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December 24, 2019



No knitting resolutions...gonna keep on doing what I'm doing. Health-wise, I'm going to start training for an ultra marathon!


No knitting resolutions for me. I've resolved to quietly coast along in the next year without any major upheavals.


I resolve to knit more!


I wasn't planning any resolutions although you give me something to think about.
I am a work in progress.


Merry Christmas!

I’m not really making any resolutions, I’m just hoping that after the last couple of years that 2020 will be better health wise. I’m looking forward to good times and lots of knitting.


we have built a much smaller house and we are moving in January. My goal for 2020 is to live a much simpler life- less things ( except yarn)- more time to appreciate what I do have. It has been harder than I thought to de clutter my life.


I’m going to continue going to the gym and be more disciplined with my time.

Jody Manning

This is the year i want to learn more about other religions. I was raised Catholic but i havent really practiced in years. And im curious about the history and traditions of other people (not just religious traditions but all kinds).

Lugarda Cappetta

The only resolution(s) I have is/are to finish some very old WIP’s and make a stranded-yoke sweater (which I already have the yarn [at least 10-year-old stash] and pattern for).

K Bowen

I don't do resolutions because I end letting them fall to the wayside.

Jennifer Jacobs

I resolve to start my gift knitting EARLIER! I always seem to underestimate how busy I’ll be and how much longer projects take during the hectic months of November and December. I’m also resolving to spend more time with my bestie. Too often our coffee “dates” are put aside for other things. Happy Christmas to you!


I don’t have any knitting resolutions, I want to enjoy my craft and resolutions would make it feel more like work to me.


I'm always striving for better balance. Maybe this will be the year!


No New Year’s Resolutions for me. I’ve never been able to keep any in years past. I’ll just keep knitting simply to enjoy the process


I do not really do resolutions. Tried in the past and well I guess some of the time they fell by the side.


I will be making changes as needed this year. However, I will definitely be trying to spend more time knitting and crocheting!


My goal is to use more yarn from my stash. I'm always so excited get new yarn but I really should use more from the delightful colors I already have! This is a goal I never accomplish!!

Karen Bickerman

I am resolving to organize my life a little more. This includes my craft room, along with cleaning out the clutter from being empty-nesters for the past 14 years.

Nicole Acuna

My knitting resolutions are to step out of my comfort zone and try things I’ve been avoiding like Brioche and colorwork as well as other techniques :)


No knitting resolutions, trying to run more than last year, and really, really trying to clean and declutter the house, yikes.

Kim Kieffer

I also am not one to do resolutions. I plan on continuing learning.


My resolutions regarding knitting is to expand my skill set and to always make knitting a joy! I want to continue to maintain a healthy balance between time with my knitting and being physically active.

Renee L Sawyer

We are hoping to move to another state next year.

Anne Reaves

I tend to knit with very fine needles for lace shawls, but I’d like to do some fun fingering weight shawls.


Every year I resolve to get my act together and finish all wips and ufos before starting new projects. Resolve and determination are pretty exhausted by April, and starting all the things takes over. Oh how my ufo pile has grown! Instead of tackling all the projects, I have selected a dozen to work on in the coming year. If I only make it to April, that is okay.


I also am not one to do resolutions. I like to respond to what inspires me.


I'm going to try to finish lingering UFOs - both knitting and non-knitting! That resolution won't end my starting all the new things but hopefully I'll achieve more balance.

Thanks for this wonderful twelve days of opportunities! Merry Christmas

Mary Schreiner

I don’t generally make resolutions. I tend to address things more as they come up. I do have a project list for 2020 and learning to make socks out of some of the gorgeous sock yarns you carry is top of the list!


My knitting goal is to knit more sweaters. I also have an unofficial goal of A Sock A Day on my sock machine to be ready for shows in the fall next year.


In 2020, I want to organize. My life, my house, and my crafting. Right now I’m overwhelmed by stuff piled all over, including the crafting. It’s gotta stop! And I have to stop it.

