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December 23, 2019



I have received most of my knitting output this year. I’ve made a few pairs of socks and a large shawl for myself. I made my daughter a hat and repaired a favorite hat for my father.

Susan Ipavec

The recipients of my knitting this year were myself and the charities I knit for. I have a new niece on the way next spring so I will be knitting a blanket for her as well!


I always wind up keeping my Opal socks unless someone cajoles them from me. They are most likely the socks that get finished, the socks tha wear the best, and the socks that wash and wear like new every time.


For sure, me!! More specifically, my feet!

Tara Crites

To be honest, most of my knitting has been for me. I've been knitting socks! All my other knitting had been for my bff's baby. Socks, blankets, and hats. Baby knits are wonderful, cute, and tiny. (Which makes it fast to do)


This year I knit mostly for others, family and friends, mostly socks, hats and mittens.

Claudia Szitar

Grandchildren and friends received knitting from me this year... hats, mittens, lap blankets. However, the socks were all mine! 😊
I love Opal sock yarn. It’s the only brand I use now. The colors are beautiful, the patterns are fun, and it’s easy to work with. Durable as well!
Love Opal!


My kids get a lot of my knitting, but this year I made myself a few pairs of socks!

Kevin griffin

My sister has been the recipient of all my knits this past year!


I mainly knit for myself but my knitting mojo has been on the wane this year. I am struggling to get in a vibe and make the creative time. I love what you said about the yarn driving you to work. The last time I felt like this it was a Christmas Regina design line sock that pulled me out of the doldrums.

Elaine B

I knit socks for my husband, and I knit hats for a charity. Sometimes I knit gifts for my best friend.


That would definitely be me! Next would be my husband, who loves hand knit socks. I knit cute little gnomes for my sister and sister-in-law.


Oh I do love Opal so beautiful and easy care! This year I knit shawls for me and hats for grandkids. And the Pom poms really do make the hat! And one pair of socks for my husband.

Erin Santiago

My mom received the majority of my knitting this year... Or she will on Christmas. I made her the Sockhead Cowl with a matching hat, socks, and fingerless gloves.

Joyce Chase

This year it might just be myself. In other years it is my growing grandson. He loves his knit socks.


Hats and cowls for gifts, socks for me. I don't think I finished a shawl this year? (I need to keep better records)


Probably me, because I knit myself a sweater for the first time in many, many years, and nothing else all year took as much time.


This year was the most I have knit for myself in a long time but my daughter won out on receiving the most handknits. She got a blanket, two hats, lots of baby socks, three sweaters, a shirt, and a dress. Baby knits are the best little stashbusters and quick projects!

Kristi Petersen

In 2019, I definitely made more projects for others than myself, with my mom and my daughter being the recipients of most of the projects.

Dana Snyder

In 2019, I have knitted mostly for myself. I tried to make all my gifts the last couple years and I always run out of time. This year, my job schedule was crazy and I took a class in the spring and one in the fall for recertification of my teacher license. I had less time and then added a new boyfriend in the juggle of my craziness. I knitted a couple hats for gifts and that’s it. My dad is getting a hat cause he loves my hats but I’m not quite half finished with it. Lol. The couple things I did make were done on size 13 and 19 needles. Since I wasn’t knitting so much for gifts, I’ve enjoyed advent knits and I’ve actually been able to keep up! I knitted my boyfriend’s mother a red beret for her to wear to her red hat ladies club. She loves it!!


I tend to knit mainly for myself and my dad. My mom is also a knitter, so she knits for herself. 😉 I do also knit for knitworthy co-workers. I have stopped participating in our Secret Santa at work and instead pick someone to receive a knitted item from me! 🎄


My knitting has always been split between my mom and myself. Sadly she passed away this year so it will just be for me for right now. But all of the things I’ve knit for her over the years will return to me with all of the good memories attached.


My wife has been the lucky recipient of multiple items this year. Not one but TWO Weekender sweaters. A hat, a few cowls (one being the Together We Stand in the 19th Amendment colorway by Romi and Lady Dye Yarns), and of course many, many pairs of socks.


Most of my knitting these days are for my three grandchildren.

Cindy Carpenter

I gifted the majority of the socks I made and all of the hats. My giftees MUST be knit worthy to get hand knits from me.

