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December 14, 2019


Diane N

In 2018, I struggled with my vision, so I spent 2019 really and truly enjoying any chance I had to knit. Didn't produce a lot, but it felt good to get back in the groove.


I started working and teaching at a yarn shop. This has made me knit more things and try harder things to be ready for customers questions.

Sharon S. Miles

2019 brought me back to my needles and my love for yarn and all things wooly.
My friend is an avid knitter and spending time with her has rekindled my love for this wonderful hobby.

I always wanted to knit a shawl, but felt so intimidated. Now I have two on needles.
Love, love love

Stephanie V

After a lot of hospital visits this past year, I just intend to enjoy Christmas. This is different because Christmas can be stressful. But not this year. Only joy.


I learned to do stranded knitting for the very first time this year.

Rachel Morrison

I taught myself brioche. I signed up as a test knitter, received the instructions...🤔...asked the designer if those were standard instructions lol, got on YouTube and knit a hat!!

Starletta Schipp

I completed a Master Naturalist program and started volunteering at our local state park. I learned so much and am now focus on merging my love of natural fibers with my love for nature to share with others. For example, I’ve learned to process stinging nettles into fiber I can spin on my wheel!

Mary Schreiner

In 2019 we had the opportunity to buy our dream home and property in the beautiful Parke County, IN. It’s a bit scary because we’re about 7 years from retirement but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to own the home and timber farm acreage. Bring on 2020!!


I retired!! Could use a good hobby now, maybe I should take up knitting. lol


I survived a full year running my own classroom!

Karla Hartzell

This year I, taught myself a new craft, a loom less fabric rug weaving technique called rag rug!

Thanks for the opportunity to win a great looking knit mug!!



I switched jobs and entered a field I would’ve never considered previously...and, it’s been a blast!

Donna M Norris

I volunteered for the first time this summer at a nature preserve. My main activity was monitoring Monarch caterpillar activity, and I will probably do this again in future years. Raised monarchs for the second year at home this year, and its been a fun hobby. I don't think I will knit any sweaters for them though lol.


I am an extremely shy person so as my goal in retirement I wanted to join groups where I could enjoy a craft as well as meet new people. I now belong to 2 knit groups, several bookclubs as well as sewing groups and have met many new people.


Renovated a house! So many new things I found out about construction, design, color, etc. For example, I had no idea your door hardware was supposed to match your bathroom hardware, so that’s why in my old house the inside knob is chrome, while the outside is bronze. I always thought it was a mistake 😁. And now that I know all sorts of new “rules” I get to break many of them (like that one).

I love those mugs!

Amy (Waunaknit)

Unfortunately, I learned way more about cancer than I ever wanted to as both of my in-laws were diagnosed with cancer.

Patty McDonald

I sustained a compression fracture of my L1 vertebra. That has kind of taken up my whole year and cut into my knitting time because I am so slow at getting everything done. I didn't knit while I was in the hospital, but I was able to spend time with my yarn and needles while in the physical rehab place. I enjoyed that!


3019 started the year with my first grandchild. And to top it off- my grandson was born on my birthday!! I became a grandma for the first time.

Anissa Miller

I am attempting to knit a sweater flat and seam it up. I have knit a few sweaters before but never flat and pieced together. It is very intimidating to me!

Sandy Harwood

I branched out and learned some new techniques with my loom and my husband built me a warping board so I learned how to use that.


I am struggling with German short rows. i usually try a new technique every so often


I became a homeowner!! My husband is in the military and is finally nearing retirement so we decided to settle down and buy a house at our new duty station :)


Had a child get married! This was our first wedding, and was fun and stressful all at the same time. Wedding came off beautifully!


I split firewood. We have a large amount of diseased ash on our property and we heat our house with a wood burning stove. In past years,I've bought truckloads of split wood. Myhusband brings down the trees and cuts it into 2 foot sections and I split and stack. Before you think Ive gone all Sasquatch, I have a gas powered splitter. The things you have to do after your kids go off to college.Gotta go now, he has more wood for me to work on before the snow comes.

