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November 05, 2019


Kim Kieffer

So hard to choose, this has been on my want to try list for a while. DF DJINNI BIG APPLE and DF DJINNI HORTON HEARS A WHO are my top picks.

Carolyn Perry

They, as everyone says,are so gorgeous. I especially like Denali, because i’ve been there. It’s magnificence is beyond words! I also like Wine Country because it makes me think of St. Michele winery, which i’ve visited in the Seattle area.


I've worn through socks in colors Arya and Winterfell. I also really love weathergirl.


Beauty School Dropout and District 12. All colors are beautiful. Hard to pick just two.

Deb Zurawski

Starry Night and Aurora Borealis. Their colors are so vibrant and I always searched them out at festivals. Will miss their color sense.

Jenny Bezingue

Djinni Starry Night or Bad Moon Rising, but you can't go wrong with any color or fiber from this company. I have a couple project's worth of Dragonfly Fibers yarn in my stash which I am grateful for. Excited to see where the new owners decide to take the company.

Kathy Fox

African daisy and van gogh


Starry night and sunflower have been favorites for a while. I’m thinking I should’ve gotten it sooner wonder future to your new endeavors


Here's hoping the "Happiness" aspect of Colors of Happiness is lasting for all parties involved! My happy colors are Hygge and Peach Melba on Djinni.

Nathanne Verner

Starry Night and Sunflowers are my favorites.


I have not knit with Dragonfly yarn yet but all the colors are stunning. I love how saturated the colors are, and I love the variegated ones - I would have gone with Djinni Starry Night but sadly it is already sold out. But there are so many great colors it really is hard to choose. I would love to try Djinni West with the Night or Djinni Marilyn's Lips, after reading the comment about the socks that were 10 years old, still beautiful in color and holding up well.

Kendall Foster

Titania and van gogh's sunflowers.


I have to admit that I have always I had a soft spot for Fresh Olives, but choosing favorites would be a real challenge - so many beautiful color combinations! Top contenders might be Springtime in Paris, Midnight at the Oasis, Admiral Benbow....ah, so many lovely options!

Susan Gi

Oh I just discover dragonfly at the Shenandoah fest this year, my first time. I’m very happy with the colors I purchased to make Christmas gifts.
Look forward to seeing what the new dyers surprise us with.
I’m still plan on making the dragonfly shawl too.

sue swartz herr

Oh, dear. I’m happy for you that you can close this chapter of work happily. But I must get some of your yarn posthaste! I love the Sunflowers.


So glad the line will continue. Djinni is my favorite. Colors? Well who wouldn't like Horton Hears a Who just for the name alone. My other Djinni fav is Van Goghs.

Mel Westphal

Narrowing it down to two is soooooo hard, but I'll have to go with Denali and Springtime in WA. They're gorgeous!

Jeanne Bush

I'm going out of my normal colors here and picking Hygge and Starry Night. So many beautiful colors so this was not an easy choice!

Lynn B

Glad Dragonfly will continue on........My pick would be Firecracker and VG bedroom. Thanks for a chance!


I've been on a serious yarn diet for a while due to veterinary bills, so missed the original announcement about the change at Dragonfly Fibers while avoiding temptation. I had the honor of knitting a show sample for Dragonfly several years ago in exchange for yarn. I'll never forget how astonished nd thrilled I was when I opened the package, expecting just a couple skeins, and instead found enough for a full sweater. Such beautiful colors from beautiful souls! Best wishes for their futures as they step away and good fortune to the new owners!

Carol Rogers

Color is always stunning in yarn and these have it big time!


I guess Dragon The Sheaf and Vampyre. I'm not sure I've ever seen Dragonfly Fibers yarn IRL, but I'll keep an eye out.


Djinni is the very first "real" sock yarn I ever knit with 15 years back now, and I am still as in love with it today as I was back then. If I had to pick, Aurora Borealis and Bad Moon Rising are my two favorites, but I love them all.

Kat Gatzke

Denali and Weather Girl on Djinni. Of course there are several others but those are my top two right now - I’m sure if you ask me later I’ll probably change my mind.

Patsy Coats

The Laundress and Peach Melba on Dragon


I have knit with Dragon before but I would like to try Djinni. I have always loved the beautiful colors. I would like Djinni Horton Hears a Who to give to my niece. It would combine two of her favorite things, colorful socks and Dr. Seuss! My other choice would be Djinni Van Goghs Bedroom.

jean Yuryan

LOVE your colors!!!! any would b my choice!but I really like Gaughins Island, African Daisy+Weather girl..


I really like Poseidon!


Susan and Kate and the DF Team - thank you for sharing your visions of color magic and the beautiful wool. Knitting with DF is pure joy!

I have so many favorites but Djinni Turning Leaves and Steel Magnolias are on my wish list. Thanks for a chance to win them.

Kara Williams

so hard to choose! but today the spirit moves me to select weather girl and big apple. (save the ta ta's is a close third!).

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