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November 05, 2019


Sandy Harwood

Dragonfly Fibers has so many beautiful colours it’s hard to choose a favourite! I am a blue colour person so I’m really liking Weather Girl in any base!

Paula Barbour

Firecracker and sunflowers!

Jennifer B Pierce

These are stunners, and I have some Dragonfly on the needles even now. Catelyn and Carolina on the dragon base are beyond lovely

Stephanie W

As I read this this morning, I realize I am wearing socks I knit from my very first skein of Dragonfly Djinni. They are the Fighting Irish Side B colorway and these socks are probably about 10 years old. The colors still stand strong and the socks are still warm and toasty. My two favorite colors today are Carolina and Midnight at the Oasis.

Anissa Miller

I have not had the opportunity to try Dragonfly Fibers. Looking through their colors, Dragon Scheherazade really caught my eye and it's totally out of my usual palette. Djinni Weather Girl are my go-to colors! So pretty!

Mitzi McMahon

Such vibrant colors! Van Gogh's Bedroom and Weathergirl - either yarn! I believe I'm going to have to purchase Aurora Borealis!

Karen Lineberger

Bad Moon Rising - love the name.

Katie Porter

This is beautiful yarn! I love Mid Century Magnolia and Into the Woods.


Starry Night is fabulous.
🍀 To the old and new teams.

Aimee Fox

Firecracker and VanGogh's bedroom! In djinni. Good luck and best wishes to the wonderful makers, original and new!


Starry night and Sunflowers, just gorgeous. Thanks for all the beauty and wool!


Fire in the Evening and Van Goughs sunflowers. Both Djinni and Dragon are my favorite bases. I think I have no less than 3 projects going with their yarn...

Helene Ross

I’ve loved Dragonfly and still remember my first - firecracker in lace weight. But if I had to pick one now it would be Djinni West with the Night. I’m lucky to leave close enough to enjoy their open houses too. They will be missed.

Colleen D'Allura

District 12 and weather girl in Dragon. Such beautiful colors. Thank you Dragonfly fibers for all the amazing yarn. I always love seeing your colors.

Rose Birchall

Aurora Borealis and Midnight at the Oasis. The colors are all beautiful. The base I prefer is Djinni. I like my socks to have some nylon in them. Dragon would be lovely for shawls.


Lots of gorgeousness for different moods. Today’s is grey, so Djinni Hygge and Big Apple beckoned. Good luck on new adventures for the old and new!

Judy Workman

Oh, I love Weather Girl and Starry Night. I really love the pink that Zi saw go by as well, but I don’t know the name of it. That pink is surely my number one favorite. I have lived the colors and the vibrancy off their yarns for years. I love how the colors pop and I love the homage to classic artists in both the names and the colors.

Jan Frick

Djinni Horton Hears a Who and West with the Night. All colors are gorgeous!

Thank you for the contest.

Amanda Guthrie

I’m loving Djinni Carolina!

Jennifer L

Starry night and big apple

Robin D. Avant

Starry Night & Van Gogh’s Sunflowers in Djinni & Dragon sock! These were the first colors I purchased from Dragonfly at SAFF & I’ve been in love with their colors & patterns since!

Susan Southard

OMG you're making me choose? I can't choose, both are so beautiful! I first saw Dragonfly yarn at Cloverhill Yarn Shop in Cationsville, MD, my LYS. I have woven with it, knitted with it, oooo and aaaald over it. I even been to their shop, and it is so beautiful there too!
So for the most difficult thing of my day to day, to choose Dragon or Djinni.... I can't choose!!
I love them both too much.
*sigh* Dragon DF Dragon Spooky was the first colorway I wove with. I want to knit with DF Djinni Mushroom Hunting.

There you have it, my choose, I know its not just one, but it's like good potato chips, you can't just eat one.


I have not used this yarn yet and will order some today. So do not include me in this contest. Mystery Granny.


Djinni Sock: Springtime in WA and Starry Night


Scheherazade and Sixteen Candles were my first two DF colorways, in Djinni, of course. I love love loved both of those colorways. VanGogh's Bedroom looks amazing.


Dragonberry and Titania

Teri E Persing

Djinni Peach Melba and Golden Compass


Hmm. Difficult to choose but on these dreary November days, I'll have to go with Rothko likes Pink in Djinni.


Firecracker on Djinni, Whale Line on Dragon

Elizabeth A Durand

#1 all-time favorite: African Daisy. Close second: Blue Velvet. Always Djinni.


I love Bad Moon Rising and Golden Compass. I love the intensity of Dragonfly's colors! They are like no other yarn in the world!


I need West with the night and Summerberry on Djinni. Dragonfly was one of the few booths I bought from at Stitches Midwest years ago, such beautiful colors.

Jody Laake

I’m really happy some dyers have stepped in to keep Dragonfly alive! The colors are so awesome! My two favorites are Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and Firecracker, both on the Dragon sock base.


My two favorite are on Djinni and are Scheherazade and Stone Circle. Such beautiful colors!

