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December 13, 2019


janet daum

Nope never seem to get around to it!

Linda Furtaw

I send cards but less and less every year. I love the newsletters


I love to send out Christmas cards. I send out card to family and few friends. I don't send out as many as I use to because of losing touch with faraway friends. I use to write a little note about what's been going on over the past year but it seems I cram too much doing into the holidays and run out of time. So I'm just happy to send a card. This year I have some glittery cards with a snowy scene to send out.
I miss the snow but not the cold!

Sarah D.

I did Christmas cards last year because we actually took family photos. Maybe this year I'll take some photos on Christmas and send out "new year" cards :-) I like the ones with photos. I like seeing everyone's faces. When I receive Christmas cards I put them up on my wall and sometimes they stay up all year!

Anissa Miller

I used to send out cards with a family photo when the kids were younger and changing so much from year to year. I have to be in the mood to do it though and that hasn't happened in a few years. I don't want it to become a chore so if I'm not feeling it, I don't invest the time (less stress on my past)!

Teresa McPherson

Yes! We send photo cards and those are my favorite to receive.

Karla Hartzell

Christmas Cards have become my opportunity to express myself artfully, I draw and paint about 30 cards for the holiday. I enjoy doing it! Its never very complicated but they are not cookie cutter cards, each one is unique and original but share a common theme with the collection. I start planning at Thanksgiving or sometimes Halloween!

Melissa G

I haven’t sent out cards in a while. Thanks for the holiday party last Saturday, I got some beautiful yarn!

Lisa Loback

I love to send out handmade cards each year. I usually start in mid November and have my cards ready to mail by the second week of December. A little piece of my heart goes into each card I create.


I used to send out Christmas cards to friends and family. But last year and again this year, I probably won’t - time just gets away from me.

Donita Young

I send cards to family.


We send a card with a letter including a picture of the grandchildren. I am always disappointed when we receive a card that has no personal message.

Geri Heagy

I am not a consistent card sender. I used to send photo cards when my girls were little. For the past few years I keep telling myself I need to make a newsletter from my husband and I and totally twist our everyday life adventures into something hilarious! One of these years I will accomplish that!


I still send Christmas cards, but not nearly as many as I used to. I

Suzann Ellis

I do send cards! I have every year of my adult life. It is tradition that allows me to communicate with those I don’t see often. I love receiving cards of all types, but my favorites include a personal note.


I am cutting down on sending cards. I'm on social media, so people see my photos anyway. I only ordered 20 photo cards this year to send to those who aren't on social media. I just used candid shots I took through the year of my 6, 9 and 13 year old kids. We haven't had professional photos taken since my 13 year old was 2! (besides the annual school photos)

Jessica Kelley

I haven’t sent a card out in a few years but hope you send a email card this year at least ☺️


Every year I purchase cards with good intentions to send them to friends and family. I now have a very large stash of beautiful cards. Somehow I never get around to sending them. One year I had them all written, addressed and stamped. Finally mailed them in June!!


I do send out Christmas cards and I keep a running list of who I send out to. Then if I receive one from someone I omitted accidentally then I send one out to them. I figure it is a nice way of keeping in touch with those who are not near.

Kim Bierly

I send a few to special knitting friends and always send a card to anyone who sends to me. I have themed cards for the knitters and Golden Retriever cards for everyone else. I also send special cards to a couple of elderly neighbors who love getting mail.


Yes! Sometimes card store cards, sometimes with photos taken by a former coworker 💗💗


I do send a small amount of cards, should send more


I only send a very few by mail however I do send eCards. I found a lovely website several years ago and the cards are beautiful and animated so I send those instead of paper cards.


I don’t send out cards, but was thinking next year I should. I love receiving the photo cards though.

Carolyn Perry

I do send out Christmas cards. As others have said, less than before. I send them to family and close friends. I look for cards with a manger scene because that is the reason for Christmas.

Melessa Moran

Not this year but I have in the past. I like the photo ones!


