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December 14, 2019



This year I learned how to graft ribbing - it was easier than I expected


I made a real effort to be a better listener.


Something new I did this year: started drawing. Time to use all those fun things from the art store.

Geri Heagy

This year I tried to be a better listener. You would be amazed at what you learn simply by being still!


I tried an entirely new cookie recipe for our first ever cookie exchange and both firsts went well. Gingerdoodle sandwiches with cinnamon buttercream were delicious!

Renee Sawyer

This has been a really hard year for me. My mom passed away in June and three weeks later my brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer - he is having surgery in January. Adjusting to the loss of my mom and worrying about my brother is not what I expected for the year. But I am grateful I had my mom as long as I did and I am hopeful that my brother will be able to fight through his cancer. Just remember to love those near and dear to you - life is precious.


I’m living with my disabled mom now. I started doing a lot more complicated and experimental cooking because I have someone to share it with. Also, as a result of losing over 100 pounds (through good lifestyle changes followed by bad medical stuff), I started knitting smaller and more fitted sweaters for my new shape. That has been a fun adventure that will continue after Christmas (I still have to finish stripy socks for me and maybe a few more hats).


Became a grandma for the first time in September and got to hold my precious grandbaby for the first and only time so far in October. I travelled by plane by myself for the first time in over a decade. Each flight had 2 connections.


I’m sad to say I haven’t done anything new this year. I’m happy if coping with my myriad health problems leaves enough time for knitting!


I tried a Depth Year. For me, that meant finishing some projects for which I'd had the yarn forever and working to use stash yarn when I could instead of buying more yarn. It worked well... pretty much. :)

Barbara Russo

I started teaching 2nd grade religion this year . My little ones are so eager to learn at this age ! I’m really enjoying it !


A lot of changes for me this year... but new for me is lace knitting.


I tried Tai Chi and love it.

Heather A.

I’m a PhD candidate and university instructor, and this requires a lot of hours. of work. In 2019 I made a change and made every effort to take time off from work in the weekends, and stop working earlier in the evenings. This means that even though I don’t accomplish as much or as quickly for work, I’ve gotten more knitting and family time! Life’s too short to work 70 hours per week!


I started “working” at my local yarn store!

Nancy Eckel

I retired- woohoo! Hoped to spend more time with my amazing 91 year old mom. But two months before my set date, she very unexpectedly left us. So I have spent this year doing things I’ve never done before - among them, making an incredible 40 day tent camping trip out west with my husband... seeing incredible sights i had never seen before. Have also knitted my way through grief .. so hard things, but many blessings too.


I decided to start riding my bike again. After two years off I started small and worked up to 7 miles per day. The biggest accomplishment was riding 25 miles in one ride. I definitely found my limit on distance. I cannot wait for warmer weather and more sunshine so I can ride outside again.

Amanda Swanson

I applied to go back to college and get my Bachelor's after 16 years. I'm afraid it's going to cut into my knitting time, but it's a good thing for my career.


My son started college this fall. Also I’ve been helping a wonderful neighbor crochet afghans for all her great grandchildren.


I had back surgery in November... still recovering. 🙁


In 2019 I became a grandmother to my first granddaughter.


I became a mom in October! So now I knit a lot of baby sweaters!

Liz Hall

Almost everything I did this year was new—a new job, in a new state, with a new house etc. I look forward to finding a rut to settle into for a while.

Margretta Josephson

This year I started keeping a journal. I keep the entries short and always comment about the amount of exercise I do and about what I am knitting.


This past year I decided to get more adventuresome in my cooking, using different spices etc. I'm learning to live without our beautiful standard poodle we had for 14 years and I'm learning to enjoy scotch. (Those two last things aren't connected!)

Lisa M Barrett

I've become involved in helping our "community cats" i.e. ferals and strays. It hurts my heart to see them suffering because, at some point in their lives, we humans have failed them. So currently I'm trying to arrange vet care for the ones needing attention.


My husband retired this year and we went on a 6 week trip through 16 states! The new for me was no planning was done. (I am a very scheduled planner!) We drove how long we wanted, stopped when we wanted, stayed how long we wanted. It was a wonderful trip and I learned that I was ok not having a plan.


I have a disabled person in my home and it is often a very difficult environment to live in. I am learning to take better care of myself and my mental well being. Ive learned it’s okay to take time to get away when needed. It’s like a breath of fresh air.


I became a CASA in 2019 ( court appointed special advocate for foster children)

Diane Jespersen

In 2019, I added Tunisian Crochet to my crafty skills. I also became a a grandpuppy. She'd adorable and I love puppy sitting. Oh, and I learned to play pickleball!


I became a grandma! And fortunately they live nearby so I get to spend lots of time with him!


One of the biggest new things this year, was joining a women's choral group.


I tried fair isle. Not very good at all.