Rita Redden

Oh, without a doubt, Van Gogh’s Bedroom and Starry Night. Van Gogh has always been my favorite artist and Starry Night my favorite painting. I had the good fortune as a kid to see Starry Night on a museum wall.

Mary Alice Kohs

My very favorite dragonfly fingers colorway is red Maple. I made a Mycroft sweater for Rhinebeck this year in traveler, and last year made a braidsmaid shawl in pixie. I have some peach Melba in dharma, and starry night in pixie and faerie in my stash at the moment. I would love to add some bad moon rising or firecracker to my collection.

I loved visiting the dragonfly booth every year at Rhinebeck and vogue. I wish them all the best in their next journey and will always enjoy my wonderful projects made from their beautiful yarn.


I have not yet had the pleasure of using Dragonfly Fibers, if I have the chance I would choose either Dragon - Weather Girl or Djinni - Poseidon. Thanks for the possible opportunity to knit with a new fiber (new to me).


I love Stone Circle and Winter Woods.

I have one skein of Starry Night on Djinni that I've been wanting to knit up for the longest time. They're destined to be Centaurea socks, but I haven't had time to revisit them. I chose this version of Starry Night because it was like watercolors on a skein.

Cathy Z

I love Bad moon and Starry Night. Dragonfly yarns are so wonderful. Thank you!


I’ve loved working with Dragonfly Fibers and I am sure it will be just as great with the new owners! I think Into the Woods and Weathergirl are the two I will many great choices.


I will miss Dragonfly. It's usually one of my first stops at Rhinebeck & Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. My favorite is Dragon sock in Christmas Stroll or Save the Ta tas


Wow, I'm just as shocked as you are. Seems like Dragonfly Fibers was the one constant in life. But as you said, things change and that oddly enough is the one constant in life. I'm happy for all involved as they move through this new phase in their lives. As for my favorite, I really like tonal colors and Djinni Jocelyn is such a rich beautiful shade. That'd be my pick. Best of luck to all!


Has to be Starry Night and Sunflowers. Oh Van Gough! I have "drooled" over these for quite sometime.


District 12 and Villianess are my favorites at the moment, but it's hard to pick with such beautiful colors!

Kate Greenwood

Denali and steel magnolias on Djinni!
I’ve never knit with Dragonfly Fibers but would love the opportunity before the company changes hands.
Thank you!


Today I think I'd love Dragon in Weather Girl and Riptide for a big warm shawl.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Sue Greene-Hale

I love Aurora Borealis and Weather Girl....they are both soooo beautiful!!!


Nothing beats Starry Night. It's simply the best - doesn't pool and the colors are just perfect. I'm also a fan of some of the more subtle colors like Carolina if I'm looking for something a little quieter.

Tammy Alexander

I love Save the Tatas and Aurora Borealis, they’re both so beautiful 😍


It is so hard to just choose two! I am partial to blues, so I will say Poseidon and Starry Night on the Djinni base.


I love the Djinni Summerberry with Raspberry... although I also love it with West With the Night and and Summer Harvest. There are so many gorgeous color combinations!


Aurora Borealis and Raspberry. Awesome colors!


I've never tried it or felt it, but the Djinni sounds divine!! I LOVE Hygge and Red Maple!

Janet Miller

Vincent is my very favorite artist. I just finished reading his biography and feel such a connection to him. Vincent’s Bedroom and Van Gogh’s Sunflowers are my two favorite color ways. I’m so sorry to see Dragonfly Fibers close, but am happy to see that their legacy will live on.

Sarah Peschell

I love the Van Gogh colours! Fall is also influencing me so right now my fav 2 would be Fire in the Evening and Van Gogh's Starry Night.
Thank you to Team Dragonfly and may the future hold good things


Daenerys and Titania in Djinni. It was hard to choose!

Cindy Carpenter

Ode to sock summit and Villaness please

Sandra Sprouse

I love Save the Tatas and Carolina! It was hard to pick only two!!

Carol C

Firecracker and Van Gogh's Bedroom. But, really? All of them are beautiful.


Van Gogh's bedroom and Firecracker. Everything is so beautiful. I'm sorry to hear about Dragonfly.

M Reedstrom

Starry night and Van Goghs sunflowers

Shaw Mumford

Whoa! Thank you for the news! Denali and Poseidon are both fabulous! Actually, all are fabulous, but those sing to me.

Donna T

So hard to pick just one! I LOVE Dragon Carolina. So I guess I’ll pick that but I also like Midnight at the Oasis, Into the Woods & the 2 Springtime colorways almost as much.


I haven’t tried Dragonfly Fibers before but their colors are gorgeous. Djinni in Midnight at the Oasis would be my pick!


I love bad moon rising and spooky! Thank you for the opportunity, and I hope things work out for the owners of Dragonfly! One of my LYSs, the owner sold the business to three new partners, so change is in the fiber world a lot lately! I'm glad to have you as my online LYS!

Suzanne Turzillo

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers is gorgeous! Also love Starry Night.
Thank you for being part of the fiber community.


Peach Melba and Big Apple. I can't remember where I first saw their yarn but the colors are beautiful.


Dragon Stone Circle, but really any of them! What a creative line - it will be interesting to see what comes next for them.


