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December 24, 2019



I would like very much to have more patience with my mother.....


I don't make resolutions but I do expect changes this year. We are planning to move from this house to something a little smaller.


Being in constant pain, creating has fallen by the wayside, so for 2020 the word I've chosen is create. In 202 I would like to create prayer shawls for our church ministry as my way to give back. I would like to continue to create order from the boxes that still dot our new home. I'd like to create a warm, comfortable home to live in...which I started last year when we downsized. I'm so looking forward to the new year!


I don't make resolutions but am looking forward to changes in the new year. We will probably be moving. Thank you for the fun this season and Merry Christmas!

Kate Greenwood

I don’t normally do resolutions as I’m the type of person to get right on with fixing or changing things as inspiration or necessity strikes. That said, I do love the clean slate that a new year presents and to anticipate all the things I will do in the year- the gifts I’ll knit, the trails I’ll run, the mountains I’ll climb, the goodies I’ll bake, the books I’ll read and the visits with family (they all live far from us!). Happy holidays and thanks for doing these wonderful giveaways!


My mother, who passed away 15 years ago, taught me to set a daily knitting assignment like she did. For whatever project she was working on- like an afghan or sweater-she would do a minimum five rows a day.

I've been following her "rule" and it's helped me to complete many projects.


I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. When I decide a resolution is necessary, I make it right then or as soon as is possible.


Not a resolution but our goal for the year is to get rid of stuff. If we’re going to downsize in the next 5-10 years we want to be ready! On the knitting front this means working mostly from stash and knitting more for charity.


The only knitting resolution is to keep having fun and knit things I love. And maybe kit a bit more of my lovely stash this year but still buy what catches my eye. I too am looking for more balance in my life and have found that yoga and exercising helps so I plan to continue in the new year. I would like to spend as much time as I can with family. Time with growing grandchildren is precious. Thank you for the contest and for the fun ideas and super yarn you provide us all year long!

Suzzanne Lawrence

I usually don’t make resolutions. This year I will be striving to exercise more and eat healthier.


To be more positive


No special resolutions this year except for an on-going resolution to eat healthier! As far as knitting, I will continue will my efforts to use stash when possible and buy new yarn when a new project warrants it (which usually happens)!

Carol Kennedy

On New Year's Day, I will go thru Ravelry to find 20 patterns that will advance my knitting skills. At the end of 2020, I will have moved from 2019's tendency to choose "mindless", easy patterns to creating progressively more advanced garments using a wider selection of fabulous yarns.


Spent more time with family! My DH just retired, so we've got some fun trips planned. Maybe even talk him into a yarn show or two :)


I completely forgot it was the end of a decade! I don't really have any resolutions yet, but I'm planning on doing some thinking and journaling after the Christmas holiday to think about what I might want to try to do differently for 2020. As far as knitting goes -- I resolve to keep knitting and keep looking for fun patterns and beautiful yarn!


Don’t make resolutions knitting or otherwise lol but I did buy a lot of blue yarn to make more hats for hats not hate.


I have no resolutions for this year - I plan to keep deal with things as they come up.


No resolutions here, just strive to be a better person day after day!

Deb Monnin

My resolution is to exercise more (daily) and eat less! Thanks!


My goal for 2020 is to let go of what doesn't feed my soul, whether yarn, books, relationships, and make room for what comes next.


This year I resolve to take care of the "paper problem" in my office - several years of "to be filed" and "should I keep that?" shoved unceremoniously in a reusable shopping bag under the desk!


I’d really like to learn to crochet this year.


Not really making resolutions but do hope to bring some order to the chaos of stash/WIP’s.

Elizabeth SanMiguel

No resolutions. But thinking about goals and plans for the future - not just next year but in general.


No concrete resolutions just continue what I started this year. Due to downsizing soon, I'm trying to be my "choosy" about my purchases. I'm living a more minimalistic lifestyle. I'm a senior and want to spend more time with things I enjoy and family. Since retirement I'm settleing into a different lifestyle and loving it. I'm really loving life right now living each day.


