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December 22, 2019



Nope! I'm a solo crafter. The few knitting groups/knit nights just haven't been for me at all.

Hilda C.

I belong to a knitting group, ladies with one gentleman. On average about 8 people show up weekly. We've been meeting for 6 years now and in that time I have developed some very nice friendships. We are a diverse group ranging in age from mid-70s to 19 with a wide range of skills.


We have a group at a local church called Threads of Love. It’s more for anyone with a craft. It is nice to go and see what others are working on or to share a FO. It’s mainly individuals who crochet.


I live in a very rural area, and the knitting group I used to belong to kind of fell apart and I miss it. I used to learn a lot from other knitters. Now I count on the internet to get ideas and help. I do most of my knitting in the evenings when my husband and I sit down for a couple hours of R and R in front of the TV.


Not yet. I hope to join one when I retire. Most are daytime groups. Sounds like a lot of fun!


I craft alone. Would love to find "my people". The groups that I have found are either too far away or get together when I am working. I have a niece who also says that there aren't many crafters around. We may just start our own group.


I attend two knitting groups. One meets on Saturdays at a local coffee shop, and the other meets on Wednesday afternoons in a library one town over. When it is getting dark so early I tend to stop going to the Wednesday one.

Several of us knit a lot of socks. We also make sweaters, hats, mitts, etc. it’s fun to knit with others and get help and inspiration. And it’s important to have friends that “get it” about knitting.


I belong to 2 knitting groups as well as 2 sewing groups. Have met many wonderful people.

Joyce Chase

Right now I am a solo knitter. I do on occasion go to a sewing lounge near me for social sewing. Love it!

Sandy Harwood

I belong to a local guild....both knitting and weaving. I also knit with a wonderful group of ladies at the local yarn store twice a week - I enjoy my alone time knitting but really enjoy be inspired by the other ladies in the group!

Nicole Acuna

No not currently but I’m going to sign up for knit nights at my LYS soon because it looks like so much fun!

Anissa Miller

I don't know of any knitting groups around me and I've researched it! The closest LYS that I'm aware of is at least an hour away. So I knit alone and watch YouTube podcasts.


I do not belong to any groups. Although I know not everyone feels this way, one knitter in the local group told me how she knits with perfection so I couldn't imagines knitting with her. Also, one group meets while I'm at work, I don't mind because I like the peace and quiet.,


I don’t belong to a knitting group but I do have two aunts who are knitters and we enjoy talking over our projects when they’re in town. I’d love to find a knitting group though!


I generally knit solo, except for charity hat knitting in August and September

Cindy Carpenter

Nothing local to join and I guess I am too introverted or too busy to try to start one at the public library. There is a quilt guild but they always meet during the day and I am working at that time. No LYS closer than 60 miles either. I do follow a few groups on Ravelry.

Kate Greenwood

I craft alone though I think if I found the right group, I would like it. This fall I met up with a friend for a day of knitting with her toddler running around and really enjoyed it. I hope to do that with her again soon!


I am also a solo knitter. Quite often, I knit while watching videos of other crafters. I enjoy listening and seeing what they are working on so they are my crafting group.


I belong to a knitting group that meets once a month at someone's home. All the members are retired so we meet from 10 am to 3 pm and have a potluck lunch. Its a kind group that shares knitting information - I've learned a lot there!

Renee Sawyer

I do knit with a knitting guild once a week and I love it. I am just finishing up 3 years as President. It sets the tone for the week. :) Also, I get together with friends from the group and knit with smaller groups. Sometimes we meet at a mall mid-point from where we live and knit there. I have made wonderful friends from this groups. We have taken the Metrolink just to knit together, cruises and retreats. I knit alone a lot but it is fun to get together and talk about what we are working on.


The only groups I belong to are on Ravelry. I’m a bit of a recluse and mostly spend my time knitting and keeping an eye on my frail and aging husband.


I miss my knitting group - it was mostly social with occasional teaching presentations.

In 2018 we traveled in an RV for a year (hit-n-run sightseeing). Then a year ago we purchased a house in a new state - hopefully in the coming year I'll be able to search for a knitting group. Since there is no LYS I'll be checking at the library and with various churches - maybe even haunt the tiny yarn aisle at Walmart!


I'm a solo knitter. Would be great to find a group of like minded people though.

Sabrina Snyder Snyder

I'm a solo knitter. It's a very meditative process for me. I enjoy relaxing and solving the problems of my world while knitting.


I used to go to a knitting group at our local knitting shop once a month, and also started my own little group with crafty friends which met every other week. Unfortunately both groups meet in the evening and due to degenerative spine disease, I’m unable to sit for very long especially later in the day. I miss it, but I’m okay with knitting on my own too.


