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December 23, 2019


Dianna Anstead

The past year most of my knitting and crocheting projects were for me; however, beginning in November I knitted socks for my husband and I made a promise to myself that I will work on projects throughout the coming year to benefit others. I recently read an article about the Hat Not Hate campaign, which brings attention to bullying.
I will also be looking into projects that can benefits others.

To those crafters who have contributed in the past and those who will contribute in the future a really big thank you.

Teresa C

I think i will end up giving all of this years socks away. My feet are being extra picky and only liking certain socks.

Sarah Peschell

This last year the majority of my knitting was for others. A baby blanket, hats for my kids and husband. I did get a hat and shawlette for me too


Me! I have always been a greedy knitter so it's not really off brand for me. However, I do usually tend to craft a gift or two every year, but wasn't able to find the time/inspiration to this year.

Diane Jespersen

I'm a selfish knitter. I mostly knit for me. I do make socks for my husband as he adores them and keeps asking for more.

Cindy Kennedy

I knit mostly for family, very little for myself as I enjoy seeing their faces light up when they receive my gifts, I also knit for the less fortunate

Stacey D

Everything this year has been for me - knitting, and the resulting products, are pretty much my self-care.

Michelle Kassan

I knit every day and this year my son has gotten the lionshare of yarny goodness. He really appreciates the hand knits.

Therese Becker

My daughter and granddaughter.


My children have received the majority if my finished projects. They do love them!

Mary Louise Allen

I've knit two shawls and a hat all for other people. I hardly e er knit something for myself. I LOVE creating things for others to wear.

Arlene Olster

I have knit socks for infants, but in 2019, I knit my first pair of socks for an adult - me! I worked both socks at the same time on two sets of needles to avoid "second sock syndrome" and was thrilled that they are a matching set. Being a tall gal with proportional feet, having socks that fit me exactly is a wonderful pleasure!
My usual knitting is for others, spending time on myself is a double pleasure.


I mostly knit hats. The majority of them go to local Shelters, this was the case in 2018.I have started making some blue ones for hats not hate. I knit a baby hat for my first grandchild born in September and my daughter claimed one of the hats I had knit.

Bonita Richards

Well I knit because I love it. My socks I make go mostly to me but I have made shawls and scarfs and they go to my daughter normally. I love Opal yarn hand have used it for a long time.


Oops, 2019!!!

Christy Campbell

I mostly knit accessories for my daughters and my husband and sweaters for myself😍


Though I try my hardest to knit socks for my family, I always seem to mess up. I get frustrated and try a million more times. One day I’ll get some socks made to give to everyone, but for now, the best I can do is try like the little engine that could. My heart is what I give in exchange.


I guess I am a selfish knitter. Most of my knits were for myself.

Kathy Bailey

This year most of my knitting has been socks for me and a pair of mittens. The year before I made several baby blankets for a young mother's in need program through a local church.


Mostly me, I guess. I finished a great big sweater that took most of my time. I miss socks!

Naomi J in OK

I knit a shawl for me, a sweater for my new daughter-in-law, a pair of finger-less mitts for a gift exchange at Christmas and a pair of finger-less mitts for my mother-in-law for Christmas. My in-between-projects project is a twenty square sampler afghan that is still in progress so don't know who will receive that! :)


The majority of my knitting this year was for my grandson. First a blanket, then soakers, now sweaters. Fortunately small sizes knit up quickly!


It’s about half and half. I like to make socks and accessories for my family, but I get the sweaters!

Esther Rubin

This year I knitted myself 6 garments, 2 shawls and a pair of socks. I also knit a few items for my grandson, about a dozen hats for charity, 10+ bears for the Mother Bear Project, and gift knits for family and friends. So, I feel like it was a balanced year of knitting for myself and others. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway. I love both of the new collections.


My family, especially my grandchildren, have received about half of my knitting projects. The other half was for myself.


I knit about half for charity and half for my family.

Jackie Maine

I have several knockers ready to go, but I've spent the most time knitting rectangular shawls for Christmas presents

Patty McDonald

Baby blankets for my first great grand-baby. I knit one for a girl but she is now pregnant with a boy, so I am finishing up one for him.

Sara E Hettmer

Maybe half and half. I male lots of socks and accessories for myself, but I also knit for my daughters, their friends, our local animal shelter, and this year, I even made a giant Dr Who scarf for my son-in-law.

Patsy Coats

I knit mostly for charity or friends this year, but 2020 is for me.


I've knitted mostly for myself this year - but I've already started on my plan for 2020, to fill my husband's sock drawer with hand-knitted socks. I'll also be working on a nice warm sweater for him over the holidays.

Dana Nellums

I typically knit for family.

Eileen Shult

I knit for others. I enjoy thinking about the person as I knit.

Sarah D

I always knit for myself while I’m knitting something. But, often while I’m knitting or after I’m finished, I’ll feel like the item should go to a certain person, so I’ll give it to them 😊


It's been a mostly me year with a sprinkling of gifts...


My friends and family have received the majority of my knitting this year...I have decided in the new year, for every item I make for someone else, I’m making something for me. I don’t even have a pair of knitted socks. :)


Unfortunately, I did not complete much knitting this year except for some socks for ME.

Annemarie Wallace

Love this 💜 my answer is short!!! Everyone recieves my projects BUT me. I just finished a hat for my daughter at 2 am last night & just gave my grandson a hat a few days ago. In 9 yrs I have made 3 items for myself everything else has been family,friends 🤗

Sara Lee Albright

I knit all year long for my brother and sister-in-law's family : they have 3 daughters, 3 sons-in-law, and 10 grandchildren !!!! occasionally, there is an item or two left over for me !


Half for me, half for the rest of my family. Socks, sweaters and shawls

Debra Cohen

This year I have split my knitting between myself and my family. I knit socks and scarves for myself...a few blankets, hats and mittens for my granddaughter and great nieces. New socks are in my future because I have worn through the heels of several of my favorites.

Jeanne Hickling

Mostly a selfish knitter. Tho the WWII navy watch cap was well received, to the point of tears by its new owner


Most of my knitting in 2019 was for my sons-in-law (socks). It was a labor of love.


I got a promotion in 2019 that made knitting harder to fit into my life. I'm not sure off hand that I finished anything. I ended better, though, so 2020 should be better. I mostly knit for my 4 kids, aged 24-11.

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