting shawls to knitting cowls as I find I wear cowls more often. They're just easier to wear!

Renee Sawyer

Right now I am knitting The Birthday Bash Shawl by Callie Monster. It is lots of fun. I was determined to finish my Fading Point by Joji. I am down to the two edge pieces. I love it but I keep getting side tracked so it is high on my to do list for next year. Also, girls in my knitting group said the Goldfish Memories Shawl is great fun so that is high on my list. My ravelry name is: yoyosocksister


I knit 10 shawlettes this year for my girlfriends, but only used one handpainted colour mix for each. I’m not a shawl person, and the shawlettes I would rename a Sharf (shawl/scarf).

Nicole Acuna

I have knitted a 3 color shawl a few months ago that was called Goldfish Memory by Casa Pinka :) I am planning on knitting a lot of multi colored shawls this year.

Kathy Strand

I knit a couple of Boho Style Mosaic Shawls this last year. The purpose for knitting these was for stash busting and wanting to learn the mosaic technique. Very easy by the way! Love it! Needed some heavier shawls because I get cold easily.

Sarah D

I love knitting and wearing shawls. One of my absolute favorite 2 color shawls is Cladonia.


I have not knit shawls with multiple colors, but I am working on the ZickZack scarf with minis, and am on the fifth color so far!


I need to make Abuelita, by Melanie Berg!
My all time favorite is Zephyr Cove by Romi Hill! I found it when I became frustrated looking for 3 colors I liked together... it required only two!

Sharon Miles

I just finished my first shawl..WOO HOO I loved it.Single color.Blocked it and everything. Now I'm ready to get down with two colors.
Then three, probably a fade. Love the look of those.
This is so much fun and satisfaction.Your yarn is so tempting and I usually succumb and ORDER.


I made a Zarya Shawl with two colors of madtosh sock.

Robin V

I’m working on Helen Stewart’s Knot Hole Tree shawl.


I have knit many. I enjoy it! I knit Soundwaves, both versions, with Hedgehog. The second one uses SSYC Poste Patina too.


I have two on the go, a “The Girl From The Grocery Store” by Joji Locatelli and a “Line Break” by Vera Valimaki. Both got put aside for different reasons but I must get back to them once the gift knitting is done because they’re both for me and I’d love to have them finished so I can wear them.

Beverly J White

All I've knitted in 2 or 3 colors recently are a couple of Copenhagen Calling cowls and a 3-Color Cashmere cowl. Seems like I've been on a cowl spree this year.

Kate C

I got to test knit Tyche for Claire Slade. It was my second mosaic project and I would love to do another.

Dana Snyder

I love multi colored shawls! This year I started Stephen West’s Starflake. I almost finished with clue 3 but set it aside for a bit. I also started his Eyeball shawl. It creeped me out at first but the more I saw it the more I loved it. I saw where someone used HH Baliwood red for the eye and I was hooked! I’ll finish them all eventually. I also started the Knit Purl Hunter mystery but am only to clue 2. I’m waiting for my friend to catch up.

Jody Laake

I haven’t knit a multicolor shawl, but I have made lots of two and three color scarves and cowls. I was also on a striped hat kick for a while if that counts


I started a Pi Shawl with Caron Cakes in Bumbleberry. However, I really wasn't impressed with it. Perhaps it was a mismatch between yarn and pattern.


I have! I most recently did a brioche cowl with two colors, but the shawl before that was a Kallara. It was orange & ivory Hedgehog Singles and it is just heavenly to wear!

Julie Vance

I knit the Assana Wrap by Ambah O'Brien this year. Three colors total. Love reaching for a comfy and big fingering week that shawl.


I’m just learning to knit. I’m starting with a solid color baby blanket.


Yes! In the Light by Casey Day-Crosier. It beautifully fades through the 3 colors all while creating an awesome fringe!! And it goes quick since your holding fingering double throughout.


I have not knit a shawl in quite a while. Those colors are wonderful! I've been knee deep in blankets, (knit and crochet)but now, starting to knit wee little things... :)


I knit the 3 Color Cashmere Cowl this year for myself. I love it!


I haven't knit a multicolored shawl in about 10 years. I've been knitting lots of baby blankets, hats, scarves, and socks but only 2 shawls since then


I haven’t knit a shawl for a few years. The last one was two colors. This year I am working on using up left over sock yarns by knitting mitered square blankets.


Didn't knit as many shawls this year as I was concentrating on sweaters but I did Knit 1, the Avonlea from Little Skein in the Big Wool.


I did Daydreamer in blue and peach. I usually opt for multicolor skeins when I want color. I like solids that have texture I the color so it doesn’t look flat.


I’ve done color affection and Lilli Pilli

Candice Hope

I am knitting Lillemor from Bristol Ivy’s book Knitting outside the box. But I chose to do it in multiple shades of blues to grey and black. I am not using sock yarn for I fear I’d never finish it at such a small gauge.


I recently finished a 2-color kerchief/cowl called La Bandita that has a mosaic pattern. It was fun to knit and so easy to wear. I have several 2-color shawls in my mental queue, just waiting for them to bubble to the top.

Arlene R.

The last multi-colored shawl I knitted was Color Affection in a deep purple, the-inside-of-an-avocado shade of green and a variegated skein of both colors! While I intentionally chose those colors, multi-colored shawls and scarves are a good way to use up your odds and ends and/or stash!


I only did one 3-color shawl this year, a simple fade not following any pattern exactly. Otherwise it’s been 5-color ones like Fading Point and a bunch of socks!

I can also second the ease of getting SSYC’s help with color. They were a big help when I wanted to do a fade from deep turquoise to red-orange for the Forest Grove shawl. I had a few colors I knew I wanted to use but needed help with potential transition colors, and they were so responsive and helped me choose perfect options.