Thank you for the contests.


The only resolution I have this coming year is the same one I have every year. To be the best me I can possibly be and to be kind to others.
Thanks for these gifts that you give.

Cathy Chalk

Learning to care care of myself first and learning to say no. I have always been the go to person and it’s time foe me! Merry Christmas to all!

Kim Holbrook

My goal for 2020 is to survive building our smaller home, get moved in, and continue to downsize our belongings. Except for my yarn stash, of course. :)
Beyond that, I want to continue to enjoy our grandchildren!

Diane N.

I haven't got a plan yet.

Melissa G

I’m going to knit without guilt in 2020.


I don't do NY resolutions. Change occurs as needed through out the year.


Hmm I dont make any resolutions but if I had a goal I would say finish some of my big projects and also see if I can get better at crochet. I am pretty good at knitting but I like some crochet projects.

Starletta Schipp

I don’t set formal goals at the beginning of the year but really need to focus on decluttering in 2020.


Your blog post inspires me to give more thought to some areas of my life and to strive for more balance. I hope I will always knit but will try to stash shop more. (Sorry, Allyson! You of all people should know I've built up a good one. :-) ) I'm also going to try to spend less time on my cell playing games--I spend way too much time with Cookie Jam and WWF). That is what comes to mind but I will think more.


No knitting resolutions. I do hope to declutter the house so it's easier to keep clean and then I'd have more time to knit. We've had to process entire lifetime and household of stuff over the last year after my mother in law died. It just takes a while to decide what to do with everything

Patty McDonald

I don't do resolutions as such, but I have some goals I will work toward. I plan on exercising more, being more thrifty and being of service to others. I plan on joining the church I attend and checking into independent living facilities in the area. And of course, knitting more! I have to clean out my knitting room, because if I move to a smaller place I would only have room for my yarn!
Thanks Allison, for doing this and having such a fantastic shop! Merry Christmas to you, your family and to all!


This is going to be a year of decisions.

Diane MacMillan

I resolution for 2020 is to try to avoid startitis and finish the knitting already on my needles.

Candice Hope

Generally I don’t do resolutions. It’s kind of a recipe for failure. But I do want to knit more and there’s a few patterns I’ve created I’d love to finally get onto ravelry for sale. That’s my goal for the new year.


I really resolving to be healthier from now on. Eat better, be more active, take mental health breaks as needed. Just taking care of me. Hoping my knitting mojo will flood back in with all of that too

Sabrina Snyder Snyder

I don't really do resolutions. My only resolutions are to try and be more. Try to be more than I currently am. To not give up when faced with a challenge. To try to live every day doing the best I can for that day.


Definitely want to work on a healthier lifestyle and be more consistent in reading my Bible everyday.


My resolution is always to enjoy and get through Christmas without guilt. January is my dig in and organize one corner of my life. Life is changing and I need to embrace the changes. I definitely will knit more - it soothes my soul.

Dana Snyder

I really should try to finish more projects than I start. I’d like to knit a pair of self striping socks a month. I think that’s achievable since there is not any pattern to follow. I’d like to finish all the stages of the TDS again this year. I did Marie Greene’s sweater knit a long last summer. I’d like to finish it this year in three weeks. I’m not setting any strict goals but we’ll see what happens!

Kate C

No resolutions. However a project I've been working on will end in March, and I haveu great hopes for its successful completion

Jill Zarestky

My resolution is to bring less work home to be more present for family and friends.

Cindy Carpenter

No resolutions because when/if I break them there is a built in sense of failure. Instead I choose to do no intentional harm everyday. Some days are harder than others to honor this, but I try.


I plan to continue adding physical activities to my day. In 2019 I was able to increase to doing something about 4 days a week. I hope to increase that even more. I also hope to find a good charity to volunteer my time as that is an aspect of life that is missing for me.


I’m going to make another road trip to shop in person!


I am going to learn colorwork. I will be taking a class after the first of the year. One pattern I want to do is Hot Stuff! Socks.