DeAnne Nelson

2019 was a challenging year as my daughter continues to struggle with health issues. I’ve spent lots of time in doctors’ offices and caregiving, but I think the most important thing I’ve done is learning to appreciate and enjoy the moments when we have time to make something, do something kind for someone, or share a movie—small things that remind us life is beautiful whatever our journey

Carol Herzog

I retired this year so I’ve had lots of time to knit.


Mastered brioche!


I taught myself to knit continental style and I competed in my first aerobatic competition!

Wendy Chase

I filled a temporary position at a city office in a very small community about an hour and a half from where I live. Met some very interesting people and learned a lot. Attended a convention for my profession for the first time ever in San Jose, CA this fall and it was so much fun!

Danielle Wentz

My first born went to kindergarten.


I took a two at a time tie up sock class and a stranded knitting class, both were new techniques for me.

Melissa G

This year, I completed more than 2/3 of the classes I need to finish my bachelor’s degree at age 58 ( my birthday is very soon). Two more to go.
I don’t see myself ever stopping trying new things. There are so many things I want to do and have yet to try. Knitting is still new to me also but I love the process.

Crystal Parker

I knit my 1st pair of socks!! 😊


I have been trying to 'finish' all the different projects of knitting I have started. It's a work in progress!

Teresa C

I challenged myself to knit a pair of socks a month. Some months, i was binding of at 10:30, but I think I will get it done. Sock one for December just got ends woven in.

Kim Kieffer

in 2019 I bought and learned how to use a circular sock knitting machine!

Christin Whitton

This year I started knitting colorwork! It has been fun to experiment and design in a different way.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I learned to knit socks this year.

Mary Erdman

This has been a challenging year trying to keep all sorts of roofs over both my and my herd of four after losing our primary residence and workplace unexpectedly. Just a fact, everyday a new adventure! But getting a little weary of the thrillride! Many very hysterically funny events and a big fat bag of yarny goodness keep the spirits up! It’s one way of actually getting all those wips and projects finished! I actually have been frogging back to correct errors!
I’m positive 2020 will bring with it new and unexpected blessings for us and to y’all as well!
Happy holidays!


I learned to sew with other mediums besides quilting cotton


I met and adopted a new kitten. I’ve always been a dog person but we rescued an older cat that showed up hurt at my husbands work and later on started to think he needed a friend. We found a kitten at Angels and Alley Cats adoptathon and he has been the perfect addition to our family this year.


This year I joined Boost Your Knitting to learn new things— and so far have done my first brioche, intarsia, and double knitting projects!

Outside of knitting, I went canyoneering for the first time this year. I’m a bit claustrophobic, and had a pretty scary experience with a flash flood in Havasupai a decade ago, so I was very nervous. But I had a blast and it was great to get past my nervousness (even if I did obsessively check the rainfall anywhere upstream of us the whole time!)


I did a test knit for the first time.....loved it!


I started a degree program to be a librarian! Very interesting and a LOT of work, but I love it :)

Jan Johnson

I started a new job in 2019 that's been challenging and fun!

Patti Warmenhoven

I remodeled a cottage. This gave me a chance to learn about electricity, painting and using power tools.


I learned how to knit continental style out of necessity. I know, earth shattering news! 😂


I served on my church’s pastoral search committee.

Maria Marino

I'm first time grandma,so I'm enjoying caring for a baby all over again and loving it 💜

Jody Laake

I changed jobs. I went from a very stressful position to a new more peaceful job at a much nicer location.

Christy Campbell

I learned how to sew. It's been so fun making clothes for myself and even some for my family!


Not exactly new but went back and tried to master a few techniques I'd previous learned... TAAT socks and stranded knitting. Next, I need to master doing them together!


This year I turned my part-time job into full-time work, and although I'm super busy as a result, I'm enjoying seeing the results of my hard work.


Eliminating the kinks in my hand spun yarn is a goal for 2020!

Anne Westbrook

I learned how to knit Portuguese style! It has allowed me to knit again since it is much easier on my hands and wrists. I am thankful to be able to enjoy knitting again.


The new thing I did this year was start to take my health more seriously. I‘be been hiking and since July 1st, I’ve been mindful eating, and have lost 35.4 pounds. By the end of this year, my husband and I will have hiked over 700 miles! I think this change in lifestyle is the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time!

Jessica McConnell

I too started teaching this year. I’ve been driving a school bus for 7 years and this year my company chose me to be their new trainer thus sending me away to get my trainer’s license. It’s amazing and a great responsibility to teach others.

Joyce Chase

I am trying colorwork for the first time. Mini mittens for Christmas ornaments.

Beth Carroll

I started converting a shuttle bus into an rv with my husand so we can travel the country with more ease. I also started treating myself better and stopped taking other people's problems on as my own to solve. Life has been better the more i work on that


This year my family took a pretty epic 7000 mile roadtrip. 2 adults & 4 kids in a mini van, we travelled around the US for almost 7 weeks :)


I renewed my National Board certification in teaching. It was a huge undertaking!

