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October 17, 2019



Actually I was thinking of using a similar pattern for my next pair of socks. I’m knitting Vanilla Latte which is a 2 round repeat. One row is knit. The other row is K6 P2. It’s ok but I didn’t think to center the pattern properly & it won’t look that great. The socks won’t be identical. Just off a little. That’s what comes of knitting when you’re half asleep! For my next pair, I think I’ll do a 6 round or even 8 round repeat (adapted from a hat pattern I have). Just alternate 3 or 4 rounds of K1 P1 with the same number of round of P1 K1. I love that yarn. It reminds me a little of a recent sock club offering (I think. - I could’ve bought it). The main yarn looks kind of like this & then there’s a mini skein of sort of dull gold for heels & toes.

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