Lorie Konopka

I made a 3 color shawl in the spring, Eyes on the Prize. Can't remember the designer. I didn't care for how it came out, so once I finished it and decided I would never wear it, I completely frogged it! It was beautiful, just not my style. So I'm going to redo it. I added handspun, handdyed yarn to sock yarn, and I am going to love what comes.

Lisa M Barrett

I haven't knit any this year, I've been in a bit of a knitting funk. Everything I worked on was having sizing issues and I wasn't having fun so I'm kind of stalled right now. Perhaps a simple, 2 or 3-color shawl is just what I need to get my mojo back :)

Cindy Carpenter

No shawls at all this year. I have been knitting scads of socks thou.

M Reedstrom

I have been working on hats. Those were in multiple colors. Maybe in the new year.


My sister is the knitter in the family (I cross stitch). She just make me a lovely Cloisonné shawl in two colors.


I didn't knit any shawls this year, but I did crochet a couple. They were more or less scrappy shawls using the Me Shawl Pattern, so they definitely used more than just a couple colors!

Donna M Norris

This year I knit the sea grass shawl and I love it. Made a memory keeper shawl last year, and have a second one on the needles. This is warm and comfy. Knit with 2 strands of yarn, one solid color throughout and mix with any scrap yarn. They are pretty and unique.

Leann Demeduk

I made a 3 color shawl that I love, the Litrikur ( I love the color combo. I’m planning on a Sea Grass shawl in the near future.


Last year I knit the Peacock brioche shawl but I haven’t knit any other two (three) shawls lately. There’s been several I’ve wanted to but other knits keep popping up.


I haven't done a shawl this year but have been wanting to make a fade shawl. I may have to settle for a cowl. I've been making socks.


I bought my mom yarn for Magical Thinking for Mother's Day and we both knit them this summer. It was a fun knit, that I would love to do again!


Have never worked up the courage to do a shawl. My resolution for next year is at least one shawl & one sweater. Pray for me🙄


Not in awhile. I did recently add Flyway Twist to my queue.

Carol H.

I have not knit a shawl. I don't really know how to read charts that well and most patterns are not written out. I think it's time to take a chart reading course. I've been knitting for 50 years, but not comfortable with charts. I'm hoping someday to be able to work on a lovely shawl for myself.

Diane Jespersen

I'm knitting a 4 color shall right now. Andrea Mowry's Everyway Shawl! I highly recommend it. It's lovely and not too hard! Can't wait to finish!

Rose Birchall

No two color shawls. Not many shawls at all.


I did not knit shawls this year. I have been knitting sweaters. I just have about 1 inch to go on the cuff of the second sleeve and my latest is finished. I started a hat for fun and I'm about to start a vest. I've been looking at the Slumber Shawl to start in the near future.


Would 7 colors count?
I knit Coastal Highways. It is one of my favorites shawls.
And I am working on Rui Shawl which is 3 colors.
pattern page is at this link


Several but my favorite was find your fade.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

Still working on the Jessica Shawl by Isabell Kraemer. Anything knit for me often gets set aside for gift and charity knitting.


I do like to make shawls out of 2 or 3 colors. This year I've made a Greyhound shawl and an Annalise wrap. I really want to make one of Casapinka's Magical Thinking or the one that came before it. One for me and one for my niece. I just haven't gotten around to it as something else will come up instead.

Lisa Loback

I love, love , LOVE the COLOR AFFECTION!! I just completed my first one and have another one started! I love coming up with different color combinations!!

Susan Eberhardt

I have not, mostly because I don’t have time to look for patterns, and because I can start and stop socks easily, then oick up where I left off. I plan to look through some of the projects others have posted here and look for new ideas, though. Thanks, everyone, for the inspiration!


I usually have trouble picking out colors for a 3-color shawl, but I made Casapinka's Another Brick in the Shawl with red, black and grey, and I'm super-happy with how it turned out!


I have not knit a 2 or 3 color shawl. I’m not super confident making color choices. I have knit a sockhead cowl and my second is in progress - love it!

Kelli L

I’ve been working on Find your Fade intermittently. I can’t wait to finish but Christmas gifts have taken precedence! I’m hoping for yarn to make the Marlwy by Andrea Mowry and learn brioche!

Diane N

I try not to knit two-color shawls because it's hard to get the color tails to not show.

Deb Hegdahl

I knit the Obvious Shawl by Martina Behm. It used 5 different colors& is knit on the diagonal.

Therese Orr

I have not knit anything in more than one color. That would be a good next step, though!


Emiliana is the only 2 skein shawl if finished this year. I made a 5 Color Find Your Fade that is beautiful and huge but only use occasionally. I find the 2 and 3 skein shawls much easier to wear an have one on most days. I look forward to make some more next year.


I have not recently, but I enjoy knitting them. I have a pair of socks on the needle, as well a shawl. Finished a couple of cowls for gifts.

Jessica McConnell

I’m not really a shawl girl. I’ve made them for others but I haven’t made one this year, several cowls and lots of socks but no shawls


Have not done a 2 or 3 color shawl but I have 2 colors of dream in color for a daybreak shawl (someday).


i have not done a two color shawl. I have made a few this year but they were all 1 skein shawls. I do socks, hats and mittens. Last year i made one sweater.


No, I haven’t, because I’ve been in sweater mode all year and I’ve knit 2-4 colors stripes & colorwork. I’ve made cowls but only 1 shawl - “shift” something with about 6 color slipped stitch sections.


I recently cast on for a color shift shawl. I saw the original shawl at Stitches Salt Lake and had to make one for myself.

Jessica Roth

I knit Walk In The Woods earlier this year.


I made a two color Audition Shawl. It was very nice.

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