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December 23, 2019



My daughter-in-love is receiving my only finished project for 2019 and my daughter is receiving the traditional "unfinished gift" this year. I plan to have more actual FINISHED gifts next Christmas!


I have two daughters and two grandchildren that I knit for, but I probably actually knit more for myself.


I knit and wove a BUNCH of gifts but overall it was probably knits for myself that wins out stitch wise.

Mindy ZW

I knit mostly for others...this year...shawls, felted slippers for my family living in the colder climates. And a baby afghan. Next year, I hope to finish items for our prayer shawl group at church as well as family and friends. And maybe me too.


This year, my sisters and nieces received most of my finished projects. I have learned this month that everyone in the family loves hand-knit socks so that's my plan for 2020. Socks for everyone!


I love Opal yarn too. This year there hasn't been as much knitting as I would have liked - diagnosed with migraines and that put a stop to a ton of knitting but what did get done is all for me!!! No Christmas knitting this year but hope to get back on track next year.

Vicki Maynes

Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City received more of my knitting this past year since I donated 21 mini Sock Yarn Bunnies. But, I also knit 8 pair of socks which I gave to family members. The Fairytale collection of yarn would make fabulous bunnies!


I knit for knitting's sake and most of my finished objects unfortunately languish in my closet.

Yvonne M. Evans

Mostly knitting has been mine this year but I do have a manager I work for who has gotten a few pair of socks I have made. And for xmas I made a scarf for another manager who is going onto big and better things so I wanted to do something nice for her as a way to thank her for being a good person and helpful


I have been knitting for my children and myself over this past year.


My projects have been pretty evenly split between myself and my daughters. Poor husband didn’t get anything this year.


My mom gets most of the socks I have knit this year.

Ashley Davidson

Most of my knitting doesn't have an intended recipient. I knit as meditation.


My granddaughter got a sweater and matching hat. My son got a hat and a scarf that was REALLY long.

Margo White

I knit for others but probably more this past year for myself.


I knit mostly for myself, but have gifted ponchos, fingerless mitts, hats, Socks, and scarves to family, friends and veterans. It has been a very productive year!


My friend Mary. She lives 300 miles north of me in Northern Michigan one block from Lake Superior. Winters come early there and the snow is deep and temperatures very cold. I send her hand made hats, scarfs, shawls, mitts, pillows and lots and lots of warm cozy socks.


Mostly I knit hats for others--nursing home residents, children and friends.

Geraldine Scott

Grandkids are the gracious recipients of my knitting...working on my sock knitting skills...trying all kinds of different biggest challenge is fit! Luckily, the grands range in age from 11 down to 1, so chances are, they will fit someone!


I’ve knit more for others this year than I have ever in the past. Everyone in my family get something I’ve knit, and my sweet daughter-in-law get lots! My grandson asked me to make his Halloween costume this year - he wanted to be Toothless the dragon. Soooo, for Christmas I knit him a black beanie with the same Toothless eyes attached. I can’t wait for him to open it!!!!!

Nicole S

I knit mostly for myself, but also a significant amount for my mom and my aunts.


My mom has received most of my knitting product this year. She is 90 and in assisted living.... wool socks have allowed her to continue to wear Birkenstocks...the latest was a towel-sized blanket because she was using a bath towel to keep her legs warm!


My little grand nieces! They live in Florida but came up to New England for a week in August. I knit them both sweaters because I wasn’t sure their mom would remember how chilly early morning and some evenings can get, especially in the mountains. Madelyn wore hers as a housecoat while she waited for breakfast!

Anissa Miller

Ooo, tough question. I'd have to say, though, that I probably knit mostly for my my family. Having four kids and a hubby to keep in wool items keeps my needles clicking. I do, however, squeeze in a new pair of socks for myself every so often though!

Jenn H

It's a toss up between my mom amd my kids. They all ask for stuff constantly and my mom loves shawls so I ended up knitting 11 (still working on the 12th right now to make it all a nice even number 😂) and she took most of them home! At least she loves and wears them all the time!