Joyce Correia

No resolutions for me. I've failed often enough, so I just won't make them any more. As for knitting, I'll just resolve to contain my stash and not get to starry-eyed when looking at yarn.


I resolve to buy yarn with a purpose, shop in my stash first & put together some of those lovely collected skeins to make some larger projects!


My plans for the new year is try and get out more. And most of all to try and stay healthy. Also to buy lots of different yarns for my growing stash.


I want to finish a couple of quilting projects that I've been working on for a few years. They always are lower in priority than knitting.

Lisa L

2019 was an omnishambles for me personally, so my resolution is just to survive. I'm hoping that 2020 is better.


Glad to see 2019 coming to an end. It was a sad, stressful, scary, tearful year.
2020 brings a promise of new life, love, light and hopefully much laughter.
My goals for 2020 are simple...take care of myself, be the Best New Grandma, and Mom, spend loads of time in nature and spend lots of time knitting and doing all the fiber crafts that bring me joy.
It's going to be fabulous! :)

Erin Santiago

I'm not into new year's resolutions. However, I would like to master Brioche knitting this year!

Teresa Knittingdancer

My goal for 2020 is to finish all of wips before starting another big project.


Knit every day at some point during the day!

Katherine Ballard

I don’t have any knitting resolutions because I prefer for my knitting to be fun and as I have time for it. I’m hoping to make a cardigan for my daughter in 2020 with yarn that I bought this year (intending to make the cardigan in 2019, but that didn’t happen). I also hope to enter several knit items in the 2020 Kentucky state fair.

Kate Costello

Very excited to be starting the new decade with all possibilities in reach. I will be finishing a gorgeous beaded shawl, continuing my socks (friends and family love them), and starting a new project, either a color work or cabled sweater.

I wish you all a very happy New Year 🎉 and the best in your knitting.


No particular knitting resolutions per se, but some things I want to knit - another sweater or two for me, another sweater or two for my husband, work through a bit more of my stash, especially the stuff that's been there more than a couple of years. For life in general... use my bullet journal to help me stay on top of my tasks (rather than not use it and then forget stuff and then be always playing catch up). Or at least, stay more on top than I have been in the last year or two :)


I don’t think I have any resolutions, but I like some of the others mentioned. Such as knitting more and finishing some of those projects half done.
Happy Knitting to all!


I don't usually make resolutions but instead try to make goals as things come up. One goal I have for the new year is to finish knitting a blanket I started for my son! He hopes I finish as well :) Happy holidays to all!

Terri Kelly

I love the tart color! I am no longer going to be bassetless or dog less. We are getting a Basset Hound puppy girl in the Spring. She was born Friday, Dec 20th. I asked Santa a few days before in my local food market to bring me a basset hound puppy girl for Christmas! 5 girls and 2 boys were born. I do believe in Santa Claus!

Nicole S

I’m not making any specific resolutions this year.

Hilda C.

I don't make resolutions but try to set goals such as trying new things. I can really get into a rut. I want to try new things in knitting such as stranded knitting, lace knitting. And to be more patient and kind to others. As my friend says, "People are people and nothing more."


I’m just getting back into working out and really want to keep that up in 2020. I’d like to go to bed earlier and cut back on screen time.


As Allison says, knitting is a pleasure and should evolve as I want it to at the moment so no preset requirements. I'm a cyclist so I always give myself a goal of cycling 3000 miles. I didn't make it this year due to 2 hip replacement surgeries but plan to be back on track for 2020. Happy New Year!


I am planning for 2020 to be the year of getting rid of stuff! Small house and two kids = too much clutter.


I would love to knit for a cause and donate, maybe something to do with children. I also choose a word of the year and focus on it in all areas of my life. This year I chose intentional, I then get a Mud Love bracelet made with the word and wear it as a reminder each day!


I try to adjust as needed but still reflect as a new year comes. Knitting resolution is to learn color work. Life resolution is to just be more present for my kids and family!