Debra Cohen

As I turned 65 this past year I have taken advantage of “silver sneakers”.
I joined the local ymca and started trying out a variety of classes for active older adults. Wow!! Do I wish I’d done this sooner! I’m loving it!


I learned to weave. I have a ton of sick yarn and my first scarf turned out so great that I'm hooked! Knitting is still my favorite but weaving is super!

Lorie Konopka

I retired! It doesn't sound like something new, but it's a scary decision. Now I'm home 24/7 and finding all kinds of new things to do! Quilting is the newest. I still love my knitting the most though. 😊

Erin Santiago

I tried Brioche knitting for the first time and also took a Needle Felting class which was a lot of fun.

Leah Bothe

The new thing I started this year was to be more adventurous in my knitting and trying new techniques. I've really learned a lot


I took a temp job while I looked for a permanent job in our new town. I am still at the temp job, and they said I could become a full-time employee. It's not a job I would have chosen, but when you're with good people, it makes all the difference!


I downsized and moved to a new town 45 minutes away after living in the same house for 20 years. We are closer to two of our children and our granddaughter, and live our new, active little town. It was the best move for us!


This year I decided to try knitting 12 at a time socks! I it slow progress,but I am determined to get them done!

Kathie R

This year I took a step down at work. The stress is so much less. There is time to enjoy the holidays!


I tried to grow several new vegetables that were developed for cold weather climates. Two were melons (no success) but the baby okra actually produced okra.

Linda Jones

I am determined to knit socks, with my eventual goal is to do a sweater. So this year, I have cast on and ripped out countless times. I just can't master Magic Loop. But I am determined to GET it. By next year this time, I. WILL be a sock pro!

Ashley W

In 2019, I made an effort to be more direct and take action or speak up when I saw issues with something or someone, instead of stewing or complaining. I’m definitely a work in progress, but I’m glad I’m tackling it.

Laurie Ballew

I found out I am diabetic so I poured through data on the subject and found a lot of repeating information on how to better my health without medication. This year, I gave up bread and pasts. What a difference! I feel better, look better, and I can proudly say t did it.

Rosanna Wallace

We joined a new Life Group with some great people from our gym.


I was chosen for a statewide leadership training program. My knitting comes along to the classes and workshops.


I took up knitting again and joined a volunteer group that knits blankets, slippers, hats and other items for hospice care and Alzheimer's patients. I also picked up crochet so am wanting to knit/crochet almost every beautiful project I come across!! It has helped me deal with my own illness and injury/pain and I feel happy to make something for someone in need. The bonus is being able to make awesome stuff too 😄!


I got a new job. It has sucked up all my energy, but I learn lots!

Jackie Maine

I designed my first pattern. Simple rectangular shawl, but a first for me.


I’ve been sick a lot the last few years and it’s really interfering with my knitting. I did manage to learn how to do a cable cast on, which I really should have learned 20 years ago. I also finished my comfort fade cardi which took me a year to knit. But I don’t like how the sleeves came out, too many mistakes. I’m going to frog them and try it again. That’s all I got for 2019. It’s not much.


i learned how to use my sewing machine enough to make pillows

Jen Mohl

I purchased a combination sewing/embroidery machine. I would like to start my own business! Sewing, embroidery, crochet maybe even knitting. (I am much better at crocheting.)


I began doing a large part of the outside yard work. Good hard work with the reward of a couple hours of knitting.

Kathy Bailey

I went to Scotland and purchased the most beautiful hand dyed sock yarn on the Isle of Skye.


I moved to a different state!! I've meet new people thanks to the local church we've been attending.


In 2019 my husband and I have started our homestead. We are currently living on our 5 acres of land doing tiny living in our 5th wheel. The land we got already had a large barn so we are slowly fixing it up and saving money and working on our credit so we can build a small house on the land. We got 2 hogs (a breeding pair) we have a wither goat (his nanny goat friend died so we brought him with us so he could have friends) we got 2 ducks and 5 chickens so far. We are slowly but steadily growing it out as we can.

Sharron Armel

I started volunteering at a used bookstore that donates all of its net proceeds to local charities. When someone donates a book, they choose which charity will benefit when it’s sold. What a great idea that gives something to everyone!

Deb Hegdahl

I bought an Electric Eel Wheel Nano, so I can learn to spin my own yarn. I am so excited!


I had trouble readjusting after returning from my deployment earlier this year so I decided to learn to play hockey inorder to get out of my own head. I didn't know how to ice skate before coming up with the idea that I should learn to play ice hockey so I spent most of this year figuring out how to skate, but small steps are still steps toward my goal.

Z Perry

Buttonholes. I've been mildly terrified of them since I started knitting, even though I've learned other techniques. I actually enjoy sewing buttonholes by hand, and I didn't think I could make them quite as nice when knitting. But I read a very nice article on Mason Dixon Knitting which gave me the confidence to try.


I knit my first homegrown handspun item. An Angora cowl. Entered it in the county fair for a blue ribbon then sent it to a missionary friend in Alaska.

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