I would like to complete my first pair of knitted socks and to learn brioche in 2020. Also, I am retiring in June so I hope to go through the whole house, room by room, closet by closet and do my first round of downsizing. During that process, I hope to organize my yarn and fabric. Big, HUGE, goals but if you don't set some, you don't get to achieve them!!! Merry Christmas, and thank you soo much for the fun 12 Days of Gifts!!!

Myrna Pouyatt

No real knitting resolutions for me, or any other resolutions for that matter. The only plans I have are to build my stash. My plan is to buy beautiful sock yarn every month, even if it's only a skein or two. I have been buying solid colors, but am ready to branch out into some beautiful multi-colored skeins. I love your store and website, I really hope to make it up there sometime this new year. Will see.


My resolution for 2020 is to knit more and knit only what I love. I am not going to let people talk me into knitting things I won’t use or things I don’t enjoy knitting. I’m taking care of me this year. Personally, I need to break the overprotective feelings I have for my adult children. They are both in their 30s but in my mind they’re still in their teens. It causes me stress because I no longer can control what they think or do. So 2020 is the year I separate myself from that and let them fly free.


I'm going to knit up all my unloved yarn so that my stash only consists of yarn that I love.

Kathy S

No resolutions other than knit myself some new socks!


My husband is having surgery right after the holidays, so I am just trying to hold thoughts and not worry and stress about things over which I have no control.

Susan Ipavec

I usually just resolve to improve and learn more in the new year. One knitting resolution is to finish ALL my WIPs this year so I can have a clean slate— and more organized crafting area.


Last year I started a new tradition. I picked a theme for the year, and then knit track of the things that for with the theme. Last year was the "Year if Me.". I concentrated on doing things just for me. I completed almost 50 things.

My theme for this year is "Healthy Me.". I plan on trying to do as many healthy for me things I can.

Sandy Harwood

I don’t tend to make resolutions in general. As far as knitting, not resolutions but things I want to learn such as brioche and improvement in cabling.

Michelle Martin Regan

I resolve to be less judgmental, especially when it comes to myself. But for everyone, really. I want to be more compassionate. Becoming more healthy is another resolution. I quit alcohol in early November, so I resolve to make the coming year alcohol-free. Knitting helps me with this as it helps bind my anxiety. Peace and love to all.


I try not to make resolutions. I just enjoy the process and the results. Love making socks for myself and friends. Very relaxing.


I'm going on a fiber retreat in January and have been gathering projects for that. Not with any pressure to get them done but with happiness about having the time to play. Thanks for a chance for some Dream in Color!


No knitting resolutions, I just want to finish everything I have on the needles right now. I usually rip out anything on NYE that I don't plan to finish but I don't think there is anything I want to rip. Not knitting, I want to take care of a few health issues and buy a condo. Buying the condo will mean cleaning out and donating a bunch of stuff.

Marie Saur

I hope to learn a couple of new techniques and also to be more patient with myself and others.

Mindy ZW

Resolution(s)...not finish as many UFOs as possible. Give some of them to charity. And some to family and friends. I guess another resolution is to use yard I have in stash whenever possible. I think an other thing is to live in the moments and spend less, far less time on my electronic devices and stop and listen to the world around me.

Jackie Maine

No, I don't make resolutions

Laura Nikaido

No knitting resolutions for me, but every year I strive for the same thing: to be a good mother, read more, and exercise more!


I do want to learn to become a better knitter with color changes. I've already signed up for a class in March that I hope will help. Otherwise no goals, other than to stay happy and keep making memories!


No resolutions here, knitting or otherwise.

Sharon A. Rocha

My resolutions are 2 finish as many projects that i am still interested in & get rid of the Rest.simplify!

Linda Bazinet

I have tried to make only "fun" resolutions the last few years. This year, I'm planning to have a "Knitting Epiphany" for the 12 days after Christmas. I will be starting a new project each day. My resolution is to finish all 12 projects in 2020.


