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December 22, 2019



I don’t belong to a knitting group but I wish I did! It would be so fun to compare projects and tips. There is a group in my town but I am not available to attend at the time they meet. One fun thing is that my adult daughter loves to craft, some knitting and also cross stitch and needle felting, so we have fun together.

Linda f

Solo knitter. No desire for a group but I have a friend from college that we text knitting status

Kim Holbrook

I don’t belong to a group but I have friends who knit. We share ideas and knitting tips, shop for yarn together and sometimes enjoy knitting together.


Yes! There are a group of us that meet every Thurs evening. We even have a kal twice a year. We vote on a pattern and everyone who wants to knits it. For Jan and Feb in the New Year, we will be working on wips.
Most of these knitters met at our yarn shop and when the shop closed, we continued to get together. We always welcome new knitters.


I have a few knitting friends and try to attend a Sit and Knit Group at my LYS but don’t always have a vehicle. That said, I knit everywhere so everyone and anyone become my knitting group.


I am not much of a joiner, so I don't have a human knitting group. The cats, however, love it when I knit!


I don't knit with a group, but I do have a very good friend (who crochets) who I've encouraged and helped learn to knit. We commiserate and share successes and mistakes. Soon she will start soks.


No groups to join out here in the middle of nowhere. I wish there were, but I do my craft sharing online.


I would love to be a part of a knitting group, but I am not. There is one that meets locally, but I have another commitment on the day that they meet. So, I knit alone. I am envious of people who are able to be part of a knitting group


I'm an introvert and knitting is an awesome solo pastime, especially in this day and age. Most people I know have no idea I knit my sweaters, scarves etc. myself.


I just joined a quilting group at the church we joined after our move in October. We've only met once, but they seemed very kind and welcoming and there was even one of my first quilting customers in the group! There is also a knitting group, but they meet during the day, so it's not a good fit just now...maybe when I retire!


Yes and I love it! It's my sister, my best friend, her sister.

Ashley W

I consider my Ravelry friends my knitting group, but unfortunately none of them live close enough to knit in person. I usually enjoy knitting in solitude though.


I sure do and it makes me so happy! The four of us have been meeting for ten years. We all live in the same town. A place for friendship, support and knitting.


I use my knitting time as my unwind from a stressful job, so you'll find me knitting in my comfy clothes at home most nights.
I've tossed the idea about joining a knitting group - however, after looking into it locally it would be with seniors not those my age. My closet LYS is 90 minutes away, not very convenient for an evening out.


I am a solo crafter, except when I’m with my sisters. Then we knit together.


I am a solo knitter. I'm not sure I would like to knit in a group. I am very much an introvert, so I think I would have to stumble into the right group.


When I lived in VA I was part of a fabulous knitting group! Such nice people, so much fun. Then I moved to CA and finding a knitting group was really difficult. I do not drive since I moved and am less eager to use Lyft by myself at night. My knit event buddy lives in IL now instead of IN and we've always used Skype to chat. She was having problems finding someone to knit with on a regular basis and I had brain storm and suggested we just knit together while we are on Skype. We've done so twice in the last week and my lost knitting mojo is coming back. It's hard to schedule time during the holiday, but after this coming week we should be able to get together regularly. It so much fun to share and discuss what we're doing with our knitting, not just chat about what's going on. We end up knitting for 2 hours while chatting and suddenly I'm getting some projects finished!


While I like the idea of a regular knitting group, the chatting and the sharing of tips and pattern ideas, I find that I can't talk and knit at the same time. Some times I can't even listen and knit at the same time. So I'm more productive when I knit solo. I do on occasion knit with someone else, which is great but we have both decided to pick something super straightforward to work on during those get togethers.

Joyce Gravino

Unfortunately there is no knitting group in my area. I try to knit and crochet with my podcasts.


No, I'm not in a group. I don't know of any. I honestly prefer to knit by myself - I'm an introvert.

Stacey D

I’m part of a knitting group at one of our LYSs. We’re a fluid group with a number of ‘regulars’. Unfortunately, with 3 kids, I don’t get to go as often as I’d like, but it is a welcome couple of hours of no-stress time to chat, relax, and spend time with friends. It really has become my happy place to de-stress.

Lisa M Barrett

I don't belong to a knitting group but there is one here in the village. I didn't join because they meet in the early evening and w/ my chronic health condition I'm utterly tuckered out by that point in the day. However, now that I'm writing this it just occurred to me that perhaps I should start my own that meets during the day!

Susan Eberhardt

Some day...I know a group meets at our local public library, but it is a night on which I have a previous commitment. No local yarn shop in town, so not sure where to find a group!


I did about 10 years ago, but now I live elsewhere and do not.


Yes! We have a monthly knitting group that has been going strong for maybe 17 years, with attendees always in flux. I'm the keeper of the email list, so I get to determine the day each month to knit, and we gather at a coffee shop out in public so that nobody has to host and feel the burden of cleaning up the house!

Jenn H

I live in the middle of no where and I have little kids... no human interaction knitting! But there are a few of us moms that started a facebook fiber arts group and we encourage each other and share and bounce ideas and they mean the world to me! A few of us actually got to meet in person for the first time this year at Rhinebeck and it was absolutely wonderful!


I love my weekly sit-n-knit at a local cafe.


The only knitting groups I have belonged to are associated with KALs. At my LYS there is a knitting table but members are asked to chip in for snacks. Plus it is 1/2 hour each way which I would rather use to knit. And as a relative newlywed (4 years) I prefer to knit at home. I do really enjoy the camaraderie of KAL members tho.

