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December 24, 2019



I'd really like to get back to buying yarn for specific projects. I've accumulated a lot of yarn and I'll be trying my best to knit from stash. I'd like to work through my pattern stash as well.


I love the design process of putting yarn to pattern and seeing what happens at the end of a very long process. My family might get rather tired of the endless homemade knitting gifts though. I would like to finish the last languishing items that I seemed to have recently abandoned as gift making took over for Xmas.

Debby Sellers

Get my half project done so that I can start new ones. Oh and to clean house, go through closets, drawers and hopefully just get more organized.


I've just started thinking about resolutions, so I'm not sure yet. I'm thinking about resolving to do 15 push-ups a day. Surely I'd see improvement in myself, and maybe someday I'd even be able to do good push-ups not on my knees.

Or maybe I'll just resolve to knit more. :)

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