No knitting resolutions, and my general resolution is to continue letting go of whatever doesn't serve me. Menopause, imminent empty-nesting, and career uncertainty have me newly conscious that life is too short to spend it all on other people's priorities, including those of my past self.


We are moving from our apartment to a bigger place so I resolve to find a more accessible place for my knitting stash, allowing me to knit more!

Lorie Konopka

I want to finish projects that have been put on hold, things I just didn't have time for before and then I moved. Now I have found them and am excited! Of course, some small projects may jump in there too... and yarn... I'm sure new yarn will come my way!!! 😊


I do better with making a plan when I need to. Knitwise I'm working on my colorwork skills. I need lots more practice! I also am planning more sweaters.


I’m joining a couple of MKALs and a knitting book club. My resolution is to get more of my stash onto Ravelry so I can use it instead of accumulating more.
On the health front, after having challenges this year I will be returning to regular exercise and hope to get back to Tai Chi too.
For the home, as I feel better I’m planning clutter removal and reviving my eBay store.
It’s exciting to see a new decade. Still remember Y2K and it seems like yesterday!
Thanks for all your interesting and enjoyable topics!

Janet M McCurry

I resolve this year to be more open and loving to friends and family. I am very reserved and want to be less so! My favorite thing is to knit and I try to do it every day. I love lace but want to learn to knit socks!


No “resolutions” for me. I simply want to enjoy what I have, knitting and otherwise, and recognize blessings as they come. I want to spend more time with my parents this year and invest more in people and relationships than things. I look forward to continuing to knit what I want when the mood strikes me and to love the stash I have.

Shirley Plummer

I don’t generally make New Year’s resolutions. That said, knitting more and not feeling guilty about it sounds like a good way to start the decade.


I want to spend more time knitting for stress relief. I work and am a caregiver and many days are very difficult. I would also like to learn Brioche. It’s been on my list for some time.

Robin VanderRoest

No knitting resolutions (except to keep knitting!). The past few months I’ve worked on eating better, going to the gym, etc, and I want to continue that. Now I want to focus on the spiritual side of my life, and make more time for that.

Mary Louise Allen

I am retiring AND moving in 2020. I'll be downsizing from a 3 bed 2 bath home with a garage to a 1 bed 1 bath duplex. But, I'll also have a shared studio for art, yarn and photography. BIG changes!


No resolutions here. I’ll take each event as it comes to me.

Naomi J in OK

Will try to use stash and make items from patterns already collected.

Debbie Myers

To be kind to others and myself. That is what I want to strive for in 2020.


I would like to be healthier (with eating and life balance) and more active.

Sarah Peschell

I am resolving to keep a cleaner house, no cobweb decor, dust monsters under the beds or handprints decorating the walls! I also tend to set goals at New Year's rather than resolutions. One of this year's is to knit myself a long sleeved sweater.


I need to resolve to eat healthier this next year. I also want to try to do a small act if kindness for a stranger every couple of weeks. I'd like to put good energy out there to start the new decade.
As for fiber, I just want to keep enjoying my knitting, but I want to make sure to sit down at my spinning wheel at least once a week.


I don’t make resolutions but I do make a few goals reach year. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the 12 days of Christmas. It was fun.

Eileen Cantwell

I plan on knitting more items for my first grandchild who was born in and is currently living in Japan. Can't wait to see him again.

Erica Lauriello

I'm not usually one for "New Year's" resolutions, but I am hoping to make changes to my diet and exercise in the coming year and to spend more time doing things that give me joy and relaxation. Like knitting! I have also told my 9yo that we will take a crochet class together.


To put it simply, better time management!

Stacey D

I’m hoping to be more active, say no more often, and rein in my perfectionist tendencies. If even one of those goals is met, I’ll be happy.


I intend to make more socks & finish the ones I have started!


I want to spend more time knitting in 2020. Would like to take classes to learn even more techniques. Healthwise, I want to get back into my gym routine.


I would like to knit more from stash and I would really like to learn fair isle knitting and brioche.

Carolyn Zewe

I’m resolving to finish my WIPs! Otherwise I just make life changes as needed.