I used to belong to a knitting group but it got so big it became distracting! Currently I’m a solo knitter(except when my knitting daughter joins me)! I find concentrating on my pattern when I’m alone gives me great joy and peace!

Lisa Smith

Not really anymore and I miss it!


I've always just crafted with a friend or two ... too busy with work, kids, and now school!


I belong to a large guild (>100 members) that meets monthly, I have a small group of 6 that meets weekly, And I get together with various other knitting friends once in a while. that’s all fun — but most of the time I knit by myself.

Susan James

I am VERY lucky to knit with a wonderful group of women. There are seven of us that meet regularly at A Sheep At The Wheel in Georgetown Tx once a week....and Susan, the owner, is now one of us! There are several other women who join us every now and then, when they can get away from work(the rest of us are retired, at 70, I'm the youngest! LOL!)......but this group are such wonderful beings, and we've all become really close. Their friendship means so much to me!!

Candice Hope

There is a new knitting group in my town but they meet during the weekday while I’m at work. So I’ve never gone. I do prefer to knit alone mostly because I find I don’t actually knit when I get together with my sisters. We’re too busy talking and I just keep losing my place or counting wrong.


Our stitching group meets at a local library. Most knit but people also do embroidery, tatting, quilting, sewing and crochet. Several people have more than one craft.


Knit solo. I do a lot of problem solving, destressing while knitting. Would like to find a group or guild .


I belong to a knitting group that meets in the library once a week. I like to knit on my own, too, but I do go to Schoolhouse Press Knitting Camp each July!


I was in a knitting group. But after having kids, I have little time to go anymore.


I knit on my own and love it!


I belong to 2 knitting groups, and I love them both. One of the best parts is the "show and share". I get so many ideas for new projects. I also knit a lot on my own. One group also does a knitting/yarn related white elephant party - so much fun!

Laura McMahan

meet weekly with a great group of women at local yarn shop- so great to share our knitting ideas and expertise as well as life experiences


I am in a Thursday night knitting group... we call ourselves Fab4. We knit, talk, laugh, eat, and have a great time!

Lorraine Chan

I'm part of a knitting group that continued on after the LYS that started us had closed down. It's a great group with a blend of retirees, free lancers/working professionals, etc.


Yes! I'm president of a 120 member knitting guild. We have social knitting groups 3 times a week in different areas of town, plus a monthly educational meeting, and an annual retreat.
We have all levels of knitters, but the lady who founded the group is a master hand knitter and does our education, so we have a high percentage of very skilled knitters. It is very inspiring to see everyone's creativity.


I do belong to a group of knitters. They are all wonderful people but seems they would rather sit and chat than Knit. I would like to find a group that can do both lol. I enjoy the company of other knitters. I have a dear friend I have been knitting with for years. We are getting ready to go on our annual knitting retreat. Always a great week.


I’m a member of two groups. The members are amazing. We support and inspire one another. Conversational exchanges are interesting, educational, and just plain fun. I look forward to our weekly get togethers. Their kindness and generous spirit to help one another are wonderful!


I’ve tried a few knitting gatherings but haven’t ever found a group I click with as my age/background are quite different than the typical knitter where I live. No one’s ever been rude or unwelcoming, but the draw of a group is getting to talk to each other while you work, and when you don’t have much in common in terms of life experiences and interests, it’s hard to have a genuine connection.

That sad, I do find that I can only knit very mindless things if I’m talking to other people. Otherwise I get distracted and mess up where I am in my pattern too easily.


I've belonged to knitting groups and enjoyed them immensely but members leave and hosting stores close and organizers move on, and the groups languish for a bit and then dissolve. Now I mostly knit by myself. A nearby lys hosts a knitting group and I go there sometime but it's not always a good fit.


Generally knit solo but do occasionally embroider with a group. However, I do take my knitting public when I know I’ll have a wait someplace.

Erin Manning Santiago

I usually knit by myself, surrounded by my 3 Chihuahuas at night while my husband is at work. A relaxing way to end the day.


I have a yarn buddy who I meet up with once a week in a cafe for a "knitting and nattering" session.

Linda Bazinet

I knit alone. My schedule doesn't really permit belonging to a group. However, I don't feel alone because of the many online resources.


I belong to the most fantastic group of spinners, we all knit as well, some of us weave. We meet every Thursday for 3 hours , rotating houses. So much fun, so much learned.


I knit by myself, I knit at work, and I have 3 friends who knit so we get together occasionally and enjoy wine, chocolate and knitting. It's difficult to meet up as I work shifts, one has a new baby, and another's husband works shifts!