We usually do cards for friends and family, but haven’t yet this year. Every so many years we have to actually purchase some cards, and we’ll do a mix of funny, retro, and religious, but this year with leftovers and the many free cards we’ve been sent by charities, we’ll have plenty to choose from.


I really like the idea of sending out Christmas cards. Every year I tell myself to get it together and get them out. I've even got a box full of cards from years past with the intention of sending them out. It's been a couple of years since I've actually gotten it done. I love receiving cards from family and friends. Especially the ones that have notes or letters saying what's going on with their family throughout the year.


I joined a card swap this year for the first time. I’m loving it so much! Every day brings a few more cards from all over the States and even one from the UK.


I would love to send Christmas cards out but sadly I always run out of time. I really enjoy receiving cards however and like to get lost in the scenery. I like vintage style cards.

Joyce Gravino

I stopped a long time ago it just seems like such a waste but I do like the occasional photo card from family with young ones.

Lisa Viviano

I used to always send out Christmas cards. Sadly, when my mom passed I stopped.


Haven’t sent cards in a few years. Usually store bought, but have done handmade. Hoping to this year!

Sue Christianson

While I have every intention every year to send out Christmas cards I never seem to get around to it.

Kati B

I usually send out a photo card of my children and sometimes the whole family! We live far from family and I know they appreciate it. Happy Holidays!!


I don't anymore. This is one of those "traditions" that I've given myself permission to skip. It just became another "to do" and it seemed wasteful as they get discarded after the new year.

Janelle Phares

I wish I was organized enough to send out Christmas cards, but alas, I am not. My family loves receiving cards though, especially ones with pictures and newsletters. We display the pictures throughout the season.. Makes my heart happy!


I used to send cards before kids. Now I’m lucky if I get a couple out each year. (None this year though.)
I used to send store bought but I tried to make sure I picked unique ones that would stand out in a crowd.

Diane Jespersen

I'm afraid I've become complacent about sending cards. It's so much easier to contact people real time with social media. I used to make my own cards with the help of my daughter every year. It was a fun family event. She is grown and on her own now.


I don’t usually send out cards. Plan on trying this year. My favorite to receive are photo cards. Bonus points if they include a family newsletter!


I don't send cards any more but when it did it was always one of the cards with cats by Lang. Those cards captured cats beautifully and the cards were gorgeous.


No, not any more. Too much hassle!

Carol Pogoni

I used to love sending cards, but the last few years have been too hectic to send out as many. I like Papyrus brand cards or ones with foul lined envelopes. I’m a traditional card person, because they remind me of Christmas cards from my childhood. I love getting family cards, too, so I can see how much nieces and nephews or friends’ children have grown. Thank you for all you do for the knitting community.


I always send out Christmas cards. This year my Honda Civic died and I bought my dream car, a 2019 VW Beetle in burnt orange. We love driving this little car. We also have a black lab and cats. This year I found a card with a VW bus being driven by a black lab with a Santa Hat. Just perfect!

Joyce Correia

I send out very few cards. Just as responses to cards I receive. I'd rather phone or email the person. Seems friendlier.

Martha Wagner

We are rather sporadic about cards but are sending them this year. We found some that we had (randomly) packed away from a many years ago and it was rather bittersweet to see cards from relatives who are no longer with us, and photos from friends, gosh we are not older but their kids sure are catching up to us! lol I have a bunch of stuff to make cards but have been too busy knitting to get around to papercrafting. Other than homemade, my favorite are on good quality matte paper, nothing too cheesy. Happy holidays everyone!

Nicole S

I don't usually send out cards - I usually try to phone people to keep in touch. I do like receiving photo cards, though, especially from people who have kids (because they change so fast).

Nancy Wenberg

I have always sent out Christmas cards. Ever since I started scrapbooking I have sent out handmade cards. I love receiving photo cards and story letters, especially from those who I do not see very often.