Karen G

Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a knitting circle nearby, but I do my knitting while watching Netflix with my husband. It's hard to imagine fitting a knitting group into my schedule, but maybe someday.


I currently belong to one knitting group that meets in the Library in a town 20-25 minutes away from me (it’s also in a different State!). I haven’t been knitting much the past few years: this last year was because of eye surgery just before Christmas last year which meant I couldn’t drive for almost 6 months. I have made some wonderful friends in this group and it’s great to be able to actually sit and talk to someone that actually understands your greatest obsession: socks!


I don't belong to a group, but maybe I just haven't found mine yet. I do most of my knitting after kids are in bed at night when I watch a bit of tv and I'm pretty introverted so it's not easy for me to find a group for much of anything.


I do not belong to a formal knitting group, however I like to go to my LYS on the same day every week to knit with a fairly consistent group of lovely people.


I am a member of a knitting group called the “Knit Wits”. I move to a new location 2 years ago.... no knitting guild, just a weaving guild... which turns out to be a great place to meet knitters! And I’m having fun learning to weave!

Kat Gatzke

I don’t belong to any knitting groups. I’d love to find a group that meets at a day/time and place that works for me but haven’t had any luck finding that yet.


I started going to a knitting group about 13 years ago. It has since dissolved but one of my closest friends is from that group and we knit together on a regular basis and have new friends who have joined us, creating a new group. We go to knitting events together, celebrate each other’s birthday and text about knitting all the time. I love having knitting friends!


I don’t have a knitting group. Sometimes I meet people for knitting, but it’s not a set thing. Mostly I love to be at home multi-tasking - knitting, drinking coffee, and watching Netflix.

Debra Cohen

I don’t currently belong to a knitting or quilting group...but I’m not sure where I would find the time. Although I’m not working right now I spend 4 or 5 days at the local YMCA taking classes or working out...a “healthy” phase I started over a year ago. Most of my knitting time is in the evening.


I belong to a knitting group. We meet weekly at a tea shop. We have been meeting for a couple of years and I would be lost without those ladies!

Adriene Cerani

We have a great group on the Cote d'Azur in France, Nice Tricote! There are lots of resources on internet and in books, but there's nothing like exchanging with people about knitting - helping beginners or getting tips from those more experienced. Love knitting and love making friends in the knitting world.


No group. It seems most meet during a weekday and I work. No local yarn store either... Nearest is about 20 min away.

Laura Nikaido

I would love to but my baby is 10 months old and I don't have any help, so for now I knit solo.


Currently, I am a solo knitter. Previously, I was part of a knitting group, but highway construction made the drive home a nightmare.


I'm a member of a lovely knitting group that meets on Monday nights. I can't always make it but always have a fun time when I do. Some of us have known each other for over 10 years!

Judy bowsher

Our group started out as coworkers & has evolved over about 15 years until only 1 of our knitters still works for that company. 6-7 of us knit together once a month, attend occasional fiber feats & yarn crawls, do knitting days a few times a year, & an annual DIY knitting retreat @ a b&b w/ about 15 knitters of all abilities from children to grandmas. I love my knitting group.


I knit alone, no LYS, or group that I know of in my area.

Carol H

Over the past 20 years, I've belonged to two for cross stitching and one for finishing up your projects (quilting, cross stitching, knitting). Lots of fun and great results. Now that I'm retiring, I'd love to join another group.


I meet with a group most weeks - we gather at a local pub, have a beer (or two!) and some food, and we knit or crochet. It's a great group - a mix of ages, abilities, and opinions!


No, I like to knit alone. I find it very relaxing. If I knit with a group, I tend to do more talking and less knitting.

Amy G

I am fortunate to belong to two knitting groups - one meets on Friday nights in a Barnes and Noble. The other is through a retreat group that retreats twice a year, but gets together a few other times in between.

Both of these groups are diverse in age and experience and background. It is a wonderful, and inspirational experience. We encourage each other and learn about patterns and yarn and techniques.


I have recently retired. I am planning on joining a charity knitting group after the holiday.

Chris Goudeau

I finally found some like minded knitters who have become friends too. We meet every Wednesday night for a few hours at our local Panera’s and share a meal together as well.

Kim Kieffer

No, I do not belong to any, unless facebook counts. I have met some wonderful people though just visiting places, or attending classes.


I don’t. Knitting is a very solitary and meditative activity for me.


A group of us gets together to knit a couple of times a week at a local coffeehouse. They’re awesome!

Tara Crites

I have a local craft group that meets every Wednesday. They were already established and really welcomed me. I've never really had a group like that until then! I love getting together every week and talking about life and yarn.


I have a knitting group at the only LYS in this area. we met once a week for 2 hours. Some are veteran knitters with many years of experience and some are brand new. We support one another and have some laughs and fellowship together.


Part of a group of a dozen or so knitters that's been going strong for over 20 years! We've been there for each other through weddings and divorces, births and deaths, new jo s and layoffs and retirements. I feel extraordinarily lucky to be part of this tribe.


Online groups only. I often think about venturing to library for a group, but never seems to make it.


At this time I do not belong to any knitting or crafting group. I did at one time head the prayer shawl group at the church I had to stop for a bit.


I used to belong to a knitting group, before I had my daughter. And I tried to attend one after she was born, but the timing just didn't work out. So I'm mainly a solitary knitter, but I'd love to find a group again...


I do not.. but I wish I did. Some of my knitting friends get together once in awhile and knit but it's not regular

Mary Schreiner

Unfortunately, I don’t belong to any knitting or crafting groups. I love in a pretty rural area and there’s nothing much going on around here in the way of groups. It’s just me and my needles!

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