Stephanie V

It's probably a pretty even split between my partner and I. Socks are always on the needles here and we both have a drawer full. Sweaters, too. Also hats, scarves and mitts. I get all the shawls.


Probably about 1/2 for me and 1/2 for charity.


My niece, some friends, me, and some to store for a future recipient.


My fellow church members have received most of my knit projects this year. One in particular was suffering with extremely cold feet following a surgery and a post op blood clot, so I knit him a pair of socks. He wears them all the time. Opal yarn is great! There's a pair Opal socks on my feet right now.

Bonnie Marr

Opal socks go usually to me, but occasionally to knitworthy family members and friends. Some I donate so disadvantaged will have warm feet - they love bright socks!


I knit almost exclusively for myself. I have no grandchildren, my daughter doesn’t care for knits because she lives in a sub-tropical climate, and my husband gets too hot in knits. I occasionally knit for my son because he’s the only one who truly appreciates it. I tried knitting on commission and hated it. It then becomes an obligation and not a joy. I use knitting as a meditation tool for my depression and anxiety. My knitting room is my happy place, filled with shelves of OPAL sock yarn and other things of beauty such as stained glass art made by husband, ceramic yarn bowls, framed art, etc. It’s really my sanctuary. I love Opal more than any other sock yarn because the colors and patterns make me happy!


Me. Finally.

Jody Laake

I am completely unashamed to say most of my knitting this year has been for me with some thrown in for family members.

Terri Kelly

I knit socks and give them away. I’m on my 155th pair!


I think my knitting has been split between me and family. I made hats, scarves and mitts for family. For me, I made socks and shawls.

Kate C

I found myself finishing UFOs that I have mostly given away, or are sitting waiting for the recepiant to appear.

Renee Anne

Not gonna lie: most of my knitting for this year has been for me...but considering that I've only finished a dozen projects, that's not terribly difficult. Oops.

Lisa L

I knit a lot of socks as gifts for my mother, my sister, and my knit knight friends who don't like to knit socks.


It's been an even split for me.... some for me, socks for mom and hubby, kid stuff, and cross heted a giant blanket for my husband for christmas!


Most of the knitting that was received in 2019 was for charity. I’ve done other knitting in 2019 for gifts, but it won’t be received until 2020 probably. Sad but true!

Lorie Konopka

Just finished a pair of socks out of Opal for my son, his girlfriend is getting a pair also, but I'm still working on them! Other recipients have been kids, friends having babies, my mother, and people at work. I did 3 sweaters for myself! It's been a prolific year! By the way, I still have my first pair of Opal socks from at least 12 years ago!

Natalie Calhoun

My family and friends have received almost all my knitting this year. I made blankets for each member of my family and many other gifts for friends.

Amy Colliander

Haha, I have small children and a husband, who are all equally prone to losing their winter gear. And we live in Minnesota. I knitted hats, and mitts, and more hats, and more mitts for the fam this year. Oh yeah, and one baby blankie for an up and coming nephew 😊


Me. I'm a selfish knitter.


Looking back, I can see that it was a year of knittting for me. LOVE Opal, it’s the first sock yarn I bought.

Jeanne Unger

Until I retired two years ago, I only knit for others - cowls, socks, baby sweaters. But now that I have more time, I have started knitting sweaters for myself. I am learning a lot! When I knit baby sweaters in the past, I did not pay too much attention to gage figuring that the child would eventually fit into it. Getting a sweater to fit an adult, and using the right yarn (one that is not too heavy so the sweater does not stretch) has been a challenge. Now I have decided to make hand knit socks for me - and the Opal yarn looks fantastic. (I plan on buying some if I don’t win. 😊)


Because I lost a ton of weight, I spent much of the year making myself new warm-weather sweaters and one winter cardigan. I made myself a few pairs of socks, too. I also knitted a whole bunch of hats (more than a dozen) as holidays gifts. I have another cardigan started for myself, plus yarn for some pullovers. Smaller sweaters go a lot faster!

I have a baby blanket and baby sweater to knit by February and another baby sweater to knit by April, because two of my cousins are having their first babies. I have the yarn and have picked the patterns.

Cristie Stein

This past year, I made myself one summer (cotton) top. The rest of my projects all became gifts for friends- slippers for a friend facing surgery, hats to Alaska...