Teresa Knittingdancer

I belong to 2 knitting groups that meets every week. We have a couple of men in our group. We have 2 college age people. We have a 8 year old girl that has been coming for about 3 weeks. The rest of the group are ladies 50 and above. I think that oldest is 85. We have a wide variety of personalities in our groups.


I don’t belong to a knitting group, but want to. I’m a bit of an introvert, though, so I’m finding it difficult to just jump into one. This is one of the reasons I like Ravelry- I can be part of a group, but in my own terms.

Jody Laake

Before we moved, I belonged to sock club, sweater club and a group called “help” at my LYS. I enjoyed all the projects and good company immensely! Unfortunately distance and my new job are keeping me from any physical groups. There is no yarn shop close by 😢. Our local library does have a knitting group, but it only meets once or twice a month during the daytime so I haven’t been able to try it out. Thank goodness for shops like yours and Ravelry!


Nope, the groups around me meet during the weekday and that doesn't work with my schedule!


I used to belong to an evening knitting group, but then I stopped going. And the workplace one I belonged to a decade ago kind of petered out after the holidays one year.


I belong to a group that meets once a week. The attendance varies. Snowbirds fly south, family obligations intervene. We talk about everything and give each other inspiration for patterns, yarn shops, colors and techniques. It helps when my knitting mojo departs. I knit at night but only if watching TV doesn't require reading the closed captions.


We have a group of 10 ladies that knit, shop, and travel to knitting events together! I feel so blessed to have. A knitting group of friends.

Beverly J White

I'm a solo knitter as well. There isn't a knitting group in the area. I do belong to Ravelry. Does that count?


Yes! I knit weekly at our local Gilda’s Club, an organization for those affected by cancer. Most of us are cancer survivors or patients. It’s a wonderful group of women who love knitting and laughing.

Alecia Helton

There are about a dozen of us who meet weekly at our LYS. I’ve been part of the group for 5 years, but the group started about 9 years ago. Our LYS is closing at the end of the month do we are scouting for a new meeting place,

Rose Birchall

I just joined a group that have been knitting for years together. We all knitted Fair Isle hats together. Something I wouldn’t have done on my own. Fun!


I do not belong to an “official” knitting or crafting group, but mostof my closest friends (and their teens) are crafters...knitting, crochet, sewing, art. We get together weekly, usually for Bible study. But crafting is often happening on the side. Our daughters get together monthly to encourage each other and share the projects they have been working on.


Pretty much solo. I am involved in a few FB groups, but when it comes to actual knitting time, I’m on my own.

Patsy Coats

I belong to a group that knits at our local library. We meet twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday. We’re called the Knit Wits.

Dana Snyder

My LYS has sit and stitch on Thursday nights and Saturdays. I’m usually there both days. I actually work there on Saturdays and occasionally on Thursdays. There’s a group that usually is there. I got to know the one lady because I taught her son. I’ll have her third son next year. He’s already telling everyone he’s taking French and going to France. We do the Tour de Sock each summer and last year we did Marie Greene’s sweater knit a long. We even run together! We are doing our second half marathon at Myrtle Beach. I like to knit with a group but we all find we make a lot of mistakes when we’re together so we have learned to take mindless projects. I like to knit in the morning when I wake up. Starts the day out right!!


I do not belong to a knitting group. I'm pretty far out of town and I don't know anyone around here who knits. Prior to moving here I was in a weekly group and I sure do miss them.


I used to belong to ISLAGA which was Indiana Glass artists. But most meetings were in Indianapolis and I felt like an outsider. I haven't done much glass work lately so It is a moot point. I rarely knit in front of people. I was in a volunteer group knitting for a Parkview group. Someone loudly said what I was doing wasn't knitting. I quietly put it away and played with my phone. I rarely knit or crochet in front of others who do.


I do not have a group but and trying to get some friends together after the holidays

Starletta Schipp

I haven’t committed to a group yet and am not sure when I will set the tome aside to do it.


I met the group of ladies I knit with on a weekly basis when I took my car in for service and had their shuttle drop me off at one of our LYSs in the early morning. I had been knitting on a different day but the group was dwindling out, sometimes I came and no one else did. So this Tuesday morning I sat down to knit while waiting for my car and the group of ladies that were there welcomed me, we chatted up a storm, and they said they hoped I'd come back next week. They were so delightful and excited to have me that I went back next week, and the next week, and now we are a closely bonded group, supporting each other through thick and thin! I never miss unless I have to for some very good reason. We just supported one of our members through the sudden and unexpected loss of her husband, and it meant the world to her that we were there through it all to keep her going.


I have a knitting group I knit with, BUT after my husband left, I haven't had anyone to watch the kids when I go. I actually may be able to go back here soon, though, now.