I knit mostly socks this year as I was focused on perfecting the socks so these have been for myself. I was a bit intimidated about giving some away until I felt I had the process down to my satisfaction. I finally knit a pair for a family member this fall and they were received with abundant joy!

Becky Lange

By number of items my mom receives the most. She gets a week’s worth of socks every Christmas. By weight I receive the most as I knit myself a couple of sweaters and vests.


I have my annual sock list , friends and family who enjoy and appreciate hand made socks. I love gifting to folks who , because of work or family, don’t have the time to knit for themselves. I have a friend who has every pair I have knit over the years (at least 10) and has passed the older ones to her teenaged daughters.

Teresa McPherson

I mostly knit for friends and family this year.

Martha wolf

I kept all my knitting for myself. Lol. Opal is my favorite sock yarn, I have more than 30 pairs of socks knit with Opal!


Most of my knitting is socks for my small business. There should be a lot of happy feet this Christmas morning. I did manage to make myself a sweater for the first time in years.

Colleen D'Allura

My Mom. I knit the most for my mom. She always appreciates hand made gifts. I do not get to see her that often and feel like knitting for her is a way of spending time with her.


This year my knitting has gone to my sisters, my children and their spouses. They are all 'knit worthy'.


I think I'm pretty evenly split between knitting for me, for gifts and UFOs this year.

Kim Holbrook

I knit hats for the grandkids and finally finished a couple of projects for myself.

Shirley Plummer

I knit a lot for myself this year. Some socks and hats for others. There are just too many patterns that I love and yarn that I can’t part with. Selfish knitter!

Sadie Spencer

I knit mostly for MYSELF this year. The caps are because it was a big decision and something that I actually feel pretty proud of. My sons/nieces/nephews are all teenagers now or at least getting close, and have all been the objects of knitted gifts for some time. But now, some won't wear the hand knits - some lose them as fast as I can make them - and some can knit for themselves! So due the the dearth of my very own hand knit socks and the fact that even though I am a rabid knitter I wear store-bought gloves more often than not AND because a new job took me to to one of the coldest areas of the continental US this fall, I've been knitting for myself. Unashamedly and enthusiastically. Knit for yourself! It's empowering! It's pampering! (It's easier to just ignore mistakes :)!


This year about 50/50. I knitted two Temperature Blankets for daughters who were pregnant. I also finished 2 shawls for myself. I rarely knit for others as the time I spend isn’t appreciated. Sad but true for me at least. My pleasure is in the process which is hard to share...

sue a

I would have to say it would be me. I had to take a break from knitting for a couple years...but I am VERY happy to say i was able to get back to it in this September. I finally finished a pair of socks that had been patiently waiting for me during my break...and then I moved on to a couple cowls. It feels so good to have yarn in my hands again! Next year i'll be a bit more generous with my knitting.


Since I’ve just begun to learn to knit, I must confess I haven’t finished a project yet. My hope is a scarf I’m working on will go to my mom.


My daughters and grand girls get majority of my knitwear. I also live to gift it!


I knit a lot for others, but also for myself. It’s probably about even.


I knit more for others. No one person has received more but I have made items for gifts for others.
I have not made one thing for myself--hopefully in the new year.

Meghan J

This year my knitting is even between my husband and I. I have some half finished items that will be for me when done! I found myself so busy this year that if it weren’t for our weekly knitting group, I wouldn’t have finished anything this year!

Nancy Carll

I knit all the time!! I knit for myself and others. Knitted gifts for Christmas and baby showers and birthdays! Also sent some Yarn Hugs to Ocracoke NC after the people lost everything in the hurricane. So happy to send things that people really need.


I knit mostly for others. Socks for my daughter, and three grandchildren, baby gifts for grand niece and friends’ new grands. But I’ve bought yarn for a special shawl for myself which I’ll start the day after Christmas!