Mary May

I almost always knit for others - my daughter, granddaughter, and mother. My mother in particular gets many of my knitted items because she loves hand-knit socks and they are so easy to churn out. I love Opal yarns not only because of the quality of the yarn but also the effortless patterning that makes socks look so much more complicated than they are. This year has been a light knitting year for me, which is very unusual, but I've already started planning for the projects I want to complete in the new year.


The majority of my knitting has been done for my grandson- who was born 4-1-2019- we share the same birthdate!!!


I knit everyday—often without knowing who will get the socks, scarf, or mittens. However, as I started planning Christmas gifts, I was delighted toI find homes for most of my projects. Now to get started on Christmas 2020. Love Opal yarn & knit it often.

Erica Lauriello

I definitely tend to knit more for myself! In 2019 I knit my first adult sized sweater and it was totally for me. My husband's Christmas gift is a raglan sweater, so I'm not completely selfish! Socks, socks, and more socks in 2020!

Chris Goudeau

I would say it was pretty much a 50/50 split between gifts for me and gifts for others.


I have lost track of how many pairs of socks I knit this year. My goal was to figure out which needle size and which stitch count would work best for me and then my husband. For myself a size 1 needle with 60 sts. My husband a size 2 needle with 64 stitches...and the same for my son.But then, I wanted to try lace which threw mw for a loop. Thank the heavens for Win Wick Mum. She also introduced me to some of the yarn lines you carry. But honhestly, I am getting the biggest kick out of the preprinted yarns. They keep me amused.

Pat Phythian

I knitted some for friends but most of my knitting time was spent working on a sweater for me.


I forgot to mention that all wrong sizes became Xmas gifts.


Most of my completed knitting projects were gifts for my family :)


I gave knitted dishcloths to my handbell buddies, but I mostly knit for myself. I knit to knit. I just love the process of knitting.

Denise Foster

I have mainly been knitting prayer shawls for the elderly in my church who are in the hospital. Also, there were a couple younger ladies going through chemo for breast cancer and I made them prayer shawls because it helps keep them warm doing the treatment. I did make a couple cowls for my daughter and daughter-in-law and my best friend.


Most of the small amount of knitting I’ve done this year has been for myself although I plan on starting a baby sweater & perhaps s car seat blanket for z friend of my daughter’s who is due in March. I love knitting for babies. My daughter is knitting a cute pullover in a soft medium gray sock yarn for her. Baby knitting will always get me out of the doldrums. Watching my daughter knit that little pullover reminded me of all the little pullovers I knit for her when she was a baby.

Bridget Simon

This year has been a mix for me. I knitted four baby blankets for gifts. Three lacy wraps for classmates that are going through some serious health issues, who would have thought that that would ever happened. And of course, socks,, for myself and for those I care for that request them. I hope next year will be just as productive. Merry Christmas.

Donna Van Dalen

I knit socks for my children and grandchildren. It is a Christmas tradition . I fill a box with hand knit socks and they family pass it around and pick what they want since 5 of them wear the same size . The others receive special made socks and if there are any pairs left over I take those , gift them to a special friend and keep what is left for myself . There is usually one pair for me .

Susan Eberhardt

Lots of time I just knit socks or hats and keep for when others need them. A hat came out of my finished pile to go to a family in need this Christmas. I also love knitting gifts for others.


My great niece, Maggie received multiple hats, a sweater and a skirt. I have more planned for her and also on the needles but it won't be done till 2020. My niece puts everything on her and she wears them so that is nice to see.


My daughter pretty consistently gets most of the knits each year.


This year I knit mostly for myself. I'm not the fastest knitter and I did do some crafting for others that did not involve knitting.


I’m a selfish knitter, almost everything I knit is for me

Jami Finnertu

All of my knitting this year is going to family for Christmas presents. I just learned to knit in October, so I have only had time to create presents. I look forward to making a few things for myself!


Knitted for friends, family, myself, and made quite a few Knitted Knockers which were donated.

Kathy S

If you meant knit in 2019 that would be me. If you mean by volume over previous years, I did a clean out and donated things I knit in previous years to the homeless shelter and our local crisis pregnancy center this year. I’ve never tried Opal yarn before.


I'd say about half my knits were for myself, and the others for my father, sister, sister-in-law, and her sister.