Over the past 15 months, I worked with my endocrinologist because I have an autoimmune disease, and I changed what I eat. I lost 35+ pounds and went from size 12 to size 2 and am a normal BMI now. That was a huge life overhaul. I want to try a new type of exercise in 2020 per my PCP's recommendation.

Tara Crites

I don't make big resolutions. It just makes me feel pressured. So I try little things, like making my Christmas cards in the summer so they are ready by December, save more, and spend more time helping others. I'm also going to try to let the things I can't change, not influence my mood.


I don’t make resolutions, knitting or life in general. That way I don’t disappoint myself. I decluttered last year when we moved and my goal will be to keep it that way!


I usually make silly and fun New Year's Resolutions if I make them at all. This year I'm resolved to make chicken soup with rice at least once every month for the year. Inspired by Maurice Sendak's little book "Chicken Soup with Rice" :-)

Jody Laake

No knitting resolutions for 2020 - I pretty much agree with your philosophy on that. However I want to continue to eat healthier and get more exercise. I also want to become a better money manager for me and my family and stick to a budget. Thank you for these chances to win all of the wonderful prizes! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

Stephanie V

At my age I don't bother with resolutions...too easy to ignore, I have learned. I will just try to take as much out of life as I can, stay positive and happy and enjoy my kids and grandkids.

Sarah D.

I don't usually make resolutions. I started a healthier lifestyle last year around March, and I plan on continuing that this year. I usually just make changes as needed!

Barbara Brodsack

The past couple of Christmases I was too sick to really enjoy the holidays. So this year I got the flu shot and resolved to have a happy and healthy Christmas. I am very thankful to have a Christmas tree up this year and the energy to make Christmas cookies and shop for gifts. In the new year, I want take time for execise and continue to enjoy knitting with the lovely ladies at Lambspun.


I am going to work on enjoying the moment I am in. I have a tendency to worry about what is ahead instead of enjoying where I am.


I’m just looking at the future with a sense of gratitude. Trying to appreciate the small things and simplify everything else. Merry Christmas!


I don’t make any resolutions but just deal with things as they come along. My life is crazy enough as it is without adding any extra pressure to it.


I will be trying to schedule more stretching into my life. And of course plenty of craft time and outside time.

Amber Joy

I'm making a point to pick my knitting up more often again in 2020. It took a backseat for several years while I had to focus on other things that I had to deal with, but I feel like life has settled down a bit for me finally, and I'm going to be able to make a little time to knit each day again!

Alecia Helton

No rules, but I want to live deliberately. To stop passing through life on autopilot. Part of that is to improve healthy living, but again no rules.


I am going to finish all of he projects I currently have outstanding before beginning anything new,

Diane Smith

Ok I need to win the yarn because my new years resolution is going to be hard. I am not going to buy any yarn for myself this year. I realized that I like most knitters have almost an entire room of yarn. So I'm going to knit my stash instead of buy.


I'm hoping to be a little more mindful and slow with my knitting. I'm a fast knitter and it can cause me to "over-knit" some days, so while I don't think I can slow down, I can definitely focus more on how much I'm knitting and block out knitting time better.


I'm hoping to find more time to do the things I enjoy instead of work and chores all the time.


I don’t like making resolutions, but I will be trying to exercise more and eat a bit less in 2020! Overall, I’d like to be as happy and productive as possible, and to do things that help with that as much as possible.


To have people over more than once a year.

Joyce Gravino

my knitting resolution is to organize my stash and knit a sweater this year.


I would like to spend less time on my phone next year. I have cut down this year but would like to continue this in 2020!

Sharon Miles

I will attempt to improve my knitting skills.
I really love the process of knitting.
The colors are a feast for my eyes.
Choosing projects that challenge me will help
to improve my skills.
By this time next year I would love to have finished 3 shawls I have my eye on and a red and white quilt for my daughter.
Is it doable...time will tell.

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