Suzann Ellis

Friends and family equally receive hand knitted gifts from me. No one person has received more than another. That said, 4 pairs of socks, 3 hats and a scarf were all completed this fall and gifted. Knitting for myself is a rarity. I love to give things I've made.


I almost entirely knit for friends and family, but did keep a scarf for me. I do plan on knitting myself a new cardigan in the coming year though.

Barbara G.

Most of my knitting goes to family members. After their socks or hats, there's socks & sweaters for my grandson, Then, there is a bit of time to knit for me.


I have knitted mostly for myself this year!


All of my completed knitting has gone to others as gifts this year.

Joyce Correia

Most of my knit items are given to a church group for their yearly boutique. But sisters and grandchildren also get my knitted items. A big favorite is fingerless gloves.


Me :) I had a couple of gift knits, but 90% was definitely for me.

Christine Gushard

I've knit 23 pair of socks this year, for my husband & daughters. I have plenty of handknit socks. I did knit two shawls for me!!!


I have been a little selfish this year, it's been a "Me Year"....I figured it was time to do some things for myself. I've done a few smaller items for others but nothing real significant.

Rose Birchall

I knit mostly for family. I'm working on Christmas stockings for nieces and nephews. Hats and mittens for my granddaughter and the greats. Hats for cancer centers and hats and gloves for my niece's first grade class.

Lisa Capito

I ADORE Opal sock yarn! I’ve made a couple pairs of socks this year with the Monet colors as gifts for my Mom’s birthday, Mother’s Day. and Christmas, as well as a pair or two for myself. Most of my knitting is for others, including shawls and chemo caps that are donated to a local hospice.


Most of my knitting is for me. Then, like I plan to do over the holidays, I will see who wants something in my bin of hats, scarves & cowls. My family gets 1st choice.


Most of my knitting has been for family. I've also had commissioned items. I have also donated a large amount of my yarn to spread the love.

Sandy Harwood

I knit mostly for husband, family members and then gifts....I gave everyone at my doctor’s office a shawl for example


I knit this year to give gifts of cowls and socks to my daughter, daughter-in-law and best friend. I currently have a shawl in process for me. Love, love Opal yarn! It is my sock yarn of choice.


I knit a lot of socks, a few for me, but mostly for my family especially my grandma

Linda L. in Wisconsin

This year I have been designing on the fly, so most of my knitting has been for me.

Susan James

Most of my knitting is for other people. I knit hats for the homeless. I knit a lacy scarf and a pair of socks for my daughters birthday. My grandson gets 5 pairs of socks at the beginning of the new school year. My family gets socks at Christmas and birthdays. Then I knit socks for friends who appreciate them..........and for myself! I'm working on shawls for a group of 6 friends, and I've got 3 done!
and Opal sock yarn is one of my FAVORITES! I started using Opal when I was first knitting, and I'm hooked!


I've never used Opal yarn, but I'd love to try it! Most of my knitting this year has been for me, with quite a few projects for my husband and my daughter and a couple gift projects for other people. And one wall hanging, so I guess the house got a present too, lol.


I very happily knit mostly for myself this past year. And it was the first year I have used Opal yarn. I'm sold on this yarn especially for socks.


I am the happy recipient of most of my sister's knitting! It's the best gift ever :)

Lisa Smith

I love opal yarn. I have a mitten garland from their yarn I made a few years ago. I am mostly a selfish knitter. However, I did knit for my husband, Mom, sister and nieces this year.


I usually knit just for myself, but this year I knit quite a bit for others too. Mostly my 4yo granddaughter that LOVES scarves, but a few things for other family members also.


I definitely knit mostly for myself! But my boyfriend gets a steady stream of knits and comes in a close second


Opal is my favorite sock yarn. I knit mostly for others and for charity


I intended to knit for myself this year but several finished items did not quite work for me. Since I love the knitting process more than the finished item, I was thrilled to find them new homes where they will be worn, loved, and appreciated. Come to think of it, I've kept everything I've knit of Opal yarns. :-)

Marilyn Robinson

My daughter has received most of my knitting this past year, all socks because she loves the socks I knit. She just has big feet!