Shirley Plummer

I started knitting socks - and now I can’t quit!


This year we started having family dinners on Sundays—sometimes at each others’ houses & sometimes in restaurants. Nothing fancy but it had brought us closer together.


I started a new walking program for exercise and got a fitness watch to keep myself on track. Enjoyed it so much, but I've been out of it over the last few weeks due to illness and now a tooth infection. Looking forward to getting back to it over I start to feel better.


Boy, I feel like my life is so humdrum. I didn't do anything new and exciting, and I would hope I would remember if I did. But I did adopt a new cat (but that, too, is same old, same old for me).

Beverly J White

My son (who lives with me) had a stoke earlier this year (he's on the mend) so I had to learn a few home maintenance jobs that he always took care of - even how to jump start a car. I'm also getting ready to start my first knitting project with beads.


May not seem like a big deal to some but my husband and I have decided to "size down" in retirement. We have lived in our current home for 28 years. Been going through closets and boxes and keeping only what I need and has great significant meaning. Goodwill and I are now on "first name basis. This has been such a liberating experience.sometimes I will run across an item and say "what were you thinking" Needless to say "my stash is not going anywhere but with me"!

Linda Cram

2019 was the year of the sweater. I knit one for each of my 3 grandkids. Great experience starting small and working up the sizes.


I learned that buying and selling a house at the same time is very exhausting but being able to do so I feel very blessed!

Jessica Kelley

I started going to the gym, and I’ve been most regular. It’s been a blast!

Melanie K.

In 2019 I tried a few new fiber crafts one of which was Needle Felting.


I taught myself to knit! It is my new favorite thing to do.


I can't think of anything new this year. It's been a year of home repair. I just keep learning new things about plumbing! Thank you for this Christmas time fun! I did finish my first fingering weight sweater-Spector. Thanks to your help the colors are perfect!


I’m a Cub Scout leader and this is a new for me! I’m enjoying it a lot and love working with and leading energetic and very intelligent minds!

Mindy ZW

Something new in 2019....I can’t think of anything absolutely new...however I want to learn to do a provisional cast on.


For the first time, my sister and her husband and my husband and I took a cruise together. Eight days together going from Venice to Athens and points in between! We had a great time spending those wonderful days together!

Geraldine Scott

We chose to open our home and host a small life group from our church. We meet once a week, and it has been amazing getting to know these people!

Leigh Ditti

After losing 30 pounds, I was finally able to go hiking with my boys. . . AND KEEP UP!

Marjorie Millner

I tried beading in a project! I saw this great YouTube video on using SuperFloss to bead, and it worked like a charm. I may try beading again, even though the first day I started the beading portion of the hat pattern, I unknowingly dropped the piece of dental floss with beads on it on the floor, and my cat played with it so the beads fell off, and then swallowed the floss, which required an $1100 surgery to save his life when the floss got hung up in his small intestine..... Here’s the final product if anyone is curious. I estimate its total cost to me was $1169.50, including the surgery to retrieve errant dental floss from feline.

Robin Landwer

I started a new job earlier this year. I'm still learning about the job, the needs in the area I serve, and (the one downside of the job) how to deal with micromanagers.

Jamye Swinford

I started a new job in an old place! I started my career in a school district in the small town where I live. I worked 17 years then decided a change was in order and moved to a new job, same career. It was a great blearning experience and I stayed another 18 years. A great opportunity came up, back in my original school and I'm back! It's so nice to see my phone tell me it's only six minutes to work instead of 50!

Julie Vance

I took on the role of Education VP of my Knitting Guild. It's stretched me in Knitting ng, presentation, and people skills!

Shirley N

I started crocheting (again). I had done a bit of crocheting 30-40 years ago, but then knitting took over and I hadn’t tried it in all those years. Early last year a friend showed me some little crocheted zipper pouches she had made and I was, well, hooked!

Kim Holbrook

I spent the summer going through our house, sorting, packing, donating and selling. We are in the first stages of having a smaller home built. Here’s to less stuff and more time to knit!