My grandchildren and myself. This year I didn’t knit as much as pass years but it seems half and half gifts or myself. Love opal yarn.


My niece and nephews! I'd be next with all my sock knitting. But each cutie got a hat and sweater. It is so fun to have small ones to knit for as they go so quickly!

Lois Conway

My knitting is a mix of gifts for friends and myself.
I love 💕 Opal yarn. It is my go to yarn for socks. I particularly liked their Monet color ways.


The majority of my knitting is socks. They go to my SIL, daughters and 2 sisters who will host us in Japan next year. Opal yarn never disappoints!

Marilyn schreiber

Most of my knitting this year was for others. Lots of hats,several cowls,baby sweaters and for myself redoing socks that had major holes. When I finish 2 more hats it's on to a Nora Vaughan fair isle inspired sweater for me in Look. Merry Christmas.

Joyce Gravino

I mostly make for friends and family.It seems if its for me I don't finish it.

Heather A

I have to say that this year the majority of my knitting was for my husband and I. Over the weekend, I did give my mom a refresher. She used to knit (more than 40 years ago) and wants to make socks. My Christmas gift to her? I’m rewriting my custom-fit sock pattern (any gauge, any yarn, any foot size!) for her. 💙

Gail L.

I knit a lot of gifts this year ...... mainly socks - 3 pairs for my Mom, 2 pairs for my sister, 2 pairs each for my 3 nieces, 1 pair for a friend in Spain and an Ardent Shawl for my friend Louise. I managed to knit 6 pairs of socks for myself! Really enjoyed all my knitting in 2019.

Kerri Kosta

I've knit for my friends. My best friend since 4th grade received a shawlette that she loved. She made me a lap quilt! But most of the time it is gifts for friends. I love to see their surprised faces.

Nicole Acuna

This year I have been knitting for others more than myself but I think a bulk was knitting for relatives and my new grandson:)


Almost 100% of my knitting is going to my husband. I started a traditional Aran canceled sweater for him back in February and finally finished it last week just in time.


All of my Christmas knitting has been for others In fact, I flew to Ohio for Christmas, my checked baggage was filled entirely with Christmas knits

Jan Johnson

I'm a selfish knitter and knit mostly for myself, though each member of my family did get at least one knitted thing in 2019.


Myself for a change!


I must admit that most of my knitting this year was socks for me, although there were gifts as well. Next year's list looks 50/50.


Mostly to give away. I guess I’m a process knitter not product

Deb Guthrie

The prayer shawl ministry at my church has received much of my knitting, as well as friends and family. I really do enjoy knitting for others, but also make sure I get a new pair of knitted socks for myself once in a while'


Most of my knitting this year has been for me! But I've been blocking shawls from past years and giving them away to friends this year. All I seems to knit is shawls, shawls and more shawls. It seems I have too many shawls if that's possible, so I decided to share with my best friends.


I actually knit considerably more for myself this year. I also knit gift socks throughout the year, but not as many projects as I made for myself.


This year, I knit for myself and for my husband, pretty equally. And for various babies. There were more of them than I anticipated!


First grandchild! Love knitting baby things...they go so quickly.

Janet Manint

I mostly knit for myself and my family. I also knit hats for special causes (chemo hats, etc.). I love to make socks.

Rita R

Most of my 2019 knitting was making baby hats. We had a baby boom at my office and my church. Now I’m ready to get back to the socks patiently waiting on dpns for finishing.

Lucy Hampto

I am knitting a pair of heather color wool socks for my sister who lives in Massachusetts. I have made socks before for my other sister who passed away 3 years ago.


Most of my knitting goes to friends and family - I love giving hand knit gifts! I have grand plans (and yarn and patterns) of things for myself, but those always seemed to get pushed to the side.


Mostly for others. My sock drawer is doing fine so I focused on mittens for school kids this year.


The majority of my knitting (and crochet) goes to the Animal Rescue League. I use cheap acrylic I find at garage sales and thrift stores. Then I make kitty cozies with it.

Sophia Yarnlover

Others for sure! I actually haven't knit myself anything for over 3 years. But I love making my family and friends beautiful treasures.


I have knit some for myself, equal amounts for my sister and my friendL, and a bunch for homeless kids. It was a good year.

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