It’s pretty even. About half of my knitting was for samples of patterns I designed, and other half was gifts. I don’t knit too many things just for myself.

Hilda C.

This year I've knitted mostly for charity, lots of hats. I have made me a cowl and a couple of pair of socks this year.


My knitting is pretty equally divided between things for myself and things for friends or family. I will tend to knit larger or more time intensive things for myself and accessories (hats, mittens, cowls) for others. I’ve made myself a sweater, several pairs of socks, a shawl and a couple of hats.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I have been a selfish knitter this year. I been knitting socks for myself but I did bring several of my knitted things to the ladies at my square dance club a couple of weeks ago. They were happy to pick what they wanted from the stack.

Janet Godshalk

Five members of my family gets socks for Christmas .

Renee Sawyer

I have definitely knit more for friends and outreach programs this year. I enjoy it. I need to have this be the year of sweaters. I haven't knit myself a sweater in years.


I mostly knit socks and give them all away. Often to friends or relatives that are having struggles. A hand knit pair of socks is so comforting 💗💗💗


This year I have knit mostly for myself but am finishing up knitting wrist warmers for all the ladies in my church office.

Beverly J White

It seems I've been filling my under-the-bed box. Then when the kids visit they can pick out the items they like. I do knit a variety of things-socks, scarves,cowls. And I have been trying to add to my sock drawer-things are starting to wear out.

Kim Kieffer

This year most of my socks have been for me. I just got my circular sock knitting machine in June and it has taken me quite some time to get practiced to where I would want to share. This Christmas will be the first big gifting of any socks that I have made.


Ooh I love Opal! I mostly knit for others this year. A few dozen socks and mittens for a charity group that brings them over to an orphanage in Kazakhstan. And then some random things here and there for family. And a couple things for me.

Wendy Chase

Definitely knitted mostly for others, though I do have a pair of socks on my needles for myself right now. I made several little tiny pairs of mittens for Christmas tree ornaments that I gifted to my children and friends this year, as well as a few stuffies for the grandkids. I made a baby sweater for a friend. Wish I could knit and craft all day!


I did knit a couple of gifts for friends this year but mostly I knit for myself because I fall in love with a yarn or pattern that I MUST have. I also knit with Opal yarn and used a tonal skein in a 2-color cowl.


My knitting was pretty evenly divided between ME :) and my granddaughter

Diane N

I knit mostly for others.


Evenly split between myself and others.


I make socks and give them all away!


I knit a lot for myself. I used to knit for my mom.

Marla Ford

This year, my family in WI - I am using up my bulky yarn stash making hats for them. Before retirement and when I was working, I would knit Shawls for women suffering from cancer and going through chemo treatment - I met a lot of them while just working.


Babies. We had several new members join our family this year and I got to do lots of knitting for them.


My 2019 knitting was a combination of gift knits, charity knits, and knitting for me.


This is easy, my 2 sons. The oldest is finishing his PhD at Iowa State ( always a Boilermaker) and my youngest finishing up at Purdue. I've made then socks with Opal and Poste. I made the ZickZack scarf in black and gold alternating rows with a cashmere blend yarn. It has kept him warm on cold West Lafayette mornings walking to classes


My daughter is my number one receiver of my knitting habit! I make her shawls and hats mostly. She had a baby boy this year, so he has also received blankets and hats from grandma ❤️


Friends and family mostly this year.


I knit mostly for myself this year.

Sabrina Snyder Snyder

My family has received most of my knitting this year. The last 2 years we have had 2 babies born in our extended family. We are already expecting 2 more for 2020. It seems like I have spent the last 3 years knitting for babies. This trend seems to be like one that will continue.

Starletta Schipp

This year has been about half for me (socks) and my children and grandchildren (mittens).

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