I'm raising my knitting group! Most of my friends aren't crafters, and with 5 young kids it's hard to get out to extra meetings. But my oldest daughters are learning to knit and growing into good company for me too!

janet y daum

I have two lovely knitting classes which are more like support groups -- we are each others lifelines!


I don’t belong to any knitting or craft groups. Knitting has always felt just like something I do as part of everyday life - while watching TV, visiting family or friends. Wherever I am, I’m knitting. I did go to a couple meetings of a local knitting group but didn't really enjoy it much. So I never returned.


I belong to a couple of very active Ravelry groups, and really enjoy the company of my knitting frieds. There really aren't any local knitting groups near to me IRL, although I'd be interested in checking one out if there was!


I knit by myself, whenever I squeeze it in. I usually knit after I put all the kids to bed.


I belong to my local knitting guild and I am also fortunate to have two other groups of knitting friends. I enjoy seeing what others are doing but my serious knitting happens solo.

Suzann Ellis

I do not belong to any knitting groups. Living out in the country, it isn’t economical to drive long distances to knit when I can do so at home.

Mindy ZW

I belong to a local quilt guild. Most of my knitting is done at the end of the day to relax and wind down. I do knit occasionally with my church knitting group or my neighbor who is also an avid quilter and knitter. Generally, I love the solitude of knitting alone.


I am mostly a solitary knitter, but recently a couple of us at work starting having a lunch/knit get together. Others, some who used to knit/want to learn to knit joined us, so I guess technically I belong to a knitting group.

Nicole S

In person? No, I haven’t found one that makes me want to leave the house for it. I participate in a couple of Ravelry threads that feel like crafting groups, though.


Not an official knitting group, but my LYS hosts what I call an "open knit" time. Sometimes they offer this on a Saturday as well. People can knit, crochet, spin or weave. There are regulars who tend to show up, but all are welcome.

Julie Vance

No group right now, although I do attend my local Guild. No knitting there as I'm on the board and always presenting.

Hoping as my toddlers get older and my husband's schedule calms down Incan find a knit group.

Shirley Plummer

I usually knit alone. It’s my therapy and my ME time. I do enjoy knitting with my daughter - if only she lived in town. Knitting and MFM or Murder Squad podcasts is a perfect day!

Sarah Peschell

At the moment i do not belong to a group but still have a connection with my past yarn store co-workers. Thr comraderie is wonderful. I mostly knit in the car or when the littles are napping or playing quietly(seldom)

Donna M Norris

Not in a knitting group, I enjoy a few knitting podcasts though :-).


I used to belong to a knitting guild. But it became no fun. There was little time to socialize. We were constantly being shushed. Every evening had some class or speaker teaching something most of already knew. It was just not enjoyable any longer so I left. My friends and I get together on our own now and enjoy chatting, knitting and each other's company.

Jan Johnson

I don't belong to a group but would love to. I do have a friend I knit with on my evening commute, and I love that we're able to share our passion.

Audra L

Solo crafter. Have tried some knit nights at the lys but haven't really connected.with anyone. It felt a little exhausting to be honest. Did not have enough in common I think. When I miss it, I tune into video podcasts.

Lisa L

Every week I knit with my friends at our local Panera.

In the past when I've moved to a new state, I always look for a local knitting group. Sometimes it takes a few meetings but it's a huge help in building a local support network.


I do belong to a knitting group. I don’t get to go as often as I’d like.


I belong to a couple of online knitting groups, and also I am teaching a group at my church to knit. Solo knitting is more productive, but group knitting friendships are the best!


I belong to Prayer Shawl Ministry. We meet once a month and we knit and crochet. We make scarves and shawls.


I am a member of my local spinners guild!

Becky Creighton

I belong to a quilt guild to get new ideas and inspirations. We meet monthly. I sometimes join the knitting group at my LYS to knit. I just end up having a hard time knitting when there’s conversations going on. I usually come home and think half of what I did. I do like being a part of a KAL group to see everyone’s progress and get tips.


I knit with a group of friends at least once a week but I’m a solo crafter. I knit daily but when I craft, it’s usually just when I get idea for something or see something I want to try.


I used to hang out on Saturdays at a YS about 30 minutes from me but they closed. I do get together with 2 friends to knit every now and then. We got together yesterday to exchange gifts and go out to lunch so that was fun. Otherwise, I'm on my own.

Amy (Waunaknit)

Some day I would like to join a knitting group but right now work gets in the way since there are no knitters close by. I see some people meet up on Saturdays. I will have to check into that.

Sarah D

Not yet. I have small children and too many other things going on.

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