Alisa Brandstetter

I have not sent out Christmas cards in several years. We do receive a few from family that we don’t see that often and live far away. My favorite cards are cards with beautiful Christmas scenes, vintage. I don’t mind the photo cards because it is nice to see how much your distant cousins kids have grown. I try to keep my favorite scenes to display next Christmas.


Oh! I love this 12 Days of Christmas every year. I’m a bit ahah-Humbugy about Christmas cards. I don’t send any and recycle the ones I get pretty quickly. Photos often end up on my fridge... or not. BUT Hubby issues out cards for work and I make our son deliver cards to his Newspaper Delivery customers (this was a great reminder to go and pick them up!) I love hand made cards, some friends are creative to use sewing machines in their cards.

Shirley cade

Sadly, seem to send (or receive) fewer and fewer. Times are changing, I guess.

Sherri Pryor

I used to every year when my kids were little but we dont anymore. I guess it became one less cause of stress during the holidays !

Lugarda Cappetta

I used to send out Christmas cards but am now retired and can no longer afford the postage. I do exchange cards with some of the residents in my apartment building. I like photo cards and family information cards to stay up-to-date with distant relatives.


No, don’t make the time for it anymore.

Abby Montes

I don't send out cards, but intend to every year! I love picture cards, and always want to send one out with my two fur babies on it....but I'm a teacher and the holidays creep up too fast for me every year! Perhaps that will be my goal for Christmas 2020!

Terri Brinegar

I usually send out cards. I normally pick out cards that have snowy landscapes on them. I have never done picture cards, but most of nieces and nephews, and sons do those kind.

Dena ZS

No. Not anymore. I like Christmas letters tho. And the photo cards. I was just looking back at some cards my daughter & family sent.


Nope. At one point I did but then it became such a hassle and stress point I stopped! I typically post a family-ish pic and narrative on Facebook and call it good. I haven’t received a Christmas card outside of a business for years!


It seems we send fewer cards each year, even as we spend more time with friends and family. The cards we send are to out of towners and new friends. Leaves more time to knit quick hats & mittens for gifts.

Samantha T.

I do. I take my kids’ pictures every year to document them at that age and have something for the Christmas card.

Sandy Harwood

I like to send them to a small group of close family/friends. I try to find a snapshot or something that we’ve painted over the year and make that into a card. A card ‘must’ have a personal note so that’s why my list is not very long.

Cathy Smith

I do send out a few cards, but love receiving the photo cards. Love to see everyone!

Lorie Konopka

I send a few cards, not many. And I still receive a few. Those friends are very special.


I send cards to family and friends that I don't see often. I like to receive photo cards or cards with a newsletter because it's a way to keep in touch with people.


Our Christmas card list has been dwindling over the last few years, but its one tradition I will not let go by the wayside.

Rose Birchall

I do send out cards. I work from last year's cards. I save the picture cards. I've saved the last card from deceased friends and relatives. Then I go to my paper address book to finish up the list.

Amy (Waunaknit)

I do send out Christmas cards, but the number I send out has gone down in the past couple of years thanks to social media. I send out photo cards.


I send cards to my bosses, and I used to give them to my co-workers (until there were too many people!). I like to send cute/funny themed cards :)

Anne Reaves

I send a few, and generally buy one or two new boxes each year.


Yes, I send some cards- depending on how early I start. I think it's important to send to those we don't see very much, especially family.

Susan James

I send out cards every's the only time I get caught up with the lives of a few of my long time friends.
I always make sure the card says something about the MAGIC of the season.

Diane Rawls

No I have never sent out Christmas Cards, tune just skios away but I try and make something for loved ones and friends

Lisa Smith

I do send Christmas cards. I typically send a photo card of myself, my husband and our dog. One year, I didn't send a photo card and there were requests for dog pictures.


I still send our cards but less every year. It is nice to keep in touch with those far away.


