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December 14, 2019



I'm learning to knit at a time on double pointed needles! Right now i am working on the tube part and then once i get it to about 6 inches my friend from church, Fran will teach me how to do the heel, I'm so excited.

Jalinn Nobis-Wichman

In 2019 I started to weave. Love it. So meditative

Rebecca Briggs

I changed the populations I work with, from young people with Special Needs, to senior citizens who are at nutrition risk. It's been challenging and rewarding, at the same time!

Susan Nichols

Never was able to do skating, ice or roller, due to a birth defect in my hip. After a life time of restrictions, and having both hips and knees replaced, at 68 years old I tried sled hockey for the first time last week. Loved it, and planning to do it again!

Sharon A. Rocha

Am working up the courage to try knitting & quilting. Have been researching them both to death. Have to just do it.also getting ready to put house on market & downsize to anothef state.wish me luck please!

Carol H

I'm learning to set up a schedule for work versus fun balance as I transition to retirement from teaching.

Would love to win that beautiful mug.


We took the 3 youngest grandkids 7 through 16 on a 12 day road trip in an RV (never done that before) from Oregon to Yellowstone then the Crazy Horse monument and on to Mt Rushmore. In the knitting world I entered Sock Madness for the first time and made it through the 4th round. Learned so many new techniques- several I’ve used again and again like the German long tail cast on. I’ve improvised a hat and a pair of socks with my own pattern.

Kimberly Cantler

I joined the knitting guild and did my first fair isle. Planning to start the master knitting course in 2020.

Ann Neftin

Learned to knit socks in 2019. AND encouraged a friend to learn to knit socks, too. We both were “sock snobs” before. We were like “ Socks? Are you kidding?” We are *now* both very addicted sock knitters. We “sock bomb” relatives & friends like crazy. They love it. And we’ve have become closer. Because of *socks*!!!! 🧦

Amy G

This year - I went to Scotland for Shetland Wool Week! This caused me to use up all of my allotted vacation time at work - something I have never done!

(I know I'm late for the contest - I am still very excited for the trip I took and would highly recommend it!)


I'm learning brioche and color work this year. I still get a bit frustrated at all the extra yarn everywhere but it sure is an adventure

Patricia Lucado

I joined a fiber group in the beginning of 2019. Have not stopped. Learned knitting, peg board, dry and wet needle, cleaning fiber, fiber festivals. Shared how to with many and last weekend 3 young girls went home with projects to complete. Love to give back what was given to me in no matter what I do. Feel so blessed.

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