Suzann Ellis

My resolutions frequently are to add things to my life. I've been so busy with Christmas, I haven’t had time to give 2020 much thought. I would like to resolve to knit something for myself this year . , . but we'll see.


I want to do more journaling. I spent a lot of time trying to choose a journal online, but I decided I really needed to see it in person and see how the pages felt, etc. I’m hoping it will help me to gather my thoughts.

Susan Van Alyne

I resolve to relax, be happy, enjoy my retirement with my hubby and my kids and grandson. Lots of knitting will happen!!

Wendy Chase

No knitting resolutions, just want to keep going and expand my skills. I really need to get more active. I want to get better at paying attention and noticing opportunities to serve others, not in a scheduled, organized way, but just something good-everyday.

Patsy Coats

I’m trying to be more thankful in the new year.


This year I would like to organize my life more - this includes my house such as my craft room, and other cluttered places in my home. But also my schedule too!


I'm going to knit a hat each month so that by next December I'll have 12 tp donate to the homeless. This should be doable. Your blog and followers have inspired me.


My best friend has started knitting this year and she has fallen in love with yarn! So my knitting goal for the new year is to continue to support her and watch her grow as a knitter. I got her sock yarn for Christmas and she’s excited to try to knit her first pair of socks. It’s so fun to have a buddy to knit with for the first time! ❤️


I want to become a better knitter!


I'm trying to set realistic goals. I am going work on making socks as a knitting priority. I am going to continue to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I find that knitting makes me happy and gives me (and others) comfort.


My resolution is to overcome my fear of sweaters & other big projects. Baby steps🙄.


I'd like to complete a couple of UFOs and frog the others as I'd like to use the yarn for something else. It would be nice to not have these hanging over my head any more.


Goals with no guilt! Trying to make socks knitting more finishing more 2020 yay GO!


I will continue to knit a lot and read a lot and love it!

Jennifer Chapman

I don't like New year's resolutions because they tend to be so big that they're unattainable. Instead, I like to do a small resolution each month. They say it takes 21 days to build a habit, so a month gives me time to hopefully get a small change engrained before adding the next step. This year is focused on tidying. January is going to bed with no dirty dishes in the kitchen.


I resolve to knit more for myself, because it seems I never do!

Louann Chatfield

Nothing special...just taking one day at a time


I’m going to continue striving for a healthy lifestyle. I plan to exercise more and eat healthier.😀

Joan Masters

I'm resolving to make a sweater in 2020- really looking forward to the challenge. Have had serious health problems this past year and knitting has been a wonderful respite -grateful for an outlet that is so creative and where you can connect with so many lovely people.

Laura Mott

I will knit more Arne & Carlos Christmas balls for gifts next year. I am also in the flurry excitement of knitting socks!! I finally figured it out and have successfully knit 8 pairs now, several of them as gifts!

Diane Jespersen

I don't do new years resolutions. I'll just keep on knitting. Merry Christmas to all!

Tobey S.

Knit more, less screen time and try to get out and walk more and try to start doing some stretching. Try to set up a knitting retreat here at the inn for the Knit North Yarn Crawl.......


I am going to make a concerted effort to go to the gym/swim at least 3 times a week. I did it before, I can do it again.
On the knitting front, I want to knit a gansey sweater this year.

Adriene Cerani

I am resolving to simplify life - downsizing when I can, avoiding spending time or money frivolously. I simply want to enjoy what I have and what I do.

Elissa Hughes

Yes, I may be changing careers. Exploring different universities for programs and jobs outside of nursing.


I want to knit more sweaters and enjoy my yarn that way.


I'm sure I will come up with a few resolutions right at New Year's, but even though I've been out of school for many, many years, I tend to make the most changes in September. One thing I've been doing in my "knitting life" is just knitting whatever I feel like next, once I finish up a project, rather than forcing myself to finish up some WIP or make something just because I once said I would. I think I'll continue that habit - it turns out I have made a lot more things than usual this year and had more fun.


Walk some outside every day the weather allows.

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