I taught myself to crochet! Knitting is still my favorite but crochet is fun and very different. And we also watched our oldest son graduate college and start his career-a mix of emotions but we are so proud. And our youngest son will be going to law school next year-he just has to decide where!


Started a diet and am currently sticking with it.

Nicole Acuna

At age 42 this June I became a proud grandma! I have had so much fun knitting for him so far :) I still have a little girl of my own so this year has been awesome!

Dana Snyder

I didn’t necessary do anything new this year but I did find an awesome boyfriend at the very end of last year. Today is our one year anniversary! I’m saying it was new because it was great to spend time together all year! He is very supportive of my yarn habit! I bought a new trek bike so we’ve been riding on the New River Trail in VA and took them to Gatlinburg, TN and rode there. I also ran my 10th half marathon! It’s been a great year!


We dramatically downsized! We sold a 3-story townhouse that was just too big for us 70-somethings and moved to a 2bed/2bath apartment since we couldn’t find a small, one floor house that was affordable. We adopted a little rescue beagle since our complex is very dog friendly And even has its own dog park. We gave away our 7-food tree, but kept our most valued ornaments to put on a little 4-1/2 foot tree. We couldn’t be happier!

robin zalob

I tried Brioche knitting for the first time, finished a What the Fade Shawl and gave it to my daughter in law!! Of course, she loved it.

Carolyn McManus

I tried a lot of new thing in the knitting realm this year. Brioche, vertical stranding, and finally being a test knitter were items I could check off my list of "someday" things.


Yes, I started to knit stranded color work! It's so much fun and the results were beautiful!

Teri E Persing

I ventured into colorwork, then colorwork sweaters!


I used my health insurance Silver & Fit benefit and joined my local Y.

Catherine Kay

I learned how to brioche!


I took my first group bus trip. A lys here in Omaha organized a trip to Brown Sheep on the other side of the state. It was the first time I’ve taken a group trip and had a great time, of course yarn helped.

Susan Eberhardt

Teaching 7th and 8th grade religion class, playing with my 1 year old granddaughter, and being a full-time teacher-librarian kept me busy and learning new things with all these young people!


2019 was a year like none other for us. We had a squirrel in our master bedroom closet (dropped in from the attic), then flew to Miami from VA for our youngest daughter's wedding (we offered to go so her fiance's entire family could be there), came back to have a skin cancer biopsy on my husband, two months later had surgery to remove it, then found mice had invaded our basement after 25 years and had migrated to the walls upstairs between the master bath and hall bath. Every night when we turned the lights out the "mouse party" would start! I'm ending the year in PT for what seemed to be a pulled muscle but may indeed be something torn. Too much excitement for one year; knitting is the one relaxing thing I can hang on to!


Well, I became the mom to a teenager this year... even though I knew it was coming, it’s still our “new normal”.

There were loads of unlovely things as well, second cancer diagnoses, radiation, feeding tubes and the like... but I saw family and friends come to my side at every turn, Community at its finest.


We traveled a lot with a member of our family for multiple out of state medical appointments. Knitting was my constant companion both in the hospital ER waiting rooms and in the car.


BTW, I love the comments!!


Something new for me this year is knitting socks. I'm still in the beginning stages so haven't yet finished my first pair. I hope they fit because I have a lot more patterns and yarn waiting in the wings!!!


My new thing for 2019 was dropping off my two oldest at college. They had both done some college work at the local community college and/or on-line; but this summer they both decided they wanted to go in residence. That means we were down 1/3 of our kids this fall and 100% of my extra drivers. It’s been exciting change for all of us. I have to say I am glad to have them both home for a month over the holidays.


My mother broke her hip right after Christmas last year and after rehab dementia was worse so patience has been needed more this year. I've recently had health issues so I'm grateful for knitting and reading to keep me going.


We sold our home in FL and traveled all over the US in 2018 and moved into a new house on Dec 28 - so 2019 was all about learning about Alabama!


I moved back home to California, after 25 years away!

Patsy Coats

I knit a scarf using Japanese knit stitches.