I love Djinni Summer Harvest and Hygge!


Oops, I forgot to add a second color - Dragon Firecracker in addition to Stone Circle

Susan Corcoran

So many gorgeous colorways. I love the dragon appollo and cognac.

Julie Vance

Carolina all the way! Best wishes to the gals as they move to the next chapter.


I love Djinni Aurora Borealis and coral reef. Such beautiful color ways, it’s hard to pick just two. Good luck to all!


Van gogh’s bedroom and Sunflowers

Karen machado

I love firecracker and Jocelyn on the djinni base! They are gorgeous! I almost went with sixteen candles, in honor of one of my favorite 80’s movies, but the other two colors are so rich and would be beautiful together! Thank you!


Dragonfly has a big spot in my short 10 years of knitting. I'm local to the studio and always plan for their open houses way ahead of time. A lot of folks didn't know it, but you could also arrange to go to the studio during the week if you needed a color consult or ask them to put aside some skeins for you. I am going to miss the studio so much.

Djinni - in weather girl and starry night - favorite colorways I just can't imagine anyone else achieving.


I love Dragonfly Fibers and will miss these vibrant colorways. I especially love their rich blues and purples. Djinni yarn works up so well. I love the weather girl and starry night carried here. Get them before they are gone.

Karen G.

Weather Girl and Into the Woods. I've always made a point to shop Dragonfly's booth at Rhinebeck. Their colors are amazing. Best of luck to the new owners!


Starry night and sunflowers are my favorites!!


Winter Woods and Firecracker. Always have loved stopping by the Dragonfly booth at fiber festivals to admire all the colors. In fact, I think their yarn was my first purchase at the first real fiber festival I attended (SAFF). Looking forward to seeing what the future brings!


Such a tough choice! In the end, I just can't resist Danaerys and Starry Night on the Djinni base.
Sending my best wishes to the existing and future owners, good luck to you all.


I fell in love with knitting with Dragonfly when it was recommended to me when I was looking for a lovely golden yellow for a project. Loved how it knitted up and loved working with their fibers ever since. So excited it will be sticking around! Djinni Rocky Top is lovely!

Marianne Jahnke

Ah, I think we will all miss Kate’s lovely smiling face at festivals...that, and Kate’s eye foe color. I’ve loved so many of her colors, but I’d pick Starry Night and Bad Moon Rising of the current colors shown.

But change seems to be the nature of the business...and I wish every success to the new owners—looking forward to old favorites and brand-new colors to come!


So hard to choose! My faves are Hygge and Starry Night on Djinni. Thank you!

Lorie Konopka

My favorites are Big Apple or Weather Girl. Love the colors and the yarns!


What will we do without Starry Night and Cognac (my favorites, as different as they are)?

Believe it or not, the first pair of socks I ever knit was out of Dragonfly Mossy Bank, and that was, um, a long time ago. My very best wishes to you all at Dragonfly for a future as colorful as your yarn has been, and full of good things.

Bon Voyage.


I haven't yet used Dragonfly yarn but I love imagining all the things I could make with them. My favourites are Djinni in Starry Night and Hygge.

Lisa Burns

My two favorites are Save the Tatas and Springtime in WA in Djinni. I first became aware of Dragonfly Fibers at the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival in 2017 and looked forward to visiting their booth every year.


Big Apple, Carolina or Coral Reef from my glance. Those colours are beautiful. I’ve never used this yarn before but what a happy thought that the business will continue. Best of luck!


Starry Night is just a gorgeous blend of colors!


Rocky Top--so glowingly rich! Dragonfly Fibers' colors are amazing! Best wishes to the founders as they move on to their next adventure. Congratulations and good luck to the new owners.


Expresso Roast which is very unusual for me but I'm quite intrigued by it and Marilyn's Lips of course! Because of the name.. it was hard to pick, such beautiful colours.

Karen Leonard

I've never tried a Dragonfly yarn, but I'm going to have to since the colors are so rich. I'm drawn to blues, so my favorites are Weather Girl or Riptide. And I think my first order will be the Djinni base.


Firecracker? Weather girl? I love Djinni. I have been trying to organize my stash and was delighted to find a few more skeins of this wonderful yarn. I hope the next phase is all you are dreaming of.

Rose Marie

My first skein was District 12, and now I have my eye on Winter Woods.

Thank you for everything!

Rebecca L Garza

I've always loved the Dragonfly colors. They're so pretty I usually put them in a bowl to enjoy the skein for awhile before I decide to knit them. Coral Reef is stunning!

Jane Cavolina

Thank you, Djinni, for making Vincent's bedroom and so many other wonderful colorways! We'll miss you!

joyce hancock

My 2 favorite colors of dragon are Daenerys and Riptide. Such beautiful color choices! May your future lives be blessed ones.

Cathey Chaffee

Dragonfly always made the choice difficult in the best way possible! The colors are enticing and rich. I love Djinni Aurora Borealis and Djinni Weather Girl.

Susan James

Geez, just TWO favorites??? I guess I'd have to go with Djinni's Bad Moon Rising & Hobgoblin. I love purples!!

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