I used to send them to everybody... but now only to far away friends and cards to coworkers so I can just skip them under an office door! I love to receive cards to decorate my office door .. especially the photo cards of all my friends kids!


I do not do Christmas cards, consequently I do not receive very many. But, I love the family photo ones

Beverly J White

Yes, I send out Christmas cards. This year I found adorable ones at Knitbaahpurl. They are blank inside, so I got some Christmas stamps and a ink pad and stamped away. I really do like it when the kids send photo cards since I don't get to see the kids that often.
Merry Christmas!


I used to buy cards on sale after Christmas for the following year but after too many years of forgetting where I put them or not getting around to sending them I finally gave up.


I do send out cards. I have sent photo cards since having kids and hope they will keep posing now that they are entering their teens. I tend to choose ones with snowflakes. I love receiving cards and am happy with any type.


I still send out Christmas cards. I don’t seem to receive as many as I send out, but that is OK. And I definitely get the feeling that some people only send card out to people who sent them one first. So, I am a first-sender. I like to do it early in December, to give folks time to send one back, if that is how they operate.

I like to buy Christmas card that come in a decorative box. I first found them at Barnes & Noble. I was so impressed with the (reusable) boxes that I kept coming back for them nearly every year. Those boxes can double as gift wrapping! Now I have quite a collection and they are part of our Christmas decorations at home.


I don't send out cards, but I love receiving them! I really like photo cards.

Stephanie V

I use fewer and fewer cards every year. I can usually find exactly what I want in the thrift stores Christmas sales. I favor simple cards that appeal to the child in me. Not cartoons, just simple joyful greetings.


We send out cards every year. We prefer the reason for the season cards. I especially love the ones with shepherds and sheep.


I at one point in my life sent out cards to all my friends and relatives, so then also received many as well. I send very few now, therefore receive few. My favourite to receive are those that include a personal note or letter; and always love pictures of my great nieces and nephews whom I don’t see very often since they live a ways away. My sister lives in Florida and I live in Canada, although we FaceTime every week I still love her and her husband’s Christmas letter as it’s always hilarious.


I like to send Christmas cards, the old fashioned kind. I'm still working on them this year. Must buy stamps!

Kim Holbrook

I still send cards to a few older relatives and friends who live out of state. I’ve reached a point where spending time with my grandkids is the most important holiday activity to me!

Catherine Kay

I like to end photo cards usually depicting a significant event ie graduation. Sending mine out today!


Christmas Cards are my favorite part of the holiday season. We send cards with family pictures and I love getting cards with family pictures. I especially love to get cards from friends that live far away from us.


Nope, I probably still get a mention in my parents, but I do not send cards out myself.


Some years I send cards, other years I don't...depends on how organized I am!!! This year is NOT one of the organized years!


I do not send any cards out. Use to many years ago.


I send cards to family....

Susan Eberhardt

I send out cards to family and friends. My favorites both to send and to receive are the holy cards with images and text reminding all of the reason for the season. We have Christmas because of Christ!

Heather A

I used to send out cards, until I started grad school. The end of semester craziness of submitting final projects, grading student papers, and sheer exhaustion at the end of it all meant that sending out cards fell pretty low on my priority list. The sad result (especially since I moved to a new state) is that I no longer receiver very many cards, since I don’t send them. I miss this connection with friends and family. Next year by this time, I should have my PhD in hand 🤞, and I can reassess the card situation.

Janet D

I send some cards and also have an exchange at church. We like traditional cards featuring a bible verse and maybe a nativity scene to share.

Terri Kelly

I sent out 40 plus Thomas Kinkade Christmas Cards - I love the shimmering lights of Thomas Kinkade! He was a wonderful gifted artist!


I don't send cards anymore, but do love the ones I receive.

Jennifer Summers

I send out photo cards with my children’s individual picture, ages and what they are into on the back. I also love getting photo cards from all of my friends and family!


I don’t send Christmas cards. I enjoy the family photos the most!


I do send out cards - usually ones I make! I love doing that!!

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