Something new I did in 2019 was learning short rows!


I retired after 38 years in health care (Medical Technology). Enjoying my first Christmas in that many years without worrying about coordinating family time with my work schedule. Loving it!💗💗

Cindy Carpenter

I started teaching GED classes for adult education in a young adult prison. I was a correctional officer prior to the change but I had a BA in accounting. Upper management thought it might be a good fit. Been at it 4 months so far.


I learned how to make cheese! On a whim we signed up for a class and had far more fun than expected. Plan to delve deeper next year.

Jacqui Tuttle

Painting rocks and cement blocks for my yard.
My garden is getting funkier every year

Joyce Gravino

In 2019 I got over my fear of driving for any more than an hour. I drive to my nieces house which is a 9 hour trip one way. I did it twice


I volunteered at Eagle Marsh! I help with the educational programs and some of the research projects!


I started really trying to not make any impulsive purchases. I now ask is this what you really want or just what you want right now. It’s helped me make better decisions.

SabrinaS Snyder

I have spent the year trying to write up my knitting patterns. I have been asked by many people for me to sell them. I am getting closer to saying some of them might be good enough for others to see.

Lisa M

2019 I trained and ran my very first races. My birthday weekend, my knitting buddy and I ran a 5K on Friday night and then Sunday we ran a half-marathon! Those were big firsts for me.

Samantha T

My Husband and I went to Germany. We’d never been there before.

Lois Pennick

I lost 30 pounds on my way to a healthier lifestyle. I began to knit myself a sweater which is out of my comfort zone. Will have to finish it after the holidays since I am busy knitting and crocheting for others.

Candice Hope

In 2019 I became a working mom for the first time after staying home for 7 years. Before this year I had just worked very part time. Needless to say it leaves much less time for knitting.

Rose Birchall

I decided to make Christmas stockings for my nieces and nephews. Four down. I will continue into the new year.


Signed up to be a test knitter and currently working on my first test knit.

Katherine Schmitt

My new thing this year is teaching my son to drive! Such a scary but exciting time.


I decided this year I would become a better knitter. I now know how to do the long tail cast on!

Leann Demeduk

My new thing is retirement, so this Christmas season has me making Christmas candy - peanut brittle, buttercrunch, fudge, chex mix, and reindeer chow!! It's nice to have time to do that!!

Kelly Lopez

I had been in a bit of a knitting funk for a while and started volunteering to do some pattern testing. It was fun and helped jump start my knitting mojo all over again.

Elaine Hager

I became a great grandma in October! Traveled from Michigan to North Carolina to visit a beautiful little girl! Newborns are so precious.


We bought a camper. Looking forward to using it next summer.


I bought a Ukulele and learning how to play it.


This year I started going to meditation class and returned to yoga class after many years absence. And today I had another first a sit and knit at a new local yarn store.

M Reedstrom

This year I tried to not start any new projects. Not successful.


This year I went part time and am learning to slow down and enjoy each day!
Yoga, biking, reading, and knitting ☺️


I started getting up an hour earlier just to have a nice slow start to my day. Sometimes i go for a walk, sometimes i do a little yoga, sometimes i just sit with a cup of coffee and enjoy watching the neighborhood come to life and think about all the ways I'm so fortunate.


I decided to finallly learn two color brioche knit flat. I dragged out a simple pattern by Kate Atherly and went to it. I love it so much. I can’t wait to start on something more difficult.


One of the favorite things I did this year was to start taking my crafting time more seriously. I made sure the projects I really wanted to finish were out where I would remember to work on them, I used little pockets of time throughout the day to get a few rows of knitting in, and tried not to have too many things going at once so I had a good chance of finishing things, giving me incentive to get going on the next project! I finished some great projects this year, for myself and as gifts.


This year, I am learning to weave! Whole different world from knitting!
On the knitting front, I’m in love with Tuck Stitches by Nancy Marchant!

BJ King

The new thing I started this year is going to therapy. I’m finally putting myself first and dealing with my anxiety and depression.

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